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Complete the sentences with the verb "Be" in the past. I ______________ at home yesterday. was were is are.
Use the simple past of the verb "BE" She ________ at the Shopping Mall. was were is are.
Match the following words accordingly. age city curly and long tall and skinny e-mail address last name.
Most comedians try to follow the rule, "Be yourself." Not Danny Gans. In his Las Vegas show, the goal of Gans is always: "Be someone else." In fact, in a single show, Danny Gans is dozens of people, doing amazing impressions of such celebrities as: Bill Clinton, Bruce Springsteen, Ricky Martin, George W. Bush, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Michael Jackson, and many many others. The funny thing is, Gans never wanted to be a comedian. At age 20, he was a pro baseball player, ready to play in the major leagues. An injury forced Gans to turn to comedy. He has never looked back. In fact, Gans recently signed a $150 million contract to perform at the Mirage Hotel for the next ten years. Danny Gans is a very successful comedian. Gans does not do impressions of presidents. Gans played baseball in the major leagues for four years.
There are a number of customs that do not seem obvious to an outsider. In Indonesia people will never hand you something with their left hand. The left hand is considered unclean in Indonesian culture. In Thailand people never walk into a home with their shoes on. Thai people also do not point to a person with their feet. To Thais, the feet are considered the lowest part of the body. In Denmark, names are important. Before they name a baby, all Danish parents must submit the name to the government for review. About 20 percent of names are rejected. For example, the name Molli got rejected because of its spelling. The name Apple got rejected because it is a fruit. It is unclean to eat with your hand in Indonesia. In Thailand, people never wear their shoes in their homes. The Danish government cares about how your baby's name is spelled.
Match the following words. drugstore apples and bananas carrots and corn cheese and milk toy store department store.
Match the following words accordingly. traffic affordable mail letters work out see a movie get a haircut.
Miguel has ____________________ different teachers. much many.
We don't have ________________ food in the refrigerator. much many.
Natural Market has ___________________ kinds of cheese. any many.
Complete the sentences with a, an, some, or any. Do you want to buy _____________ ice cream cone? We have ___________chocolate nuts to put on top. an/some a/any.
We don't have _____________ food in the refrigerator. much many.
Match the following definitions with the correct word in the right. This is how you feel when you have to give a speech in front of a lot of people. What is it? This is what you do when you meet someone new. What is it? This is something you do with your eye to show that you're not completely serious. What is it? This is how you might feel when your team loses the big game. What is it? This how you feel on a rainy day when you have nothing to do. What is it? This is what you do to show where something is. What is it?.
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