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Which prerequisites must be fulfilled before a repository object can be transported? 3 correct answers An active version of the repository object must exist. A transport layer must be assigned to the package. The repository object must be assigned to a package. The repository object must be assigned to a change request. An application componenet must be assigned to the repository object.
Which of the following types of SQL statements always bypass the SAP table buffers? 2 correct answers SELECT ... INNER JOIN ... SELECT SINGLE SELECT ... UP TO 1 ROW SELECT SUM (sales).
What do you need to have in your program to respond to the DOUBLE_CLICK event raised by an instance of the CL_GUI_ALV_GRID class? 3 correct answers A method to read the registration table A handler method for the event A CATCH statement to capture the event A handler class A SET HANDLER statement to register the handler to the event.
What is a plug? 4 correct answers Forms the basis of navigation within a Web Dynpro Can be defined as inbound and controlled by multiple outbound plugs Can be defined as default inbound Can be defined as inbound, outbound, or both Can be assigned to multiple views Can be defined as outbound controlling multiple inbound plugs Can be defined as an exit Can be defined as a startup.
Identify the types of layout managers? 4 correct answers TreeLayout GridLayout FlowLayout RowLayout MatrixLayout ColumnLayout.
What is the maximum number of watchpoints that can exist at one time? 6 10 8 No limit.
Which hook method exists for all controller types? wddoonopen() wddoinit() wddobeforenavigation() wddoonclose().
Which screen in the ABAP Dictionary allows you to log data changes to the table? Utilities Setting Attributes tab Technical Settings Delivry and Maintenance tab Utilities Database Object Database Utility.
What transactions can be used to carry out modification adjustments after a system upgrade? 2 correct answers Object Navigator (Transaction SPAU_ENH) to adjust ABAP Dictionary objects Spool Administration: Initial Screen (Transaction SPAD) to adjust ABAP Repository objects Modification Adjustment: Object Selection (Transaction SPAU) to adjust ABAP Repository objects Modification Adjustment: Dictionary Object Selection (Transaction SPDD) to adjust ABAP Dictionary objects.
You perform an update task using update function modules and detect an error in the program that calls the update function modules. Which statement can be used to discard all update requests for the current SAP LUW? 2 correct answers MESSAGE axxx(nnn) DELETE UPDATE. MESSAGE exxx(nnn) EXIT. ROLLBACK WORK.
What must you do to create a singleton class? 3 correct answers Define the class as final Instantiate the class in a static method of the class itself Implement the IF_UMM_SINGLETON interface in the class Set the class instanciation to private Define the class as abstract.
Each work process is assigned a type of task that can be performed. Which statements related to this are true? 3 correct answers It is possible to have multiple spool work processes on an ABAP application server. It is possible to have multiple enqueue work processes on an SAP NetWeaver Application Server. To switch a work process type requires a restart of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP. A work process can communicate directly with an external system through a Remote Function Call. All work processes communicate with the database. All work processes have the same structure. All work processes communicate with the dispatcher.
You want to create a transparent table in the ABAP dictionary. When the table is physically created in the database? 1 correct answer When you insert the table name and select create When you run the database utility transaction (SE14) When you activate the table When you save the table.
When must foreign key have domain equality? for a check field Never Always For a text table.
What types of changes to the repository does SAP provide? 3 correct answers Transports Enhancement Package SAP Note Support Packages Depoloyments from SDN.SAP.COM.
Which method of passing parameters is preferred for its performance? Pass by value Pass by class Pass by reference Pass by subclass.
When do you need to use the GROUP BY clause in the SELECT statement? If you want to use ORDER BY to specify a sub-order If you want to redefine the sequence of the columns in the result set If you want to use aggregate functions and all components in the field list are aggregate functions If you want to use aggregate functions and at least one component in the field list is a column identifier.
Which data type is allowed for the reference field of the Currency field? CUKY CURR UNIT DEC.
In the technical settings for a transparent table, buffering is switched on and single record buffering is selected. Which statement uses the buffered data assuming that the WHERE clause contains restrictions for all key fields? SELECT SINGLE ... SELECT ... INTO TALBE ... SELECT SINGLE ... FOR UPDATE SELECT ... ENDSELECT.
Which of the following ABAP code lines is valid? 3 correct answers PARAMETERS p_mantr TYPE mantr DEFAULT ‘100’ DATA gc_mantr TYPE mantr DEFAULT ‘100’ STATICS s_mantr TYPE mantr VALUE ‘100’ SELECT-OPTIONS s_mantr TYPE mantr DEFAULT ‘100’ CONSTANTS gc_mantr TYPE mantr VALUE ‘100’.
You write a program that updates a data record in the data base using the following statement: UPDATE scar FROM Is_scarr. Which of the following tasks does the Database Interface perform? 2 correct answers It restricts the access to the log-on client It applies a logical lock to the updated data record It checks the authorization of the current user It translates the statement to native SQL.
Which of the following are key capabilities of SAP NetWeaver? 3 correct answers Supply Chain Management Information Integration Application Platform Entreprise Ressource Planning People Integration.
Which of the following transactions can you use to define transparent tables? SE11 SE16N SM37 SE38.
Which of the following are incorrect statements? 2 correct answers TYPES: Str TYPE STRING LENGTH 20. TYPES: carrid_ty LIKE spfli-s-carr_id. TYPES: werks TYPE C LENGHT 4. TYPES: date_ty TYPE D LENGHT 10.
What must you specify in a Unicode system when opening a file in TEXT MODE? The byte order The Layer page The ENCODING addition The code page.
What does Software Layer Aware Debugging allow you to do? 3 correct answers Bypass authorization objects Debug a large portion of code Debug only a small portion of code Specify as much or as little code to debug Trace executing code.
When should you use a hashed internal table? 2 correct answers When accessing using the left-justified part of the key When accessing by index When accessing by secondary key When accessing always by primary key When accessing mainly single records.
How would you define a method of an ABAP class to prevent this method from being available in a subclass? Abstract Private Protected Final.
What is the correct order for using a lock object? Set the lock, read the data, change the data, release the lock Set the lock, read the data, release the lock, change the data Read the data, set the lock, change the data, release the lock Release the lock, Read the data, set the lock, change the data.
Which of the following features do you have to consider when you use shared objects? 3 correct answers Data is saved as attributes of objects Data is saved as tables of objects Memory bottlenecks result in runtime errors and have to be caught Concurrent write accesses are supported Concurrent read accesses are supported.
Which of the following ABAP standard types are numeric? 3 correct answers D F N P I.
What does SAP recommend that you use a hashed table? When a table must be sorted automatically by key in ascending order When a table is very large and you want to access the table by key only When a table must be accessible by both index and key When a table is very large and you want to access the table by index only.
You add the CREATE PROTECTED addition to a class definition. From where you can instantiate the class? 3 correct answers From a child From any protected class From a friend class From the class itself From a parent class.
Where should the labels for fields be stored? 1 correct answer Structure Field Domain Table Data element.
Which of the following steps are required to set up a shared memory area? 3 correct answers Set the root object Call the attach_for_write method of the area root class Generate an area root class Enable multiple versions of area root class Declare a catalog object.
Where do you create online documentation ((F1) help) for fields on the screen? Table Data element Domain Structure Field.
What is required to fully specify a Table Type in the ABAP Dictionary? 3 correct answers Table key Line type Table size Header line Access type.
What does a Web Dynpro component contain? 3 correct answers UI elements A context Component controller Multiple views within a window Exectly one interface controller.
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