CompTIA Network+ 2018 v1.0 (N10-007)

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CompTIA Network+ 2018 v1.0 (N10-007)

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A technician is trying to configure a previously owned WAP. The technician successfully logs into the administrative console and attempts to input the IP address on the WAP. However, the WAP is not accepting the command. Which of the following is causing the problem? The WAP antenna is damaged The WAP transmitter light is dim The terminal emulation software is misconfigured The LWAPP image is installed on the WAP.
SIMULATION - Your company recently purchased a new building down the street from the existing office. INSTRUCTIONS - For each of the tasks below, select the appropriate antenna type and encryption object for all wireless access point (AP). 1. Create an encrypted wireless connection between the two buildings that BEST controls signal propagation, while maximizing security. 2. Restrict the wireless signal generated by the access points (APs) inside Building 1, so that it minimizes broadcast beyond the building. 3. Maximize wireless coverage inside Building 1. 4. Building 1’s internal wireless network is for visitors only and must not require any special configuration on the visitor’s device to connect. If at any time you would like to bring back the initial state of the simulation, please click the Reset All button. Instructions: When you have completed the simulation, select the Done button to submit. If you previously made any changes to the simulated environment for the question, those changes were saved and will be present when you continue. External AP4 External AP5 AP1 AP2 AP3.
A technician has installed a Linux server in the tax office. The server can access most of the resources on the network, but it cannot connect to another server that has a share for backup. The technician learns that the target server is on a different subnet. Which of the following tools should the technician use to ensure the Linux server can reach the backup location? netstat traceroute route dig ifconfig.
Which of the following WAN technologies provides a guaranteed throughput rate? DSL T-1 Cable broadband Dial-up.
Which of the following is the SHORTEST way to write 2001:0000:0d58:0000:0000:0095:7565:0001 in proper IPv6 shorthand? 2001::d58::95:7565:1 2001:0:d58:0:0:95:7565:1 2001:0:d58::95:7565:1 2001:0:0d58::95:7565:1.
A network administrator needs to transmit traffic to geographically diverse sites to improve performance. Which of the following devices would BEST direct traffic to the remote sites? Hub Bridge Switch Router.
Which of the following should a technician investigate when using a network baseline to troubleshoot? Tracing a network wire connectivity issue from the datacenter to a host. Changes that have been made to the network configuration. Location of networking equipment in a rack. Determining if the server performance is degraded.
A technician needs to upgrade a SOHO wireless router’s firmware. The technician resets the router to factory settings and installs the new firmware The technician enters the DHCP information and sets the SSID Which of the following configurations would provide the MOST firmware. The technician enters the DHCP information and sets the SSID. Which of the following configurations would provide the MOST protection from advance hackers? Disable the broadcasting of the SSID. Enable WPA2 authentication for all hosts. Use private addressing for the DHCP scope. Install unidirectional antennas.
A technician notices clients are receiving a 169.254.x.x IP address following the upgrade of a server. Which of the following ports should the technician check on the local server firewall? ports 20 and 21 ports 67 and 68 ports 80 and 443 port 123 and 8080.
Which of the following datacenter security methodologies is MOST likely to remain usable during a network outage? biometric scanners door locks video surveillance motion detectors.
A network technician is implementing a solution on the network to hide the workstation internal IP addresses across a WAN. Which of the following is the technician configuring? QoS DMZ RIP NAT.
Employees want the ability to use personal devices on the guest network while working out at the company gym. In order to meet the request, which of the following policies requires employee adherence? AUP SLA NDA MOU.
Which of the following BEST describes the BGP routing protocol? distance vector hybrid static link state.
A customer is reporting difficulty connecting some devices after replacing a wireless router with a new wireless 802.11ac router. The SSID, encryption and password are the same as the previous router. A technician goes on-site and notices the devices that are no longer connecting appear to be several years ago. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem? the password needs to be re-entered there is a security type mismatch. there is insufficient antenna power. there is a frequency mismatch. the channel has changed.
Multiple users are reporting that they are unable to access the network. The ENTIRE network is shown in the diagram. PCs are not statically assigned IP addresses. The following devices will display settings: -> WorkstationA -> WorkstationB -> WorkstationC -> WorkstationD -> WorkstationE -> WorkstationF -> WorkstationG -> Laptop1 -> Laptop2 -> DHCP server1 -> DHCP server2 Review the settings and select the box in the diagram that identifies the device causing the issue. Only one device can be selected at a time. After checking the device that is causing the issue, select the second tab in the lower left hand corner. Identify the reason as to why some users are unable to access the network. Instructions: When the simulation is complete, select the Done button to submit. Part 1 – WORKSTATION A WORKSTATION B IP Address 172 . 30 . 0 . 10 IP Address 172 . 30 . 0 . 14 Netmask 255 . 255 . 255 . 0 Netmask 255 . 255 . 255 . 0 Gateway 172 . 30 . 0 . 1 Gateway 172 . 30 . 0 . 1 WORKSTATION C WORKSTATION D IP Address 164 . 254 . 200 . 67 IP Address 172 . 16 . 0 . 21 Netmask 255 . 255 . 255 . 0 Netmask 255 . 255 . 255 . 0 Gateway Gateway 172 . 16 . 0 . 1 WORKSTATION E WORKSTATION F IP Address 172 . 16 . 0 . 21 IP Address 172 . 16 . 10 . 43 Netmask 255 . 255 . 255 . 0 Netmask 255 . 255 . 255 . 0 Gateway 172 . 16 . 0 . 1 Gateway 172 . 16 . 10 . 1 WORKSTATION G IP Address 172 . 16 . 10 . 120 Netmask 255 . 255 . 255 . 0 Gateway 172 . 16 . 10 . 1 LAPTOP 1 LAPTOP 2 IP Address 172 . 16 . 0 . 220 IP Address 172 . 30 . 0 . 12 Netmask 255 . 255 . 255 . 0 Netmask 255 . 255 . 255 . 0 Gateway 172 . 16 . 0 . 1 Gateway 172 . 30 . 0 . 1 DHCP SERVER 1 IP Address 172 . 30 . 0 . 5 Netmask 255 . 255 . 255 . 0 Gateway 172 . 30 . 0 . 1 DHCP Scope 172 . 30 . 0 . 10-250 Gateway 172 . 30 . 0 . 1 DNS Servers 10 . 200 . 2 . 20 - 10 . 200 . 3 .20 DHCP Lease Time 8 days DHCP SERVER 2 IP Address 172 . 30 . 0 . 5 Netmask 255 . 255 . 255 . 0 Gateway 172 . 16 . 0 . 1 DHCP Scope 172 . 16 . 0 . 10-250 Gateway 172 . 30 . 0 . 1 DNS Servers 10 . 200 . 2 . 20 - 10 . 200 . 3 .20 DHCP Lease Time 8 days Part 2 - Identify the reason as to why some users are unable to access the network. Workstation(s) are plugged into switch ports configured with half duplex. The site-to-site router was configured with the incorrect ACL. DHCP server scope is full and is not providing IP addresses. WAN and LAN ports are reversed on the router. STP has disabled some of the ports on the switch. The NIC driver is not installed. A wireless client is unable to associate to the AP.
Which of the following should be performed to verify that unnecessary services are disabled on all switches in an environment? Packet capturing Port scanning Log scanning Baseline review.
A technician is sent to a remote office to set up a device to connect to the Internet. The company standards document requires stateful inspection. Which of the following should the technician install? Router Multiplayer switch Firewall Bridge.
A technician is assigned to secure a basic wireless network. Which of the following authentication protocols should the technician use to perform this task? (Choose two.) RDP SNMP WPA2 EAP SSL.
A technician is investigating the cause of a network outage. Which of the following documents should be checked to rule out configuration issues? Change management records Inventory management Network log files Logical diagrams.
A junior network technician receives a help desk ticket from an end user who is having trouble accessing a web application that was working the previous day. After talking with the end user and gathering information about the issue, which of the following would be the most likely course of action for the technician to perform NEXT? Establish a theory of probable cause. Escalate the ticket to a senior technician. Implement the solution. Document the findings and outcomes.
A system administrator receives reports from users of odd behavior in regard to a recently installed server. While reviewing the server network configuration, the systems administrator does both a forward and a reverse DNS lookup on the host, along with the network adapter configuration. Which of the following is the problem identified in the output above? There is no reverse DNS entry for this host. The server IP address is incorrectly configured. The DNS lookup entry is incorrectly configured. The reverse DNS entry is pointing to a different host.
A network technician at a small office upgrades the LAN switch. After the upgrade, a user reports being unable to access network resources. When the technician checks the switchport, the LED light is not lit. Which of the following should the technician check FIRST? The device is using the correct cable type. The switchport is functioning properly. The device is connected to the switch. The switch is connected to the router.
A network administrator wants to employ a username and password authentication system for guest WiFi. Which of the following is the BEST option to provide this type of authentication? Port security MAC filtering Network access control Captive portal.
A technician is responsible for configuring a new firewall. The hardware team has already installed, powered, and connected the system. Which of the following types of documentation should the technician utilize to complete the task? Rack diagram IDF/MDF documentation Network performance baseline Logical and physical diagrams.
Which of the following storage network technologies inherently leverages block-level storage? NAS SAN FCoE iSCSI FTP.
Which of the following networking devices operates at Layer1? Router Firewall Hub Bridge.
A disgruntled employee decides to leak critical information about a company’s new product. The employee places keyloggers on the department’s computers, allowing the information to be sent out to the Internet. Which of the following attacks is occurring? Man-in-the-middle Logic bomb Insider threat Social engineering.
A network technician needs to set up an access method for Ann, a manager, to work from home. Ann needs to locally mapped corporate resources to perform her job. Which of the following would provide secure access to the corporate resources? Utilize an SSH connection to the corporate server. Use TFTP to transfer files to corporate resources. Allow RDP through an external firewall. Connect utilizing client-to-site VPN.
Which of the following DNS record types is an alias? CNAME PTR NS SRV.
A recently constructed building makes use of glass and natural light. Users in the building are reporting poor cellular connectivity and speeds. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause? Absorption Channel overlap Reflection Frequency mismatch.
A network technician is working on a new switch implementation to expand the network. Which of the following is the BEST option to ensure the implementation goes according to business requirements? AUP NDA SOP SLA.
A technician is utilizing SNMPv3 to monitor network statistics. Which of the following actions would occur immediately of a server’s utilization spikes above the prescribed value? A trap message is sent via UDP to the monitoring workstation. The SET function pushes an alert to the MIB database. The object identifier is modified and reported during the next monitoring cycle. A response message is sent from the agent to the manager.
In which of the following scenarios should a technician use a cross-over cable to provide connectivity? PC to switch Switch to AP Router to switch Router to modem PC to PC.
802.11n clients currently have no way to connect to the network. Which of the following devices should be implemented to let the clients connect? Router Range extender VoIP endpoint Access point.
A network technician is setting up a new router. Since it is exposed to the public, which of the following are the BEST steps the technician should take when setting up this device? (Choose two.) Disable unnecessary services. Use private IP addresses. Allow remote management access. Disable the console port. Enable encryption. Upgrade to the latest firmware.
A network technician is configuring user access to a VPN concentrator and has been advised to use a protocol that supports encryption over UDP. Which of the following protocols has the technician MOST likely configured for client use? TFTP DTLS DNS SNMP.
A switch has detected duplicate broadcast messages sourced from a second port. The broadcasts continue to be transmitted and duplicated until the amount of traffic causes severe performance issues. Which of the following should be configured to prevent this behavior? BPDU guard DHCP snooping ARP protection Spanning tree.
A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is concentrated about an attacker gaining administrative access to the company’s network devices. Which of the following is the MOST secure way to prevent this? ACL allowing only HTTP ACL allowing only Telnet Out-of-band modem Out-of-band console router.
The Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO’s) tablet cannot connect to the wireless network from the corner office. A network technician verified the tablet can connect to the wireless network in other areas of the building. The distance between the office and the 802.11ac WAP is 150ft (46m), and there are a few cubicles in between. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the tablet not connecting? Absorption Reflection Distance Refraction Attenuation.
A company has two geographically separate locations that need to connect using a VPN. Which of the following devices must be specifically configured to allow VPN traffic into the network? Firewall Switch Router Modem.
A technician is working on a new machine that has been procured for testing and development. The machine will run a hypervisor and host several operating systems of various types so the development team can test the company’s applications in a variety of environments. The technician wants the virtual machines to be available to communicate with each other without leaving the hypervisor. Which of the following is the BEST solution to the problem? The technician should connect the machine to its own separate switch. The technician should add a route in each virtual machine to the default gateway. The technician should configure a virtual switch. The technician should set up individual routes between the machines.
A network technician is repurposing a switch that has been in storage for some time. The device has been wiped to factory defaults. Which of the following should be done FIRST to ensure the device has been hardened before configuration? Generate new keys. Disable unused ports. Check for updated firmware Configure the default VLAN.
A technician is setting up a wireless access point in a coffee shop. The shop is not concerned with security but only wants to allow customers to have access. Which of the following configurations should the technician deploy? Use a pre-shared key. Set up EAP. Configure RADIUS. Configure MAC filtering.
A network administrator is assigned to run and connect a Cat 6e Ethernet cable between two nodes in a datacenter. Which of the following connector types should the network administrator use to terminate this cable? DB-9 RS-232 DB-25 RJ-45.
Management has requested that services be available within 72 hours of a disaster. Budget is a major concern. A contract is signed with a company that has plenty of space, and the technician will have the option of putting infrastructure equipment in place. Which of the following BEST describes this business continuity strategy? Cold site Differential backup Hot site Incremental backup Warm site Full backup.
A network technician is planning to update the firmware on a router on the network. The technician has downloaded the file from the vendor’s website. Before installing the firmware update, which of the following steps should the technician perform to ensure file integrity? Perform antivirus and anti-malware scans of the file. Perform a hash on the file for comparison with the vendor’s hash. Download the file a second time and compare the version numbers. Compare the hash of the file to the previous firmware update.
A network technician performs a wireless site survey at a company building and identifies that the cafeteria is not covered by a wireless signal. The cafeteria is located in a medium-size, square-shaped room. Which of the following types of WAP antenna should the technician install in the center of the cafeteria to provide the BEST coverage? Unidirectional Parabolic Omnidirectional Yagi.
An entire enterprise cannot access a specific website. The network technician knows the website was accessible last week. The technician can also ping the website. Which of the following is the technician MOST likely to find upon investigation? The firewall is misconfigured. The network is being hit by a zero-day attack. The SSL certificate is untrusted. The SSL certificate has expired.
At which of the following OSI model layers would a router operate? Physical Network Transport Data link.
Which of the following are DNS record types? (Choose three.) CNAME NTP PTR LDAP DHCP TTL SRV SSH.
Which of the following backup techniques is used to capture all the data that has changed since the last full backup? Incremental Replica Differential Snapshot.
A network administrator frequently needs to assist users with troubleshooting network hardware remotely, but the users are non-technical and unfamiliar with network devices. Which of the following would BEST help the administrator and users during hands-on troubleshooting? Logical diagrams MDF documentation Equipment labeling Standard operating procedures.
A technician is observing brownout issues at a smaller office. At least once a week, the edge switch power cycles. Which of the following should the technician do to resolve the issue? Install a new switch Install a UPS Replace the switch uplink cable. Install a new electrical circuit.
A technician is troubleshooting a workstation’s network connectivity and wants to confirm which switchport corresponds to the wall jack the PC is using. Which of the following concepts would BEST help the technician? Consistent labeling Change management Standard work instructions Inventory management Network baseline.
Under which of the following layers of the OSI model do ATM cells operate? Data link Network Session Transport Presentation.
A new building needs to be joined to an existing network, but management has decided that running fiber is too expensive. Since the buildings are about 1000ft (305m) apart, the IT department has been asked to propose alternatives. Which of the following is the BEST device to add to each building to facilitate the extension of the network while meeting budgetary demands? Switch Router Media converter PRP wireless.
A junior network technician is working in the field and needs to connect to the company’s remote server, however, doing so will require the junior technician to use the public Internet. Because security is a concern, which of the following is the BEST method to use? Telnet SSH SFTP VNC.
A home user has purchased a new smart TV to stream online video services. The smart TV is unable to connect to the wireless network after several attempts. After returning from vacation, the home user tries again and can connect the TV to the wireless network. However, the user notices a laptop is no longer able to connect to the network. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause? The DHCP scope has been exhausted. The security passcode has been changed. The SSID is hidden The AP configuration was reset.
A security guard notices an authorized individual, who is dressed like a lab technician, has entered a secure area of the hospital with a large group. Which of the following security attacks is taking place? Evil twin Social engineering Insider threat Phishing.
Which of the following DNS record types allows IPv6 records to be resolved to DNS names? PTR A AAAA SRV.
A network technician has recently installed new VoIP phones at all employee’s desks to support a new SIP cloud VoIP solution. However, the technician is unable to make a call from the device after testing. Which of the following should the technician verify? (Choose two.) TCP 443 is allowed. UDP 1720 is allowed. UDP 5060 is allowed. UDP 5061 is allowed. TCP 8080 is allowed. TCP 8181 is allowed.
Which of the following would allow a network technician to access files on a remote system? (Choose two.) FTP TFTP VLSM SIP SMTP IMAP.
Which of the following provides two-factor authentication? Username + password Smart card + PIN Fingerprint + retina scan Key fob + ID card.
A technician set up a new SOHO network recently. The installed router has four Ethernet ports, however, the customer has seven devices that need wired connections. Which of the following should the technician do to BEST meet the customer’s requirements? Install a six-port switch. Configure port forwarding on the router. Install WAPs near the devices. Configure the switchports as EtherChannel ports.
A technician is performing a maintenance task on a weekly basis and wants to ensure the task is properly documented and able to be performed by other technicians. Which of the following types of documentation should the technician complete? Standard operating procedure Work order Performance baseline Logical diagram Change management.
A company is allowing its employees to use their personal computers, tablets, and IoT devices while at work. However, there are rules and guidelines to which employees must adhere. Which of the following documents applies to these employees? NDA SOP BYOD SLA.
Which of the following are characteristics of jumbo frames? (Choose two.) Commonly used on SAN MTU size greater than 1500 MTU size greater than 10000 Commonly used on IaaS MTU size greater than 12000.
A network administrator gets a call regarding intermittent network outages across the country. Which of the following should be used to connect to the network so the administrator can troubleshoot this issue from home? (Choose two.) FTP SMTP VPN SSH SNMP.
A network technician downloaded new firmware for the company firewall. Which of the following should the network technician verify to ensure the downloaded file is correct and complete? File hash File date File type File size.
A technician is troubleshooting network connectivity issues with a remote host. Which of the following tools would BEST inform the technician of nodes between the client and the remote host? (Choose two.) tracert ping tcpdump th i pathping netstat nslookup route.
Which of the following will listen on the line to ensure there is no traffic transmitting and implement a back-off timer if a collision occurs? CSMA/CD CSMA/CA MPLS OSPF.
A network technician receives a call from a branch office about a problem with its wireless connectivity. The user states the office is hosting a large meeting that includes some online training with local businesses. The guest users have all brought devices to connect to the guest network at the branch office. All users are connected to a single WAP and are reporting that connections keep dropping and network spends are unusable. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue? DHCP exhaustion Channel overlapping Interference Overcapacity.
Which of the following BEST describes an exploit? A router with default credentials An open mail relay server An SNMPv1 private community A privilege escalation script.
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