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Where can you assign job code to an employee in admin center ? Company settings > manager job role Company settings > manage competencies Employee files > Configure employee files Update user information > Employee import .
What does a collaborative route map set allow users in the step to do ? Allow all user roles to see the form in their inbox and enter data when no one else is editing the form at the same time? Allows the employee to send the form to another user to collaborate on the form Allows the employee to add a user to a route map to collaborate on the form Allows all user roles to simultaneously view and edit the form at the same time.
What do you use coaching advisor/give advice functionality for? Two answers are correct. To give a user the overall performance rating based on calculation. To give a user information on how to strengthen a competency. To give a user developmental sugestions To give a user guidance to create SMART goals.
Competencies were mapped to job roles in the system. However when a performance form was launched that competencies did not display in the job specific competency section on the form. When is the most likely reason for this issue? The category filter opt attribute in the competency section was not specified. The job role is not mapped with the exact job code as it appears in the employee data file. The auto sync option in the competency section was not enabled. The competency GUID instead of the competency ID was used when configuring the competency section .
How can a manager use the team overview tab ? Two correct answers To use the get feedback feature To use the stack ranker to evaluate competencies of the direct reports To us the stack ranker to evaluate the objectives of direct reports. To initiate the calibration session.
You customer wants to activate the get feedback function. Which button permission do you grant to specific roles to enables this function? Two correct answers Get edits Add modifier Get comments Send .
You are caliberating performance review forms. What are some of the requirements for the caliberation session to be succesfuly validated ? Three answers correct. The caliberation session start date must be defined. The subjects of the calibration session must be defined The selected subjects must have performance review forms that are routed to the calibration step in the route map. The calibration template to be used in the calibration session must be specified. The location of the calibration session must be specified.
What is the required in provisioning to use continues performance management ? Two correct answers Offline form Role based permission Enable generic objects Mobile PM review .
How are competencies populated in the competency section of the form? Three correct answers Managers assign competencies to users form the admin center. Competencies are mapped to the users job role by the administrator. Administrtor assign competencies to the users from the admin center. Users add competencies manually in the form Competencies are hard coded within the competency section by an implementation consultant.
Which feature can you access using the team overview tab ? Two correct answers. Ask for feedback Stack ranker or team ranker Performance vs potential matrix Get feedback.
Your customer wants to modify the description of compentency in their library. Where can you make this change? Two correct answers. In admin center > manage competencies In provisioning > company settings In performance form templete XML In the CSV file downloaded from the competency library .
In the summary section of a performance management form the manual rating and calculated rating are both enabled. Which rating is the rating of record? Manual rating Calculated rating Scale adjusted rating Item rating .
What can you do in admin center> Form templete settings (Two correct answers ) – Download latest XML file of template Upload an XML file in order to create a new template Upload an XML file in order to update an existing templete Delete a template.
During testing you discover that a field is missing from a gola plan. When you check into XML , it appears that the field is defined and the user has the correct permissions. What else do you need to check? Goal plan type Plan payout Role based permission (RBP) Data model.
Your customer wants to allow users to set a minimum two goals and maximum of five goals in their goal plan. Where can you configure this for the entire goal plan? In the goal execution settings under admin center In the meta section of the performance form XML In the goal plan template XML file Under Admin center > Manager templetes > Goal plan.
What is the main characteristics of the Ask for feedback feature? To send an email to anyone inside or outside of the company to assess an employee’s performance. To send a PDF copy of the performance form to anyone within the company to assess an employee’s performance To send the performance form to a selected user to assess an employee’s performance To send an email to selected indiviuduals to rate an employee’s performance on each objective of competency .
What issues can you face if GM- PM Sync up option is NOT enabled ? Two correct answers – List of assigned competencies might not be updated after a change of job code if performance forms are NOT opened. Variable pay will NOT be able to get the up-to-date goal management data if performance forms are not opened since last modification on goal management. Performance management reports might include expired goal management data if performance forms are not opened since the last modification of goal management . Employee information section will never get updated after form launch if performance forms are not opened after a modification on goal management.
Which fields in the review information section of the performance form can be made editable in the form template settings ? Three correct answers – Due date Start date Meeting date End date Originator field.
The autosync attribute is set to False in the objective section of the performance review form. The following actions occurred after the review form was created. • Goal A was deleted from the performance review form • A new goal (Goal B) was created on the performance review form How does this affect the goal plan? Two correct answers Goal A is deleted from the goal plan Goal B is displayed on the goal plan Goal A is NOT deleted from the Goal plan Goal B is NOT displayed on the goal plan.
What happens when you define a calibration session owner? The owner can view their calibration data on the executive review tab. The reporting chain of the owner can automatically populate session participants and subjects. The calibration template and session name are defined by the owner. The calibration session can be assigned to only one owner.
What actions does the following XML code allow a user to perform from their goal plan? An employee can cascade goals to their manager’s goal plan A manager can cascade goals to all employees in their reporting chain. A manager can copy a goal from their direct report’s goal plan. An employee can cascade a goal from their manager’s goal plan.
In which route map step types can you use a unique user id ? Two Correct answers Single role step Iterative step Signature step Collaborative step.
Which if the following action permission can you configure in the goal plan template ? Three correct answers Move goal Share goal Cascade push Mass assign goal lock goal.
Where do you disable the info button on the performance forms ? In the admin center > Manage forms by user In provisioning > Company settings In admin center > Company dictionary In Admin center > Form template settings .
How do you configure the employee information section on the performance form to preserve the user information that existed at the time that form was created , even if the user information changes after the form was created? By settings the autosync attribute =”false” By setting the attribute auto populate =”True” By setting the attribute auto populate =”False” By setting the attribute sync -until completion =”False”.
What is the recommended encoding for the translation CSV file? US_ASCB Unicode (UTF-8) Western European (ISO) ANSI.
What can you do with the goal import feature ? Two correct answers Delete goals Transfer goals to another plan Align goals Update goals .
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