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Drone Test

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(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 24, Area 3, and Legend 1.) For information about the parachute operations at Tri-County Airport, refer to Notes on the boarder of the charts Charts Supplements U.S. The Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) Publication.
(Refer to Figure 81) What’s the UNICOM frequency at Crawford airport? 117.1 122.8 122.9.
(Refer to Figure 24, Area 3.) What other aviation activity can you expect near TRI-COUNTY private airport? Military Training Ballons Parachute Operator.
The recommended entry position to an airport traffic pattern is 45° to the base leg just below traffic pattern altitude. to enter 45° at the midpoint of the downwind leg at traffic pattern altitude. to cross directly over the airport at traffic pattern altitude and join the downwind leg.
An aircraft announces, "left downwind for runway two six". This means that the aircraft is on a heading of 80 degrees. 160 degrees. 340 degrees.
(Refer to Figure 24) For information about the parachute jumping and glider operations at MAJORS airport, refer to The border of the Sectional Chart he Charts Supplement The FAA's B4UFLY app.
An aircraft announces, "left downwind for runway one six". This means that the aircraft is on a heading of 80 degrees 160 degrees. 340 degrees.
Where can pilots find traffic pattern information and restrictions, such as noise abatement? Sectional Chart Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) Chart Supplements U.S. (formerly Airport/Facility Directory).
When using a small UA in a commercial operation, who is responsible for briefing the participants about emergency procedures? The FAA inspector-in-charge. The lead visual observer. The remote PIC. .
Properly maintaining your LiPo batteries can increase their useful life by 3 to 4 times, saving you a lot of money throughout the course of your career as a remote PIC. Proper maintenance includes: Storing batteries together in a plastic bag Ignoring a bulging battery case Avoiding subjecting the battery to moderate or extreme cold temperatures. .
What is the antidote when a pilot has the hazardous attitude of “Antiauthority?” Rules do not apply in this situation. I know what I am doing. Follow the rules. .
Wingtip vortices created by large aircraft tend to sink below the aircraft generating turbulence. rise into the traffic pattern. rise into the takeoff or landing path of a crossing runway.
What frequency is used at a non-towered airport when UNICOM isn’t available? 122.9 122.7 122.8.
What actions should the operator of an sUAS do if the manufacturer does not provide information about scheduled maintenance? The operator should contact the FAA for a minimum equipment list. The operator should establish a scheduled maintenance protocol. The operator should contact the NTSB for component failure rates for their specific sUAS.
An extreme case of a pilot getting behind the aircraft can lead to the operational pitfall of loss of situational awareness. loss of workload. internal stress.
What precautions should a remote PIC do to prevent possible inflight emergencies when using lithium-based batteries? Store the batteries in a freezer to allow proper recharging. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for safe battery handling. Allow the battery to charge until it reaches a minimum temperature of 100 °C. .
How often must you re-register aircraft commercially at $5 per UAV? Every year Every 24 months Every 3 years .
You have questions about the possible effects of flying while using over-the-counter medications. Which resource would you want to consult? Pilot Operating Handbook Aeronautical Information Manual Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge .
Getting into a state of over-breathing where you're exhaling more than you inhale is known as: Hyperventilation Hypoventilation Hypoxemia.
When flying an sUAS, you need to maintain this distance below clouds: 1,000 feet 500 feet 2,000 feet.
How long does it take a mixed drink to go through your body? 30 minutes 1 hour 3 hours .
You are a remote pilot for a co-op energy service provider. You are to use your UA to inspect power lines in the remote area 15 hours away from your home office. After the drive, fatigue impacts your abilities to complete your assignment on time. Fatigue can be recognized easily by an experienced pilot. as being in an impaired state. by an ability to overcome sleep deprivation.
Who holds the responsibility to ensure all crewmembers who are participating in the operation are not impaired by drugs or alcohol? Remote Pilot in Command Contractor Site supervisor.
Which of the following types of operations are excluded from the requirements in Part 107? Model aircraft for hobby use (Correct Answer) UAS used for motion picture filming Quadcopter capturing aerial imagery for crop monitoring (Your Answer).
Which is true regarding the presence of alcohol within the human body? A small amount of alcohol increases vision acuity. Consuming an equal amount of water will increase the destruction of alcohol and alleviate a hangover. Judgment and decision-making abilities can be adversely affected by even small amounts of alcohol.
What must be displayed on the UAV during a flight mission? FCC registration number Registration number Owner name.
A person applying for a remote pilot certificate with an sUAS rating must be at least: 13 years old 16 years old 18 years old.
Upon request by the FAA, the remote pilot-in-command must provide a logbook documenting small UA landing currency. a remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating. any employer issued photo identification. .
There’s a local air show this weekend, and a NOTAM has been issued to establish a no-fly zone for the area of your planned flight mission. When would you be allowed to fly? After all aircraft in the air show have landed and the event has concluded With prior approval from the FAA, you can operate during the NOTAM As per the instructions in the NOTAM .
An sUAS may be operated without prior authorization from the appropriate Air Traffic Control facility in: Surface Class E airspace Class B, C, or D airspace Class G airspace .
According to 14 CFR Part 107, how may a Remote Pilot in Command (Remote PIC) operate an unmanned aircraft in class C airspace? The remote pilot must monitor the Air Traffic Control (ATC) frequency from launch to recovery. The remote pilot must have prior authorization from the Air Traffic Control (ATC) facility having jurisdiction over that airspace. The remote pilot must contact the Air Traffic Control (ATC) facility after launching the unmanned aircraft. .
(Refer to Figure 26) What airspace is Tomlinson airport in? Class G airspace -- surface up to but not including 400 feet AGL; Class E airspace -- 1,200 feet AGL up to but not including 18,000 feet MSL. Class G airspace -- surface up to but not including 1,200 feet AGL; Class E airspace -- 1,200 feet AGL up to but not including 18,000 feet MSL. Class G airspace -- surface up to but not including 14,500 feet MSL.
__________ areas contain airspace of defined dimensions within which the flight of aircraft is prohibited. Such areas are established for security or other reasons associated with the national welfare. Prohibited Military operation areas (MOAs) Alert areas.
What designated airspace associated with an airport becomes inactive when the control tower at that airport is not in operation? Class D, which then becomes Class G. Class D, which then becomes Class E or Class G / Class E Class D, which then becomes Class C. .
A TFR applies to: Only manned aircraft pilots, but UA pilots should use to maintain situational awareness Only UA pilots All Pilots.
(Refer to Figure 21.) You have been hired by a farmer to use your small UA to inspect his crops. The area that you are to survey is in the Devil's Lake West MOA, east of area 2. How would you find out if the MOA is active? Refer to the Sectional Chart legend on the border of the chart This information is available in the Small UAS database. In the Military Operations Directory.
(Refer to Figure 20, area 3.) How would a remote PIC "CHECK NOTAMS" as noted in the CAUTION box regarding the unmarked balloon? By utilizing the B4UFLY mobile application. By contacting the FAA district office. By obtaining a briefing via an online source such as: 1800WXBrief.com. .
(Refer to Figure 26, area 5.) The airspace overlying and surrounding a 5 mile radius from Barnes County Airport (BAC) is Class E airspace from the surface to 1,200 feet MSL. Class D airspace from the surface to the floor of the overlying Class E airspace. Class G airspace from the surface to 700 feet AGL. .
(Refer to Figure 25, area 7.) The airspace overlying McKinney (TKI) is controlled from the surface to 700 feet AGL 2,500 feet MSL 2,900 feet MSL .
(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 21.) What airport is located approximately 47 (degrees) 40 (minutes) N latitude and 101 (degrees) 26 (minutes) W longitude? Mercer County Regional Airport Semshenko Airport Garrison Airport .
(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Sectional Chart Legend) Which is true concerning the blue and magenta colors used to depict airports on Sectional Aeronautical Charts? Airports with control towers underlying Class A, B, and C airspace are shown in blue; Class D and E airspace are magenta. Airports with control towers are shown in magenta. Airports with control towers are shown in blue. (Your Answer).
(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 21) There's a cluster of towers 13 statute miles south of Minot Airport. What's the height of the tallest tower? 2,676 ft. MSL 3,147 ft. MSL 1,031 ft. AGL.
(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 23) If you are inspecting the high-intensity lights on top of the towers 5 1/2 nautical miles southwest of Savannah International airport, would you need prior authorization from ATC? No, because you’d be under the shelf of Class C airspace Yes, because you’d be operating in Class C airspace Yes, because you’d be operating in Class B airspace .
(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 23, Area 4) What's the required visibility at Plantation (JYL) airport? 1 SM 3 SM 5 SM.
(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 26.) What does the line of latitude at area 4 measure? The degrees of latitude east and west of the Prime Meridian. The degrees of latitude north and south from the equator. The degrees of latitude east and west of the line that passes through Greenwich, England.
(Refer to Figure 21, area 2.) What's the minimum altitude / lowest elevation of the area depicted by the blue line labeled V15? 700 ft. AGL 1,200 ft. AGL 2,600 ft. AGL .
(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 22, area 2.) At Coeur D'Alene which frequency should be used as a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) to monitor airport traffic? 122.05 MHz 135.075 MHz 122.8 MHz .
(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 21, area 3.) Which airport is located at approximately 47°21'N latitude and 101°01'W longitude? Underwood Washburn Evenson.
(Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 20, area 2.) Why would the small flag at Lake Drummond of the sectional chart be important to a remote pilot? This is a VFR check point for manned aircraft, and a higher volume of air traffic should be expected there. This is a GPS check point that can be used by both manned and remote pilots for orientation. This indicates that there will be a large obstruction depicted on the next printing of the chart.
(Refer to Figure 25, area 4.) The floor of Class B airspace overlying Hicks Airport (T67) northwest of Fort Worth Meacham International airport (FTW) is 2,000 ft. MSL 3,200 ft. MSL 4,000 ft. MSL .
An increase in load factor will cause a fixed-wing unmanned aircraft to stall at a higher airspeed. have a tendency to spin. be more difficult to control.
When loading cameras or other payloads on an sUAS, the Remote PIC should mount and inspect the items in a manner that: Is visible to the visual observer or other crewmembers Falls within the appropriate manufacturing limitations Does not adversely affect the center of gravity (CG) .
What happens when your UA center of gravity (CG) is too far aft, or too far to the back of, your aircraft? A longer take-off distance is required It's more difficult to recover from a stall / more difficult to control You'll see more maneuverability at higher altitudes.
What is the rudder on a fixed-wing UA used for? roll pitch yaw.
What is the relationship of lift, drag, thrust, and weight when the airplane is in straight-and-level flight? Lift equals weight and thrust equals drag. Lift, drag, and weight equal thrust. Lift and weight equal thrust and drag.
AIRMETs are advisories of significant weather phenomena (but of lower intensities than SIGMETs) and are intended for dissemination to only sUAS pilots. all pilots. only manned aircraft pilots.
(Refer to Figure 12) In the remarks section of the METAR for Midway Airport, what does RAB35 indicate? Rain below 3500 ft. Mist below 3500 ft. Rain began at 35 minutes past the hour. .
Advection fog will most likely form when an air mass moves inland from the coast. a light breeze blows colder air out to sea. there's a warm, moist air mass on the windward side of mountains.
(Refer to Figure 15) In the TAF from KOKC, the "FM (FROM) Group" is forecast for the hours from 1600Z to 2200Z with the wind from 160° at 10 knots 180° at 10 knots 180° at 10 knots, becoming 200° at 13 knots.
What are the characteristics of stable air? Good visibility and steady precipitation. Poor visibility and steady precipitation. Poor visibility and intermittent precipitation. .
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