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When is the administration editor in SAP HANA studio opened automatically in diagnosis mode? (Choose Two) When the system is restarting. When the sapstartserv is not running When a SQL connection is not available. When the index server is restarted.
Which actions do you need to perform to configure SAP HANA single sign-on? Generate and import PSE key. Generate and import Kerberos keytab. Generate and import SSH rsa key. Generate and import X.509 certificate.
In the navigator tree of the SAP HANA studio, how can you find out which indexes are defined for table CUST_DATA from the SALES schema? (Choose two) Content node SALES schema node tables folder right-clic on table CUS_DATA open definition. Content node SALES schema node tables folder simple on the table CUST_DATA Content node SALES schema node tables folder double click on the table CUST_DATA Content node SALES schema node tables folder right-click on the table CUST_DATA open content.
Which of the following must you implement for high availability in an SAP HANA production system?(Choose three) A name server on one active node. Index server process on all nodes Shared file system for all nodes. A static server on one active node. Data replication to the stand by nodes.
Where in the SAP HANA studio can you change the path of the backup folder? (Choose two) Backup catalog. executor.ini global.ini Backup editor.
An administrator should be enabled to cancel long running commands and end sessions. Which privilege must the user be granted? Session Admin Resourse Admin User Admin Monitor Admin.
When you try to create a delivery unit from the SAP HANA studio you receive the following error message. 'Cannot create Delivery Unit as content vendor is not defined for this system'. How do you troubleshoot this issue? Grant REPO.MAINTAIN_DELIVERY_UNITS privilege Grant REPO.MAINTAIN_NATIVE_PACKAGES privilege Maintain the content_vendor parameter Maintain the vendor ID.
You need to retrieve data from SAP HANA that is restricted to a certain region and specific users. How can you implement this security strategy? By assigning SQL privileges to the necesary users By assigning system privileges to the necesary users By assigning analityc privileges to the necesary users By assigning packages privileges to the necesary users.
A backup catalog became unusable. What can you do to recover existing backups? Create a new data backup Recreate de backup catalog based on the available backup files with the tool hdbbackupdiag. In the SAP HANA studio Backup Editor display all backups select refresh Use the third party backup tool to recover the backup.
What is the minimum required disk space for the data volumes of an SAP HANA system in relation to its memory (RAM)? 4*RAM 1*RAM 2*RAM 3*RAM.
Which of the following are benefits of implementing SAP HANA?(Choose Three) SAP HANA combines OLTP and OLAP in one system SAP HANA replace SAP BW SAP HANA performs much faster than the standard SAP ERP SAP HANA provides pre-configured BI content SAP HANA provides real-time analitics.
In Microsoft Windows, to which folder are the logs written by default during the SAP HANA studio installation? %TEMP%\hdb_studio_ C:\programs file (x86)\hdb_studio %USERNAME%\hdb_studio_ %USERPROFILE%\hdb_studio_.
When does SAP recommend that you execute the first system backup? After the first data load After the completing the post-installation steps Before updating the system After complete load of master data.
Which of the following connection types does Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) use to transfer data to SAP HANA? Secondary database conection BICS connection http conection RFC connection.
Which of the following template roles are delivered in the standard system? (Chose two) IMPORT MODELING ADMIN MONITORING.
Which of the following traces is active by default in SAP HANA? Performance trace Database trace SQL trace Expensive statements trace.
Which of the following sequences of steps is used to implement SAP HANA with SAP ERP? Data provisioning SAP HANA system setup Modeling Consumption SAP HANA system setup Modeling Data Provisioning Consumption SAP HANA system setup Data Provisioning Modeling Consumption SAP HANA system setup Data Provisioning Consumption Modeling.
You are reviewing the execution plan of an SQL statement. You want to find out which plan operators (POPs) have been executed in parallel and for how long each of them has been active. Where can you accomplish this? In SAP HANA studio: Administration Console -> Performance -> Job progress In HDB admin -> Performance trace -> show column plan In SAP Netweaver: DBA cockpit (DBACOCKPIT) -> SQL Plan Cache -> Explain (graphically).
Which of the following update scenarios can be selected for execution in the SAP HANA lifecycle manager? (Chose two) Apply support packages stack Update de SAP HANA studio on local machines Update SAP HANA lifecycle manager (HLM) Update SAP HANA replication technologies components.
Which of the following can you use to update SAP HANA? SAP HANA on-site configuration tool Software Update Manager (SUM) for SAP HANA SAP HANA lifecycle manager SAP HANA update wizard.
Which of the following tools can you use to create and manage SAP HANA databaseusers? (Chose two) hdbsql Microsoft Active Directory SAP Netweaver Identity Manager SAP Solution Manager.
Of the databases that can be used for Data Services 4.0, which of the following isbundled with Information Platform Services (mini-BOE)? Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Mss SQL Server Express MySQL SAP MaxDB.
You have created a file named backup.sql with the following information to run abackup:/c -n -i -u -p BACKUP DATA USING FILE ('backupDirectory/data/COMPLETE_BK')Which of the following commands executes the backup? hdbsql -l backup.sql hdbsql -c backup.sql hdbsql -S backup.sql hdbsql -o backup.sql.
You installed SAP HANA Database using 51 as your system number. Which networkport is used for Standard SQL communication for client access? 31551 35115 35100 55113.
SAP Support needs to access a customer's SAP HANA studio remotely. Which entrymust the client maintain in SAP Service Marketplace? Name Server Master Index Server Preprocessor Server Statics Server.
What is the maximum number of master name servers that you can define in adistributed landscape? 1 2 3 8.
Which of the following is a result of using SAP HANA as an application platform? Aggregate in data models are only materialized when required Calculation-instensive logic is pushed down to database The need for index is eliminated All database queries have a sub-second response time.
What do you have to consider when you design a backup plan? (Chose two) The newest data must be backed up most often The colum table data needs to be compressed before a backup The database backup must be stored at a diferent location than the database server The backup execution must be monitored.
What must you configure in Data Services 4.0 to establish a connection to SAP ERP? An RFC connection A DB connection A datastore An Infoobjet.
After you install an SAP HANA database, you want to ensure that it is automaticallystarted when the host is rebooted.Which of the following parameter settings allows you to do this? Autostart to "1" in the profile /usr/sap/SYS/profile/_HDB_ Autostart to "Enable" in the profile /usr/sap/SYS/profile/_HDB_ Autostart to "Yes" in the profile /usr/sap/SYS/profile/DEFAULT.PFL Autostart to "TRUE" in the profile /usr/sap/SYS/profile/DEFAULT.PFL.
You want to create a role that grants read-only access to the content of the systemand monitoring views and to statistics services.Which of the following privileges should the role contain? (Chose two) Service Admin Alter for SQL Schema _SYS_STATICS Select for SQL Schema _SYS_STATICS Data Admin.
You plan to install an SAP HANA database in an SAP HANA Tailored DatacenterIntegration (TDI) scenario. Which SAP HANA installation tools are required? (Chose two) hdblcm hdbsetup hdblcmgui hdbinst.
Which of the following steps is required for configuring SAP LandscapeTransformation (SLT)? Define the number of background work processes in SLT Define a DB connection from SLT to the source system Define the number of jobs to be used for data replication Define a RFC connection from SLT to SAP HANA.
Which of the following connections require the highest network bandwidth? SAP HANA and SAP HANA Studio SAP HANA and SAP Netweaver Portal SAP HANA and SBO BI SAP HANA and SAP BW.
Which of the following authentication methods are provided by SAP HANA? (Chose two) NTLM Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Kerberos RADIUS.
Which of the following are parts of SAP HANA sizing? (Chose three) CPU sizing Memory sizing Network bandwidth sizing Disk sizing Data and log file sizing.
In which of the following situations is a recovery of an SAP HANA databaseapplicable? (Chose three) Reset of the system to a specific point time Corruption of kernel binary files Disk crash of the data area Crash of the SLT server Disk crash of the log area.
Which of the following is used to deploy SAP-delivered content in SAP HANA? SAP transport manager system (STMS) Server-side export/import SAP Netweaver development infrastructure (NWDI) Java Support packages Manager (JSPM).
What is the purpose of the save point process in SAP HANA? Save logs to persistent storage when a transaction is commited Save changed data to persistent storage when a transaction is commited Free up memory by saving less frequently used data to persistent storage Save changed data and logs to persistent storage on a regular basis.
Which of the following views allows an administrator to identify all theauthorizations assigned to a user? EFECTIVE_PRIVILEGES USERS GRANTED_ROLES GRANTED_PRIVILEGES.
Which of the following can be imported into and exported from SAP HANA studio? (Chose three) Tables Models Variants SQL statements Landscape.
The SAP LT trigger-based approach uses a log table to record all relevant changes.Where is this log table stored? In SAP Solution Manager In SAP HANA In the source system In SAP LT.
You want the user SOLMAN_ADMIN to be able to modify the properties of the SAPHANA instance during system configuration in SAP Solution Manager.Which role must you assign to the user SOLMAN_ADMIN to achieve this? SAP_SYSREC_ALL SAP_SM_ADMIN_COMPONENT_ALL SAP_SYSTEM_REPOSITORY_ALL SAP_SOLAR02_ALL.
Which of the following is an SQL privilege? Export Development Savepoint Admin Drop.
Which of the following can decrease the startup time of an SAP HANA system after areboot? Reducing the number of fields in the master data Reducing the size of the transactional data records Reducing the number of column tables in the database Reducing the size of the rows-based tables.
Which of the following is most relevant for CPU sizing of a SAP HANA appliance? The numbers of concurrent user logged onto SAP HANA The SAP HANA hardware plataform The amount of disk storage The number of users actively running analytics in SAP HANA.
What must you do in SAP LT to establish a connection between a non-SAP sourcesystem database and SAP HANA? (Chose three) Define an RFC connection to the source system Create the source database connection in the table DBCON Define the SAP LT RFC connection to SAP HANA Add a source database in the DBA Cockpit Define the SAP LT database connection to SAP HANA.
Which of the following do you add when you "scale out" SAP HANA? Data storage CPUs Servers Memory.
You create an analytic view and want to restrict access to departments with specificvalues using analytic privileges. Which tasks do you have to perform to accomplishthis? (Chose three) Assign restricted values to the attribute view Assign values to be restricted. chose at least one information model to assign restrictions Assign values to be restricted to a content table Choose an attribute and define restricted values for it Assing the analytic privilege to a user rol.
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