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Creation Date: 24/11/2023

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This shop ______ every day ___ 9am. opens / at open / in will open / for starts / on.
He said he _____ a good film ____ a long time. had not seen / for saw / since is seen / to doesn't see / in.
The first flight ________ 6 am. go at start at leaves at is for.
Has she ever been to Vancouver? Yes she________ last year. did go here went there were here has gone there.
_____ there ____ books on the table? Did / some Are / any Be / no Have / a.
Last time I ____ you, you _______ to start a new job. saw / had done saw / were going will see / were have seen / are going.
____ there any coffee in the cupboard? does were are is.
I can't talk right now, I ____ in a hurry have are am of am.
She ___ forty years old. were have has is.
______ a couch in the bedroom? Is there Are there There is Were there.
I ___ thirsty do have don't am.
I ___ hungry haven't do have am.
The people in my office ____ very nice. has be are is.
My younger sister _____ at a school downtown don't work work works goes.
When it ____ I always _____ snow / will walk snow / going walk snows / walking snows / go for a walk.
He can't come to the phone. He ______ a showerdoer- does make has takes is having.
How are you _____ now? at do feel feeling.
__________ the new Disney film? Did you see See you Have you saw Saw you.
Have you ever been to France? Yes, I _____ there last August. went am have been gone.
That's what Angela ______ yesterday. told says tells said.
Where ___ you put my computer? I need it now did _ does did..
I _____________ when the phone ______. am doing / did was studying / rang studying / rings studied /ringed.
When Katherine called _______ for an exam. I studied I was I studying I was studying.
I ____________ him in school. was knowing knewed knew knowed.
I ______ Robert since I was six years old. do know known knew have known.
She __________________ to visit him twice already has be goes did went has been.
This is the third time _____________ to you. I've written I write I wrote I writed.
This is the second time _______ you. I have called I call I did call I calling.
I ______ French since I was at school. spoke don't speak did say haven't spoken.
When Tony ____ back they _______ in the library. comes / sit didn't come /will sit came / were sitting come / are sitted.
He had already __________ in Assisi for three months when I _____ to see him. living /have gone had living / goes been living / went been lived / go.
The bus to Dublin ______ at 7pm. will leaves is going leave is leave leaves.
John bought his ticket. He ___________ to France next week. is going will go goes does go.
My bus ______ at 4pm next Friday. will leave leaving leaves is going to leave.
The bus to Dublin ______ at 7pm doppia. will leaves is going leave is leave leaves.
John bought his ticket. He ___________ to France next week doppia. is going will go goes does go.
My bus ______ at 4pm next Friday doppia. will leave leaving leaves is going to leave.
Where __________ to university next year? go you will are you go will you go you are go.
Jack has booked his flight. He __________ on Tuesday. will leave is leaving leaves is going to leave.
What do you think your father __________ you for Christmas? will give give goes give gave.
They have bought a flat in London and they _______ there next year. moved move are going to move will move.
Kids _______ eat junk food. It's bad for them. shouldn't might need would.
I bought a new tie for Frank, but he _______ like it. shouldn't might not cannot doesn't.
You ______ rest if you're pregnant. should don't have to shouldn't may not.
We ___ all speak two languages in my family. need would can may not.
You _____ stay in bed if you want to feel any better. should can't will want.
Passengers ____ bring their passports when they travel internationally. must could can should.
I ______ go for a walk if the rain stops. But I'm not sure won't can't might will.
We couldn't come to the party because we _____ study for the test. have had to had need.
I have been playing the guitar ___ 7 years. for as by since.
Where do you usually eat lunch? with Jane never in the cafeteria soup.
Henry arrived __ home ___ 10 pm. _/at to/at at/at at/to.
Jackie arrived ___ Rome at 2 o'clock. at to by in.
Colin is landing __ midday. at from in on.
Their friends came ___ foot yesterday. with at on _.
Ron arrived ___ the airport ___ 11pm. in/on to/for by/at at/at.
Loot __ me please! to on at by.
Where are the bags? On the car In the car For the car At the car.
What time does the exam start? On 10 am. For 10 am. At 10 am. In 10 am.
Mr Brown is an English an England England English.
Would you like _____ more juice? some so many few.
Money ____ important. is not aren't don't are.
03. Your luggage __ too leavy, you've brought ____ suitcases is/ too much are / too much are / too many is / too many.
He really enjoyed ______ at the theme park. himself myself __ herself.
Don't touch this phone, it's ____. myself mine me mine's.
Could you help ____ ? mine's me my I.
Mary went to visit ____ brother. his her their our.
I would really enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir now, but I don't have ____ some left any _.
Look at ____ car over there! those these that these.
Stop! She didn't do ______! something nothing everything anything.
My ______ are very clever. brothers brother's brother brothers'.
I found him sitting at a table _____ in papers. to cover covering cover covered.
Your brother is so ______! He makes me laugh! handsome funny funsome fun.
I'm so _________ that John didn't call! surprise exciting surprised surprising.
The waiter hasn't come ___ already just never yet.
I always get up ____ on Sundays because I like to sleep. early soon late well.
Do you ________ ? always come here come never here come always here come never.
The doctor ____ treats my father is German so _ who which.
Where is the book _____ was on the shelf. who _ which those.
The man ____ bought the painting was Spanish. if _ who what.
I hate ____ I'm doing. what how which while.
This car is more _______ modern than that one. fast modern fastest faster.
I have ____ nicest _____. an / parents a / parents the / parents one /parents.
My brother Frank is ______ than my friend Lucy. tall as tall taller tallest.
Everest is _________ mountain in the world. the most high the highest higher the more high.
Where can I put _____ books? Put them on that shelf. this that them these.
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