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EEBIMT - Prova de Inglês

Avaliação de comparativo

Prof. Marcelo Guimarães
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They say Spongebob cartoon is __ than Phineas and Ferb. About the characters Phineas and Ferb are __ than Spongebob and Patrick. funnier / more intelligent funnier / more intelligenter funnyer / more intelligent more funny / more intelligent more funnier / more intelligent.
Two students are talking about languages. Billy: I think English is __ than Portuguese. Bob: Yeah, I agree with you, but don't forget Portuguese is __ important __ English. easier / more easy / easier / more easy / easier / as...than.
Qual é a forma do comparativo de superioridade dos adjetivos good, bad e far. better / worse / farther better / worser / further gooder / worse / farther more good / more bad / more far gooder / badder / farther.
Dos "short adjectives" abaixo, quais estão grafados CORRETAMENTE de acordo com o comparativo de superioridade. healthier / larger / bigger more healthy / more large / more big more healthier / more larger / more bigger healthyer / largeer / biger healthy / large / big.
I like Brain and Pink cartoon. They're both crazy little mice, but I think Brain isn't __ crazy __ Pinky. as...than more...than
A: I need to buy Ana a T-shirt. Do you think she’s ___ my sister? B: Yes, I think she is. taller than taller more taller than tall than more tall than.
China has 1,338,612,968, India has 1,166,079,217 and The European Union has 491, 582, 852 people. a) It is correct to say that: The European Union is more populous that China. India is more populous than China and The European Union together. China is more populous than India. The European Union is more populous than India and China together. India is as populous as The European Union.
Russia has 17,075,200 km², Canada has 9,984,670 km² and The United States has 9,613,418 km². a) It's incorrect to say that: Russia is larger than the United States. Russian is larger than Canada. Canada is larger than Russia and smaller than The United States. Canada is smaller than a Russia and larger than the United States. The United States is smaller than Canada.
Todas as frases abaixo estão no comparativo de superiodade, EXCETO: Spongebob is funnier than Patrick. Patrick is more stupid than Spongebob. Squidward is angrier than Captain Eugine. Captain Eugine is stingier than Squidward. Patrick isn't so stupid as Spongebob.
Read the text bellow and answer the question: Good news about the future The world will be a better place in a hundred years, optimists say. Life will be more comfortable than today. Computers, the most sophisticated machines, will do much of our work. We will have more time for sports and entertainment. Cities will not continue to grow. People will live in smaller communities and everybody will be happier. Pollution, one of the worst problems today, will be a thing of the past in a hundred years. The air in the cities will be cleaner, so people will be healthier than they are today. Rio de Janeiro will again be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Brazil, the largest country in the Southern Hemisphere, will also be one of the richest in the world. Optimists say all these things will happen in a hundred years. But we'll never know. We won't be here. What's correct to say about the text: It will not be more comfortable than today. They will not live in smaller communities. The air in the cities will not be cleaner. Life will be better than today. People wil not be healthier than they are today.
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