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The number 3.47 x 10 to the negative fourth power is equal to: .00347 34,700 .000347.
The Air Transport Association of America (ATA) Specification No. 100(1) establishes a standard for the presentation of technical data in maintenance manuals.(2) divides the aircraft into numbered systems and subsystems in order to simplify locating maintenance instructions.Regarding the above statements, neither No. 1 nor No. 2 is true. both No. 1 and No. 2 are true. only No. 1 is true.
(Refer to Figure 11 .) Find the total current flowing in the wire between points C and D. 3.0 amperes. 6.0 amperes. 2.4 amperes.
Which statement is true regarding helicopter weight and balance? Regardless of internal or external loading, lateral axis cg control is ordinarily not a factor in maintaining helicopter weight and balance. Weight and balance procedures for airplanes generally also apply to helicopters. The moment of tail-mounted components is subject to constant change.
The most important condition to be monitored during start after fuel flow begins in a turbine engine is the: oil pressure. RPM. EGT, TIT, or ITT.
(Refer to Figure 57 .) Determine the area of the triangle formed by points A, B, and C.A to B = 7.5 inchesA to D = 16.8 inches. 63 square inches. 126 square inches. 42 square inches.
Sixty five engines are what percent of 80 engines? 52 percent. 81 percent. 65 percent.
A cabin entry light of 10 watts and a dome light of 20 watts are connected in parallel to a 30-volt source. If the voltage across the 10-watt light is measured, it will be: half the voltage across the 20-watt light. equal to the voltage across the 20-watt light. one-third of the input voltage.
A four cylinder aircraft engine has a cylinder bore of 3.78 inches and is 8.5 inches deep. With the piston on bottom center, the top of the piston measures 4.0 inches from the bottom of the cylinder. What is the approximate piston displacement of this engine? 200 cubic inches. 235 cubic inches. 360 cubic inches.
An aircraft Type Certificate Data Sheet contains: location of the datum. control surface adjustment points. maximum fuel grade to be used.
Primary responsibility for compliance with Airworthiness Directives lies with the: certificated mechanic holding an Inspection Authorization who conducts appropriate inspections. certificated mechanic who maintains the aircraft. aircraft owner or operator.
The color of 100LL fuel is: blue. colorless or straw. red.
(Refer to Figure 36 .) The diameter of the holes in the finished object is: 31/64 inch. 1/2 inch. 3/4 inch.
How is the locking feature of the fiber type locknut obtained? By a fiber insert held firmly in place at the base of the load carrying section. By making the threads in the fiber insert slightly smaller than those in the load carrying section. By the use of an unthreaded fiber locking insert.
Which atmospheric conditions will cause the true landing speed of an aircraft to be the greatest? Low temperature with low humidity. High temperature with high humidity. High temperature with low humidity.
How is a flooded engine, equipped with a float type carburetor, cleared of excessive fuel? Crank the engine with the starter or by hand, with the mixture control in cutoff, ignition switch on, and the throttle fully open, until the excess fuel has cleared or until the engine starts. Crank the engine with the starter or by hand, with the mixture control in cutoff, ignition switch off, and the throttle fully open, until the fuel charge has been cleared. Turn off the fuel and the ignition. Discontinue the starting attempt until the excess fuel has cleared.
What does the Type Certificate Data Sheet designation code "2 PCSM" mean? Two place (number of seats), closed, sea, monoplane. Two wing (biplane), primary category, semimonocoque (airframe). Neither of the other two choices.
If each cell, connected in series, equals 2 volts, how would a 12-cell lead acid battery be rated? 24 12 6.
Which of the following includes all the regulatory definitions of "maintenance"? Overhaul, repair, parts replacement, and preservation, and preventive maintenance. Overhaul, repair, parts replacement, preservation, inspection, and preventive maintenance. Overhaul, repair, parts replacement, inspection, and preservation.
If all, or a significant part of a stall strip is missing on an airplane wing, a likely result will be: asymmetrical lateral control at or near stall angles of attack. decreased lift in the area of installation at high angles of attack. asymmetrical lateral control at low angles of attack.
The testing medium that is generally used in magnetic particle inspection utilizes a ferromagnetic material that has: high permeability and low retentivity. low permeability and high retentivity. high permeability and high retentivity.
A fuel that does not vaporize readily enough can cause: detonation. hard starting. vapor lock.
When flaring aluminum tubing for use with AN fittings, the flare angle must be: 39°. 45°. 37°.
(Refer to Figure 47 .) What is the measurement reading on the vernier caliper scale? 1.700 inches. 1.411 inches. 1.436 inches.
A nonelectrolytic chemical treatment for aluminum alloys to increase corrosion resistance and paint bonding qualities is called: alodizing. anodizing. dichromating.
Specifications pertaining to an aircraft model manufactured under a type certificate, of which less than 50 are shown on the FAA Aircraft Registry, can be found in the: Aircraft Listing. Summary of Discontinued Aircraft Specifications. FAA Statistical Handbook of Civil Aircraft Specifications.
If the reference datum line is placed at the nose of an airplane rather than at the firewall or some other location aft of the nose, all measurement arms will be in negative numbers. measurement arms can be either positive or negative numbers depending on the manufacturer's preference. all measurement arms will be in positive numbers.
Which statement is applicable when using a sketch for making a part? The sketch must show all information to manufacture the part. The sketch may be used only if supplemented with three view orthographic projection drawings. The sketch need not show all necessary construction details.
Of the following, when and/or where is galvanic corrosion is most likely to occur? When an electrolyte (water) covers the surface of an aluminum skin, seeps into the cracks between lap joints, and oxygen is excluded from the area. At the interface of a steel fastener and aluminum alloy inspection plate in the presence of an electrolyte. In an area of unprotected metal exposed to an atmosphere containing battery fumes, exhaust gases, or industrial contaminants.
When computing weight and balance, an airplane is considered to be in balance when: all moment arms of the plane fall within CG range. the movement of the passengers will not cause the moment arms to fall outside the CG range. the average moment arm of the loaded airplane falls within its CG range.
What is generally used in the construction of aircraft engine firewalls? Chrome molybdenum alloy steel. Stainless steel. Titanium nickel alloy.
Which is correct concerning a parallel circuit? Total resistance will be smaller than the smallest resistor. Total voltage drop is the same as the total resistance. Total resistance will decrease when one of the resistances is removed.
Improper loading of a helicopter which results in exceeding either the fore or aft CG limits is hazardous due to the: coriolis effect being translated to the fuselage reduction or loss of effective cyclic pitch control reduction or loss of effective collective pitch control.
If dye penetrant inspection indications are not sharp and clear, the most probable cause is that the part: was not correctly degaussed before the developer was applied was not thoroughly washed before developer was applied has no appreciable damage.
In the four-digit aluminum index system number 2024, the first digit indicates: the number of major alloying elements used in the metal the percent of alloying metal added the major alloying element.
The amount of electricity a capacitor can store is directly proportional to the: distance between the plates and inversely proportional to the plate area plate area and is not affected by the distance between the plates plate area and inversely proportional to the distance between the plates.
Forward biasing of a solid state device will cause the device to: conduct via zener breakdown turn off conduct.
Repeatedly applying mechanical force to most metals such as rolling, hammering, bending, or twisting commonly results in a condition known as: stress corrosion cracking tempering or drawing cold working, strain, or work hardening.
A drawing in which the subassemblies or parts are shown as brought together on the aircraft is called: a detail drawing a sectional drawing an installation drawing.
A certain amount of slack must be left in a flexible hose during installation because, when under pressure, it: contracts in length and expands in diameter expands in length and contracts in diameter expands in length and diameter.
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