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Where is the pricing of a Bill of Material item controlled? Higher level item Item category Item type Item category group .
Which organizational elements are mandatory for the order-to-cash process? Business area Warehouse number Plant Company code .
Which of the following organizational unit assignments are possible in the order-to-cash business process? You can assign a plant to only one sales organization You can assign a shipping point to multiple plants You can assign more than one distribution channel to a sales organization You can assign a sales organization to multiple company codes .
Which elements determine a shipping point automatically? Transportation group Delivering plant Loading group Shipping condition Storage condition .
What is the characteristic of an access sequence? It contains the steps showing how the condition types are linked It contains the hierarchy of the condition tables search It represents the properties of the pricing conditions It defines the key fields of the condition records .
What is maintained in a pricing procedure? Condition type Step Access sequence Condition table .
What is used to determine a pricing procedure? Sales area Sold-to party Ship-to party Sales document type Item category .
Your company wants to set up a freight surcharge with sales based on a total weight of all items in a sales order. How do you set up this requirement? As a header condition As a group condition With a calculation rule With a graduated-to interval scale .
What can you set in a valid condition record to block its use in a sales order? Release status Calculation type Scale basis type Validity date .
Which of the following are parts of SAP Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA? Business Explorer Solution Explorer Scope Items Building Blocks Solution Package .
Which of the following are capabilities of multidimensional reporting in SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics? Filters Forecast Scheduling Sort Drilldown.
Where can you set the delivery relevance? Ship-to party Schedule line category Item category Sales document type .
Where do you assign a contract profile? Billing document type Sales document type Customer master Item category .
What are the sources of the time components that are used for the delivery and transportation scheduling? Route Loading group Plant Shipping point .
You want to combine items from different sales orders into one delivery document. Which common characteristics are required? Shipping point Payment terms Ship-to party Order type.
What are characteristics of the make-to-order process with Assembly Processing? The production order is directly created from the sales order The material is stored in a sales order specific stock The sales order requires a phantom item for the transfer of requirement The sales order directly initiates the posting of the goods issue .
You save a billing document for an invoice. What happens? The credit limit check is performed The account receivable is posted The document flow is updated The goods issue is posted .
Which of the following sequences describe a part of a sales process? Quotation → Warehouse Order → Post goods issue → Invoice Cash sales → Delivery → Post goods issue → Invoice → Post financial accounting Delivery → Post goods issue → Invoice → Invoice cancellation Invoice → Invoice correction request → Post goods issue → Invoice .
Which packing option can be configured for a delivery item category? Packing mandatory Packing seasona Packing not allowed Packing allowed Packing automatic.
Your customer wants to ship as much material as possible on a requested date and does NOT want any subsequent deliveries in case of shortage. What do you set to achieve this requirement? The “Complete delivery” indicator in the sales order header The “Only complete delivery (per item) allowed” indicator The “No limit to subsequent deliveries” indicator The “One delivery with quantity greater than zero has to be created” indicator.
When you migrate customer information from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA, what must you do? Convert all customers and vendors to business partners Update all custom code that calls customer master transactions Convert all open sales orders to the new data model .
What changes were made to the SAP ERP SD data model when it was converted to SAP S/4HANA? The document flow table was changed to a process overview table that combines document flow and status information The document index tables were optimized for analytics Status fields were moved to the corresponding header and item tables The field length extension of the SD document category (VBTYP) was reduced to a 1-character data element .
What activity is supported by the Sales Order Fulfillment Monitor? resolve shipping issues Resolve incomplete data Change KPI data for sales Track warehouse orders recheck credit.
Which characteristics apply to listing and exclusion? An existing condition record for a listing can be switched to an exclusion The listing and exclusion procedures are determined the same way as a pricing procedure in a sales order Listing and exclusion is based on the condition technique A single sales document can have both a listing and exclusion procedures assigned simultaneously .
What types of issues can you resolve with SAP Smart Business for Sales Order Fulfillment? Reverse Invoice List Incomplete data Unconfirmed quantities Account determination Billing block.
Which steps must be completed to implement a new SAP Fiori tile for a specific evaluation? Define the required thresholds Create the tile and assign it to the KPI Create a new KPI Create the exception report in the background system Create the tile and assign it to the evaluation.
What can you do in the Sales Order Fulfillment Monitor? Start automatic pricing update for all sales orders Check and edit the payment terms on header and/or item level Monitor sales orders in critical stages Execute order-related billing .
Which functions can be used with the Smart Business modeler apps? Create KPI Manage KPI authorizations Create an attribute view for KPI data Migrate KPI data .
What can sales representatives do using SAP Smart Business tools? Edit the payment terms in a sales order Resolve issues with sales orders blocked for delivery or billing Obtain a graphical overview of sales documents and their status Allocate a sales order to a different sales area Request creation of new business partner master data.
What type of framework is SAP Smart Business? Transactional framework Closed framework Open framework .
You want to be able to maintain a new partner function in the customer role of the business partner master and have it copied as a proposal to the sales order. How do you achieve this? Choose 2 Mark the new partner function as relevant for sales documents and customer role of the business partner master. Include the new partner function in the partner determination procedure of the relevant account group Ensure that the customer role of the business partner master is the source for the new partner function in the sales order Include the new partner function in the relevant copy control from the customer role of the business partner master to sales documents .
What is maintained in a free goods master record? The maximum quantity The calculation rule The item category usage The minimum quantity .
A header partner function is to be used and changed on the item level. Which setting do you have to make to achieve this? Include the partner function in the partner determination procedure of the item category Mark the partner function as unique in the partner determination procedure of the sales document type Maintain the sales document header as the relevant source for the partner function Select the ‘Copy partner function’ parameter in the Customizing settings for the item category .
You want to ensure that an incomplete document cannot be saved. How can you achieve this? Assign a status group to the fields that should be checked for completeness Select the ‘Warning’ indicator for the fields in the incompleteness procedure Assign an incompleteness procedure to the respective item categories Set the dialog message for incompletion for the sales document type.
You want to use the material determination in sales orders to replace entered materials if they are not available. How can you achieve this? Choose a substitution reason with the ‘Automatic’ substitution strategy for the material determination Deactivate the ATP check in the schedule line and activate it in the material determination record Deactivate the availability check in the material master and use the material determination instead Adjust the access sequence of the material determination to check the available quantities of the materials .
What does the billing type control? Billing relevance Billing date determination Number range Account determination .
Your customer requires billing to run for all invoices on the day of each month. How do you set up this requirements? Set up a factory calendar for the bill-to-party and assign it to the general billing interface Set up a periodic billing plan for this bill-to-party and assign it to the customer role of the \ business partner master Set up a job for background processing for this payer at the end of each month Set up a factory calendar and assign it to the customer role of the business partner master of the payer .
What are standard “split criteria” for an invoice? Billing date Assignment number Ship-to party Material group .
What must be set up to establish the interface between Sales & Distribution and Financial Accounting? Copy control for accounting General billing interface Account determination Data transfer routine .
What kind of billing plan is used to set up down payments for a sales process? Payment plan Installment plan Milestone billing Periodic billing .
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