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A developer wants to store a description of a product that can be entered on separate lines by a user during product setup and later displayed on a Visualforce page for shoppers. Which field type should the developer choose to ensure that the description will be searchable in the custom Apex SOQL queries that are written? Text Area (Rich) Text Area (Long) Text Text Area.
A candidate may apply to multiple jobs at the company Universal Containers by submitting a single application per job posting, that application cannot be modified to be resubmitted to a different job posting.What can the administrator do to associate an application with each job posting in the schema for the organization? Create a lookup relationship on both objects to a junction object called Job Posting Applications. Create a master-detail relationship in the Job Postings custom object to the Applications custom object Create a master-detail relationship in the Application custom object to the Job Postings custom object Create a lookup relationship in the Applications custom object to the Job Postings custom object.
What are the eight officially supported languages on Heroku platform? Node,Ruby,java,PHP,Python,.Net,C++. C#,C++,Node,Ruby,Java,PHP,Go,.Net. Lisp,PHP,Node,Ruby,Scala,Haskell,Go,Erlang. Node,Ruby java,PHP,Python,Go,Scala,Clojure.
A developer is notified that a text field is being automatically populated with invalid values.however, this should be prevented by a custom validation rule that is in placewhat could be causing this? The field is being populated by a workflow field update A DML exception is occuring during the save order of execution The field is being populated by a before trigger The user belongs to a permission set that suppresses the validation rule.
A developer wants to display all of the picklist entries for the Opportunity StageName field and all of the available record types for the Opportunity object on a Visualforce page. Which two actions should the developer perform to get the available picklist values and record types in the controller? Choose 2 answers. Use Schema.RecordTypeInfo returned by RecordType.SObjectType.getDescribe().getRecordTypeInfos(). Use Schema.PicklistEntry returned by Opportunity.SObjectType.getDescribe().getPicklistValues(). Use Schema.PicklistEntry returned by Opportunity.StageName.getDescribe().getPicklistValues(). Use Schema.RecordTypeInfo returned by Opportunity.SObjectType.getDescribe().getRecordTypeInfos().
From which two locations can a developer determine the overall code coverage for a sandbox? Choose two answers The Apex classes setup page The Test Suite Run panel the Developer Console The Test Tab of the Developer Console The Apex Test Execution page.
For which example task should a developer use a trigger rather than a workflow rule? To set the primary Contact on an Account record when it is saved To send an email to hiring manager when a candidate accepts a job offer To set the Name field of an expense report record to Expense and the Date when it is saved. To notify an external system that a record has been modified.
Given the code below, what can be done so that recordcount can be accessed by a test class, but not by a non-test class? Public class mycontroller{ private integer recordcount; } Add a seealldata annotation to the test class Add the testvisible annotation to recordcount Change recordcount from private to public Add the testvisible annotation to the mycontroller class.
Which standard field needs to be populated when a developer inserts new Contact records programmatically? Accountld Name LastName FirstName.
Which two practices should be used for processing records in a trigger? Choose 2 answers Use @future methods to handle DML operations. Use a Map to reduce the number of SOQL calls Use (callout=true) to update an external system Use a Set to ensure unique values in a query filter.
How can a developer get all of the available record types for the current user on the case object? Use SOQL to get all cases Use describesobjectresult of the case object Use case.getrecordtypes() Use describefieldresult of the case.recordtype field.
How would a developer determine if a CustomObject c record has been manually shared with the current user in Apex? By querying the role hierarchy. By calling the isShared() method for the record. By querying CustomObject Share. By calling the profile settings of the current user.
A developer needs to update an unrelated object when a record gets saved. Which two trigger types should the developer create? After insert After update Before update Before insert.
The Sales Management team hires a new intern. The intern is not allowed to view Opportunities, but needs to see the Most Recent Closed Date of all child Opportunities when viewing an Account record. What would a developer do to meet this requirement? Create a trigger on the Account object that queries the Close Date of the most recent Opportunities. Create a Workflow rule on the Opportunity object that updates a field on the parent Account. Create a formula field on the Account object that performs a MAX on the Opportunity Close Date field. Create a roll-up summary field on the Account object that performs a MAX on the Opportunity Close Date field.
When would a developer use a custom controller instead of a controller extension? Choose 2 answers: When a Visualforce page needs to replace the functionality of a standard controller. When a Visualforce page does not reference a single primary object. When a Visualforce page should not enforce permissions or field-level security. When a Visualforce page needs to add new actions to a standard controller.
A developer needs to create a custom Visualforce button for the Opportunity object page layout that will cause a web service to be called and redirect the user to a new page when clicked. Which three attributes need to be defined in the <apex:page> tag of the Visualforce page to enable this functionality? Choose three answers. StandardController Extensions Action Controller.
What features are available when writing apex test classes?(Choose 2 Answers) The ability to select error types to ignore in the developer console. The ability to write assertions to test after a @future method. The ability to set and modify the CreatedDate field in apex tests. The ability to set breakpoints to freeze the execution at a given point. The ability to select testing data using csv files stored in the system.
A developer is creating an enhancement to an application that will allow people to be related to their employer. Which data model provides the simplest solution to meet the requirements? Create a lookup realtionship to indicate that a person has an employer Create a master-detail relationship to indicate that a person has an employer Create a junction object to relate many people to many through master-detail relationship Create a junction object to relate many people to many through lookup relationship.
Which collection type provides unique key/value pairings of data? Map List Array Set.
What is accurate statement about with sharing keyword? Choose 2 answers Either inner or outer classes can be declared as with sharing, but not both Both inner and outer classes can be declared as with sharing Inner classes do not inherit the sharing settings from the container class Inner classes inherit the sharing settings from the container class.
An Apex transaction inserts 100 Account records and 2,000 Contact records before encountering a DML exception when attempting to insert 500 Opportunity records. The Account records are inserted by calling the database.insert() method with the allOrNone argument set to false. The Contact and Opportunity records are inserted using the standalone insert statement. How many total records will be committed to the database in this transaction? 100 2000 2100 0.
Which two statements can a developer use to throw a custom exception of type MissingFieldValueException? Choose 2 answers. Throw Exception (new MissingFieldValueException()); Throw (MissingFieldValueException, 'Problem occurred'); Throw new MissingFieldValueException(); Throw new MissingFieldValueException ('Problem occurred');.
What is the easiest way to verify a user before showing them sensitive content? Sending the user a SMS message with a passcode. Calling the generateVerificationUrl method in apex. Sending the user an Email message with a passcode Calling the Session.forcedLoginUrl method in apex.
A visualforce page uses the contact standard controller. How can a developer display the name from the parent account record on the page? Use SOQL syntax to find the related accounts name field Use the {!contact.account.name} merge field syntax Use an additional standard controller for accounts Use additional apex logic within the controller to query for the name field.
What is a characteristic of the Lightning Component Framework? Choose 2 answers: It has an event-driven architecture. It works with existing Visualforce pages. It includes responsive components. It uses XML as its data format.
A sales manager wants to make sure that whenever an opportunity stage is changed to 'Closed Won', a new case will be of created for the support team to collect necessary information from the customer. How should a developer accomplish this? Create a Process Builder to create the new case. Set up a validation rule on the Opportunity Stage. Create a lookup field to the Case object on the opportunity object. Create a workflow rule to create the new case.
A developer wants to display all of the available record types for a Case object. The developer also wants to display the picklist values for the Case.Status field. The Case object and the Case Status field are on a custom visualforce page. Which action can the developer perform to get the record types and picklist values in the controller? Choose 2 answers Use Schema.PicklistEntry returned by Case Status getDescribe().getPicklistValues(). Use Schema.RecordTypeinfo returned by Case.SObjectType getDescribe().getRecordTypelnfos() Use SOQL to query Case records in the org to get all the RecordType values available for Case. Use SOQL to query Case records in the org to get all value for the Status picklist field.
A developer needs to include a visualforce page in the detail section of a page layout for the account object, but does not see the page as an available option in the page layout editorwhich attribute must the developer include in the <apex:page> tag to ensure the visualforce page can be embedded in a page layout Controller="account" Extensions="accountcontroller" Standardcontroller="account" Action="accountid".
What is a benefit of using a trigger framework? Simplifies addition of context-specific logic Increases trigger governor limits Allows functional code to be tested b Reduces trigger execution time.
A developer has the following code:try {List nameList;Account a;String s = a.Name;nameList.add(s);} catch (ListException le ) {System.debug(' List Exception ');} catch (NullPointerException npe) {System.debug(' NullPointer Exception ');} catch (Exception e) {System.debug(' Generic Exception ');} What message will be logged? List Exception NullPointer Exception Generic Exception No message is logged.
A developer needs to apply the look and feel of lightning experience to a number of applications built using a custom third-party javascript framework and rendered in visualforce pages which option achieves this? Set the attribute enablelightning to "true" in the definition Replace the third-party javascript library with native visualforce tags Configure the user interface options in the setup menu to enable legacy mode for visualforce Incorporate salesforce lightning design system css style sheets into the javascript applications.
A developer creates an Apex Trigger with the following code block:List<Account> customers = new List<Account>();For (Order c o: trigger.new){Account a = [SELECT Id, Is_Customer c FROM Account WHERE Id = :o.Customer c];a.Is_Customer c = true;customers.add(a);}Database.update(customers, false);The developer tests the code using Apex Data Loader and successfully loads 10 Orders. Then, the developer loads 150 Orders.How many Orders are successfully loaded when the developer attempts to load the 150 Orders? 0 1 150 100.
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