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It’s a beautiful jacket! The colour suits you too. It _____ a lot! must to cost must have cost can cost will cost.
Jack and Jill are _____ to buy cigarettes. too young enough young too much young not enough young.
_____ I open the door? It looks like there is no breeze coming through the window and it's stuffy! Must Shall Should Shouldn't.
My teacher always says that when I usually don’t understand a word in a text, I _____ . should look it up. should look up to it. should look after it. should look for it.
I love shopping, however, I _____ new clothes … I’ve got so many! shouldn't buy shouldn't take shouldn't to buy mustn't buy.
Belinda is _____ to retire, she has been working for thirty-five years. enough old too young old enough too old.
Walter likes sports cars, but he hasn’t got _____ to buy one. enough money the enough money money enough too much money.
____ you please help me with my homework? Shall Might Could Must.
When we say that a person is stingy we mean that they are _____ generous. have enough money to spend on things you need. loaded. not generous.
I have to confess. I like buying! Even if I have a similar object at home, whether it’s clothes or furniture, I have to buy another one. Let’s face it: I’m a self-confessed shopaholic and I might have got this trait from my aunt Jill. What is the meaning of ‘shopaholic’? A person who enjoys shopping very much and does it a lot. A person who enjoys shopping and drinking. A person who enjoys drinking alcohol and does it occasionally. /.
Do you like browsing the shops and going from one place to another to find your perfect deal? You probably would like to buy that latest cell phone that has been recently advertised on TV, but that costs an arm and a leg at your local shop. What does ‘cost an arm and a leg’ mean? The cost is reasonably high. A lot of money (for me). It's expensive for everyone! The price is reasonable.
My eldest son keeps on throwing money down the _____, buying useless stuff for his girlfriends! ends roof day drain.
_____ with rain. Let's close the windows. It's pouring It has pour It is pour It pours.
Mid term exams are not as difficult as the final ones, _____? they are are they aren't they they aren't.
I can't go to my friend's party because I _____ to Scotland. travelling can travel travel am travelling.
If you need a helping hand, call me and_____ over. I'm coming I am I come I'll come.
A: Shall we have a barbecue next Saturday? B: I don't think so. I heard the weather forecast today and they said that it _____. will go rain rains is raining is going to rain.
I _____ a birthday cake for your girlfriend, if you want. will make am making am going to make make.
What does it mean when we say that 'it’s raining cats and dogs'? It's a silly expression and doesn't mean anything. It's raining heavily. It doesn't mean anything. There are a lot of cats and dogs out in the rain.
It is said that diners are more willing to tip more generously when it's a lovely sunny day and when romance is in the air. What is the meaning of 'diners'? A restaurant car. A restaurant. A meal. A person who has a meal at a restaurant.
I went to an Italian restaurant and had _____. one delicious meat some delicious meats. a delicous meat some delicious meat.
I realized that I _____ my schoolbag on the bus only when I got to school. forgotten have forgotten forgot had forgotten.
We have _____ time: hurry up! much few not little.
I'm coming down with the flu: could you give me _____? a piece advice an adivce some advice some advives.
The train _____ when we got to the station. had leave left has just left had just left.
I _____ back from the supermarket when I remembered that I _____ any wine for dinner. have just come / hadn't bought had just come / didn't buy had only come / hadn't bought had just come / hadn't bought.
I was watching a movie in German but didn't catch _____ of what they were saying. Perhaps only the most common phrases! any much lots of many.
You shouldn't eat _____ cream and cheese: they're _____. much / fattening many of / fattening much / fats many / fats.
When I came back home I realized that I _____ the windows open all day. left had left have left did leave.
What is the meaning of this sentence: Stefy was disappointed with the people working at the tourist office because they gave her little information? The people waiting at the tourist office received less than expected. Stefy was expecting more information than what she actually got. Stefy didn't give enough information. Stefy couldn't give enough information because she didn't work at the tourist office.
How to get the very first vitamins of the day? By drinking a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice. What is the meaning of 'freshly-squeezed orange juice'? It's juice that has been recently pressed out of a fresh fruit (oranges). It's juice (oranges) that is fresh from the fridge. It's frozen juice that has been pressed out of a fresh fruit (oranges). It's juice that has been pressed out of a frozen fuit (oranges).
When I come back from my holidays _____much more relaxed. I feel I'll like I'll feel I'll feel like.
You _____ any weight unless you _____ some regular exercises. won't lose / do will lose some / do won't lose / will do will lose any / do.
They hadn't told the referee that the game was put off. The referee _____ that the game was put off. hadn't told wasn't been told hadn't been told wasn't told.
They built new facilities for children in the area. New facilities _____ for children in the area. are being built are built were built were being built.
I studied hard in these last months _____ I passed the Maths exam. so if since because.
Although she _____ very well, Rose won the match in three sets. wasn't playing doesn't play didn't play isn't playing.
_____ you study, you won't pass final term. If Unless Unless you don't If not.
Alice _____ to school unless her mom allows her to wear her new white boots. doesn't want to go won't go will go will be.
I met Casia yesterday at the mall and asked her if she _____ to the party. was coming coming comes came.
If you heat ice, it _____ . is melting would melt melts will melt.
A typical morning workout consists of a 12-kilometer paddle, a 10k run, and weight training. What is the meaning of 'workout'? A period of work in a gym. / A period of apprenticeship. A period of physical exercise.
Unusual news: This news is about a stunt. Two wingsuit flyers do the stunt. They jump from a mountain in Switzerland. A plane flies around the mountain. Its door is open. The two men fly into the plane. What is a 'wingsuit flyer'? A wingsuit flyer is a person who launches from a veicle and falls onto the ground using a parachute. A wingsuit flyer flies being pulled by an aircraft. A wingsuit flyer is a person who 'flies' wearing a particular suit made of nylon. A wingsuit flyer is a person who puts on particular wings and flies.
They _____ raise a lot of money if they _____ up more charities. would/will set could/set will/had set could/would set.
The theatre was full of people, there were only two ____ left. ticket seats remote seat.
If they _____ fewer special effects, I would have liked this film more. had used have used have been used used.
If you _____ me to choose between TV and theatre, I _____ go for the theatre. had asked / will asked / would ask / would asked / will.
The musical _____ unforgettable if the main singer _____ a more powerful voice. would have been/has had would have been/had had would be/had had would have been/will have.
That movie was so ____ that I couldn’t stop laughing. interensting fun funny boring.
It annoys me that my sister takes my clothes without asking. I wish my sister doesn’t take my clothes without asking. I wish my sister wouldn’t take my clothes without asking. I wish my sister didn’t take my clothes without asking. I wish my sister won’t take my clothes without asking.
She doesn’t drive to work. There’s too much traffic. She would have driven to work if there had been less traffic. She would drive to work if there were less traffic. she drives to work if there were less traffic She would have driven to work if there were less traffic.
If I ___ less money on those beautiful red shoes and white boots I bought last week, I could have saved more. had spend had spent would spend spend.
Mrs Vandal wishes there _____ more charities because they make a difference! are will be would be were.
A woman worked for years as a waitress at a gallery café in London. She saw many works of art, but now her own paintings are on display. She came to the attention of one of the world’s most famous art dealers. He liked her work so much that he already bought six pieces. He asked her to work on some larger paintings. The former waitress could not be happier. What is the meaning of ‘on display’ Something which is placed somewhere else. Something which is put on play. Something which is exhibited. Something which is put away.
In Russia, a woman leaned on a wall display at an art show to take a selfie. She accidentally knocked the display over on top of two paintings by two important Spanish artists – Salvador Dali and Francisco Goya. The paintings were valuable and the falling wall damaged them. What happened to the two important paintings? The woman touched the paintings and they fell. The woman and wall fell on the paintings. The wall fell on the paintings. The woman fell on the paintings.
When are you starting work?' My parents asked me _____.... when I was starting work. when I started working. when I worked. when I work.
The choice of TV programmes is limited, _____ the number of channels. despite although even if even though.
Yesterday Daniel promised me that he _____ help me fix my computer today. is going would will might.
Do you know why _____ a new mobile? He’d bought one only a year ago! did Dario buy bought Dario Dario bought has Dario bought.
Could you help me?' Sara asked the police officer _____ if she could help her. if she can have helped her. if she could helped her. if she can helped her.
I won't wear this jacket again!' Kevin said he _____ wouldn't never wear this jacket again. would ever wear that jacket again. wouldn't wear that jacket again. wouldn't wear this jacket again.
Define the word 'blogger'. A person who writes for an online newspaper.. Some who writes everyday or on a regular basis and keeps the readers in the loop. A person who loves writing on a regular basis. A page of an online news report.
What's the meaning of 'nomophobia'? A person who suffers from any kind of phobia. A person who fears of being detached from their phone or connectivity. A person who has no fear of any kind of phobia. A person who has fear of fear.
I just don’t get it: why _____ selfies nowadays. so many people takes are so many people take do so many people take so many people take.
The Black Cab represents _____ of London’s cultural fabric just as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace do. a symbol the best symbols the symbolest a partial part.
Cindy told Sam that she _____ Mario the week before. would have texted texted has texted had texted.
There is technology which identifies faces, and a big corporate wants to regulate this technology. The CEO wants to present the new rules in the US government. This technology is good, but it can be dangerous, too. It is necessary that the law makers make it clear that this type of technology should protect people and be transparent. What is the meaning of ‘identifies’? To hide. To recognize. To ask for identity. To conceal.
The Chemistry teacher is the only one _____ explains everything clearly. I hope she doesn’t move to another school. what / who whom.
Students _____ usually work hard get very good marks. whose whom who which.
A: I usually meet up with my ex-school friends once a year. We have a drink while talking about the good old days! B: _____ do I. So I do. So do I. Me do. So me too.
Did you see that advertisement _____ was shown during the movie last week? It was spectacular! / that whom who.
Look at that house over there! It's the one _____ I was brought up in. The owners are selling it. I wonder what's their price. whom / whose who.
That's the rink _____ I learnt to skate. which that whose where.
The guy _____ you saw me with on Wednesday is my boyfriend. / which whom that.
Melinda, _____ family name is Torrone, is the youngest scientist in our laboratory. Her origins are Italian, but she’s been living in Manchester for almost all her life! which whom who whose.
That guy, _____ is sitting by the window, is my little brother who that which /.
A: I don’t like going out in the cold and rain. I’d rather stay at home and read a book. B: _____ Sheila. That’s why we seldom go out. Either do Either does Neither do Neither does.
_____ of my best friends called to give me their condolences for the immature loss of my mother. I was expecting more comprehension. Either None All Neither.
In relation to university, the term college normally refers to a part of the university which does not have the autonomous power to release the degree. Universities award degrees while colleges prepare students for graduation. The latter can also be independent institutions. What is the meaning of ‘latter’? The latest 'one'. The last 'one'. The primary 'one'. The first 'one'.
We all learn in different ways, some prefer reading, other like images, or writing down and practising as much as possible... Using the same strategy or approach with people with different learning styles may not be effective. And of course, teaching children is not the same as teaching teenagers. According to the paragraph there are different ways to learn. How many does it list? And which are they? There are several ways: reading, looking, writing and speaking. There are two ways: listening and writing. There are three ways: reading, listening and writing. There are two ways: reading and listening.
China is a huge and densely populated country, and we can hardly figure out how difficult it has been for the Chinese central government and local authorities to guarantee education to the millions of citizens living in the country, including those residing in the most remote areas of the territory. What is the meaning of ‘huge and densely populated’? A big and polluted country. A big and crowded country. An enormous and highly polluted country. An enormous and polluted country.
Travelling may be wonderful, but a lot depends _____ the people you're travelling with and the weather. of on from in.
My husband and I have been talking about our holiday destination for months, but every time I suggest something he disagrees _____all of them. in on about with.
Mary_____ so nervous; she thinks she’s going to fail the exam because she didn’t study enough. Look at how she _____. was / was fidgeting being / is fidgeting is / is fidgeting is /fidgets.
It is perfectly acceptable in China to _____ your mucus on the street outside; while it is unacceptable to do it in a tissue at the dinner table. spit out spit from spit in spit on.
The plane departs_____ 14:45 from Pearson International Airport, so you should be in Rome _____noon the following day considering the time zone. for / at by / by at / for / at by / by at / for at / by.
I apologize _____ the delay: I was held up _____ the traffic in the city centre. for / for for / in of / for of / in.
In Spanish cities, family-run restaurants are being reopened as kebab shops or tapas bars in the _____ areas. foreign foreigner tourism a. touristy.
What is the synonym for brave? fearless afraid fearful scared.
I _____ a keen traveller, now I _____ to prefer holidays near home in the mountains. used to be / tend would be / am tending was / to tend used to be / am tending.
People travel to unusual places to find more diverse things, special things that _____ to the specific needs and interests of the tourist. are make are tailored are done are defined.
People who visit Japan are often surprised at the striking contrast between old and new, that seem to combine to make a unique mixture. Japan is a country of vast cultural heritage, which its inhabitants are particularly proud of. What is the meaning of heritage in the sentence? understandings heirs traditions symbols.
In some countries, some gestures might be considered impolite and offend the locals. In the Middle East it is discourteous to touch food with your left hand as they consider the left hand unclean while in Japan, it's considered rude to cross your legs in the presence of someone older or more respected than you. What is the meaning of locals in the sentence? The public administration.. The people of the place. The shop owners Cafés, pubs, etc.
Steve _____ less tired if he _____ to bed earlier in the evening. can be / went would be / goes can be / went would be / went.
You _____ buy a new car if you _____ enough money. can / save could / would saved can / have saved could / will save.
There ___ anyone in the building. It has been evacuated. will be can be not can't be won't be.
_____ you treat me like this if you really _____ me? Would / had loved Would / have loved Wouldn't / loved Would / loved.
He _____ everyday if worked from home. would have to commute wouldn't have to commute will have to commute won't have to commute.
I can't go out this evening _____ my homework. I've got a test in a few days. unless I finish unless I don't finish If I finish unless if I finish.
The doctors prescribed some _____ yesterday, but they are not working. My leg is killing me. painkillers pills treatments blood tests.
They _____ the bus if they _____ earlier. would miss / didn't get up wouldn't miss / got up wouldn't miss / get up would miss / got up.
When you sleep like a log you sleep _____ like a tree in a state of confusion light profoundly.
A _____ is an important discovery that helps to improve a situation or provide an answer to a problem. Which is the missing word? advanced health issue discovery breakthrough performance.
We are addicted to a certain way of living. We are addicted to living permanently attached to our devices. And often addicted to stress and burnout. What is the meaning of ‘burnout’? Rejuvenate. Relaxed. Fatigue. Dried out.
We are addicted to a certain way of living. We are addicted to living permanently attached to our devices. And often addicted to stress and burnout. What is the meaning of 'addicted'? To be independent. To do something repeatedly. To be used to something. To add to something.
As soon as I get to the office, I ____ you. going to call called will call will to call.
I’m going to work by motorbike because the car _____ fixed. was being is being is is going to be.
When I _____ young my birthday _____ at home with family and friends. was / was celebrated was / was being celebrated was / was been celebrated was / had been celebrated.
There _____ food left in the fridge. We have to go shopping. is no any isn't any is any isn't some.
A woman stopped me while I was walking along the street and asked me what time _____. it is. it was. is it. was it.
Did you _____ ? Martha and Mark _____! Mark was cheating on her. hear / have just broken up listen / have just broken up know / has just broken up hear / have broke up.
It was a great celebration, _____ the crowd and noise. despite while in spite however.
The novel ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ was written ___ Oscar Wilde ___ 1894. from / in the by / in by / in the from / in.
I can't stand_____ my neighbours' noisy parties any longer. to having to have to hear to hear having to hear.
A hit movie was released in 1993: it was called Groundhog Day. The main actor, Bill Murray, played a man who tried infinite times to go to the celebrations of the grounddog. What is the meaning of 'hit movie'? The synonym for the word flop. Popular and successful. It's adeguate. Not as successful as popular.
While she was ____ to her _____, Little Red Riding Hood saw a wolf. go / home going / home walking / Grandma's walk / Grandma.
Mother's Day or _____ is a day to honour mothers and other mother figures. Gifts and greeting cards are given to her on this pleasant day. Mothering Sunday St. Mothering Sunday Mothering Day St. Mother's Day.
The theatre was full of spectators waiting for the play ___ Shakespeare. made wrote of by.
After the fire of Paris in 1790, much of the rebuilding work _____ by Louis Le Vau had been carrying out has been carried out was carried out was being carried out.
The world’s first television images _____ to the public in London in 1926. were shown have been shown have shown had shown.
I hope the new timetable _____ by Saturday as I want to start a cyber security course next week, but I need to know which day I will be off before I can register for it. will have been announced is being announced is going to announce has announced.
Residents of Harrisburg _____ to radiation for weeks now because of the leak at the Nuclear Power station. are exposing will have been exposed were exposed have been exposed.
Steel, as a structural material, can quickly _____ in acidic environments. In moist environment iron in the steel will be seen as rust. elevate encourage expose corrode.
Silver is valued for strength, _____ because it can be rolled easily or drawn into wire. malleability prototype attribute resistivity.
Improving the quality of wildlife habitats and biodiversity _____ the environment. benefit elevate encourage expose.
Data Structure is the key _____ of software development. composite benefit object component.
The professor told students_____ silent. remaining of remaining to remain remained.
Kate has decided _____ Computer Science at university. study to study for studying studying.
WWF should consider _____ the plan developed by UN for a nationwide solution for climate crisis. implement to implement implementing for implementing.
They weren't sure if Carl was strong enough _____ to the top of the mountain, but he was the first one there! for hiking hike to hike hiking.
Amnesty International is a global movement that draws attention to human rights abuses. Volunteers all around the world work together to_____ and promote human rights. infect condemn protect generate.
After the big cyber-attack, our firm is no longer _____ in world markets. competitive unexpected complex composite.
Some household cleaning products are extremely _____ for the environment. affordable predictable hazardous complex.
As a growing company, we decided to buy a new software which helps the firm to archive and _____ emails. evolve pivot retrieve fulfil.
_____the exam was extremely difficult, Clara managed to pass it. Despite However Although Yet.
You should wear comfortable shoes _____ your feet won’t hurt. in order to in order so that so as.
Greenpeace International issued an alarming study of how human beings and natural ecosystems will be influenced in the future, _____ the effects of global warming increase. whereas but as however.
The residents of our neighbourhood complain that they have no choice but to risk their lives crossing the dangerous road as there is _____a pedestrian bridge _____ a crosswalk. not only / but also neither / nor both / and either / or.
Since mostly wood is used for biomass energy, there is a/an_____ of deforestation in the future. demand drawback supply obstacle.
Geothermal energy can be _____ through Geothermal power plants and heat pumps. harnessed alerted polluted consumed.
The average person in Iceland, Norway, Canada, the United States _____ energy as much as 200 times more than the average person in poorest countries. releases consumes generates prevents.
His lack of experience is the main _____ in his success. defect demand reliability obstacle.
_____they give Josh a promotion, he is determined to leave the company. Until But Even if Whereas.
I was told that they need to run some more ____ to determine the stage of my disease. illness surgeries treatments blood tests.
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