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inglese daypo 1 a 10

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I _____ shopping yesterday and I _____ a pair of red boots. went / buyed goed / bought goed / buyed went / bought.
The past simple of the verb 'pay' is _____. paid payd paided payed.
What can we find in a jewellery? Flowers and plants. Medicine and health related products. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. books.
What does a baker make? Flowers and plants. Furniture, such as tables, chairs, sofas, etc. Boots Bread.
What does a butcher sell? Flowers Bamboo furniture Blouse Meat.
If I want to buy some orchids, I go to the _____. butcher's flower shop/ florist jeweller's greengrocer's.
: Why _____ that red dress you saw at the shop yesterday? B: I didn't have enough money. you didn't buy didn't you buy buy not you you buy not.
There is _____ , _____ and _____ on the table. Serve yourself. an apple, a orange/ some bread an apple, an orange / some bread the apple, an orange/some bread an apple, an orange / the bread.
Mum _____ a fantastic red velvet cake. Jake can't have any until he _____ his homework. made/ does made / did make/done make/do.
There are _____ sandwiches and _____ bottle of water few / the litte / a few / a a little / a.
Give-away prices are … very low prices. buy not you gifts. you buy not.
In some countries even numbers, 2,4,etc. are lucky numbers but in other countries the number ‘four’ is an unlucky number. This happens in China. It means death because it’s the sound of the word ‘death’ in Chinese. So the people in these countries do not like receiving gifts in numbers of four. For example: four glasses. Why do Chinese do not like receiving gifts that are in numbers of four? Number four has got the same sound as the word ‘death’ in Chinese. Number four is an even number. Number four is an unfortunate number. Number four is a fortunate number.
When your throat hurts you’ve got a _____ throat pain throat hurt sore throat throatache.
Complete the sentence: 'Do you remember _____' the class in the news? with the English class? the English day of the class? the first day of this English class?.
There is only one group that has no odd word. eyes/ears/arms/foot mouth/nose/ear/feet eye, arms, legs, feet eye, ear, mouth, nose.
A: What happened to your arm? B: While I was playing football I fell and _____. broke my leg break my hand broke my arm broke my back.
Choose the correct answer to the question: A: Can I help you? Yes, help. Yes, please. Yes, you can help me. I don't know.
What piece of advice would you give to Mike: Mike: I’ve got a terrible headache. You: _____ You should take some syrup. You should put an ointment on your head. You should take a pill and get some rest. You should put an ice pack on your head.
A: What’s the _____? Why aren't you tasting anything? B: I’m on a diet and I can’t eat the cake you’ve made for me. matter wrong happened happening.
What is the meaning of mild? It's ablend of drugs that are light. Something, such as a tablet, that is not very strong. It's something that is not frightening. It's something that is robust and strong.
5. A: I’ve got a toothache! B: You _____ should drink a cup of hot milk. shouldn't eat chocolate and sweets. should take some syrup. shouldn't take painkillers.
I can't speak German You should speak some language. You should take some language classes my arm hurt hurt my arm.
When you have a temperature, you are usually _____. thermometer fever cold hot.
I went to the _____ for a checkup. medic office doctor's office arms, eyes, throat, mouth head, nose, mouth, legs.
We _____ go yet. The bus leaves in 45 minutes can't don't have to mustn't may not.
She _____ speak German but she can speak Polish very well. doesn't mustn't don't can't.
3. I _____ do my homework before dinner: my friends are coming over to watch the final football match of the season must can could may.
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