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Fuori paniere inglese 4


Maria Anna
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Creation Date: 20/04/2024

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It has nothing to _ with you made do did make.
The species of seagull is not a _ of the island, but will sometimes rest here a while citizen neighbour resident national.
I'm so thirsty, I could really do _ a cup of the tea none of them with (mi andrebbe) over in.
How do you say in English the part of bike you sit on? pump brick saddle umpire.
During the examms students _look of their sheet should must have to had better.
The House _ they have rented is in the center of town whose whom that who.
Doesn't it _you as strange that it's the middle of April and it's snowing? touch strike occur hit.
I'll tell you this, beacause I am worried about you: you_ listen to lawyer and pay that fine, otherwise you will be evicted ought to should have to must.
I need a good explanation of all the costs _ in buying a new car concerned implied involved effected.
I'll have to come by bus as my a car _ was repared is repering will be repaired is being repaired.
I am not hungry, so I _ eat right now mustn't don't need to don't have shouldn't.
It _ good seems wills seems is seeming seem.
Joe walked along the _ of the plane and found his seat path aisle (corridoio) corridor lane.
I'm regret helping him during the exam. If only I _him helped had helped hadn't helped didn't help.
The past tense of spend is spended none of above spand spund.
By Christmas Michal will_ as project manager for 3 years be working have worked have been working work.
Has she _ to him about it? told spoken did said.
Choose between past simple and past perfect: After William ___(finish) school, he __(start) looking for a job had finished/start has finish/will start had finished/started finished/had started.
She's _out for lunch. She'll be back at two o'clock been none of above gone went.
Lucy is_ sage _ determinate not/and both/and as hand.
Joseph will be really tired this evening because he _ basketball with his friends we be playing play will play will have been playing.
I can't get into my house because I _ my keys lost will lost have lost will be lost.
I wish I _never _ in the sun, I have a splitting headache now was/sitting had/sat did/sit di/sit.
She_a lot of money does do makes make.
What is _, Melissa said, 'I feel I'am being completely ignored' else more plus extra.
Could you_ me a favour? made make did do.
I am confused what_I do? should need must ought to.
By the end of this month we _ for five years will be dating will date will have been dating will be dated.
I don't believe you, you_ be joking should can will must.
By November, we'll _ here for five years live are living have been living will live.
Sitting next to Joe an 8 year-old-boy who also _ to be quite nervous. Joe knew he was quite good with childre, so he decided to try to calm the boy appered set was showed.
In our society people spend more and more time __ working to working Non of above to work.
The British Prime Minister __was iterviewed yesterday, denied responsability who whose whom which.
The doctor told him to loose weight quickly or pay the __ later in life cost fee price fine.
Complete the sentence with the articles a or an : Tony bought __ book and he really liked it a an .
I dind't stay behind because I wanted to, I did so beacuse it was my_ shift duty chore work.
I haven't made up my mind about my holiday yet but I __go to Laos must might musn't will.
Billy: are you going to the party? Sally: I'm not sure. I__go. mustn't don't have to might have to .
Dinner__ in the main room serves serve has served is served.
Choose the best word to fill the space: The __then became quite cheerful as he explained that he loved chocolate so much youths younguster juvenile young.
They __ a few minutes ago will leave left have left had left.
Look someone __ their handbag in the room left has left had left will leave.
There was a __ debate about the mddle east, when they mouved to a vote main lively nimble flexible.
The school,__ have 700 students, had the best exam results in the country last year whose that who which.
She___ill since Tuesday had been will be has been was.
I'm not used to__ up this early non fo above getting get got .
A small blind animal which lives under the ground snail ant mole (talpa) lizard.
Expression like 'it is best (that) ot it is essential (taht) are followed by the subjunctive conditionals the gerund the infinitive.
Much of the neigbourhood was demolished in the 1940s when living __ ad deteriorated conditions states cicunstances situation.
Complete (2nd conditional) : If Nigel ___ the truth, he __ you knew/would telling konw/ telling knew/ would tell know/tell.
____us the story again tell say tells says.
They should _____their duty did made do make.
He worked there ___several years none of above although while since.
The company ____ceo is under investigation, is doing vary badly whose that whom wich.
He did them ____of a lot of money with his lies none of them up down out.
Come ____hurry up! You should have finished ages ago! on into up in.
Could you ____me the right time please? told sais say tell.
What do you thing those me were doing in Charles's garden yesterday? I aspect thae'll be some gardening I expect they'll have been doing some gardening I expect they'll some gardering I expect they do some gardering.
Are you ____anything tonight doing do make none of above.
How do you say in English the line between two countries broom border shears trick.
Choose between past simple and the past perferct. The burglars __already ____the money, before the police ____ had/ take/ arrived has/took/arrived had/taking/ arrived had/ taken/arrived.
I would have visited you before if there ____quite a lot of people in your house aren't hadn't wasn't hadn't been.
Sitting next to Joe was an 8 years hold boy also _____to be quite nervous appeared was showed sat.
What's _______with you? You look so unhappy down in up out.
She climbed _____Everest a Mount Mount none of above The Mount.
How do you say in English: a woman on her wedding day? bride hen saint broom.
The mural _____by the famous artist for over six months by the time it has finished will be painted was painted is going to be painted we have been being painted.
He ___there when he was a child will live lived had lived had lived.
Will you be angry if I ____your pocket dictionary? had stolen were to steal stole steal.
That's what everbody tell is saying say is telling.
You can come and _____us performing this operation, if you want gaze observe discover look.
The past tense of think thought thunk None throught.
I have been living here ___July for since none of above although.
A large brush for sweeping the floor plane bucket scissors broom (scopa).
Complete the sentence with the correct quantifier: Dave gave me ____books but I haven'tread ____of them a lot of/ none much/one many/any both/and.
Marie Curie, one of the best -known _____in working with radiation, died in 1934 rebels debutant revolutionaire pioneers.
If I move to the country, it will mean _____a long way every day travel travelling to travel will travel.
It's time to go. I'm ____ off on out in.
This time next week, I _____here for 2 yaars will work are working will be working I will have been working.
If the wall werwn't so high, he _____it up to take his hole down is climbing climbed could climb climb.
I wish I ____drive so that I could travel can should would could.
Complete the sentence using a connector: Lynn is a musician but she is _____a mum and also too so.
If it _______the children, the life would be so tedious were weren't for were for is .
The local resident are getting ____a petition to the protest about the motoway plans round off up or none of above.
I've been reading the book for weeks now The person hasn't finished reading book non of above The person has finished reading the book The person will read the book.
Complete the sentence using the passive: The main event _____(wiil+host)by that famous actor next month will be hosted will hosting will hosted will host.
I _____her since last year will see haven't see didn't see hadn't see.
They ____a few minutes ago left have left had left will leave.
Which of these is an adverb? Lonely Lovely Friendly.
The coffee was _____ hot to drink too very so either could be used here.
If you can't make _____what's written, change the zoom level and it'll become clearer out for up off.
A few friend came _____last night, which was a pleasant surprise out round (venire a trovarci) into in.
It appears______drizzling non of above to be being to being.
She came _______a lot of money, when her aunt died up with across in into (ereditare).
Children mustn't get _____strangers cars in on out none of above.
Sh's gone to Madrid. She _____ will go there non more is still there sh's come back none .
We altered our final_______of yerly profits, due to more accurate advertising and marketing costs expectation forecast expectancy wishes.
Jet lag couses problems with our ____clock biological natural rytmical.
I'm flying to Barcelona tonight. This time tomorrow, I'll _____on a beach drinking mojitos be lying lie have beeb lying will lie.
I ___the project last night have finished finished had finished will finished.
I think he is not at home. If he _____in, he ______ the phone were/would had been/ would have answered were/ will answer was/answered.
This much is important for me. I _____win have to must might need to.
I expect Maria will be tired when she arrives. She ____over 13 hours will be travelling will have travelled will travel will have been travelling.
THe teacher asked them to get _____the work quietly on to none of above on up on down.
How do you say in English: a thin piece of metal with a sharp point? attic score mole needle.
The rain will _for most the morning, but we are expecting a brighter afternoon insist consist resist persist.
They're all adverbs. except : Great Early Hard.
Two years ago, the gold_____in a cave near the tpo of the mountain was discovered had been discovered is discovered has been discovered.
Complete (2nd conditional): Paul and Lidia _____a new house, if they _____enough money buyed/have had would buy/had buy/will have would buy/ having.
Nobody _____the phone when it rang has answered will be answered answered will answer.
_______many people think the way I do... too very either none of above.
If only you _____the chance to speak, I would have explained gave had given give would give.
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