ENALISS Scrum Master Assessment for PSM I

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ENALISS Scrum Master Assessment for PSM I

PSM I Exam Simulation of Scrum.org Certification, aligned to 2017 Scrum Guide


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stezis ( uploaded 4 months )
Good test. Some answer are not obvious, even with the explanation given.
The Scrum master manages Scrum People Scrum Framework Scrum Technology All of them None of them.
The Scrum Team optimizes the following and deliver business value Flexibility, creativity, and productivity Self-Improvement, Leadership, Motivation Individual Power, Heroic Efforts, Recognition.
Sprint planning helps in Building entire technical architecture Staffing Plan Testing strategy Release plan None of the above.
The Development Team has not completed any of the Product Backlog Items selected for the Sprint by Sprint end. Next step is Extend the Sprint since Scrum favors "getting done" Advice the Product Owner to accept the completed portion of the incomplete Product Backlog Items, and plan to complete them by next Sprint, since Scrum favors "empowered teams" End the Sprint with a Retrospective, since Scrum favors "time boxing".
The Scrum Team, based on the learning from previous Sprints, decides to revisit the length of the Sprint. What is the appropriate Scrum event to discuss and agree on the change? Scrum Planning Sprint Planning Retrospective Daily Scrum.
To effectively track the Sprint progress, Scrum mandates Preparing Sprint burn down charts Increasing the transparency by frequently updating the remaining work Earned Value approach.
Sprint Planning is the only occasion where the Development Team estimates the Product Backlog Items True, because without estimate, the team cannot plan what can go into the Sprint False, estimation of Product Backlog Items is a continuous event throughout.
Which is true? Sprint Retrospective focuses on Product and Sprint Review focuses on development processes Sprint Retrospective focuses on development processes and Sprint Review focuses on Velocity Sprint Retrospective focuses on development processes and Sprint Review focuses on Product.
A Scrum Team often runs into following issues: Conflicting requirements from different departments, ad-hoc work requests from different business managers, no feedback on Increments. What could be the likely cause? Issues with how Scrum Master guides the team Issues with Product Owner responsibilities Issues with planning abilities of Development Team.
A short expression of the purpose of a Sprint which is often a business need - is called Sprint Goal Acceptance Criteria Definition of Done.
The estimation method recommended by Scrum is Planning Poker T-Shirt-Sizing Yesterday`s weather None of the above.
Is it mandatory that the definition of "Done" includes "Release to Production"? Yes No.
UJnder this topic of the Sprint Planning, the Development Team is more active in planning and Product Owner is mostly observing or clarifying Topic One (What) Topic Two (How) Topic Three.
Shortly into using Scrum for the first time in an organization, the Scrum Team runs into several impediments in following Scrum. The most common inference is Scrum does not work for their organization The Scrum Team didn`t plan the project end-to-end well in advance It is normal for first timers. Scrum will expose all weakness in the current eco-system that impede developing Product Increments in short Sprints.
A person external to the Scrum Team with a specific interest in and knowledge of a product that is required for Incremental discovery, is known as Technical / Domain Expert Stakeholder Senior Management.
On their kick-off day, a new Scrum Team didn`t have any Scrum tool. The next best thing to do is Expedite the installation of tool before the close of iteration zero Get the recommendation from Product Owner about how to manage Scrum artifacts without the tool Do nothing. Implementation of Scrum does not require any tool.
The Development Team tries to put together some guidelines on testing approach. Who will own these guidelines? Development Team Test Lead Scrum Master.
Select all that apply. The mandatory participants of the Sprint Retrospective meeting are Product Owner Stakeholders invited by Product Owner Scrum Master Development Team Technical/Domain/Process experts invited by Development Team.
Sprint Backlog is modified throughout the Sprint. As soon as a new task is identified Product Owner adds it to the Sprint backlog and communicates about it to Scrum Team Scrum Master adds it to the Sprint backlog and communicates about it to Scrum Team Development Team adds it to the Sprint Backlog and communicates about it to Scrum Team.
Select all that apply. The Sprint Review is an event that requires Product Owner`s sign-off Stakeholders active participation Transition sign-off Inspection and Adaptation activities.
Multiple Development Teams are required to work on the same product. How can they integrate their development? by mutually working with each other to create an integrated Increment by maintaining individual Product Backlog for each team by setting up some common working sessions between the lead Developers of each team to merge their changes before the Sprint Review.
The Sprint Backlog emerges during the Sprint because the Development Team modifies it throughout the Sprint. In the middle of the Sprint, new work is added to Sprint Backlog. As a result, estimated remaining work will Increase Decrease Stay the same.
A Scrum Team develops software. Only when the Product Owner decides to go for the release, the team creates end user documentation for the Product Increment at that point. It is correct. Creating document early will require constant effort to keep them updated It is correct. Scrum favors less documentation and deferring the decision to last minute It is incorrect. Anything required for the Product Increment to be production fit must be part of definition of "Done".
Pick the Scrum Values Respect and courage Simplicity Commitment and Openness Creativity and Intuition Focus.
A Scrum Team has five members. Each one works on a different product. What could we infer about the team? The team will have higher productivity since division of work is clear The team implements diversity, a principle of Scrum The potential of team work and benefit of Scrum is less All of them still will have common definition of "Done".
Team Velocity refers to Average of amount of Product Backlog Items turned into "Done" Items per Sprint Average rate of chirn of team members in Scrum Team during a Sprint Average number of defects per Sprint normalized over all defect types.
One of the major challenges for the team getting newly into Scrum can be Developing skills to produce useable Increment just within a short Sprint Learning about Scrum terminology Difficulty in getting adapted to Scrum tools.
In the middle of the Sprint, Development Team finds that few more days of work is needed to complete the scope. The planning options include: Add more team members Catch up using weekends Defer the activities like testing after stakeholder`s demo Involve the Product Owner and negotiate alternatives All of the above.
The Scrum Master forecasts the Product born-down during Sprint Review True False.
In the middle of the Sprint, the Development Team did not get some technical tools that were originally promised. This will slow down the work. The next best thing to do is The Scrum Master should escalate to the Project Manager The Product Owner should cancel the Sprint The Development Team should assess the impact to meeting the Sprint Goal and the definition of "Done," and find alternatives to still meet the Sprint Goal without compromising the definition of "Done".
A Development Team has created the Sprint Backlog in the form of a task board. What is your inference? The team can choose to represent it in any form that makes sense It is okay to have it in task board format, but it must be ensured that it follows Kanban guidelines The Scrum Master must coach the team to create proper Sprint Backlog in the form of list of backlog items, related tasks, and estimations.
The selection of items from the Product Backlog a Development Team deems feasible for implementation in a Sprint is called Estimation Planning Poker Forecast of functionality.
Velocity is an indication of team performance. It may be used by The Scrum Team as internal measure to plan and track their improvements The managers to do performance appraisals for the team The organization to aggregate into organization level productivity.
In a new Scrum Team, a Scrum Master notices that a Developer works on a task that is not contributing to the Sprint Goal or the Sprint Backlog. The Scrum master Should escalate this to Product Owner Should discuss with the team member and educate about Scrum way of working Should not interrupt since the team is self-organizing.
A Development Team often gets some production support requirements, in addition to the work in the Sprint Backlog. The team adapted their team composition and created an exclusive sub team to support these ad-hoc requirements It is okay to create sub team within Scrum It is not okay since there cannot be sub teams within the Development Team The team can complete the production support as one team, since it is high priority, and then come back to original Sprint work It is okay if it is explicitly approved by the Scrum Master.
A Development Team has following condition under the definition of "Done": "All the code to be reviewed and approved by Industry Coding Standard Organization." This Industry Coding Standard Organization is a third party Subject Matter Expert ouside Scrum Team The definition of "Done" is less effective, because it contains conditions that is not completely within influence of the Scrum Team The definition of "Done" is more effective, because it ensures that required standards are met The definition of "Done" can contain anything as decided by the Product Owner.
During Sprints, a Development Team has to wait for another team to provide some dependent input. Often this leads to delay in completing their work. What can be recommended to this team? The team is not cross functional enough. The team should take the Scrum Master`s help in educating the organization to add team members with appropriate skills The team should agree on Service Level Agreement (SLA) with another team and escalate to the Scrum master if the SLA breached The team can mock up the sample of input instead of waiting and do the Sprint Review on time. The Product Increment can be refactored as and when another team provides input.
Definition of "Done" is Testing strategy for Scrum Team A standard used by Scrum Team to assess if a product Increment is "Done" Defined by Product Owner and safeguarded by Scrum Master.
Only the Product Owner can come up with items that can be considered for Product Backlog. Others cannot provide input / recommendations / ideas about new items True False.
The Scrum Team gathers for Sprint Planning meeting. The Product Owner has some Product Backlog Itmes but the Development Team finds that they do not provide enough information to understand the work involved to make forecast. The next best thing to do is The Scrum Master cancels the Sprint The Development Team proceeds with starting with whatever is known The Development Team makes it transparent that they cannot make a forecast with insufficient information, and negotiates with the Product Owner on refining the Product Backlog Items to ready state The Scrum Team discusses the root cause in the Retrospective.
In the middle of the Sprint, the Development Team finds that it has more capacity to take more work. The next best thing to do is Make it transparent to the Product Owner immediately, and collaborate to add additional work Consult the Scrum Master and follow their direction Keep that as a contingency to accommodate unplanned work.
The standard used by the Product Owner and the Scrum Team to identify unfinished work in a Sprint is Coding Standard Definition of Ready Testing Standard Definition of "Done".
The Development Team is not having regular (Daily) Scrums. As a Scrum Master, you Will advise the team to think about conducting regular Scrums, but will let the team take the decision themselves as they are self-organizing Will escalate this to resource managers Will step in directly to guard the Scrum Framework by asking action-begetting questions to the team and positively influencing them to conduct Scrum events.
When a Scrum Team adds new team members for replacing some members going out, the productivity of the team Will be negatively impacted Will be positively impacted Will remain the same.
Scrum allows having gaps between two subsequent Sprints, in which the team can accomplish support activities and team building activities True False.
Effort required to fix/refactor something after it has been built is known as Maintenance Technical Debt Plumbing code.
The role of the Scrum Master with respect to Scrum artifacts is Coach the team to increase the transparency of the artifacts Decide the format of the artifacts and ensures that the team follows it Owner of the artifacts and responsible for having them up to date.
The Scrum framework is used to optimize value and control risk in complex product development. A component of value optimization is Averaging out the values delivered over Sprints and use it to take decisions Deciding to continue a Sprint only after verifying if it has enough value worth the effort Ensuring that the Development Team is not having idle time by constantly monitoring their productivity.
Three Development Teams are working as part of a big project to develop a product. When Sprints are in motion, there will be Three Product Backlogs, and three Sprint backlogs One Product Backlog, and three Sprint backlogs One Product Backlog and one Sprint Backlog.
When can a Product Owner negotiate the scope of what the team will work on next? Anytime during the current Sprint with or without Development Team`s consent Until the Sprint Planning for the current Sprint Both.
Usually, when Scrum is applied newly in an organization, Power of empiricism will be transparent Everything that impedes producing value in short Sprints and accumulation of waste will be made transparent The organization change management process defined by Scrum should be followed to avoid implementation issues.
In empiricism, the decisions are based on Scientific calculation and Prediction Meeting and Brainstorming Observation, experience and experimentation.
What is the correct statement? The technical design continuously evolves over the Sprints. Hence the team should have some basic guidelines to start with, but try to emerge the design through the Sprints The team can choose to have an exclusive Sprint only to finalize the technical design. At the end, the design should be approved by the project architect The team does not need to pay attention on the architecture as it will evolve itself as a by-product of self-organization.
A Development Team is often interrupted in the Sprint midway and assigned to work on "other" high priority items. Frequently, such interruptions lead to not meeting the Sprint Goal. The most likely cause could be The Development Team is not technically competent The Product Owner authority is ineffective or influenced by another authority The Sprint Planning is poor.
Select all that apply. A Development Team is responsible for Selecting the Product Backlog Items for the Sprint after clarifying with the Product Owner Reporting to the Scrum Master Creating a potentially shippable Increment every Sprint Increasing the productivity as per management goal.
The process of the coming into existence or prominence of new facts or new knowledge, or knowledge of a fact becoming visible unexpectedly, is called as Transparency Inspection Emergence.
Middle of the Sprint, the team comes to know that there are some usage related changes to the Product needs. The Product Backlog Is modified to reflect the new need Is closed. Project is cancelled and new Product Backlog will be built Is not impacted and the Sprints continued.
Middle of the Sprint, the Development Team finds that some of the Product Backlog Items forecast for this Sprint cannot be finished because they need significant additional effort. however, the Development Team can still meet Sprint Goal with the rest of the items. The next thing to do is Consult with the Product Owner and if he/she agrees, have she/he cancel the current Sprint, and plan new Sprint with new estimations Do not cancel or modify the Sprint. Extend the Sprint duration as required for the additional effort Collaborate with the Product Owner to remove the Product Backlog Items that cannot progress, and add new work up to team`s capacity. Complete the Sprint.
A good guideline to differentiate Acceptance Criteria from definition of "Done" is, "definition of "Done" provides a checklist to take the Increment close to a production deployable state (potentially shippable), while acceptance criteria specify the business requirements" True False.
What is the desirable team composition for a large product development program? Program is divided into individual Scrums based on business feature. Each Scrum Team has all the skills needed to finish the job without external help Program is divided into individual Scrums based on technical components. Each Scrum Team has its component specific skills needed to finish their own component without external help Program is organized into consumer Scrums and service provider Scrums (front end could be consumer who plays as Product Owner to a middle tier Scrum). Each Scrum gets the dependencies work done leveraging their Product Owner position.
How are the Non-Functional Requirements addressed by the Scrum Team? by testing them in "Hardening Sprint" by ensuring that they are met by every Increment and typically defining them in the definition of "Done" By having a Non-Functional System Team owning them.
A Development Team has technical specialists in its composition. The specialists perform their work when the Sprint Backlog needs their special skills, but they are idle otherwise Continue to have the specialists to deliver fully integrated Increments. Gradually facilitate the Development Team to organize their work to fully leverage these special skills. If required, the team can enhance everybody`s domain of expertise, so everyone is productive as a team without idle time Let the project manager coordinate their staffing needs and plan partial allocations to different teams to avoid idle time Defer and accumulate the special work to later Sprints until it needs full time specialists. Deliver the Increment with workarounds. Later, when specialists are added, refactor the Increment removing the workarounds.
The Product Owner provides the transparency of their product plan to the stakeholders and the Scrum Team through Planning Backlog Sprint Backlog Project Backlog Product Backlog.
A Scrum Team needs to develop a web application in Increments. Some of the Sprints have Spritn Goals like this: 'Develop Data layer for Functionality A'. What is your inference? The Scrum Team follows horizontal decomposition of the Product Backlog Items. This is recommended The Scrum Team follows vertical decomposition of the Product Backlog Items. This is recommended The Scrum Team follows horizontal decomposition of the Product Backlog Items. This is NOT recommended The Scrum Team follows vertical decomposition of the Product Backlog Items. This is NOT recommended.
The Deveoplment Team can deliver an Increment that meets the definition of "Done," but the Increment still has defects that are known to the team and the Product Owner Yes No.
The Sprint Review is an opportunity to review Timeline and Budget Defects and causes Requirements and Capacity All of the above.
Select all that apply. During the Daily Scrum, the Scrum Master`s role is to: Facilitate discussions of the Development Team Moderate and control so that everyone gets a fair chance to speak Ensure that all 3 questions have been answered Teach the Development Team to keep the Daily Scrum within the 15 minutes time box All of the above.
For the Product Backlog Refinement act, the Scrum Team needs to define a recurring pre-set time every week outside the current working hours of the Development Team True False.
Burn-up and Burn-down charts show evolution of progress over time. In particular, Burn-up shows increase in completion, while Burn-down shows remaining effort Burn-up shows increase in team productivity, while Burdn-down shows decrease in productivity Burn-up shows increase in turn-around time, while Burn-down shows decrease in turn-around time.
The Development Team meets every day to inspect the progress and adapt the next day plan. If the Daily Scrum exposes the need to re-plan the rest of the Sprint, these re-planning activities happen During the Daily Scrum Immediately after the Daily Scrum As soon as the team gets some extra time The Sprint plan cannot be revised except during Sprint Planning.
A Development Team decides to have an exclusive Sprint to evolve the technical architecture. The sole outcome of this Sprint is a finalized architecture design It is a good practice since it will help the design to emerge It is not the Scrum approach, since every Sprint must produce at least one releasable functionality It does not matter, since the team is self-organized about how to perform their work.
In Scrum based software development effort, while the Sprint Goal will deliver a Product Increment, one of the Product Backlog Items is asking for production of a document It is not okay. Every Product Backlog item must be about a working software requirement It is not okay. Documentation is not needed until the Product owner chooses to release an Increment to production It is okay. A Sprint can produce a document as a sole outcome of the Sprint It is okay. A Sprint can produce other deliverables like document requested by Product owner along with working Increment.
An Organization needs to structure hundreds of Developers into Scrum Teams. You as a Scrum Master will work with the organization management and prepare the best structure for each Scrum Team based on the seniority and skills of the Developers identify required number of Scrum Masters and require them to choose their Scrum Teams facilitate the awareness of the Developers about the goals and objectives of the product development, coach them about Scrum, and let them work among themselves to form the Scrum Teams.
During a Sprint Review, the Scrum Master notices that the Product Owner does not use the Product burn-down graph to explain the status to the stakeholders. The Scrum Master Should coach the Product Owner on the importance of using this Scrum tool Should cancel the Sprint Review and schedule it back when the Product Owner is ready with this tool Do Nothing.
Select all that apply. It is essential for the Product Owner to have these skills. Usually Scrum Master serves the Product Owner by coaching these skills. Software application development Understanding and practicing agility Coaching team Product planning in empirical environments.
An organization is on its path to adopt Scrum as its approach to software development. It decides to convert all Project Managers into Scrum Masters It is a good strategy. The project managers already know how to run projects. They just need training on Scrum It will create resentment to project managers, because they will have a small team to manage The organization needs to rething on this strategy. Identifying persons who are inclined or experienced in coaching and facilitation as their leadership style is a better strategy.
Select all that apply. A Product owner requests Development Team to help them with some tasks related to Product Backlog maintenance The Scrum master should step in and coach the Product Owner to perform their job themselves It is okay but the Product Owner is still accountable for the Product Backlog maintenance The Development Team should refer the Product Owner to speak with the Development Team manager The Development Team can volunteer if this additional task does not impact their Sprint work.
Scrum is immutable. What may be the result of an organization modifying Scrum Framework in its implementation for the convenience of existing culture? The organization may lose the opportunity to expose its current cultural dysfunctions that impede the ability to develop the Product Increment Sprint after Sprint Scrum is bound by technical tools and these tools will break It can only be done with the help of Scrum coaches.
Select all that apply. Which Scrum events facilitate inspection and adaptation? Sprint Backlog Refinement Sprint Retrospective Development Work.
In a Scrum based software project, "Earned Value" is a good metric to track product development progress Yes No.
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