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ERASED TEST, YOU MAY BE INTERESTED ONEnglish Test by Elizabeth Sarango

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English Test by Elizabeth Sarango

English test

Elizabeth Sarango
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1.- My daugther____16 years old. is am has.
2.- Julio____ a dog. have had has.
3.- My parents are _______ Peru. of from to.
4.- Tania _____ born in Colombia. were was did.
5.- I want to study English ______ know another language. for from to.
6.- My husband ___________ at the moment. watch is watching watching.
7.- Can you ________ for the diner. cook to cook cooking.
8.- Are you good at __________ languages. learn to learn learning.
9.- I moved to Cotopaxi _______ I was 15. from when until.
10.- __________the students in my class are very intelligent. All All of.
11.- I lived in Machala ______ I was 5. to until when.
12.- I don´t like chocolate. I don´t No, I don´t Either I don´t either.
13.- I´m not a football fan. No, I don´t No, I´m not I´m not either.
14.- I watch much television. I´m either I´m not I do too.
15.- I can eat chocolate all the time. I do too I can too I'm too.
16.- I´m good ___ making handicrafts. to at for.
17.- I´m interested ___ making friends. on at in.
18.- I love _____ soccer. the playing play.
19.- Maria can ______ very well. to cook cook cooking.
20.- My favorite_____ is Jhonny Deep. singer actor actrice.
21.- My new job is at a supermarket. You know it. You know him.
22.- I love Jennifer Lopez. You know. You love too. You know her.
23.- Maroom 5 is a good singer. Do you know ? Do you know her ? Do you know him ?.
24.- The Rasmus is a great band. Do you know they ? Do you know them ? Do you know him ?.
25.- Can you tell me how to get to the stadium ? Yeah, go straight ahead for two blocks and make a left. Yeah, go straight ahead for two blocks and make left. Yeah, go straight ahead two blocks and make a left.
26.- Choose the correct answer. Make Turn It´s on your.
27.- How to improve your English ? Listen to music Go out with your friends Read a book in English.
28.- I love______ . to read read road.
29.- Do you Alicia Keys? Everybody knows Alicia Keys Everybody know Alicia Keys Nobody know Alicia Keys.
30.- Choose the correct option. I have I get I feel.
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