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Which functional problem can you detect when using RUNTIME CHECK MONITOR (transaction: SRTCM): (una sola risposta esatta) Existence check for secondary indexes Direct access to table pools cluster Use of Native SQL and DB Hints Missing ORDER BY or SORT after select.
In a ABAP Core Data Services (CDS) view what must you do to expose on association for use in another CDS View: (una sola risposta esatta) Define the cardinality of the target entity Include all the fields in the ON condition in the projection list Specify the other view in which the association can be used Specify an alias for the target entity.
You use ABAP Database Connectivity (ABDC) to issue NATIVE SQL calls to the database. Which method of class CL_SQL_RESULT_SET retrieves the entire result set of the native SQL call? (una sola risposta esatta) NEXT_PACKAGE NEXT SET_PARAM_TABLE EXECUTE_QUERY.
Which Task can you perform with the SQL Monitor (SQLM)? (una sola risposta esatta) Capture the SQL profile of an application Combine static and dynamic performance analysis results Search for problematic SELECT * statement Display the execution plan of a SQL Statement.
You are programming a report that read data from a secondary HANA Database DB. What do you need to consider in your SQL Statement? (due risposte corrette) All table and fields you are using must exist in the ABAP Dictionary of the secondary DB You have to specify the DB schema explicity in your statement You have to specify the DB connection explicity in your statement You have to use native sql when reading data from secondary DB.
What benefits does SAP HANA Data compression Provide: (due risposte corrette) Increased parallel processing Optimized data partitioning Reduced memory comsumption Optimized access to column store tables.
Which rules does SAP recommend to improve the performance of ABAP reports on SAP HANA? (due risposte corrette) Ensure the access to buffered tables uses SAP table buffer Ensure the WHERE clause contains at least one index field Perform all calculation and aggregations in ABAP layer Use SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES instead of nested SELECT statements.
you want to move some of the logic of an ABAP program into an ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP) Which of the following are necessary adjustments? (tre risposte corrette) Specify the schema for every table Add explicit client handling Replace ORDER BY addition Replace UP TO n ROWS addition Replace CORRESPONDING FIELDS addition.
which task ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP) framework perform: (una sola risposta esatta) Deploy a new version of the database procedure when the AMDP is first called Deploy the database procedure whenever the AMDP is called Deploy the database procedure when AMDP is first activated Deploy the database procedure whenever the AMDP is activated.
You developed a ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP) you want to allow the enhacencement of this AMDP using a Business Add In (BADi): (tre risposte corrette) a BADI definition a database procedure an enhancement spot a BADI fallback implemetation a BADI sample Implemetation.
Which tools can you use to provide input data for the SQL performance tuning worklist (transanction SWLT) (tre risposte corrette) code inspector (transaction SCI) ABAP test cockpit (transaction ATC) SQL trace (transaction ST05) Database Performance Monitor (transaction DB50) SQL Monitor Transaction SQLM.
What is the purpose of an ABAP Project in ABAP Development tools for eclipse: (due risposte corrette) It is used to transport ABAP repository objects It provides access to all ABAP Repository objects in an ABAP System It represents the connection to an ABAP system It represents the connection to SAP HANA system.
How many result are transferred when a SAP HANA Database procedure is called using the CALL WITH OVERVIEW STATEMENT (una risposta corretta) As many result sets as there are input parameters in the procedure Two result sets One result set As many results set as there are table output parameters in the procedure.
You want to execute a native SQL statement in your program. Why should you use ABAP database connectivity (ADBC) (due risposte corrette) It supports execption handling It supports locking and commit handling It supports where used list It has a syntax check at compiling time.
which of the following features does the ABAP test cockpit offer that the ABAP code inspector not (due risposte corrette) Enhanced distribution of result Documented Checks Configuration of check Variants Flexible Schedule of check runs.
you have created a CDS view as follow: define view zh400 as select from spfli association[*] to sflight as _flights on spfli-carrid = _flights.carrid and spfli.connid = _flights.connid given that table sflight also contain the field planetype how you must address the field carrid and planetype: (una risposta corretta) carrid and planetype _flights.carrid and planetype carrid and _flights.planetype _flights.carrid and _flights.planetype.
What must you take in consideration when you use the new open SQL syntax (available in SAP Netweaver) (due risposte corrette) All ABAP variables must be escaped with a preceding @ sign All fields in the GROUP BY clause must be separated by comma All arithmetic expression can be used for all type of variables All classical open sql statements in your program will become invalid.
which of the following features are added ABAP dictionary to support SAP HANA Database (tre risposte corrette) Change of data class De pooling and De clustering Definition of full text indexes Definition of enhacement category Storage type for tables.
Which data provisioning methods can you use when you need real time replication (due risposte corrette) SAP Landscape Replication Server (SAP SLT) SAP Data Services SAP HANA Direct Extraction Connection SAP replication Server.
you define and implement an ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP) What do you have to list after USING clause? (tre risposte corrette) CE function used in the procedure body ABAP dictionary tables used in the procedure body SAP HANA Views used in the procedure body ABAP Dictionary views used in the procedure body AMDP used in the procedure body.
you define a Core Data Service (CDS) view to merge the result of queries using the UNION keyword. What must the columns lists of the queries contain? (due risposte corrette) All key fields The same number of columns Columns of compatible types Columns of identycal types.
you implement an ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP). Within this AMDP you want to query data from calculation view CA_BOOKING_COUNTS in ha400primdb How you can address the calculation view (due risposte corrette) “ha400primdb::CA_BOOKING_COUNTS” “ha400primdb/CA_BOOKING_COUNTS” _SYS_BIC“ha400primdb/CA_BOOKING_COUNTS” _SYS_BIC“ha400primdb::CA_BOOKING_COUNTS”.
Which of the following tool and programming tecniques use the SQL Data Definition Language (due risposte corrette) Core Data Services (CDS) data definition Core Data Services (CDS) access control ABAP Dictionary Open SQL.
your development team needs to include SAP HANA objects into an ABAP Workbench request. You want to use sap hana transport for ABAP (HTA) and not SAP HANA transport container (HTC) Why would you choose HTA? (due risposte corrette) Because you can manually redeploy object after a failed import Because you always entire transport SAP HANA content package Because you automatically add changed object to the transport request Because you use the technique that is recommended by SAP.
in a graphical calculation view, you want to implement a union between two result sets that differs only in the fact that one of the two has one additional field called ADDRESS. How can achieve this in a UNION node (due risposte corrette) Map the ADDRESS field to a constant value Create a restricted column for the address field Exclude the ADDRESS field from the Union Create an input parameter from the address field.
You are using ABAP Development tools and you have placed your cursor on a method name in a class What key do you use to navigate between a method definition and its implementation? (una risposta corretta) F1 F2 F3 F4.
in SAP HANA SQL you want to create a table whose definition should not be visible in the catalog Which of the following table type fulfil this requirement? (una risposta corretta) HISTORY COLUMN LOCAL TEMPORARY ROW GLOBAL TEMPORARY.
Which of the following repository objects can you edit only in ABAP Development tool in Eclipse and not in the and not in the classical ABAP workbench (tre risposte corrette) ABAP Class with SQL script coding Database Procedure Proxy Data definition Full text index ABAP class with new open SQL Syntax.
What are some of the features availables for SAP list viewer with integrated data access (ALV IDA) (tre risposte corrette) Group rows Double click on rows Display diagram Edit cells Search content.
Which of the Golden rules for Open SQL Performance have become more important with SAP HANA (due risposte corrette) Minimize the number of database access Minimize the search overhead Keep the unnecessary load away from the database Minimize the amount of transferred data.
You created and activated database procedure From where can you call this procedure? (due risposte corrette) From a core data services view From an another database procedure From a script based calculation view From a graphical calculation view.
When using a SAP HANA full text search. What do you have to keep in mind? (una risposta corretta) The full text index is always updated asinchrounsly SAP HANA has to be the primary database to create a full text search The LIKE operator is required in your select statement to implement fuzzy logic The SCORE() function is required to ensure the best hist of your search appears on top.
You have created a CDS view and used alias names for some of its elements. In which of the following cases is the alias name mandatory? SUM(revenues) as total_revenue Crtdby as created_by ASSOCIATON TO sflight as _flights CASE ordertype WHEN ‘A’ THEN 1 ELSE 0 END as order_type CAST(‘USD’ AS abap_cuky) as currency_key.
You import an ABAP workbench request into a sap system P81. The ABAP workbench request contains a single SAP HANA View CA_CUSTOMER Which prerequisites are mandatory for an implicit deployment of the SAP HANA view onto the database (due risposte corrette) Package ZHA400_00 is listed in table SNRI_DUP_PREWORK System P81 has SAP HANA as Primary Database View CA_CUSTOMER has deployment mode A Package ZHA400_00 has deployment mode A.
Which step of the Guided Performance Analysis should you perform in the production system? (una risposta corretta) Collecting data with SQL Monitor (SQLM) Building a worklist with SQL performance tuning Worklist (SWLT) Executing a check run with ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) Perform an inspection with ABAP Code Inspector (SCI) .
Which of the following takes advantage of the computing power of multiple CPU used by SAP HANA. (una risposta corretta) Columnar data storage Parallel Processing Dictionary Encoding Database Table Compression.
You are debugging in ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse. What features are available? (due risposte corrette) Watchpoint Conditional breakpoint Memory usage analisys Debugger Scripting.
You analyze the SQL Monitor data in transaction SQLMD. You know that program X access database table Y. You made sure that program X not listed in SQLMD. (tre risposte corrette) Program X was executed in background The data has not yet been transferred to the SQL monitor database tables Database table Y is a buffered table SQL Monitor was activated for a specific application server SQL Monitor was activated with a filter that exclude database table Y.
User STUDENT_A create and activate a design-time object. In which schema the runtime object is generated? _SYS_BIC SYSTEM _SYS_BI STUDENT_A.
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