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You create a new table definition using the ABAP Dictionary andmaintain the database-specific technical settings. Why do you create a row storeinstead of a column store table? Please choose the correct answer. To limit the unpacking and reconstruction of rows To allow creation of a full-text index To limit the need of indexes To limit the data footprint.
Which of the following is not involved in database table of “The New ABAP SQLMonitor – Architecture”? Choose the correct answer Performance data table Selection data table Runtime monitor data Critical data table.
You have created a CDS view as follows: define view zha400 as select from spfli association[*] to sflight as _flights on spfli.carrid =_flights.carrid and spfli.connid =_flights.connid { … } Given that table sflight also contains the field planetype, how must you addressthe fields carrid and planetype from table SFLIGHT? Please choose the correct answer. _flights.carrid and planetype carr id and _flights.planetype _flights.carrid and _flight.s .planetype carrid and planetype.
An Analytic Privilege consists of several restrictions. What arethey? There 3 correct answers to this question Analytic restrictions Cube restrictions Activity restrictions Validity restrictions View restrictions.
Which of the following repository object can you edit only in ABAPDevelopment tools in Eclipse and not in the Classical ABAP workbench? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Full-text index Core Data service (CDS) view Database procedure proxy ABAP program containing new Open SQL External view.
ABAP 7.4 provides support for optimizing ABAP applicationsrunning on SAP HANA. What are these Transparent Optimizations? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Re- use components have been extended or optimized for SAP HANA Do all the data processing in Application server Performance analysis tools have been improved The ABAP language and the OpenSQL language have been extended The consumption of SAP HANA artifacts was simplified.
You are using a calculated column COUNTS within your DimensionCalculation View and an aggregation node. This is the data that goes into theaggregation node: What does the result of the aggregation look like? Please choose the correct answer. Option A Option B Option C Option D.
When would you use a column store table instead of a row storetable? There are 2 correct answers to this question. When you require aggregation and analysis of values When there are mainly distinct values in the table When you want to enable a full-text search of the table When the table has a small number of records.
Why is a security concept in SAP HANA required? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Editing of SAP HANA data models should only be possible for “Users.” of the model Need to have selected users in SAP HANA for Information Management Access to ERP tables must be restricted Database administration should be restricted to skilled.
What are the Possible Approaches with AS ABAP < 7.4 SP02? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Interaction with Database Stored Procedures Consume using native SQL SQL units.
What are the steps involved in SAP HANA Evolution? There are 3 correct answers to this question. ABAP can access SAP HANA ABAP can run on SAP HANA Optimized ABAP on SAP HANA ABAP applications on SAP HANA ABAP as accelerator on SAP HANA.
DB-Specific Properties that allows switching between storage typeswhen running on an SAP HANA database. What are these storage types? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Column store ROW store Re-use component store Development Store Technology store.
What do you understand by The SAP HANA Software Optimization? Choose the correct answer Speed up the processing within the database Provide combinations of Objects and Partitioning Bring logic to where the data is calculated first, then only move to results Huge potential for hybrid database.
Discuss the main capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects Analysis forOffice? There are 2 correct answers to this question Suggests style sets for crosstabs Sort data by characteristics Analyze data with the design panel Convert crosstab cells to formula.
What are the key points that should be kept in mind whileperforming the Nonautomatic update in SAP HANA Transport Container? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Changes to Delta Container You need to refresh the content of the container manually Take snapshot manually before releasing of the container Automatic release of units.
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