CompTIA Network+ 2018 v1.0 (N10-007)

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CompTIA Network+ 2018 v1.0 (N10-007)

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A network technician needs to distribute an updated OS for all network switches at company locations throughout the world. The technician wants to ensure file integrity since several locations do not have high-quality connectivity to the Internet. Which of the following methods should be used to distribute the images while ensuring integrity? Use a TFTP server and UDP protocol. Use an FTP server and provide the file hash. Use an HTTP server to share the file. Use a modem and dial-up connection.
Which of the following OSI layers do TCP and UDP operate within? Data link Network Session Transport Presentation Application.
A company has decided to allow certain users to work remotely by opening up a VPN connection through the firewall. The security policy has been updated to allow VPN connections only from certain users and to specific areas on the network. Along with configuring the correct policies on the firewall, which of the following also needs to be configured on users’ mobile devices to allow these VPN connections? VNC application Kerberos Geotagging application Credentials.
A network engineer is working on a network connectivity problem between a site in California and a site in New York. The connection went down overnight, and the engineer is unsure where the connection failed. The technician is logged into the primary switch in the customer’s network, which is also the company’s connection to the WAN. Which of the following tools should the technician use to determine the last available network hop? netstat Nmap traceroute pathping.
A network manager is concerned about visitors taking advantage of open cubicies at a company’s facilities. Which of the following would mitigate this issue? Create a VLAN for all unused switchports. Implement a DMZ for all external services. Implement root guard on all switches. Create a honeypot to attract attackers.
Joe, a user, is having issues when trying to access certain web pages. Upon navigating to a web page, it seems like it connects, but then presents the following message: Joe has cleared his cache and cookies, rebooted his machine, and attempted to browse to the website from a coworker’s desktop, but it still presented with this error. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this error? The web server is missing an intermediate certificate. The website is missing an HTTPS certificate. TLS is not enabled in the browser The SSL certificate has expired.
Which of the following is used to define the duration during which a client can use an IP address? MAC reservation IP helper Pool Lease time.
A small company is requesting a quote to refresh its wireless network. The company currently runs 60 autonomous APs and has plans to increase wireless density by 50% in the near future. The requirements state that the chosen solution should significantly decrease the management overhead of the current wireless network. Which of the following should the vendors recommend in response to the quote request? The use of lightweight APs with a load balancer The use of autonomous APs with a wireless controller The use of autonomous APs with a load balancer The use of lightweight APs with a wireless controller.
A network support specialist is setting up wireless networks for several small companies that are leasing adjacent spaces in an office building. The network support specialist has already configured an access point for each office with WPA2-AES encryption and minimized any overlap of the wireless channels. Several of the companies have expressed concerns about performance and security issues due to the high volume of wireless networks being installed in close proximity. Which of the following actions will BEST mitigate the companies’ concerns? Reduce the TX power on each access point. Enable MAC address filtering on each access point. Disable the SSID broadcast on each access point. Enable AP isolation on each access point.
A network technician receives a trouble ticket and speaks to the user who is experiencing the issues with the application. Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT? Gather information. Determine the symptoms. Establish a plan of action. Document the findings.
A company wants to implement a wireless infrastructure on its campus to meet the needs of its BYOD initiative. The company has users with legacy devices and wants to accommodate them while delivering speed to other users who have modern systems. Which of the following standards BEST fits these requirements? 802.11a 802.11ac 802.11b 802.11g.
Joe, a technician, is attempting to resolve an issue with an off-site router remotely. Joe needs to reset the WAN connection settings and wants to ensure he will have access to the router at all times to monitor the changes. Which of the following solutions would BEST meet this goal? Use a secure SSH connection over the WAN link. Telnet into the router over the company VPN. Implement a modem on the AUX port. Configure a DSL router to the console port.
To achieve a more efficient and secure work environment, a company needs a way to control what is being accessed on the Internet using corporate resources. Which of the following devices should be used to accomplish this task? (Choose two.) Proxy server IDS Load balancer Content filter VPN concentrator IPS.
The network support team is responsible for managing connections in a large, multipurpose venue where maintaining physical security is difficult. Implementing which of the following standards would BEST help to prevent unauthorized connections to the wired network? 802.1X 802.1q 802.3at 802.3af.
A utility company has installed a wireless device at a residence that allows the company to view power consumption online. The resident reports the 802.11ac home wireless intermittently loses connectivity for about 15 minutes twice a day. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause? The utility company throttles power during peak hours. There is additional data being transferred over the wireless network. There is interference with the smart reader. An IoT device is causing a DoS attack on the wireless network.
A technician has been asked to install biometric controls at the entrance of a new datacenter. Which of the following would be appropriate authentication methods to meet this requirement? (Choose two.) Badge reader Retina scanner Random number-generating token Device proximity sensor Challenge question Combination lock Fingerprint reader.
Two buildings used to be connected by a wireless bridge, but they are upgrading to fiber. Which of the following new devices would be required at the demarcation points? Wireless access point Router Media converter Firewall.
A company is expanding and building a new remote branch office. Marketing will need 78 IP addresses, finance will need 150 IP addresses, legal will need 39 IP addresses, and R&D will need 12 IP addresses. The network administrator gives the technician a network of and wants the technician to use VLSM for the design. Which of the following are possible solutions? (Choose three.) The marketing department should receive a /25 network. The R&D department should have as a broadcast address. The R&D department should receive a /27 network. The finance department should have as a broadcast address. The marketing department should have usable IPs ranging from to The legal department should have a first usable IP address of The legal department should have usable IPs ranging from to The R&D department should have a last usable IP address of
After several changes to the network, a technician needs to ensure a client is checking for new hostname and IP pairings. Which of the following commands should the technician use to force new lookups? ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew ipconfig /all.
A network technician is setting up a WiFi network in a multi-tenant building. When trying to determine the best channel, which of the following is the BEST tool to use? Protocol analyzer Tone generator Spectrum analyzer Multimeter.
Due to regulatory requirements, a college bookstore prohibits customers from accessing the wireless network in the building. Which of the following would be the BEST method to prevent customers from accessing the wireless network while in the bookstore? Use MAC filtering for authorization to the wireless network. Require PEAP for authentication to the wireless network. Implement a Faraday cage within the bookstore premises. Require a pre-shared key for authentication to the wireless network.
A network technician sets up a new schedule on the backup server. Management has informed the technician that a full backup does not need to be completed every day. The technician sets up weekly full backups. Which of the following should the technician configure for the remaining days to MINIMIZE the daily backup size? Snapshots Incremental Replica Differential.
Which of the following network topologies typically has all devices on a network directly connected to every other network device? Mesh Star Ad hoc Ring.
A technician wants to set an IP address to a specific MAC address on a host machine. Which of the following commands should the technician use? ipconfig nslookup arp dig.
A network technician is designing a network cable upgrade in a newly acquired office space. The IT manager wants to install a standardized twisted pair cable solution that supports speeds up to 1 Gbps and terminates with a standard RJ45 connector. Which of the following cable types should the technician suggest? SMF Cat 3 Cat 5 Cat 6 RG-6.
Which of the following policies would be the MOST useful for defining the proper procedures when an employee is terminated abruptly? Offboarding Remote access AUP Incident response DLP.
A technician wants to have the ability to transfer files from home to the company’s network on a regular basis. Which of the following is a remote access protocol the technician can utilize to bypass interactive user authentication by using a list of known host public keys? FTP SCP TFTP Telnet.
A company runs Linux servers in its own datacenter and also on a popular public cloud service provider. The servers hosted by the cloud provider can only be accessed with proper authorization and are only accessed by the company’s datacenter. Which of the following BEST describes the type of cloud architecture being used? (Choose two.) Private Hybrid Public IaaS PaaS SaaS.
A company’s web-based application has a database that is set up for high availability in case of a failure. Which of the following is necessary to achieve this type of setup? A virtual IP pointing to the active DB A static IP pointing to the passive DB A private IP pointing to the web front end A private IP pointing to the web proxy.
A network technician is creating a diagram of network termination points in the building. The technician diagrammed the core network room and now needs to diagram the auxiliary network closets. Which of the following is the technician MOST likely going to add to the diagram? IDF MDF VRF TDM.
A network technician has installed multiple new lightweight access points across the network. Which of the following devices should the technician use to manage the new access points? Wireless controller SSH DHCP server Content filter WiFi analyzer.
Management is concerned there is excessive traffic on the network. A network technician wants to run a quick port scan to see any systems that have open ports. Which of the following tools should be used to do this? tcpdump dig nmap netstat.
A network technician receives the following command output from a Linux-based machine: Which of the following commands did the network technician run? iptables â€"f ABCDEG.com dig â€"t ANY ABCDEG.com NMAP â€"t ABCDEG.com netstat â€"a ACDEG.com.
Allowing data to be centrally stored and accessed by multiple devices on an isolated subnet is BEST understood as: NAS iSCSI SAN FCoE.
During a weekend event, several people reported they were unable to get onto the wireless network. On Monday, the technician could not find a problem. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause? Cross talk Overcapacity Channel overlap Wrong passphrase.
After deployment of a second network link to load balance the network traffic, the quality of voice calls degrades. The network administrator discovers the voice packets are arriving at uneven intervals that cannot be handled by the voice application buffer. Which of the following actions will improve the quality of the voice calls? Control the attenuation of the non-voice traffic across the network links Control the latency of traffic across the network links Control the EMI of the multimedia traffic across the network links Control the jitter of the affected traffic across the network links.
Which of the following can a network administrator use to access a network switch using standard AAA configurations? TACACS+ Single sign-on LDAP Local authentication.
A network technician receives a switch that is configured to support VLANs on its ports. At which of the following layers is this switch operating? Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4.
Which of the following protocols is used to transport outgoing mail across networks? POP SMTP IMAP LDAP.
Management at a company wants to increase the bandwidth available to users after receiving several complaints. A technician reports to management that 50% of the company bandwidth is being utilized by wireless devices outside the company’s property. Given budget constraints, which of the following solutions should the technician propose to management? Have the ISP double the bandwidth Move from WPA2 to WEP Enable WPA and change the SSID Configure geofencing.
To increase speed and availability, a high-traffic web application was split into three servers recently and moved behind a load balancer. Which of the following should be configured on the load balancer to allow for a single destination? SIP PAT NAT VIP.
A network technician is reading a network diagram and looking for the edge router. Which of the following is MOST likely the symbol used for the router? A circle with four outward arrows A rectangle with two horizontal arrows A square with two circular arrows A triangle with three outward arrows.
Which of the following would a network technician MOST likely connect to power wireless access points in drop ceilings? Powerline extender Ethernet-over-power adapter Power-over-Ethernet switch Power distribution unit Ethernet power controller.
A network technician needs to monitor the traffic going to a mission-critical server in the datacenter. Which of the following is the BEST method to perform this? Use port mirroring Install an inline tap Periodically view the server logs Configure port aggregation.
A network engineer at a large company is restricting Internet browsing on the corporate WAN to only business-related external websites. Which of the following is the BEST solution to achieve this goal while avoiding the need to configure this restriction on each PC? Web application firewall Content filter IPS VPN concentrator.
Which of the following types of attacks is characterized by encrypting data and locking out a user from access to certain data within a workstation? Ransomware Phishing DDoS Social engineering Spoofing.
The process of searching for open or weakly secured wireless networks in a geographic area is known as: phishing. social engineering. war driving. an evil twin.
A request is made to open an additional port on a firewall. The request is approved, and the port is opened. Which of the following BEST describes this process? Standard operating procedure Process management Project management Change management.
A network technician notices that switches of the same model have different commands and security features while administering them. Which of the following hardening techniques should the technician perform on a regular schedule to ensure all switches have the same features and security functionality? Change the default credentials. Verify the firmware file hash. Disable unused switchports. Apply patches and updates.
A network administrator has deployed a secure wireless network that authenticates using Active Directory network credentials so individual users are uniquely identified when connected to the WLAN. Which of the following wireless technologies has the administrator configured? WEP EAP-PEAP PSK CCMP-AES.
A SAN serves out storage to a company’s virtual environment and provides low-level disk access. The company wants to use its existing IP network and equipment to access the virtual disks. Which of the following network connection types would BEST accomplish this task? InfiniBand iSCSI Fibre Channel CIFS.
When using a network monitoring system, a network technician notices that a switch returns many object identifiers that do not have descriptions. Which of the following should be imported into the monitoring system to describe these object identifiers? SNMPv3 SIEM MIB SYSLOG.
A company hires some temporary workers. On day one, the temporary employees report they are unable to connect to the network. A network technician uses a packet analysis tool and finds that many clients are continuously sending out requests for an IP address, but many of them are not receiving a response. Which of the following could be the cause of this issue? Exhausted DHCP scope Untrusted SSL certificates Duplicate MAC addresses Incorrect firewall settings.
A network administrator is responding to a help desk ticket, which states an unknown wireless access point is broadcasting in a specific area. Upon investigation, the administrator finds that a user brought a wireless access point from home and plugged it into the corporate network. This resulted in an attacker using the unsecured wireless LAN to gain access to the network. Which of the following should the network administrator have done to BEST prevent this problem? Changed the default credentials on the network switches Installed a Layer 7 firewall Implemented port security Disabled unnecessary services on the network switches.
A user no longer has access to network resources after a recent office move, but all other users in the building are able to connect at 100MB connections. After further investigation, a network technician notices the following information: Network information for the building Which of the following is causing the network connection issues? Open/short pins VLAN mismatch Distance limitation Crosstalk Port configuration.
A small team is overloaded with requests for database resources. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is concerned the company does not have the resources to deploy and manage these additional services efficiently. Which of the following types of cloud services would be the MOST effective? PaaS IaaS BaaS SaaS.
Which of the following should be performed on a regular basis to prevent unauthorized access to a company network? (Choose two.) Packet analysis Reviewing baselines Vulnerability scanning Patch management Log archiving.
A network technician receives a report that the company’s intranet web server is not responding. The technician verifies successful connectivity to the server via the ping and tracert commands. The technician also verifies the routers and switches are online and operational, and then runs Telnet to port 80 and receives a response. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the technician perform NEXT? Establish a plan to reset the company router. Escalate the issue to the server administrator. Duplicate the issue and continue testing. Report that an issue was not identified.
Which of the following ports are used for electronic mail protocols? (Choose three.) 23 25 110 123 143 161 389 443.
A technician needs to connect two routers using copper cables. Which of the following cables would utilize both the TIA/EIA 568a and TIA/EIA 568b standards? Cat5 crossover Cat5e straight-through Cat5e rollover Cat6 console Cat6a straight-through.
The engineering department wants to bring a legacy computer online to test a failed component. When patching the device into the switch, there are no link lights or connectivity. The legacy computer can ping its loopback address successfully. Another device can connect to that same port without issues. Which of the following should the network technician check NEXT? (Choose two.) Speed setting on the switch Duplex requirements Firmware version Protocols the legacy computer supports Network card drivers VLAN settings.
A user in the marketing department reports the email server is down. The user has not received email for more than 24 hours. Which of the following should the network technician do to investigate this issue? Question other users in the marketing department to see if they are also having connectivity issues. Reboot the email server and verify connectivity once it is up again. Check the router and firewall to see if ACLs or firmware have changed in the last 24 hours. Check for network connectivity on the user’s PC and reinstall the email client.
A network technician has provisioned a new Linux instance in public cloud provider’s IaaS environment. The technician did not install a graphical user interface. The technician wants to connect to the server’s public IP address securely to start a console session. Which of the following remote access methods should the technician use? SSH Telnet VNC RDP.
A network administrator is reviewing the following output from a switch. Which of the following attacks has occurred on the switch? DNS poisoning ARP poisoning VLAN hopping MAC address spoofing.
A user does not have access to network services but has Internet access. The technician notices the computer has an IP address of when the network is Which of the following is MOST likely the issue? Rogue DHCP server Duplicate IP addresses Incorrect gateway Server permission changes.
A technician is trying to identify the cause of an issue several wireless users are experiencing at an office. The office is in a square-shaped building, with four 802.11b WAPs with omnidirectional antennas located in the four corners of the building. Users near the center of the building report sporadic issues connecting to resources. The technician checks the signal strength in the middle of the building and determines it is adequate. Which of the following is causing the reported issue? The antenna types are incorrect, and unidirectional should be used. MAC filtering has not been updated. There is channel overlap of the access points. The power levels are set too low on the WAPs.
A network technician is performing an initial configuration of a new network switch. Per company policy, the only authorized manner for remotely administering the switch is through a command line. Which of the following protocols should the technician disable to adhere to the company policy? HTTP Telnet SSH TFTP.
A network technician is troubleshooting a connectivity issue with Joe, a user. Joe has reported that when he attempts to RDP to machine1 ( by name, he is connected to machine3 ( When the network technician runs the command nslookup machine1, it returns the IP address; but when the ping â€"a command is run, the results return the hostname machine3. Which of the following DNS records should be updated to allow RDP connections to machine1 by hostname? A SRV PTR TXT.
Company policy dictates that full backups are taken every Sunday evening, and incremental backups occur Monday through Saturday in the evening. If data loss were to occur on a Thursday before the backup window, which of the following is the number of backup sets that would be needed to retrieve the lost data come Friday morning? 1 2 3 4 5.
A network technician is setting up a new web server on the company network. One of the requirements for the web server is to ensure the end users can securely authenticate to the application to perform their job duties. Which of the following ports should the network technician request from the firewall team to comply with this requirement? 22 69 80 389 443.
The network team at a university, which has on-campus residences, recently expanded the WiFi offerings to the dormitories. Each dormitory houses approximately 75 students, who each have multiple wireless devices. The WLAN utilizes an intelligent wireless controller for configuration and management. While the WiFi in academic buildings continues to receive few to no complaints, dormitory complaints are on the rise. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the complaints? Frequency mismatch Crosstalk Interference Channel overlap.
A company’s server-naming convention is overly complicated. The systems administrator wants to change the naming convention to make it easier for users to remember which hosts they should log into. However, renaming servers is complicated and requires some downtime. Which of the following DNS record types would accomplish this goal without requiring servers to be renamed? TXT A SRV CNAME.
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