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C_TS4CO_1709 - Chapter 2 - Organizational Assignments

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C_TS4CO_1709 - Chapter 2 - Organizational Assignments

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True or False: Company codes are required for internal CO. True False.
Which of the following components can be activated in the controlling area? There are two correct answers. Commitments Cost centers Profit centers Production orders Currency.
True or False: The client is the top organizational structure for external financial reporting. True False.
In an SAP S/4HANA system, which settings must be consistent to connect company codes to a controlling area in an n:1 environment? There are three correct answers. Company code currency Fiscal year Fiscal year special periods Operating chart of accounts.
True or False: A standard SAP S/4HANA client will have two main clients: production and testing. True False.
The top level of CO is which the following? Company code Controlling area Operating concern.
When defining a controlling area, you must choose which of the following? There are three correct answers. Standard cost center hierarchy Controlling area currency Cross-company code setting Standard profit center hierarchy.
True or False: The operating concern is the top of the overhead controlling structure and requires the activation of costing-based and account-based CO-PA. True False.
Which of the following organizational structures are directly connected to the controlling area? Plant Business area Purchasing organization Company code.
The first step in activating the SAP system is to define what? Master data Organizational units Transactional data ABAP programs.
Which key features are activated in an operating concern? There are two correct answers. Costing-based CO-PA Operating concern currency Controlling areas Company code.
Which SAP technical feature allows technical settings to be shifted from one client to another? Organizational structure Configuration Transport.
Which enterprise structure is used to manage profit by external market? Profitability analysis (CO-PA) Profit center Company code Segment.
Which of the following describes the purpose of CO? Operational expense and profit reporting External statutory reporting Capital detail analysis.
True or False: Profit centers are optional organizational structures to provide a flexible reporting tool for income statements and balance sheets. True False.
True or False: Only one version for actual can be activated for a controlling area. True False.
The controlling area version controls which of the following? There are three correct answers. Ability to post actual data Ability to plan across cost centers Ability to send plan data to other processes Ability to calculate price Ability to plan the balance sheet.
True or False: It is possible to activate both account-based CO-PA and costing-based CO-PA in SAP S/4HANA. True False.
True or False: SAP S/4HANA offers the ability to change all configuration settings in the future to meet changing business requirements. True False.
True or False: It is possible to connect non-SAP systems to an SAP S/4HANA client. True False.
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