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There are already sales orders in the system. You increase the price of your products and want to invoice the new price for all unbilled sales orders. How can you achieve this? Set the pricing type in the copy control for the billing documents Use an invoice list for billing Use the billing due list for billing Set the pricing type in the category in the billing documents .
What are standard Sales and Distribution text sources? Customer role of the business partner master Material master Output master Condition master Preceding document .
Your customer wants to ensure that any subsequent text changes in a source document are automatically transferred to the subsequent document. Which option in standard Sales and Distribution is available to fulfill this requirement? Transfer routine Requirement routine Referencing text Copying text .
You manually change the item category of a quotation item and create a subsequent sales order. You do NOT want the item category in the sales order to be determined automatically. How do you achieve this? Enter an alternative item category in the sales order type Choose “reference mandatory” in the quotation type Define an item category usage for the item category determination Maintain a default item category in the copy control .
What are characteristics of text determination? The access step in the access sequence has a text source The text type in the procedure can be set as mandatory Text determination uses condition records Pricing condition record texts can be used as a standard text source .
Which process step is mandatory in outbound delivery? Transportation planning Picking Packing Posting the goods issue .
Which of the following actions can you directly execute in the SAP Fiori app “Manage Sales Orders”? Reject all items in a sales order Release credit blocks Remove billing blocks Create sales orders Create billing documents .
In SAP S/4HANA, what does SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) determine during sales order fulfillment? The sequence of transport unit unloading The optimal utilization of container space The applicable put away strategy The stocked and suitable storage bins .
In SAP S/4HANA Sales, which steps in the sale from stock process are optional? Calculate freight costs Create sales order Create sales quotation Create delivery .
Which SAP Fiori apps are assigned to business role Internal Sales Representative? Pick Outbound Delivery Sales Order Fulfillment Monitor Manage Billing Documents Manage Sales Quotations .
Which of the following functions are controlled by the delivery item category? Transportation relevance Automatic batch determination Packing control Availability check. Delivery umber assignment .
Which activity can be completed within a shipping process? Packing Scrapping Goods issue posting Execution of transfer posting.
In a sales order, which parameter can be used for the route determination? The shipping condition of the Sold-to party The Incoterms of the Ship-to party The loading group assigned to the material The departure zone of the plant .
Which time elements are included in backward scheduling for a sales order? Shipping processing time Transit time Planned delivery time Loading time .
What can you identify in the customer material information record? A specific route schedule A specific delivering plant A specific delivery agreement The customer-specific price The customer material number .
The shipping condition in a sales order? Bill-to party Payer Ship-to party Sold-to party .
What does the account group control when you create a new customer role in the business partner master? Currency type Number range Partner determination procedure Hidden fields .
When you create a business partner, which categories can you select? Customer Company Group Organization Person .
Which of the following are tables in the SAP S/4HANA sales data model? Business Data Document Flow (Simplified) Status Header LIS Table (Credit Management) .
What type of data does SAP Core Data Services (CDS) use to deliver operational reporting? Hybrid transactional data Aggregated data Live transactional data Replicated transactional data .
What does S/4HANA use by default for billing output management? Adobe forms Condition technique, based on the NAST table SAP cloud platform document service Business rule framework + .
Which of the following are primary functions of EWM? Physical inventory management Cross-docking Inventory management at storage bin level Consolidation and deconsolidation Stock transfers .
Which parameters control the availability check? Checking group Schedule line category Transportation group Loading group.
Which of the following is an outbound process in EWM? Transportation unit processing Picking optimization, packing, staging and load management Internal routing .
Which organizational unit is used for interim storage in EWM? Staging area Door Storage location Activity area .
At which organizational level can the material master be maintained for the “Sales: Sales Org. Data 1 “and “Sales: Sales Org. Data 2” views? Sales organization and distribution channel Sales organization Sales organization, distribution channel, and division Sales organization and plant .
You want to extend the material master record to another sales organization and distribution channel. Which activity do you have to perform to achieve this? Create material type Change material Change material type Create material .
For which condition types can you maintain a condition master record for pricing? Freight – KF00 Costs – VPRS Cash discount – SKTO Surcharges – KP01 .
Which organizational unit represents the geographical aspect of the organization in Sales and Distribution? Sales group Sales district Sales office Distribution channel .
What are characteristics of a shipping point? Shipping points are assigned to plants Shipping points are used are used to create warehouse order Shipping points are required for delivery processing Loading group is used for shipping point determination Shipping points are assigned to a storage location .
Which of the following is contained in a building block of an SAP S/4HANA best practice? Test script Activation content Scope item fact sheet Solution scope .
Which elements contribute to the available quantity an Available-to-Promise (ATP) check for a sales order item? Shipment documents Sales documents Purchase orders Warehouse orders Stocks .
What capabilities does SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics provide? Real time decision support Automatic update of story boards Comparison of current data with historical data to identify trends Strategic analysis.
What are some of the SAP Fiori user types? Developer Employee Business partner Expert Occasional .
In SAP S/4HANA, which embedded analytics tools does an end user have access to? Query designer Multidimensional reporting SAP Smart Business cockpit Custom CDS view app .
How often does SAP HANA create a save point? Every few hours Every few minutes Every few seconds .
What does SAP HANA use to classify the usefulness of data? Colors Temperatures Confidentiality Tiers .
Which of the following settings can you configure in the sales document type? Mandatory reference Delivery relevance Default billing type Schedule lines allowed Immediate delivery .
What does the Schedule Line configuration control? Returns Movement type Transfer of requirements Availability check Delivery group .
What are requirements for customer consignment processing? The consignment pick-up requires a good receipt The consignment returns requires a warehouse task for picking The consignment issue requires a delivery document The consignment fill-up requires a billing document .
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