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1. When you create a maintenance view, the key fields must be defined before the function fields. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False.
2. The search helps that combine several search paths are called _____________ . Choose the correct answer. elementary search helps collective search helps hidden search helps .
3. Where are local data type defiend? ABAP Workbench Dictionary Repository in ABAP Programs .
4. What can be assigned directly to a data element? table type built-in type field type check table .
5. It is possible to protect a variant from changes by other users. True True.
6. What is true about PARAMETERS object in ABAP? Parameter objects are a maximum of 30 characters in length. You can use text elements with parameters. Lower Case is the default. .
7. Existing function modules with the prefix F4UT_ can be used to implement search help exits. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False .
8. You can supply any additional selection screens with default values at INITIALIZATION. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False .
9. Which of the following allocates memory? Dictionary Type Data Object Report Statement Data Type .
10. What are valid uses of a variant? (2) Hiding input fields Security checking Pre-assigning values Input validation .
Data from several tables can be combined in a meaningful way using a view ( ). You can explicitly define the set of fields to be excluded from the view ( ). You can display only those data records that satisfy certain conditions ( ).
12. Selection screens serve as an interface between the program and the user, and allow the user to limit the amount of data read from the database. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False .
13. SAP collective search helps often contain elementary search helps that are not required by all customers. The search helps you do not need can be hidden using _____________ . Choose the correct answer. Collective search helps Hidden search helps Append search helps .
14. In every search help at least one an __________ parameter must be defined for the data transfer. Choose the correct answer. EXPORT IMPORT .
15. What does the following statement mean Write 'Hello'(001). Write out 'Hello' and the contents of text element 001. Add the variable 'Hello' to message 001 If Text Element 001 is not in your login language, then 'Hello' is displayed. This is not a valid statement. .
16. Identify the valid chaining statement. write ctr1, ctr2, ctr3. write: ctr1 ctr2 ctr3. write: ctr1, ctr2, ctr3. Chain write ctr1 ctr2 ctr3. write ctr1: ctr2:ctr3. .
17. What possibilities are made available to the user when using selection screens (3) Type Checks Menu trees Variants Translation Utilities Complex Entries .
18. What event can be used for input check in Executable program? .
19. What is needed to ensure a check field is verified against the referenced key field of the check table. Same data type only is required for check field and referenced field Same domain is required for check field and referenced field Same data element is required for check field and referenced field All key fields MUST have domain equality between check table and foreign key table .
20. Use transaction ( ) to maintain the data in a view cluster. SM04 SM34 SM38 SM50 .
21. When working with tabstrips on a selection screen, you can delay linking a tab title with a particular subscreen until runtime. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False .
22. What are the different ways of obtaining input help for a field? Choose the correct answers. (2) The values in the database will be automatically output directly B If a field has a check table, its contents are automatically offered as possible values <br />in the input help A search help can be attached directly to a field of a structure or table The possible values are defined by its data element .
23. If you hide a parameter, any associated comment text is also hidden. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False .
24. Which one of the following input helps, defined for the same field, will be displayed when F4 is pressed? Search help for check table Search help for data element Fixed values Clock or calendar help .
25. A ____________ is defined in the ABAP Dictionary and automatically created on the database during activation. Choose the correct answer. view cluster field name database view.
26. Search help can not be attach to: Domain field of a table check table type.
27. You can deliver default values for the selection screen fields of a report or of a logical database during the __________ event. Choose the correct answer. INITIALIZATION AT SELECTION-SCREEN<br /> START-OF-SELECTION<br /> .
28. What event can be used to create detail list? Suppress Dialog New-Page On Detail At Line-Selection Initialization .
29. At what point does the standard selection screen (as a result of select-options) get displayed? Before the Report Statement Prior to Initialization event After Initialization event At Start-of-Selection event .
30. How would you set break-points in your program for debugging? (2) In the program editor, set breakpoint Put a break-point statement in your program code Start program in background mode In Development workbench, set breakpoint .
31. Which of the following input helps will be used when those are define for a field. Search help for check table Search help for data element Fixed valuse calendar help .
32. In a database view, a _____ condition can be formulated with fields included in the view, and fields that are not contained in the view. Choose the correct answer. projection selection table .
The semantics of a field and its possible values are defined by its ( ). You can, therefore, assign a search help to a ( ). The search help is then available for all the fields that refer to this ( ).
34. Waht are the differences between PARAMETERS and SELECT-OPTIONS in a selection screen? (2) Select-options use the FOR statement, Parameters use the Type statement Parameters use the FOR statement, Select-Options use the Type statemen Parameters create a single field, Select-options create multiple fields Select-options create a single field, Parameters create multiple fields .
35. Which of the following statements about the Characteristics of Event Blocks are correct?Choose correct answers. (4) Introduced with an event keyword Ends by beginning the next processing block Can be nested Existence is not absolutely necessary Sequence of event blocks is important Implicit standard event block in executable program: START-OF-SELECTION .
36. What is the effect of the EXIT statement i the following code? Report ABC Data: ….. Start-of-Selection. Perform Form A. End-of-Selection. Form A. Loop at inttab. ... Exit. Endloop. Endform. Exits the Start-of-Selection Event Exits the Program Exits the Loop Exits the Form .
37. Which of the following statements explain database views? Choose the correct answers. (4) A view defined in the ABAP Dictionary is a data type that can be used in ABAP programs, in the same way as other ABAP Dictionary data types. Maintenance views implement an inner join. the performance of OPEN SQL joins is not as good as the performance of statically defined database views. The data read with a database view can be buffered. A database view is defined in the ABAP Dictionary and automatically created in the database during activation. .
38. You have added an append structure to a standard SAP table. What happens to the standard table when a new version of the table is imported during an upgrade? The standard table is returned to standard. Therefore, the append structure must be manually re-applied When the standard tables are activated, the append structure is automatically appended to the standard table The append fields are automatically appended to the table upon activation but you must still convert the table All append structures are deleted. A new append structuremust be created and then appended to the standard table .
39. What requirement exist if a field is defined in the dictionary of type CURR? The field must be linked to another field of type CUKY. No other requirement exists. The field must be numeric. Decimals must be defined in the domain. .
40. Which of the following repository objects can you maintain in the ABAP Workbench?Choose the correct answers. (3) Function modules Internal tables Business functions Transparent tables Module pools .
41. Which of the following data types are predefined ABAP data types? (3) DECFLOAT34 STRING XSTRING FLOAT DECIMALS .
42. When you define SELECT-OPTIONS, it creates an internal table having 4 columns.Write those column names in order. .
43. Which addition to the PARAMETERS statement is not valid? Default Type Value Like .
44. A view cluster consists of one or more _________________ views. Choose the correct answer. database maintenance help.
45. Which of the following statements declare selection screen objects? Choose the correct answers. DATA PARAMETERS SELECT-OPTIONS .
46. What determines the sequence in which events blocks are processed? The run time system The Programmer The Dispatcher The User .
47. Fill in the blank with the right dictionary object name. When you create a search help, you have to choose __________ as the selection method for the values from tables with an outer join. .
48. Write proper ABAP keywords for blank (1 ) and (2 ). REPORT SAPBC430 FLIGHTS. DATA: wa_flights TYPE SV_flights, itab_flights TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF sv_flights. SELECT-OPTIONS: so_cityf (1) wa_flights-cityfrom, so_cityt (1) wa_flights-cityto. START-OF-SELECTION. SELECT carrid carrname connid cityfrom cityto fldate seatsmax seatsocc INTO TABLE itab_flights FROM sv_flights WHERE cityfrom (2) so_cityf AND cityto (2) so_cityt AND seatsocc < sv_flights-seatsmax ORDER BY carrid connid fldate. IF sy-subrc <> 0. WRITE: / 'No bookings exist'. ENDIF.
49. Structure MY_STRUCTURE is created in the Dictionary. When does the structure get created in the underlying database When the table is activated When the database administrator physically creates the table At the end of the table creation after it is saved. At the beginning of the table creation It does not correspond to an object in the underlying database and does not get created .
50. What can be used for selection method for searh help? Choose the correct answers. (3) Table database view maintenance view help view .
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