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FI - I

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FI - I

FI - I


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Which of the statement is true Check Deposit and bank statement function Require bank G/L account to be classified into main bank account and bank sub account. Require the cash position and liquidity forecast. Can be use if you do not have cash management module in production Permits customer to tailor the entry screen for check deposit and manual bank statement to there own needs. Use the same account determination logic.
Which type of currency will R/3 always track when posting a document? Local currency Group currency Transaction currency Group & transaction currency Local & transaction currency.
What controls whether a line item is a debit or credit and specifies the type of account for a line item. Posting key. Document type Account group Field status.
Where are the posting period defined ? Posting period variant. Fiscal year variant. Field status variant Field status variant.
Between which functions in the FI-MM module does a direct relationship exist? Requirement planning- Invoice Verification Invoice verification- Account Payable Inventory Audit- Invoice Verification. Purchasing Invoice Verification. Goods issue to a production order G/L account.
The date format can be defined by the following: System User Company Plant.
The integration between FI and CO is realized using An additional background job in internal cost accounting without an additional account assignment. An online job in internal cost accounting without an additional account assignment A number of condition tables and access sequence An additional account assignment with specification of the assignment object. A batch input job to move the values from one to the other.
Identify the benefits offered by the mySAP.com Market place. Personalized home page available for registered user. Streamlined business process flow with one step business. Access to broad scope of supplies Reduce interaction costs with external partner. Content rich communities available for better decision-making and to interact with other business partner.
What is a flow definition? A flow sequence that you can schedule comprising task types such as programs transaction notes and so on. A simplified workflow with programs, fork, user decisions and other workflows included as possible tasks. A job started under the control of schedule manager. A spreadsheet containing details of every thing needed for a period end closing. A document in which period end closing has been defined.
Which component relate to the schedule manager ? Scheduler for scheduling tasks Appointment calendar of management Monitor Flow definition Monitoring of working hours.
Which of the following statement about one time account are correct Must use account group defined for one time vendor. One time account group must use defined number range.
Which of the following about vendor transaction is correct. Vendor down payment is shown on balance sheet under normal reconciliation account for payables. Special g/l transaction is one, which is included in spl purpose ledger under coding block in G/L account. A vendor down payment request cannot be included in payment program to produce down payment A vendor down payment request is a noted item. vendor down payment is cleared after final invoice is received from vendor.
Co. code 1000 needs to classify operating expenses that cannot directly be attributed to sale according to the requirement of cost of sales accounting. This classification is made using which of the following. Functional Area Cost center. Profit center Profitability segment.
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