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Northern Trail Outfitters launched a Community using the Community Service template, Community users have requested quick access to the Projects custom objects in the Community navigation. The community user profile has read access on this object. Which three actions should a community cloud consultant take to fulfill this request? Create a web tab for the Project object through Tabs is Setup. Add a menu items to the Navigation Menu component. Select the list view that appears on the Project landing page. Define a Salesforce Object menu item type for the Project object. Define an External URL menu item type pointing to the Project list page.
Universal Containers (UC) has a great user interface for their Customer Community Knowledge Base. UC has multiple Communities and wants to use the same user Interface for each Knowledge Base in all of these Communities. Which step should the Community Cloud Consultant take to meet this requirement? Create a link to the Knowledge Base in all Communities. Merge the Communities into the Community that has the Knowledge Base. Recreate the Knowledge Base page in all Communities. Export the page and select it when creating a new page in all Communities.
The security model for Universal Containers is Private for the Case Object. When a support case is raised by a user with the Customer Community license, internal users are not able to see those Cases. Internal users in the support role need to work on these Cases. How should internal users see these Cases? Use a Share Group. Use a Public Group. Use a Sharing Set. Use the role hierarchy.
Universal Containers need to add a page to their Customer Service Template-based Community. Authors will manually add the content to the page. What should be the first step to add this page to the site? Create an object page. Create a standard page. Clone an object page. Clone a standard page.
As part of its recent efforts to improve brand recognition, Universal Containers had upgraded all of its Communities to use Lightning templates. The next step will be to unify the branding across all of these Communities. What is an efficient way to accomplish this? Use a shared Bootstrap CSS file in all of the Communities. Ensure that all Community managers use the same CSS standards in all pages. Ensure that all Communities are only using standard Lightning Components. Create a standard theme that is used in all of the Communities.
Universal Containers is leveraging Salesforce Files and needs to make it available to customer Community users. Which users will be able to edit and delete Salesforce Files based on their license? Users with the Lightning External App license. Users with the Customer Community Plus license. Users with the High volume Customer Portal license. Users with the Customer Community license.
The Community administrator at Universal Containers has received reports from users about not being able to see each other in the People tab. However, users are able to view other's conversations within groups of which they are a part. Why are users unable to see each other in the People tab? External users can only view each other if they are in the same Account. Users did not approve each other’s Friend Requests within the Community. The Administrator has deselected Community User Visibility. External users cannot view each other within Partner Communities.
Universal Containers needs to enable public access to a Community. How should a Salesforce Admin fulfill this requirement? Update the setting to Public Visibility for all Community pages. Enable the "Public can access the community" checkbox. Update the setting to "Allow access without login." Enable "Give access to public API requests on Chatter.".
Universal Containers (UC) wants to make sure its brand is applied to the Chatter notification emails sent to users from the Community. Which three aspects can UC customize on these types of emails? Choose 3 answers Footer text Fonts Email format Sender's email address Logo.
Northern Trail Outfitters is launching a Community with the following requirements: • Branding requirement is limited to the company logo. • Community will be accessed by users with older browser versions, including IE9. • Community users should have access to Orders and Contracts. • Community users should be able to view their invoices, which are saved as external objects in Salesforce. Which template should the Salesforce Administrator use to build this Community? Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template Aloha template Customer Service template Kokua template.
Universal Containers (UC) tracks customers in its Salesforce org as Contacts. UC plans to onboard a select set of existing customers to the UC Community, without the need for users to self-register. How should a Community Cloud consultant accomplish this task? Choose 1 answers Enable Person Accounts and set the Accounts as Community users. Use the Data Import Wizard to create users from Contacts. Use the Salesforce Community User API to create users from Contacts. Use Data Loader to export Contacts and insert as Community users.
A coffee company sells products for coffee shops and consumers. The company is planning to launch a Community and has the following goals: • Go to market quickly. • Generate online revenue rapidly. • Work with a mobile-ready storefront. How should the Community Cloud consultant meet these goals? Use Build Your Own Lightning Template. Use B2B Commerce for Community Cloud. Use custom Lightning Components. Use a Visualforce Page Lightning Component.
Universal Containers (UC) has rolled out a Customer Community where customers can ask and answer questions. UC wants to ensure that customer questions are answered in a timely manner. How can the Administrator meet this requirement? Enable Question-to-Case functionality. Enable Case Escalation rules. Enable Entitlement and Milestone. Enable knowledge and Articles.
Universal Containers (UC) wants to collaborate with key members of their strategic Partners on deals and marketing initiatives. Sensitive information needs to be shared with confidence, and major opportunities must be tracked. No other Partners can have visibility to this collaboration. Different UC employees have access to different collaboration efforts. How should the Administrator meet these requirements? Set up Unlisted Chatter groups and make the UC account manager the owner. Build a custom Lightning Component and enable the sharing attribute. Configure a Collaboration object with manual sharing. Set up Private Chatter groups and make the UC account manager the owner.
An organization's administrator is tasked with setting up and configuring Reputation within a new community. Per the provided requirements, there should be 5 (five) total reputation levels and the point range of the highest level must start at 5001 points. Which three tasks must occur in order to successfully deploy Reputation, per the requirements? Choose 3 answers Enable setup and display of reputation levels. Remove and add reputation levels as required. Provide a custom name for each reputation level. Upload a badge image for each reputation level. Configuration point ranges for the levels.
Universal Containers wants its Community users to have the ability to log in using Facebook and Google. Which set of features should the Administrator use to achieve this goal? Single Sign-on and AppExchange Auth Provider and Flow Custom Lightning Component and Apex Class Auth Provider and Registration Handler.
Universal Containers (UC) is using Service Cloud to handle Cases coming from chat, phone, and emails. UC created a public self-service Community to offload some customer support questions by enabling knowledge and Articles. UC wants users to be able to create a Case without logging in to the Community. Which two features should the Administrator enable to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers Question-to-Case Guest Access to the Support API Web-to-Case Email templates.
Northern Trail Outfitters has released a Customer Service Community for its users for outdoor and trekking equipment. Users can ask and answer questions in the Community. Customers have asked how to be notified of new questions or information posted in the Community about specific products. What should the Administrator recommend? Follow users associated with Questions and posts. Subscribe to Topics associated with Questions and posts. Subscribe to Questions and posts. Subscribe to an RSS feed about Questions and posts.
A coffee company plans to build a Community for franchisees, growers, and consumers. Growers want to keep updated on Research and Development initiatives and recommendations. Franchisees need to see MDF (Marketing Development Funds) statistics when they first log in. The Marketing department wants to show the latest trends and corresponding products to consumers. What should the Community Cloud consultant use to personalize content based on the Community member persona? Content Management Visualforce Pages Audience Targeting Custom Lightning Components.
Universal Containers has created a Community for its Partners. Community users from the same Partner should be able to hold discussions with each other. Partners will be unable to participate in discussions with other Partners. How should the Salesforce Administrator meet this requirement? Uncheck Community User Visibility under Sharing Settings. Update the Internal User record to Private under Sharing Settings. Enable Super User access for each Partner's Community role. Turn off Portal User Visibility under Sharing Settings.
Universal Containers has recently launched a Lightning Community for customers and partners. Internal teams have created knowledge articles about company products and partner onboarding. How should the Community Cloud consultant assign Topics so articles can be found easily on the Community? Assign Topic categories to articles. Assign Data categories to articles and map to Topics. Assign Data categories to Chatter profiles and map to Topics. Assign articles directly to Navigational Topics.
Universal Containers (UC) has discovered a niche market of architects and builders using shipping containers to build both residential and commercial structures. UC has decided to launch a Community with the following objectives: • Encourage collaboration among the architects and builders. • Ensure that members have access to technical expertise about the structural capabilities and limitations of containers. • Facilitate the exchange and discussion of design ideas. The preliminary research suggests that 10,000 members can be expected in the first year. Which three actions should the Admin take prior to launch? Choose 3 answers Test the member profile permissions to make sure they are able to find and post relevant information. Load test Chatter groups to make sure file and member counts won't be exceeded. Set up reputation levels that help users to identify people with greater expertise and incentivize participation. Make sure customers are members of only this architect and builder Community. Establish moderation rules and processes for addressing flagged content.
Universal Containers wants to create a Customer Community for their new product line with the following requirements: • Use the Customer Service template. • Track Community members' login countries. • Display SharePoint documents for the customer. • Display product documentation from Adobe Experience Manager. Which three integrations would the Community Cloud consultant need to configure to meet these requirements? Choose 3 answers Salesforce Knowledge Files Connect SharePoint Web Services Google Analytics CMS Connect.
A coffee company has created a knowledge Base around its products and their usage. Prospective customers need to search for products and view Community discussions. Current customers should be able to register and discuss the products they purchased. The coffee company will use the Asset object to track registered products. How should the coffee company's Administrator meet these requirements? Create a Public Community for the knowledge Base, and let current customers sign in to register products. Create a Public Community for the knowledge Base, and let current customers register products in a Private Community. Create a Public Community for the knowledge Base, and let current customers register products. Create a Private Community for the knowledge Base, and let all customers register themselves.
Universal Containers (UC) is migrating from a legacy portal to a new Community. UC needs to stand up the new Community immediately where users can ask questions and provide answers. Which Community template should the Community Cloud consultant recommend? Partner Central Customer Account Portal Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce Customer Service.
Universal Containers creates a Customer Service Template-based Community for their customers. Due to the company's large knowledge base, the VP of Support is concerned about showing a long list of articles to members when they select a Topic. The list must only contain ten articles. Which standard functionality should a Community Manager use to accomplish this task? Make sure Top Articles for Topics is enabled in Community Management. Set the Number of Articles property inside the Page Editor. Add the Top Articles component inside the Community Builder. Update Knowledge Settings inside Setup.
Universal Containers (UC) has built a Community in a sandbox where it is in Active status. UC is getting ready to deploy the Community in production where it is currently inactive. UC wants to ensure the welcome email is only sent to users after the Community is changed to Active status. Which three options should be validated to ensure the welcome email is not sent out ahead of schedule? Choose 3 answers Deploy the changes to production using change sets to disable the welcome email. Turn the sandbox Community to Inactive status before deploying the metadata to production. Add the Community user profile(s) as members of the Community before activating production Uncheck "Send Welcome Email" in production Workspaces before deployment. Change the Community membership of sandbox Community users from Profiles to Permission Sets.
Northern Trail Outfitters launched a Lightning Community for its partners. Partners need to see list of Opportunities when they log in to the Community. What should the Salesforce Administrator do to fulfill this request? Configure Opportunity as the default landing page in Community Settings. Set the Opportunity object page as the landing page in Community Builder. Enable the opportunity page as the landing page on the Community user profile. Add the List View Lightning Component to the Home Page.
Universal Containers needs to create a Community that meets the following requirements: • Self-Service Support Community, in which customer and partner users are community members. • Partner users help Universal Containers by adding or resolving cases for their customers within the Community. • Partner users need access to some standard objects except Leads, Campaigns, and opportunity objects. • Partners use Chatter and the Case Feed to communicate with the Universal Containers team and customers. Which license type should a Salesforce Administrator use for these Partner users? Employee Community license Customer Community license Partner Community license Customer Community Plus license.
Universal Containers has a customer Community in Europe and plans to roll out a separate Community for their U.S. customers. They have separate profiles for their U.S., Europe, and Asia customers. How could the Salesforce Admin limit the membership of this new community to U.S. customers? Add only U.S. customer profiles as Community members. Add the U.S. customer public group to the Community as members of the Community. Add each U.S. customer as a Community member from their contact record. Add U.S. users to the Community sharing set.
Universal Containers needs to build a Partner Community that supports multiple business units by providing the following abilities: • Each business unit can only collaborate with its partner network. • Partners only see knowledge articles and content specific to their business unit. • Some business units allow partners to raise support cases. • Some partners work with multiple business units. How should a Salesforce Admin meet these requirements? Build a Community for each business unit and allow partners to have separate login credentials. Build one Community and allow the partner profiles to be assigned based on the business unit. Build a Community for each business unit and assign partners to the relevant Communities. Build one Community and segment partner visibility by turning off Community User Visibility.
Universal Containers has a Community for partners and another Community for their customers. They want to give their partners access to their Community for customers as well. How should the Salesforce Admin do this? Create Partner users as members in the Customer Community and send login details to the users. Add the Customer community to the Partner Community user profile. Select the Enable Customer Community user option in the Partner contact in Salesforce. Include the partner profile as a member of the Community for customers.
Universal Containers is building a Lightning Community. A few Community pages have numerous Lighting Components which are taking longer to display. Which step should be taken to improve display time performance of the pages? Enable On-Demand Rendering. Turn on client-side Caching. Turn on server-side Caching. Enable Progressive Rendering.
The Salesforce Administrator at Universal Containers has set up Topics. Universal Containers is going through a rebranding phase and wants to simplify Topics, but keep Articles that have been assigned to the Topics. How should the Salesforce Administrator accomplish this? Keep existing Topics and reassign Articles to newly created Topics Delete existing Topics and assign Articles to newly created Topics. Mark old Topics as Inactive and assign Articles to the new Active Topics Merge similar Topics in Content Management Workspace.
Northern Trail Outfitters has spent several months refining the look and feel of their recently launched Customer Community and wants to leverage this design in their new Partner Community. Which three steps should the Community Cloud consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Choose 3 answers Select the created Bolt solution in the Builder Themes. Define the name, images, and features of the template. Select the created Bolt solution in the Community Creation wizard. Export the Customer Community using Site.com Studio. Export the Customer Community template in the Builder Settings.
\Universal Containers uses discussions to engage with its customers and wants to pin posts to the top of a thread when a solution to a question is provided. Which three options will allow Universal Containers to meet its requirements? Choose 3 answers The Community moderator can select the best answer. The person who answered the question can select the best answer. An authorized user can pin a post to the top of the feed. The person who posted the question can select the best answer. Any Community member can pin a post to the top of the feed.
A global non-profit organization (NPO) needs to build a Community for managing disaster relief efforts. The NPO wants a basic Community with Home and Record Detail pages. As requirements evolve for each region, the Community will be customized to have regional branding and themes with new pages and components. Which option should the Community Cloud consultant consider first to meet these requirements? Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template Non-Profit Success Pack template Help Center template Build your own template.
Universal Containers has a Community for their partners. They would like to add a new partner company and grant their users access to the Community. What is the first step the Salesforce Admin must complete to set up the partner users? Add partner contacts to the Community as members. Create the account and enable it as a partner account. Allow partner users to self-register and gain access. Create a partner profile for the company.
Universal Containers (UC) is opening up its Salesforce Communities public Knowledge Base to include audiences from the EMEA region. UC wants to ensure that the Topics included in the Community are translated into the appropriate languages. UC has enabled multi-language in the Community and is ready to translate. Which option should the Community Cloud consultant use to translate Topics associated to articles and discussions? Community Builder Content Targeting Language Selector Translation Workbench.
Universal Containers has been using WordPress to publish product specifications, and using AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) for web assets. The VP of Sales wants to improve the Partner experience by making these resources available to Partners in their Community. What should the Community Cloud consultant do to meet these requirements? Consolidate work into WordPress and use CMS Connect in the Community. Create Knowledge articles that link to the relevant documents in both systems. Use the native Content Transformation tool to convert the resources into Knowledge articles. Use CMS Connect to bring both sets of resources into the Community.
A Salesforce Admin enables "Allow Members to Flag" in Community Workspaces. Which two content types can members flag as inappropriate? Choose 2 answers Files Articles Posts and Comments Topics.
Universal Containers will be implementing several Communities, and wants to ensure login uniqueness. Which set of license types will enforce username uniqueness across all Salesforce organizations and Communities? Customer Community and Partner Community Customer Community, Customer Community Plus, and Lightning External Apps Lightning External Apps Plus and Lightning External Apps Partner Community and Lightning External Apps Plus (Note: also Employee Community).
Universal Containers (UC) wants Lightning Experience-enabled employees who have Salesforce user licenses to access a Community. The employee profiles have been added to the Community membership. How should the Community Cloud consultant educate employees on how to access the Community? Direct employees to the global header. Direct employees to the App Launcher. Recommend employees use a separate username for Community access. Advise employees to use the "Login in as" functionality.
Universal Containers (UC) is building a Community to drive channel sales. UC has 2,000 partner accounts. The high-level capabilities for UC Partners are: • Partner users should only see Accounts and Cases that they have access to. • A Partner user must be able to create Cases for all Accounts in their account hierarchy, regardless of whether they are a parent or child Account. • Partner users must be able to collaborate within the private Groups of which they are members. What are two ways the Salesforce Admin should fulfill these requirements? Choose 2 answers Use Partner Account Relationship Data Sharing Rules. Set External User Organization-wide Defaults to Private on the Account and Case Object. Configure an Owner-based Sharing Rule on the Account and Case Object. Create a Criteria-based Sharing Rule with read/write access on the Account and Case Object.
Universal Containers builds a Community on the Customer Service Template. The Community Manager needs to add rich content and collaboration capabilities (e.g., feed and publisher) to an existing object page. What is the fastest way for the Salesforce Admin to do this in Community Builder? Create an object page, add the components, and publish. Edit the object page, add the components, and publish. Add a page variation, add the components, set the page as active, and publish. Install the collaboration Lightning app, add the app components to the page, and publish.
Universal Containers recently launched a Lightning Community. Members can access articles and answer each other's questions. The company wants to make sure that the Community is providing a highly engaging experience for its members. How can the Administrator help measure the engagement and adoption in the Community on an ongoing basis? Create custom Reports and Dashboards, and share them with Community managers. Set periodic email delivery for standard reports and dashboards. Download and install a Community Management package from AppExchange. Configure Google Analytics for the Community.
Universal Containers wants the Community login page to display its company logo. How can the Salesforce Administrator accomplish this in the Community Workspace? Upload a logo image file in Login and Registration. Use a Login Flow component to display a logo splash screen. Reference the logo design token in the CSS Editor page. Specify a new Community login page that uses the logo.
Universal Containers (UC) builds a Community to support customers who purchased its products. UC has the following security requirements: • Support encryption at rest. • Show decrypted data in the UX (user experience) to users with permissions. • Encrypt all Community data. How should the Salesforce Administrator fulfill this requirement? Encrypt data in portals, but not in Communities. Create encrypted fields for Community data. Leverage Salesforce Shield to encrypt and decrypt all data at rest. Install a third-party app from AppExchange to encrypt the data at rest.
Universal Containers built a Community using the Customer Service Template. They want the Salesforce Admin to enable multilingual support for their Community. Where can the Salesforce Admin configure the languages supported for this Community? Community Settings Force.com Sites Community Builder Site.com Studio.
Universal Containers builds a self-service Community. They need to delegate moderation activities (e.g., removing flags) as well as editing and deleting content to certain members. Which two things should the Salesforce Admin do to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers Activate "Allow Members to Flag" for certain members. Activate a moderation rule for certain members. Assign the "Moderate Communities Files" permission to these members. Assign the "Moderate Communities Feeds" permission to these members.
The Universal Containers marketing department has approved a digital experience concept. The CTO has specified that all pages must always load within two seconds and be supported by older browsers. What underlying Community infrastructure should the Community Cloud consultant utilize to build the Community? Choose 1 answer Tabs + Visualforce Community koa or Kokua Community template Salesforce Sites Lightning Community.
Universal Containers launched a Lightning Customer Community that lists store locations through a custom object, Store Locations. Users searching for locations are unable to see any Store Locations records. Which three actions should the Community Cloud consultant take to solve this issue? Choose 3 answers Add an HTML component with a link to the Store Locations Community page. Add the Store Locations object pages to the Community navigation. Define the Store Locations object in the Global Search Results component. Enable Read access on the user profile to the Store Locations object. Associate a tab to the Store Locations object.
Universal Container's Community Manager wants to better measure the Community adoption and engagement. Which approach should the manager use? Install the Salesforce Community Management AppExchange package. Use Google Analytics to generate the adoption report. Use Data Loader to download the user data to generate a pivot table in Excel. Install the wave dashboards for Communities.
Universal Containers is planning to build a Lightning Community for employees. Employees need to see department-specific content when they first log in to the Community. How should the Community Cloud consultant meet this requirement? Assign separate Visualforce pages for each department. Develop a login flow with unique endpoints for each department. Create content using Content Management in Workspaces. Target employees using audiences based on User object criteria.
Universal Containers is building a Customer Community. What can the Administrator add to the Navigation Menu? Salesforce Objects, Community Pages, App Launcher, External URL Salesforce Objects, Topics, Community Pages, External URL, Forecast Salesforce Objects, Topics, External URL, Lightning Component, Community Pages Salesforce Objects, Global Actions, Community Pages, External URL.
Universal Containers (UC) is implementing a Customer Community which will have thousands of Accounts with tens of thousands of Community users (Contacts). UC wants to ensure that all Customer Community licensed users are able to access the Assets tied to their Accounts. Which action should the Salesforce Administrator take when setting up Asset Sharing to ensure that Community users can see their Account's Assets? Choose 1 answer Implement the role hierarchy on the Customer Community. Use Apex Managed sharing to grant access to the Community users. Set up a Sharing Set that references the Account Id on the Asset. Create a Sharing Rule for each Account.
Universal Containers builds a Partner Community for their dealers. They set up the partner account with two roles to represent sales employees and their managers. After going live, the dealerships inform Universal Containers that they need a CEO type of access for specific users who need to access all of the data on the partner account. How should the Salesforce Admin fulfill this requirement? Add a third role to the partner account hierarchy for the CEO partner user. Promote the CEO partner user to delegated admin on the partner account. Make the CEO partner user the owner of the partner account Assign Super User access to the CEO partner user on the Contact page.
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is planning to acquire one of its competitors. NTO has identified a group of Partners to collaborate with during the entire acquisition process. These Partners are members of NTO's Partner community. Which option should NTO use to ensure that only the selected group of Partners have visibility to the acquisition? @Mention only selected collaboration Partners. Create an Unlisted Chatter Group for selected collaboration Partners Set Chatter group email settings for selected collaboration Partners to Limited. Manually share records with selected collaboration Partners.
Universal Containers needs to create a Support Community with the following requirements: • Customer and partner users will be members of this community and use the Customer Community and Partner Community License, respectively. • A customer user should be able to see all cases opened for their account, including cases opened by their colleagues. • Customer users must be able to collaborate with all Community users. What two things should a Salesforce Admin do to accomplish this? Choose 2 answers Select the Community User Visibility checkbox. Set up Delegated Admin access for customer users. Enable Super User access for customer users. Create a Sharing Set on the case object.
Universal Containers (UC) just went live with a new Customer Community. UC wants to automatically create Community users for related Contacts when a new business Opportunity is marked as Closed Won. Which approach should the Community Cloud consultant recommend to accomplish this? Use a Schedule Report that alerts the Salesforce Administrator of new Contacts. Use a trigger to create Community users for all related Contacts on the Account. Send an email to the Administrator when the Opportunity is marked closed Won so they can create Users. Use a Workflow Rule to create a Task for the Administrator with the list of contacts that should be Users.
Universal Containers wants to drive engagement for its Community, and is encouraging users to watch videos and take training. Which three actions should a Community Cloud consultant take to create recommendations in a Community? Choose 3 answers Connect to the Einstein Recommendation API. Enter a description of the recommendation. Click "Upload Image" to include an image with your recommendation. Enter a label for the button in the recommendation. Select a custom recommendation channel in the Marketing Cloud.
Universal Containers plans to use person accounts for their external consultants. They need to allow their consultants to register using the Community. How can a Salesforce Admin enable this capability in Community using configuration? Allow users to self-register and create a workflow to update contacts to Person Accounts. Enable Allow External Users to Self-register in Community Management and leave the account field blank. Provide a link to a custom web page that allows external consultants to register and use Salesforce API to create Person Accounts. Add a Person Account option to the user registration page and have the option selected by default.
Universal Containers plans to build a large-scale Community and expose Leads and Opportunities to their resellers. Universal Containers has the following requirements for their partner account: • 120,000 partner accounts • Minimize the number of partner account roles • Partner account is made up of sales employees and sales managers • Sales employees only have access to their data • Sales managers have access to all sales employees data What are the two most efficient ways for the Salesforce Admin to fulfill these requirements? Choose 2 answers Make the sales manager the Super User on the partner account. Set up partner accounts with two roles. Use sharing rules to grant sales managers access to sales employees' data. Set up partner accounts with one role.
Universal Containers is rapidly expanding its Partner network across Latin America and Europe and has received feedback that Partner engagement has been hampered by the lack of resources in the Partners' native languages. Which three individual steps should a Community Cloud consultant take to provide a better experience for these international Partners? Choose 3 answers Embed a link to Google Translate in all pages. Enable multiple languages in the knowledge language settings. Use the Language Selector Component to let users select their preferred language. Set up custom URLs to route users from country domains to the correct Community pages. Set up Translation Workbench and ensure translators are assigned.
Northern Trail Outfitters launched a Lightning Community. Community members report being unable to view the menu option to see their orders. The Salesforce Administrator has validated the following: • The user profile has Read access to the Work Order object. • The user profile has membership to the Community. What should the Salesforce Administrator verify to troubleshoot this issue? Work Order is added to the Navigation Menu in Administration. The Work Order tile is added to Community Workspaces. The Work Order component is marked publicly viewable. Work Order is added to the Navigation Menu in Community Builder.
Universal Containers (UC) recently built a Community for its customers. UC stores customer invoices outside of Salesforce. UC wants to allow customers to be able to search for and view their invoices immediately after creation. Which Salesforce feature should the Community Cloud consultant recommend? Files Sync Chatter and Files External Services Files Connect.
A company recently launched its first Lightning Community using the Partner Central template. Due to the success of the Community, other business units are now interested in replicating the Community and making a few changes. How can the Community Cloud consultant meet these requirements Export the first Lightning Community as a template and create new Communities using the exported template. Create a Change Set to include the changes from the first Lightning Community and create new Communities using that Change Set. Create new Communities using the Build Your Own template and repeat all set-up steps for each cloned Community. Use the Partner Central template and repeat all of the set-up steps for each cloned Community.
A Community Cloud consultant distributes a specialized real estate management Community using a Lightning Bolt solution. Which two items can be included in the Lightning Bolt solution? Choose 2 answers Custom applications AppExchange applications Flows and Flow Categories Standard Lightning Community templates.
Universal Containers (UC) is launching a Partner Community. Users will receive a welcome email with a link to log in to the new Community. UC wants the link to last longer than seven days. How can a Community Cloud consultant change the validity period of the link to meet this requirement? Create a custom login flow that modifies the setting. Configure the Outlook Exchange Server settings. Edit the setting in the Welcome Email template. Change the Link Valid Period setting on the Communities Settings page.
Which aspect of Reputation can an Administrator configure Select badges for each reputation level from a provided icon library. Add new reputation levels automatically when specified point thresholds are reached. Exclude contributions to records when counting points toward reputation levels. Disable reputation for specific members in the community by user profile. Note: Search in the link "disableReputationRecordConversations".
A Salesforce Admin at Universal Containers needs an efficient way to update the color palette in their newly created Community. What three things should the Salesforce Admin do to brand this Community using Community Builder? Choose 3 answers Adjust the color palette from the Salesforce1 mobile app. Choose colors for the text and border elements. Upload the Universal Containers logo image to create a custom color palette. Apply a color scheme that is appropriate for the template all at once with the color palette. Submit a URL reference of a site where the color palette will be matched automatically.
Northern Trail Outfitters has recently launched a Partner program to increase sales. The VP of Sales has the following goals: • Drive more revenue from sales channels. • Allow channel Partners to provide service to buyers. • Get deal visibility in real time. Which option should Northern Trail Outfitters consider to meet these requirements? Direct Pricing for Community Cloud Guided Selling for Community Cloud Sales Channels for Community Cloud CPQ for Community Cloud.
Unauthenticated users are unable to see some articles on a Universal Containers Community. Universal Containers has articles associated to the Public Knowledge Base channel and Topics associated to the correct data categories. How should the Salesforce Admin troubleshoot this issue? Enable public access for the Community in Setup and the Guest User profile. Check the Article type permissions on the Guest User profile. Create a new data category specifically for Guest Users to display articles. Create a Featured Topic in the Community Builder to display articles.
A Salesforce Admin needs to build a self-service Community. Which three steps should the Salesforce Admin take before building the Community in Salesforce? Choose 3 answers Add discussions on topics that can be published in the Community. Enable the Service Cloud features to be used in the Community, including knowledge and Case. Create email templates to be used in the Community Gather branding assets, including images and logo for the Community. Configure a search for articles and discussions in the Community.
Universal Containers has created a new Lightning Community in the sandbox using the Partner Central template. The Partner Community is built using standard Lightning Components, custom Lightning Components, and object pages. What should the Administrator use to migrate changes from sandbox to production? Change sets Template export Metadata API Force.com IDE.
The product marketing team is revising its product data sheets and FAQ documentation to support major upgrades across the product line. Preliminary analysis shows the new articles have fewer views in the Partner and Customer Communities than expected. What are three ways to increase the visibility of these Knowledge articles? Choose 3 answers Create a new navigational topic for "New Products" and make sure the new articles are assigned to that topic. Use the Recommendations component to promote specific articles to defined groups of users (Channels). Use the Featured Topics component to promote the topics related to these new articles. Place hotlink URLs to these topics in the header component. Make sure that the right fields in the knowledge object are indexed to improve results in the Universal Search component.
Universal Containers (UC) recently went live with its new Customer Community. UC has received cases stating that no customers have access to the Community. The customer users have the custom "UC Customer Community" profile assigned to them. What is the final step the Administrator should take to ensure user membership to the Community? Use a permission set to give users access to the Community. Ensure the "Send Welcome Email" checkbox is selected. Publish the Community using the Community Builder. Assign the "UC Customer Community" profile in Administration.
Universal Containers is planning to launch a Community that needs to be accessible from Internet Explorer 9 and the Salesforce mobile app. Which three Salesforce editions and user license combinations could a Community Cloud consultant use to meet this requirement? Choose 3 answers Salesforce Essentials and Customer Community Professional Edition and Customer Community Plus Enterprise Edition and Customer Community Plus Enterprise Edition and Customer Community Unlimited Edition and Customer Community.
Universal Containers uses a third-party billing system for storing invoice records and wants to show these records on its Salesforce Partner Community. What should a Community Cloud consultant suggest as a method of implementation? Use the standard Files component and define the third-party billing system as a source. Create a custom Lightning Component to display the information in an iframe. Configure Files Connect and include the external object in the global search. Configure Salesforce Connect and define the required External Objects.
Universal Containers needs to set up a custom domain to create a branded Community experience with increased domain security. Which three steps should a Salesforce Admin take to meet these requirements? Choose 3 answers Add the certificate that supports the specified domain. Configure profile/permissions for a Public user. Select the option to allow Advanced Security in Community Management. In Setup, select Domains and click Add a Domain. Create a new certificate using Certificate and Key Management.
Universal Containers (UC) is launching a Partner Community for its resellers who have access to Leads, Opportunities, and Dashboards. UC has the following requirements to support their Partners during the sales cycle: • UC can engage with Partners during the sales cycle. • UC can have internal-only discussions. • The Channel Manager can bring any UC employee to the discussion. • UC employees might have access to the Partner Community. How should a Salesforce Administrator fulfill these requirements? Leverage the Opportunity feed and group record layout for access control. Leverage the Opportunity feed and manual shares for access control. Leverage unlisted groups and record sharing for access control. Leverage private groups and record sharing for access control.
The Universal Containers research lab is publishing its latest research into Knowledge articles assigned to the data category "Container Best Practices." The Community manager wants to make sure that all these articles show up for Community users in the topic area of "Tips and Techniques." How should the Administrator ensure this happens? Ask the lab to assign this topic to all articles as part of their quality control process before publishing. Set up automatic topic assignment and map the "Container Best Practices" category to the "Tips and Techniques" topic. Create a "Tips and Techniques" Knowledge category and ask the lab to reassign their articles. Create a workflow rule that assigns the "Tips and Techniques" topic to all Knowledge articles in that category.
A Salesforce ISV partner is creating a Lightning Bolt solution for a healthcare use case. What should the Community Cloud consultant use to distribute the Lightning Bolt solution? Managed Package Metadata API Change Set Unmanaged Package.
Universal Containers (UC) has a new Customer Community where users can collaborate on Topics through Chatter Groups and Chatter Questions. UC wants to ensure the following: • Users have quick access to new and recommended discussions and articles. • Users have the ability to contact Universal Containers quickly for help. • Users have visibility into how their activity compares to other users within the Community. Which three Lightning components could the Community Cloud consultant recommend placing on the Community home page? Choose 3 answers Featured Topics Contact Support button Record Detail Reputation Leaderboard Breadcrumb.
Universal Containers is setting up their moderation settings on their Community. They have developed 7585 keywords to monitor. What is the minimum number of keyword lists needed to accommodate all 7585 keywords? 4 5 3 2.
A Salesforce Administrator added a Recommendations Carousel component in Community Builder. The page displays correctly in Community Builder; however, recommendations are missing for Community members. What is the likely cause of this issue? The Recommendations Carousel component needs to be enabled for the Community. Recommendations need to be created for each member. Members need to have read access to the Recommendations object. Page changes with the Recommendations Carousel need to be published.
Universal Containers has built a Partner Community for its users. Users must accept an agreement when logging into the Community for the first time. What are three ways for a Salesforce Administrator to meet this requirement? Choose 3 answers Build a Site.com page with a user agreement and replace the login page with "complete registration on acknowledgement." Use login flows to show the user agreement when Community users log in for the first time. Leverage audiences and page variations to hide content in the Community until the user agreement has been accepted. Redirect users to a custom page displaying a user agreement before users log in for the first time. Customize the user registration page to include the user agreement and complete registration on acknowledgement.".
Universal Containers recently rolled out a Community to its partners. The internal sales team has the following requirements: • Ability to support the addition of 50 new partners every month. • Ability to pass leads to the partners. • Continue to have access to the leads after transfer to a partner. • Access to the Opportunity when the partner converts the lead. • Leads should be visible to only the partner who is working on the lead. Which sharing option should the Salesforce Administrator choose to meet the requirement for internal users? Create Lead and Opportunity Sharing Rules that share those records to a public group of partner users. Allow partner users to manually share the Leads and Opportunities with internal users. Set OWD (Organization-Wide Default) to Private, create a sharing rule for Leads and Opportunities, and implement the Lead Inbox component. Use Sharing Sets to share Leads and Opportunities so internal users can automatically access those records.
A coffee company is launching a public brand worldwide. Consumers need to see all relevant information about the brand in one place. Brand advisors can also submit applications to become Partners. How should the coffee company's Administrator meet these requirements? Create a Public Community for consumers and a separate Private Community for brand advisors. Create a Public Community for consumers and brand advisors. Create a Public Community and let brand advisors and consumers register themselves. Create a Private Community and let brand advisors and consumers register themselves.
Universal Containers is experiencing an increase in spam in their Community. The Community Manager needs to put in some pre-moderation rules to be alerted when multiple posts occur from the same user over a short period of time. What should the Community Manager do to meet this requirement? Activate a content rule to flag member-generated content with a Review Moderation action. Grant the "Moderate Communities Feed" permission to Community members so they can flag content. Create a rate rule and apply it to posts with newly registered members as the criteria. Grant the "Community Moderator" permission to allow access to view engagement reports.
Universal Containers (UC) is implementing a self-service Community. UC has a high volume of customers with complex hierarchies. The majority of UC customers have multiple Accounts and frequently add new Accounts. Universal Containers wants customers to be able to create new Accounts and Contacts on their own. Which two license types should UC's Salesforce Administrator recommend? Choose 2 answers Customer Community Plus Customer Community Login Customer Community Customer Community Plus Login.
A company uses CMS (Content Management System) to store and manage public content. The VP of Advertising wants to run marketing and advertising campaigns in the Community using that content. How should the Administrator render advertising content in the Community? Use Process Builder to import content from the CMS on a periodic basis. Build a custom integration point between the CMS and the Community. Download and install the Community Content package from the AppExchange. Configure CMS Connect to pull content from the CMS.
A healthcare company wants to create a Community for its patients and providers. The Community needs to be optimized for healthcare use cases and follow industry best practices. What should the Community Cloud consultant consider first to meet the requirements? Business Value Map and ROI Lightning Bolt solutions Custom solutions Lightning Community templates.
Universal Containers needs to match the colour scheme of their Customer Service Template-based Community with Universal Containers branding colours. What is the most efficient way to accomplish this task? Select an available colour scheme Download HTML/CSS from the company's website and upload it inside the Community Builder Upload the company logo to generate a colour palette that matches the company's branding colour Get HEX codes for branding colours from the company's website and manually add them inside the Branding Editor.
Universal containers houses their order information in their legacy backend systems. Customers need to see their orders from the back office in their customer-facing Community. - The existing Salesforce org (which hosts the community) has integration with the backend legacy system using Salesforce Connect - Customer users only need to see their orders in the Community - Orders are currently public read-only - Customer users need to access fields that are already part of the existing integration What two things should do Salesforce Admin do to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers Leveraging existing integration with the legacy system Set the external users' organization wide defaults to private for external order objects Creating a new integration with the legacy system for customer users Update the customer user profile and given the "view all" permission on the integration object.
Universal containers has the following requirements for its partner Community - Three levels of role hierarchy for its partner users: Account executive, Account manager, and Account sales rep - The partner account executive is able to see all of the lead records visible to their team - The partner account sales rep is unable to see the lead records by other account sales reps, account managers, or account executives - Partners want to give some Account sales reps access to Lead records owned by other Account sales reps for the same partner account. Which two steps should the Salesforce administrator text to fulfil these requirements? Choose 2 answers Enable super user access in Community Management Enable super user access in Community Settings Enable super user access to contacts for assigned users to the Account manager role Enable super user access to contacts for users assigned to the Account sales rep role.
Universal Containers creates a Community for their end users to access invoices. The invoice pages are mobile responsive and utilise rich text styling for the amount totals in each column. Mobile access to these invoices is important. The "API Enabled" profile permission has been turned on to allow the Salesforce mobile app access to external users with Communities licenses. Which characteristic of this Community will cause display problems when accessed from the Android mobile device using the Salesforce mobile app? Mobile responsiveness "API enabled" profile permission Community URL access Rich text styling.
During a recent review of their partner Community, the Director of Marketing has concerns about the look and feel of the Community template they are using. Which two individual actions should a Community Cloud consultant recommend to address this issue? Choose 2 answers Build Visualforce pages and apply custom CSS Install a lightning Bolt template the AppExchange Implement a custom theme for the Community Build custom HTML pages according to marketing specifications.
What are two advantages of setting up a custom domain for a Community? Choose 2 answers Better security at domain name registrars Better company branding Better compatibility with DNS servers around the globe Better Search Engine Optimization.
Universal Containers builds their customer Community on Customer Services Templates. They create several recommendations that are visible on the home page, including one for their annual conference event. After the event, the Salesforce Admin needs to remove the event recommendation. Where should the Salesforce Admin delete the recommendation? From the All Communities setup page From the Community Workspaces From the Community Builder From the Community site.
Universal Containers uses Customer Community licences. One of its largest customers wants to run reports. What licence type will allow Universal Containers to meet this requirement? Portal Manager High Volume Customer Portal Lightning External Apps Customer Community Plus.
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