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C_TS4CO_1709 - Chapter 8 - Profit Center Accounting

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C_TS4CO_1709 - Chapter 8 - Profit Center Accounting

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In the profit center assignment to a cost center, you get an error. What is the cause? Profit center validity is within the cost center validity. Cost center validity is outside the profit center validity. Profit center lock indicator had been set.
In an SAP S/4HANA system, you have two profit centers with the same profit center code and the same validity period, but different names. What does this indicate about the configuration of the profit centers? They are defined in separate controlling areas. They are defined in separate company codes. They are assigned to different functional areas.
Is it possible to post a value directly to a standalone profit center? True False.
In your company, you tend to go through many reorganizations, which often leads to extra master data maintenance work. Which grouping functionality can save you time maintaining profit center groups? Creating multidimensional sets Configuring derivation rules Defining flexible hierarchies Copying groups with suffixes.
On which organizational level do you maintain PCA in SAP S/4HANA? Company code Financial statement version Controlling area Operating concern.
True or False: In SAP S/4HANA, if PCA is active, the profit center field is mandatory. True False.
Which document splitting Customizing settings do you maintain to ensure that financial statements can always be produced separately for each profit center? Zero-balance Dummy profit center Standard account assignment Inheritance.
True or False: Parallel valuations’ multi-valuation ledger updates multiple ledgers. True False.
What is a document splitting method? Transaction splitting rule Set of business transactions Set of item categories.
True or False: In SAP S/4HANA, EC-PCA accounts post separate profit center documents for transactions. True False.
Which characteristics define extension ledgers in SAP S/4HANA? There are two correct answers. Extension ledgers can be posted from CO. Extension ledgers must be assigned to a base ledger. Extension ledgers contain all the postings for an accounting principle. Extension ledgers should be viewed as standalone ledgers.
In an SAP S/4HANA system, let’s say two parallel ledgers and one extension ledger exist. Which is true? A journal entry will post to all three ledgers automatically. A journal entry will post to the two parallel ledgers simultaneously. A journal entry to the extension ledger will simultaneously post to the base ledger.
In SAP S/4HANA, how is the organizational element segment derived? Assignment to a company code Assignment to a profit center Assignment to a controlling area.
Indirect profit center assignment is based on which of the following? Characteristics in the current document Characteristics in a preceding document Characteristics in document splitting.
True or False: Profit centers and cost centers can receive revenue postings. True False.
Which of the following are standard characteristics for document splitting? There are two correct answers. Functional area Company code Segment Business area Profit center.
The derivation of profit center can happen through assignments to which objects? There are three correct answers. Material assignment Cost center assignment Document splitting Cost estimate assignment Fixed asset assignment.
The first step in profit center derivation process is which of the following? Substitution Document splitting Cost or revenue type.
The purpose of document splitting is which of the following? Assign relevant characteristics to a G/L line item Split payables and receivables Include a balance sheet in CO.
To ensure all that profit center master data is accurate and complete, we use which of the following? Assignment Monitor Profit Center Monitor Customizing Monitor.
What kind of process is document splitting? Substitution Passive BAdI (program).
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