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Which three declarative fields are correctly mapped to variable types in Apex? (Choose three.) Number maps to Decimal. Number maps to Integer. TextArea maps to List of type String. Date/Time maps to Dateline. Checkbox maps to Boolean.
Which approach should a developer use to add pagination to a Visualforce page? A StandardController The Action attribute for a page The extensions attribute for a page A StandardSetController.
A developer needs to create a Visualforce page that displays Case data. The page will be used by both support reps and support managers. The Support Rep profile does not allow visibility of the Customer_Satisfaction c field, but the Support Manager profile does. How can the developer create the page to enforce Field Level Security and keep future maintenance to a minimum? Create one Visualforce Page for use by both profiles. Use a new Support Manager permission set. Create a separate Visualforce Page for each profile. Use a custom controller that has the with sharing keywords.
A developer needs to test an Invoicing system integration. After reviewing the number of transactions required for the test, the developer estimates that the test data will total about 2 GB of data storage. Production data is not required for the integration testing. Which two environments meet the requirements for testing? (Choose two.) Developer Sandbox Full Sandbox Developer Edition Partial Sandbox Developer Pro Sandbox.
Which two Apex data types can be used to reference a Salesforce record ID dynamically? (Choose two.) ENUM sObject External ID String.
What is a capability of the <ltng:require> tag that is used for loading external Javascript libraries in Lightning Component? (Choose three.) Loading files from Documents. One-time loading for duplicate scripts. Specifying loading order. Loading scripts in parallel. Loading externally hosted scripts.
Which three options allow a developer to use custom styling in a Visualforce page? (Choose three.) <apex:stylesheet> tag Inline CSS <apex:style>tag <apex:stylesheets>tag A static resource.
How should a developer create a new custom exception class? public class CustomException extends Exception{} CustomException ex = new (CustomException)Exception(); public class CustomException implements Exception{} (Exception)CustomException ex = new Exception();.
A lead object has a custom field Prior_Email c. The following trigger is intended to copy the current Email into the Prior_Email c field any time the Email field is changed: trigger test on Lead (before update) { for (lead ld: trigger.new) { if(ld.Email != trigger.oldMap.get (ld.ld).email) { ld.Prior_Email__c = trigger.old, ap.get(ld.ld).email; update ld; } } } Which type of exception will this trigger cause? A null reference exception A compile time exception A DML exception A limit exception when doing a bulk update.
Which set of roll-up types are available when creating a roll-up summary field? COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX AVERAGE, SUM, MIN, MAX SUM, MIN, MAX AVRAGE, COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX.
A candidate may apply to multiple jobs at the company Universal Containers by submtting a single application per job posting. Once an application is submitted for a job posting, that application cannot be modified to be resubmitted to a different job posting.What can the administrator do to associate an application with each job posting in the schema for the organization? A. Create a master-detail relationship in the Job Postings custom object to the Applications custom object. B. Create a master-detail relationship in the Application custom object to the Job Postings custom object. C. Create a lookup relationship on both objects to a junction object called Job Posting Applications. D. Create a lookup relationship in the Applications custom object to the Job Postings custom object.
Question #:152 - (Exam Topic 2) Which action can a developer perform in a before update trigger? (Choose 2) Display a custom error message in the application interface. Change field values using the Trigger.new context variable. Delete the original object using a delete DML operation. Update the original object using an update DML operation.
A developer is asked to create a custom visualforce page that will be used as a dashboard component. Which three are valid controller options for this page? Choose 3 answers Use a custom controller Use a custom controller with extensions Use a standard controller with extensions Do not specify a controller Use a standard controller.
In the Lightning Component framework, where is client-side controller logic contained? Apex Visualforce HTML JavaScript.
Which two roll-up summary field types are required to find the average of values on detail records in a Master-Detail relationship? Roll-up summary field of type COUNT Roll-up summary field of type SUM Roll-up summary field of type NUM Roll-up summary field of type TOTAL.
Which two number expression evaluate correctly? Choose 2 answers Integer I = 3.14159; Decimal D = 3.14159; Long I = 3.14159; Double D =3.14159;.
When loading data into an operation, what can a developer do to match records to update existing records? (Choose 2) Match an auto-generated Number field to a column in the imported file. Match an external Id Text field to a column in the imported file. Match the Name field to a column in the imported file. Match the Id field to a column in the imported file.
A developer writes a before insert trigger.How can the developer access the incoming records in the trigger body? By accessing the Trigger.new context variable. By accessing the Trigger.newRecords context variable. By accessing the Trigger.newMap context variable. By accessing the Tripper.newList context variable.
Which statement is true about a hierarchical relationship as it pertains to user records? It uses a junction object and lookup relationships to allow many user records to be related to many other user records It uses a junction object and master-detail relationship to allow many user records to be related to many other user records It uses a master-detail relationship to allow one user record to be related to another user record It uses a special lookup relationship to allow one user record to be related to another user record.
Candidates are reviewed by four separate reviewers and their comments and scores which range from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) are stored on a review record that is a detail record for a candidate what is the best way to indicate that a combined review score of 15 of better is required to recommend that the candidate come in for an interview? Use a validation rule on a total score field on the candidate record that prevents a recommended field from being true if the total score is less than 15 Use a workflow rule to calculate the sum of the review scores and send an email to the hiring manager when the total is 15 or better Use visual workflow to set a recommended field on the candidate whenever the cumulative review score is 15 or better Use a rollup summary field to calculates the sum of the review scores, and store this in a total score field on the candidate.
Which resource can be included in a Lightning Component bundle? Choose 2 answers Apex class Adobe Flash JavaScript Documentation.
A developer creates an Apex class that includes private methods. What can the developer do to ensure that the private methods can be accessed by the test class? Add the TestVisible attribute to the Apex class Add the SeeAllData attribute to the test methods Add the TestVisible attribute to the apex methods. Add the SeeAllData attribute to the test class.
What can a developer use to determine if the core Apex code exceeds any governor limits in a test class during bulk execution? Limits, startTest, stopTest Test.getDmlStatements() @TestSetup. @TestVisible.
How can a developer retrieve all Opportunity record type labels to populate a list collection?Choose 2 answers Obtain describe object results for the Opportunity objct. Write a for loop that extracts values from the Opportunity.RecordType.Name field. Use the global variable $RecordType and extract a list from the map. Write a SOQL for loop that iterates on the RecordType object.
Managed Packages can be created in which type of org? Developer Sandbox Unlimited Edition Developer Edition Partial Copy Sandbox.
A developer wrote a unit test to confirm that a custom exception works properly in a custom controller, but the test failed due to an exception being thrown. What step should the developer take to resolve the issue and properly test the exception? Use Test.isRunningTest() within the customer controller. Use database methods with all or none set to FALSE. Use the finally block within the unit test to populate the exception. Use try/catch within the unit test to catch the exception.
The sales team at Universal Containers would like to see a visual indicator appear on both Account and Opportunity page layouts to alert salespeople when an Account is late making payments or has entered the collections process. What can a developer implement to achieve this requirement without having to write custom code? Quick Action Formula Field Roll-up Summary Field Workflow Rule.
A developer has the following code block: public class PaymentTax {public static decimal SalesTax = 0.0875;} trigger OpportunityLineItemTrigger on OpportunityLineItem (before insert, before update) {PaymentTax PayTax = new PaymentTax();decimal ProductTax = ProductCost * XXXXXXXXXXX;} To calculate the productTax, which code segment would a developer insert at the XXXXXXXXXXX to make the value the class variable SalesTax accessible within the trigger? SalesTax PayTax.SalesTax PaymentTax.SalesTax OpportunityLineItemTngger.SalesTax.
Which trigger event allows a developer to update fields in the Trigger.new list without using an additional DML statement?Choose 2 answers Before insert Before update After update After insert.
Which type of controller should a developer use to include a list of related records for a Custom Object record on a Visualforce page without needing additional test coverage? Controller Extension Custom Controller Standard Controller List Controller.
Which resource can be included in a Lightning Component bundle?Choose 2 answers Apex class Adobe Flash JavaScript Documentation.
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