CompTIA Network+ 2018 v1.0 (N10-007)

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CompTIA Network+ 2018 v1.0 (N10-007)

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A technician has a remote site that often has congestion issues. When this happens, the remote router cannot be managed using SSH because the session drops. Which of the following is a possible solution to the issue? Out-of-band management HTTPS management URL Client-to-site VPN Router ACL.
A technician has installed multiple new PC clients and is connecting them to the network. Only one client is receiving IP addressing information. Which of the following should the technician verify as the NEXT troubleshooting step? DHCP scope DHCP lease Default gateway DNS zone.
Which of the following WAN technologies swaps the header on a packet when internally switching from one provider router to another? ATM Frame relay MPLS PPP.
A network administrator is purchasing a mobile phone for a manager who is traveling internationally. The phone needs to be able to make and receive calls in multiple countries outside of North America. Which of the following cellular technologies should the administrator look for in the phone? CDMA GSM TDMA CSMA.
A network administrator is downloading a large patch that will be uploaded to several enterprise switches simultaneously during the day’s upgrade cycle. Which of the following should the administrator do to help ensure the upgrade process will be less likely to cause problems with the switches? Confirm the patch’s MD5 hash prior to the upgrade. Schedule the switches to reboot after an appropriate amount of time. Download each switch’s current configuration before the upgrade. Utilize FTP rather than TFTP to upload the patch.
A network technician is segmenting network traffic into various broadcast domains. Which of the following should the network technician utilize? VLAN STP ACL BPDU.
After rebooting a PC, a user is no longer able to connect to the corporate network. As a test, the technician plugs a different laptop into the same network jack and receives an IP address of Which of the following is MOST likely causing the issue? DHCP scope exhaustion Improper DNS setting Incorrect ACL setting Incorrect ACL setting Port-security violation.
A network administrator is concerned about clients being able to access the local Internet while connected to the corporate VPN. Which of the following should be disabled on the client to prevent this? TLS Remote file access Split tunneling HTTPS.
A network technician travels to a remote office to set up a new SOHO for the company. Wireless networking should be used at the remote office. The network technician sets up all the related wireless network equipment, and the last step is to connect the users’ devices to the company network. To complete this step, which of the following should be used to secure the remote network location? Host-based firewalls WPA2/WPA Open access Port filtering.
The length of an IPv6 address is: 32 bits 64 bits 128 bits 256 bits.
A network technician is troubleshooting a problem with a user’s client-to-site VPN connection. The user is unable to establish a connection to the server, but the error message that appears on screen does not contain useful information. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT to troubleshoot the issue? Reconfigure the user’s VPN connection in the router to fix profile corruption. Inform the user that provisioning sometimes fails and the connection needs to be attempted again. Review the logs in the VPN client to check for any informational messages. Verify the system has the latest OS patches installed.
Management requires remote access to network devices when the ISP is down. Which of the following devices would provide the BEST solution? Router Firewall Bridge Modem.
A network technician installed a new host on the network. The host is not connecting to the company’s cloud servers. The technician attempts to ping a server using the IP address with no success. Checking the IP address using ipconfing displays: Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT to determine where the issue is located? Modify the default gateway address and ping the server to test connectivity. Change the DNS servers to be on the same subnet as the host. Modify the router’s ACL to allow port 80 to exit the network. Perform a tracert command to locate where the packet is dropped.
A network technician is performing a firmware upgrade on a switch. The firmware needs to be downloaded to the device. Which of the following methods should the technician use to retrieve the updated firmware? RDP SSH TFTP Telnet.
A network technician is assisting a user who is experiencing connectivity problems with the VPN. The technician has confirmed the VPN is functioning and other users at the site cannot access the Internet. Which of the following commands would MOST likely be used to further troubleshoot? tracert netstat arp dig.
Which of the following MUST be installed on an employee’s computer if the remote access VPN implements an SSL VPN with PKI authentication? Shared secret HTTPS server Soft token Private certificate.
Which of the following default ports should be opened on a firewall to allow for SSH and Telnet? (Choose two.) 21 22 23 25 123 443.
Two computers are connected to a multilayer switch, and both can access the corporate file server. The computers cannot talk to one another. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause? Duplex/speed mismatch ACL misconfiguration Bad port Crosstalk.
A user calls the help desk for assistance with setting up a new SOHO router. The user has three employees who all have laptops that need to connect to the wireless network. The users need to have firewall rules allowing access to an internal server, but cannot be configured with static IP addresses. Which of the following BEST describes what the technician should implement? CNAME record in the users’ dynamic DNS accounts Additional lease time for the laptop computers IP helper relay system for configuration hops DHCP reservation for the laptops’ MACs.
A home user is unable to get to the Internet from a workstation that is connected to a wireless network. When reviewing the results of the ipconfig command, the user wants to verity the default gateway is correct. Which of the following devices should be the gateway? Cable modem SOHO router DNS server Layer 2 switch.
A technician is troubleshooting intermittent connectivity on a line-of-sight wireless bridge. Which of the following tools should the technician use to determine the cause of the packet loss? Spectrum analyzer OTDR Packet sniffer Multimeter.
Which of the following should be configured to allow for IP-to-name resolutions? CNAME A PTR NS.
When configuring a new switch in a packet-switched network, which of the following helps protect against network loops? Spanning tree Flood guard BPDU guard DHCP snooping.
A company has just installed a new cloud VoIP solution; however, users occasionally report poor call quality or dead air being present. Which of the following describes the NEXT troubleshooting step the technician should take? The technician should check the internal diagnostics on all the phones to look for a common thread. The technician should reset all the phones and reprovision information from the provider The technician should use a packet tracer to see if the traffic is getting out of the network The technician should run ping tests on the Internet line to monitor for packet loss and latency.
A network technician needs to configure a device with an embedded OS so it can be connected to a wireless handheld scanner. Which of the following technologies should be configured on the OS to create the wireless connection? Partial mesh Ad hoc Ring Bus.
An NGFW alerts that a web server in the DMZ is sending suspicious traffic. A network administrator finds that port 25 is open, and the traffic is originating from this port. The only purpose of this server is to deliver website traffic. Which of the following should the network administrator recommend to the systems administrator? Disable Telnet service on the server. Disable DHCP service on the server Disable the SMTP service on the server Disable FTP service on the server.
Joe, a network technician, wants to locally back up several router and switch configurations. He wants to store them on a server that can be accessed easily for recovery without authentication. Which of the following servers should Joe use? Telnet LDAP TFTP Samba.
According to the troubleshooting methodology, which of the following steps will help a technician gather information about a network problem? (Choose two.) Test solutions. Duplicate the problem Establish a theory of probable cause Question users Implement preventive measures. Document findings.
A user reports network resources can no longer be accessed. The PC reports a link but will only accept static IP addresses. The technician pings other devices on the subnet, but the PC displays the message Destination unreachable. Which of the following are MOST likely the causes of this issue? (Choose two.) Damaged cables Crosstalk Bent pins TX/RX reverse VLAN mismatch Duplex mismatch.
While testing an ACL on the default gateway router to allow only web browsing, ports TCP 80 and TCP 443 were the only ports open. When tested, no websites were accessible via their URLs inside the network. Which of the following configurations should be added to the ACL? permit tcp any any eq 20 permit udp any any eq 25 permit udp any any eq 53 permit udp any any eq 68 permit tcp any any eq 110 permit tcp any any eq 8080.
Users have been experiencing connection timeout issues when using a web-based program. The network technician determines the problem happened due to a TTL setting that was set too low on the firewall. Which of the following BEST enabled the network technician to reach this conclusion? Reviewing application logs Reviewing a baseline report Reviewing a vulnerability scan Reviewing SLA requirements.
A network technician is installing a new wireless network for a client. The client has experienced issues with other building tenants connecting to the wireless network and utilizing the bandwidth. The client wants to prevent this from happening by using certificate-based authentication. Which of the following technologies should the network administrator implement? WPA-PSK EAP-TLS AES-CCMP WEP-TKIP.
A network administrator is installing a campus network of two routers, 24 switches, 76 APs, and 492 VoIP phone sets. Which of the following additional devices should the administrator install to help manage this network? VoIP PBX Content filter RADIUS server Wireless controller.
A technician arrives at a new building to find cabling has been run and terminated, but only the wall ports have been labeled. Which of the following tools should be utilized to BEST facilitate labeling the patch panel? Tone generator Cable tester Multimeter Loopback adapter.
Which of the following policies prohibits a network administrator from using spare servers in the datacenter to mine bitcoins? NDA BYOD AUP MOU.
Which of the following technologies is used when multiple Ethernet adapters work to increase speed and fault tolerance? Clustering Load balancing Redundant circuits NIC teaming.
A network technician has finished configuring a new DHCP for a network. To ensure proper functionality, which of the following ports should be allowed on the server’s local firewall? (Choose two.) 20 21 53 67 68.
A network technician is reviewing switch ACLs to determine if they are causing communication issues with one PC. The PC’s IP address is Which of the following is the network range found in the ACL that could have affected this PC?
A new technician is connecting an access switch to a distribution switch uplink in a datacenter using fiber cables. Which of the following are transceivers the technician should use to perform this job? (Choose two.) RJ45 DB-9 LC SFP GBIC SC.
Which of the following physical security devices is used to prevent unauthorized access into a datacenter? Motion detector Video camera Asset tracking Smart card reader.
A technician is installing two new servers that collect logs. After installing the servers, the technician reviews the logical output from various commands. Which of the following should be included in a logical network diagram? Rack location Room number Media type Hostname.
A few weeks after starting a new position, Joe, a junior network administrator, receives a call from an internal number asking for his username and password to update some records. Joe realizes this may be a type of attack on the network, since he has full access to network resources. Which of the following attacks is described? Logic bomb Social engineering Trojan horse Insider threat.
A technician is sent to troubleshoot a faulty network connection. The technician tests the cable, and data passes through successfully. No changeswere made in the environment, however, when a network device is connected to the switch using the cable, the switchport will not light up. Which of the following should the technician attempt NEXT? Modify the speed and duplex Plug in to another port Replace the NIC Change the switch.
A technician has been assigned to capture packets on a specific switchport. Which of the following switch features MUST be used to accomplish this? Spanning tree Trunking Port aggregation Port mirroring.
Which of the following operate only within the UDP protocol? Frames Datagrams Segments Packets.
An employee reports an error when visiting a website using SSL, and a message is displayed warning of an invalid certificate. Which of the following could be occurring? Phishing DDoS Evil twin MITM OCSP stapling.
A network technician is troubleshooting a connectivity issue and determines the cause is related to the VLAN assignment on one of the access switches in the network. After resolving the issue, the network technician decides to update the documentation to refer to the correct VLAN. Which of the following should the technician update? Physical diagram Logical diagram IDF documentation Change management documentation Incident réponse plan.
A university has a lecture hall containing 100 students. Currently, the lecture hall has two 802.11ac wireless access points, which can accommodate up to 50 devices each. Several students report they are unable to connect devices to the wireless network. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue? One of the wireless access points is on the wrong frequency The students are attempting to connect 802.11g devices The students are using more than one wireless device per seat. Distance limitations are preventing the students from connecting.
A WAP has been dropping off the network sporadically and reconnecting shortly thereafter. The Cat 5 wire connecting the access point is a long run of 265ft (81m) and goes through the business area and the mechanical room. Which of the following should the technician do to fix the AP connectivity issue? Install a repeater to boost the signal to its destination Replace the UTP cable with plenum cable. Upgrade the cable from Cat 5 to Cat 5e. Set the AP to half duplex to compensate for signal loss.
A technician wants to configure a SOHO network to use a specific public DNS server. Which of the following network components should the technician configure to point all clients on a network to a new DNS server? Router Switch Load balancer Proxy server.
A company wishes to allow employees with company-owned mobile devices to connect automatically to the corporate wireless network upon entering the facility. Which of the following would BEST accomplish this objective? Open wireless Geofencing Pre-shared key MAC filtering.
A network engineer for a manufacturing company is implementing a wireless network that provides reliable coverage throughout the facility. There are several large, electric, motorized machines installed on the shop floor for automating the manufacturing process. These machines are known to be significant sources of RF interference. Which of the following frequencies should the wireless network use to MINIMIZE this interference? 2.4 GHz 56MHz 5GHz 900MHz.
A company has procured a new office building and started the process of assigning employees to work at that location. The company has also purchased equipment for the new location. There are 5033 laptops, 6000 monitors, and 857 printers. Which of the following steps is the technician most likely to complete FIRST? Create a rack diagram Create a network baseline Create an inventory database Create a port location diagram.
Which of the following is created on a 48-port switch with five active VLANs? 48 networks, five segments 48 collision domains, five broadcast domains 240 private networks 240 usable IP addresses.
A corporate manager says wireless phones do not work properly inside the main building. After a troubleshooting process, the network administrator detects that the voice packets are arriving on the wireless phones with different delay times. Which of the following performance issues is the company facing? Jitter Latency Attenuation Frequency mismatch.
Which of the following technologies is used to attach multiple guest operating systems to a single physical network port? Virtual switch FCoE VPC vSAN.
When speaking with a client, an employee realizes a proposed solution may contain a specific cryptographic technology that is prohibited for nondomestic use. Which of the following documents or regulations should be consulted for confirmation? Incident response policy International export controls Data loss prevention Remote access policies Licensing restrictions.
A network technician is installing a new network switch in the MDF. The technician is using fiber to connect the switch back to the core. Which of the following transceiver types should the technician use? MT-RJ BNC GBIC F-type.
A network technician notices a router that repeatedly reboots. When contacting technical support, the technician discovers this is a known problem in which an attacker can craft packets and send them to the router through an obsolete protocol port, causing the router to reboot. Which of the following did the network technician fail to do? (Choose two.) Generate new crypto keys. Keep patches updated. Disable unnecessary services. Shut down unused interfaces Avoid using common passwords. Implement file hashing.
A technician has replaced a customer’s desktop with a known-good model from storage. However, the replacement desktop will not connect to network resources. The technician suspects the desktop has not been kept up to date with security patches. Which of the following is MOST likely in place? ACL NAC Traffic shaping SDN NTP.
A network technician wants to gain a better understanding of network trends to determine if they are over capacity. Which of the following processes should the technician use? Log review Port scanning Vulnerability scanning Traffic analysis.
A network technician is configuring network addresses and port numbers for a router ACL to block a peer-to-peer application. Which of the following is the HIGHEST layer of the OSI model at which this router ACL operates? Transport Network Session Application.
An attacker has flooded the hardware tables of a switch to forward traffic to the attacker’s IP address rather than the default router. The traffic received is copied in real time, and then forwarded to the default router transparently from the end-user perspective. Which of the following attacks are occurring in this scenario? (Choose two.) DNS poisoning ARP poisoning Man-in-the-middle Ransomware Evil twin Reflective.
A remote user is required to upload weekly reports to a server at the main office. Both the remote user and the server are using a Windows-based OS. Which of the following represents the BEST method for the remote user to connect to the server? RDP Telnet SSH VNC.
At which of the following layers of the OSI model would TCP/UDP operate? Layer 3 Layer 4 Layer 5 Layer 6.
A technician is troubleshooting a server in the finance office that hosts an internal accounting program. The ticketing desk has received several calls from users reporting that access to the accounting program is degraded, and they are experiencing severe delays, sometimes timing out entirely. The problem has been isolated to the server. Which of the following tools should the technician use on the server to narrow down the issue? nslookup iptables pathping netstat.
A technician is reviewing network device logs in an attempt to trace an attack that occurred on the network. Which of the following protocols would affect whether or not the technician can properly trace the attack through the network using the logs? HTTP SMTP NTP RDP.
Which of the following is BEST for providing real-time equipment theft alerts to the security staff? Biometric locks Smart card reader Asset tracking tags Motion detection.
A development team has been testing a web server on a virtual server to create a web application. Once satisfied, the development team clones the entire virtual server into production. The development team needs to use HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH to connect to the new server. Which of the following should the network administrator do to help secure this new production VM? (Choose two.) Disable the HTTP port in the host firewall. Upgrade the firmware on the firewall. Generate new SSH host keys. Remove unnecessary testing accounts. Issue a new self-signed certificate.
A wireless client is having issues staying connected to the wireless network even though the client is less than 20ft (6m) from the access point. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause? Distance limitations Latency Security type mismatch Absorption.
Which of the following is a network device that is responsible for separating collision domains? Switch Router Hub Modem.
Which of the following network topologies is primarily used to connect servers to large network disk arrays? SAN MAN CAN PAN LAN.
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