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Which of the following attributes can’t be associated with SAP Build? Cloud-based tool Used to build complete responsive prototypes Enables writing JavaScript code for data binding in advanced mode Generates SAPUI5 starter code for the finalized prototype.
This floorplan can be used to guide the user through the data entry process, one step at a time. Overview page Object page Worklist Wizard.
Which control is recommended to show multiple messages from the server on a form? sap.m.Dialog sap.m.MessageStrip sap.m.MessageBox sap.m.MessagePopover.
In SAP Build, you need to create the following object for getting feedback on the prototype from users. Feedback Study Team Dialog.
Which of the following is not an objective of the draft feature within SAP Fiori. Enable the lock feature. Allow the user to continue data entry at a later point in time. Prevent loss of data due to network failure. Allow data review by peers.
Which application type provides information about a business object or a transaction? Transaction apps Analytical apps Fact sheet apps.
The process of combining the functionality of multiple GUI transactions into one SAP Fiori app is called decomposition. True False.
An overview page is made up of Tiles Cards Charts Tables.
SAP-provided SAP Fiori apps represent which part of SAP’s UX strategy? New Renew Enable Empower.
Which of these services are not part of SAP UX Design Services? Design Thinking workshops Advice on technologies Train the developers on Design Thinking Train the end users on the application.
Which of these key design principle talks about having a single UI language? Simple Coherent Adaptive Delightful.
Which apps are usually opened from search results or by clicking drilldown links within other SAP Fiori apps? Fact sheet apps Analytical apps KPI apps Transactional apps.
In a Design Thinking process, which of the following tasks belong to the problem space? Understand Observe Ideate Test.
Which of the following is the final converging step in the solution space of Design Thinking process? Test Point-of-view Prototype Ideate.
In SAP Build, by using the Invite Team option, you send the study to users for feedback on the prototype. True False.
What is the limitation of the SAP Build free trial? Limited time trial Limited number of team members Limited number of users Limited number of active projects.
In SAP Build, which of the following is not a valid feedback response? Free text Multiple-choice options Editing the prototype Annotation on the prototype.
18. Which of the following tools does not allow you to create responsive prototypes? Microsoft PowerPoint stencils Axure stencils SAP Build.
A message toast can be used in which of the following scenarios? A message indicating a successful update A message asking the user to confirm an action A message warning the user A message informing the user that an action failed.
Overview page can be displayed on the SAP Fiori launchpad. True False.
Which of the following is not one of the advantage of SAP Web Dispatcher? Acts as a switch to allow or block certain HTTP requests Performs load balancing Replaces the SAP Gateway server Acts as a reverse proxy for SAP Fiori apps.
What is true about an SAP Gateway server or frontend server in a hub architecture? It’s the same as the SAP business system server. This is where OData implementations are coded. The SAP Fiori UI repository is located here. It can connect to only one SAP backend server.
In SAP Fiori architecture for SAP Business Suite systems, which type of application does not require an SAP Web Dispatcher? Transactional apps KPI apps Fact sheet apps Smart Business apps.
Which of the following is not one of the advantages of the hub deployment architecture? Lower TCO Better security Routing to multiple backend business systems Separation of innovation lifecycles.
Which of the following describe the OData provisioning service? (2 correct answers) Provides an SAP Fiori UI repository to store app-specific UIs Provides a way to register and expose OData services Lowers TCO of the SAP Gateway landscape Used in the internal access point scenario of SAP Fiori Cloud.
UI theme designer is available in which platforms? (3 correct answers) SAP Cloud Platform SAP Mobile Platform SAP Enterprise Portal SAP ABAP Server (frontend server).
UI theme designer cannot be used to perform which of the following? Use a CSS editor to change CSS properties to affect an SAPUI5 application Add background images to tiles using Expert mode Add a custom logo to SAP Fiori launchpad Change the background color of a button when it is hovered over.
Transaction /UI5/THEME_TOOL does not offer which of the following capabilities? Upload Download Transport Copy.
You need to set the binding context explicitly for a page and all its child controls. Which binding type would you use? Aggregation binding Element binding Property binding Resource binding.
Which is a widely used SAPUI5 view type while building an SAP Fiori app? JSON view JavaScript view XML view HTML view.
Which of the following is the file name for the descriptor for applications, components, and libraries? app_descriptor.json manifest.json application.xml i18n.properties.
Which lifecycle event would you use if you need a hook every time a view is rendered? onAfterRendering onAfterShow onInit onAfterViewRender.
Which model is used to fetch data from the server and update data into the server? OData model JSON model XML model Resource model.
Which form factor is suggested for nontouch scenarios? Compact Compress Cozy Bigger.
In a JavaScript view, this method returns a tree of SAPUI5 controls to be part of the view. getContent buildControlTree getController createContent.
Which OData version is supported by SAPUI5 OData sap.ui.model.odata.ODataModel? V1 V2 V3 V4.
Which is the default file in the internationalization (i18n) folder? i18n.properties i18n_default.properties i18n_en.properties i18n_de.properties.
Which of the following is not an advantage of an MVC pattern? Reusability Code readability Better performance Increased speed of development.
It’s always better to use expression binding wherever possible. True False.
As of SAPUI5 version 1.44, which of the following is an advantage of using AMD syntax. Better performance Better code readability Future compatibility with asynchronous module loading Reduced bandwidth usage.
In this root tag of an XML view, which is the default namespace? <mvc:View xmlns:mvc="sap.ui.core.mvc" xmlns="sap.m" xmlns:layout="sap.ui.commons. layout" controllerName="ViewTypes.controller.View1" height="100%"> sap.ui.core.mvc sap.m sap.ui.commons.layout sap.ui.commons.
Routing configuration can be specified in which two of the following places. Controller Component manifest.json Index.htm.
A fragment, when included as part of an existing view, inherits the model as well as the binding context. True False.
Which is the recommended tool for developing and extending SAP Fiori apps? Eclipse Mars SAP Web IDE SAP Cloud Connector Git.
Which of the following is not a benefit of cloud computing? Scalability Cost benefit Reliability Application performance.
Which of the following is not offered as a of cloud service? Platform Software Training Infrastructure.
Neo is an SAP Cloud Platform environment based on open source technology and standard. True or False? True False.
Which of the following is not a feature provided by SAP Web IDE? Multiple workspaces to manage and organize your code Ability to perform Application Build Provides a graphical editor to create an XML view Provides a mock server to work with test data.
When you want to update the committed code in your local repository into the remote repository, which command would you run? Commit Pull Push Update.
Which of the following is a valid way to import applications into SAP Web IDE? Import from Eclipse SAPUI5 plug-in Import from a different SAP Web IDE’s workspace Import from a different SAP Cloud Platform’s Git repository Import from subversion (SVN).
What is the extension of an OData model metadata file? .edmx .xml .json .exe.
Which file contains the minified version of application files? application-preload.js library-preload.js project-preload.js component-preload.js.
Which folder contains the file component preload.json? dist webapp project app.
Which view type can be visualized from layout editor? JSON JavaScript XML.
Which of the following is not a feature of SAP Web IDE multi-cloud version on SAP Cloud Platform? Grunt task runner available A Multitarget application can be created Register the app to On-premise SAP Fiori launchpad Import from SAP Build.
In an OData service, this is usually cached in the browser as well as in the SAP Gateway layer. Query Service operation Metadata Read.
Which of the following cannot be bookmarked in an SAP Fiori app? Filters Dialogs Tabs None.
Which of the following concepts is used to group multiple OData change requests as a single logical operation? Batch Group Change set Expand .
If an OData operation does not fit into any of Create/Read-Query/Update/Delete, then which of the following options can be used? Function modules Service operations Metadata update Deep Insert.
Within the MPC, which of the following methods is triggered upon metadata request. DEFINE GET_METADATA DEFINE_META GET_ENTITIES.
An $expand URL will contain which of the following to represent the child entities? Child entity set name Navigation property name Association name Child entity name.
How does the SAP Gateway framework determine if the create request is a single entity create or a Deep Insert? URL contains navigation properties HTTP headers URL ends with key word “Deep” Request body contains the parent as well as child Entity data.
Which is the right place to declare router configurations? manifest.json index.html Component.js router.js.
Which events get triggered in a facet filter upon the user completing the selection of facet filter values (or closing the facet filter dialog)? (2 possible answers) Confirm ListOpen ListClose Reset.
An SAP Fiori app’s component is made up of which of the following files? (2 correct answers) index.html Component.js manifest.json resources.json.
An SAP Fiori app needs to be available in at least one of these two places for it to be supported by the SAP Web IDE’s extensibility wizard while creating an extension project. (2 correct answers) SAPUI5 ABAP repository Tomcat server SAP Cloud Platform SAP Web IDE’s workspace.
The component configuration contains which of the following? Default properties of the component Information about extensions performed Application-related information Inheritance information of the component.
View modifications can be done only if the SAPUI5 control has an explicit ID. True False.
All extension points within an SAP Fiori app are documented in which of the following? support.launchpad.com sap.com answers.sap.com fioriappslibrary.hana.ondemand.com.
When you need to hide a UI element, would you choose view modification or view replacement? View modification View replacement.
Which of these isn’t a valid option while choosing a replacement service? Service URL in a destination PC’s file system Direct URL to an OData service Service catalog of an SAP Gateway system.
When an i18n resource text customization extension is performed, what is the result? A new empty i18n folder is created on the extension app A new i18n folder is created on the extension app with content copied from the standard app.
When you use a controller replacement strategy, which of the following is true about lifecycle methods? onInit and onAfterRendering methods are called after the standard controller while onBeforeRendering and onExit are called before Lifecycle methods aren’t called.
When you want to replace the existing label of a screen element, what is the right extension to use? View extension Controller extension i18n extension Extension point.
SAPUI5 controller extensions use the inheritance concept. True or False? True False.
An SAP Fiori app deployed to an SAP Gateway system can be registered on an SAP Cloud Platform portal site. True False.
Which of the following objects is not one of the objects that gets created upon deploying an SAP Fiori app to an SAP Gateway system? Nodes in Transaction SICF An ABAP function module A BSP application in the ABAP repository.
By adding an SAP Fiori group to a user’s role, which of the following happens? User gets authorization to all the tiles within the SAP Fiori group User gets all the tiles within the SAP Fiori group in his SAP Fiori launchpad All the tiles within the group are marked as user’s favorite tiles All the tiles within the group are added to user’s home group.
What is the name of the SAP Cloud Platform service allowing you to create SAP Fiori launchpads? Launchpad Site Dashboard Portal.
In the on-premise SAP Fiori launchpad, where are the application’s URL and component name provided? Tile definition Target mapping Group definition Project settings.
When an SAP Fiori app is deployed to an SAP Gateway system, it’s accessible from this URL of the SAP Gateway system. /sap/bc/ui5/sap/<app name> /sap/bc/nw/fiori/<app_name> /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/<app_name> /sap/bc/fiori/sap/<app_name>.
An SAP Fiori application in an SAP Gateway system is represented by which of the following? BSP application Module pool program Web Dynpro application Function module.
Consider a scenario in which you updated an SAPUI5 application which was already deployed in the ABAP repository and now redeployed it after the update. What is expected? Only the changed files are updated into the ABAP repository Changed files are deleted and recreated, others are left as-is All files are updated regardless of which were changed Automatically updated in a linked Git repository.
When you deploy an SAP Fiori application to SAP Cloud Platform for the first time, which of the following are true? (2 correct answers) The app gets registered to the default SAP Fiori app A new HTML5 app gets created on SAP Cloud Platform A new Git repository gets created on SAP Cloud Platform All existing members get access to the new application .
Which of the following is not true about unit tests? Easy to write Helps to identify the location of bugs Tests the interaction of multiple code components Developer writes it.
While testing, where should the least amount of efforts be invested? Unit testing Integration testing Manual testing.
When will the following assertion pass? assert.ok( status,"Success"); When variable status has value integer 0 Only when the value in variable status is equal to string “Success” When status evaluates to Boolean true Only when the variable status has a value string ‘OK’.
Which of the following is true about an OPA page? (2 correct answers) It contains function definitions that are used in integration tests. It contains integration tests for a specific SAPUI5 view. It’s directly added to the HTML page running the integration tests. It’s usually created directly under the integration folder.
Which OPA5 configuration parameter can be used to slow down the execution of integration tests for comfortable viewing? delay timeOut executionDelay slow.
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