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I __________ anything if I had known what her reaction was going to be. wouldn't have said wouldn't have sad wouldn’t said wouldn’t had said.
Read the sentence below and choose the preposition which best fits the empty space. “My little daughter is afraid ____ the dark”. of about at with.
The valley _______ my town lies is heavily polluted. in in that which in which.
He is one of the kindest people ____________. I know whose I know who I know which I know.
My grandfather ___________ enjoys hill walking. ,who is in his seventies, who is in his seventies ,which is in his seventies, ,that is in his seventies,.
_____ do elephants have long noses? why what how which.
______ is a good time to meet you? when where how what.
________ invented computers? who which where what.
Read the sentence below and choose the preposition which best fits the empty space. I was very angry _____ my daughter because she borrowed my favourite handbag. of with to on.
Read the sentence below and choose the preposition which best fits the empty space. I'm really excited __________ my holidays in Japan. about to in of.
Read the sentence below and choose the preposition which best fits the empty space. It was nice ____you to lend me your computer. of from with by.
There isn't ______ traffic along the street where I live. much much of many many of.
This is my friend Susan _____ aunt is my English teacher. whose which whom who.
I've got a new phone _______ is really small. which who where whose.
Choose the correct sentence. The view from the Alpes is amazing! The views from the Alpes is amazing! The views from the Alpes are amazing! The view from Alpes is amazing!.
Choose the correct sentence: Could you give me some information about the town? Could you give me informations about the town? Could you give me an information about the town? Could you give me some informations about the town?.
Choose the correct present participle of the following verb: stop. stopping stopped stop stoppen.
Choose the correct present participle of the following verb: build. building built builded builden.
Choose the correct present participle of the following verb: argue. arguing argue argued argues.
Choose the correct present participle of the following verb: lie. lying lie laining lay.
Choose the correct present participle of the following verb: offer. offering offer offerred offered.
_______ of my jewellery is missing. Some Some of Any Any of.
There is _______ evidence to support his claim. little little of few a few.
The concert is going to be broadcast __________ tomorrow evening. live lively alive living.
I____________ I can't see as well as I used to. admit was admitting am admitting admits.
It was the ___________ thing to say. most ridiculous most ridiculousest ridiculous ridiculousest.
He was busy ________ his homework. doing he was doing to do that he was doing.
I was ______ to find that the film was quite _____________. surprised / frightening surprised / frightened surprising / frightening surprised / frightened.
When I went into the bathroom, I found that the bath ___________ . had overflowed is overflowing overflows overflowed.
I was sure that I _______ him before. had met met meet 'm meeting.
After Laura _____ the hospital, she had a long holiday. left is leaving leaves has left.
Ann ____ a few minutes ago. left leaves has left had left.
_____ to Spain every year for your holidays? Do you go Are you going Have you gone Were you going.
The next train to Milan ________ at 7.45. [station announcement] leaves is leaving will leave is going to leave.
We should use _____ time we have available to discuss John's proposal. the little the few little the little of.
I ______ one of my special desserts for dinner, if you like. 'll make 'm going to make 'm making make.
After the operation you _________ any sport for a while. won't be doing aren't doing won't to do don't do.
_______ me to get you some water? Would you like Will you like Shall you like Should you like.
It's the fourth time he's been skiing this week. He ______ really enjoy it. must should had better ought to.
A. "I'm seeing Dr. Julian next Tuesday". B. " That ______ be right. He's on holiday then." can't hasn't to hasn't got to mustn't.
___________ to do in Shanghai at Christmas? What is there What are there What there is What there are.
I'll be with you in ____________ . a quarter of an hour a quarter of one hour one quarter of an hour a quarter of hour.
Look at _________. It is very bright tonight! the moon a moon the moons moon.
Against his parents' wishes, he wants to be ________. a general practitioner general practitioner the general practitioner general practitioners.
For the last three hours __________ my Bachelor Degree Thesis, so I'm tired. I've been writing I'm writing I write I wrote.
That shop is owned by Mr. Joe _____ teaches at my university. who whom whose which.
My cellular phone's ______________, can you help me? crashed needs fixing breaks doesn't work.
If you had met him, what __________? would you have done would you had done would you done will you do.
Read the sentence below and choose the correct linking word. "I missed Mark _____ he left". after while until before.
Choose the American equivalent for the British word "cupboard". closet boardwalk broom closet storehouse.
The world is ___________ a serious environmental pollution problem. facing meeting braving heading.
I like _______ on my bed on Sunday mornings. to lay to lie to lain to lye to lain to lye.
What is the English for "intraprendere/occupare/impegnare"? take up take in take off take on.
Arguing with her is very frustrating since she constantly _______ her ground. shifts moves varies flits.
My daughter has_______ a great job of redecorating her own room. done managed made accomplished.
I warn you ____________that! not to say to don't say not saying to not say.
If you had studied you ___________the spelling test. wouldn't have failed wouldn't failed hadn't failed wouldn't have failt.
Read the sentence below and choose the correct linking word. "We didn't realise how high up we were ______we looked down". until when after while.
What __________if you had missed the train? would you have done had you done would you done would you had done.
I enjoy watching some of the television programmes on ________affairs. current actual present topical.
Choose the correct translation of the sentence given: "One could argue extensively" si potrebbe discutere a lungo si potrebbe argomentare esaustivamente uno potrebbe arguire velocemente si può arguire solo fino ad un certo punto.
What does "eventually" mean? infine finalmente eventualmente possibilmente.
What does "contest" mean? gara contestare contesto contenuto.
What does "fabric" mean? tessuto fabbricare fabbricato fabbrica.
What does "notice" mean? avviso notizia annotare notevole.
Is there anything here worth _________? buying to buy buy for buying.
I love this job because it involves ____________ in team. working work to work being worked.
Read the sentence below and choose the correct linking word. Tom was very tired and he fell asleep _________the lesson began. as soon as none is correct while until.
My husband asked me if _____________ how to get to Milan. I knew I had known I've known I know.
Mark was the first person I saw ______ the hospital. on leaving in leaving by leaving on to leave.
She is the girl _________ bike was stolen. whose that which whom.
__________ at the party, we saw her husband standing alone. Arriving We were arriving Arrived We arrived.
He would look much better if he _______ his beard. cut cuts cat cat has.
Help yourself to anything you want. You ______ask. don't have to must mustn't have to.
Can you ____________? do me a favour do me favour make me a favour make me favour.
Her elder sister is always ____________lies. telling saying speaking talking.
I get ____________ when he doesn't answer to my questions. annoyed irritating boring annoying.
I've had a really ____________ day. exhausting exhausted tired tyre.
There were ___________ people at Mary's party. plenty of a few of few of lots.
So you're having a baby, ______? That's wonderful! Congratulations! aren't you haven't you are you have you.
Tanaka is ______ of our strikers, and so he is ____likely to score a goal. the best / the most as good as/ the more the best/ the more the better/ too much .
She'd better do it, ________? Hadn't she Didn't she Did she Had she.
_______ by the children's behaviour, he complained to the head teacher. Annoyed Annoying He was annoyed He annoyed.
I would like you _______at ease at my place. to feel felt feel feeling.
Is this horse yours? Are you going to take up ___________ again? riding to ride rid rides.
Ann and Kim_______for over an hour by the time Mark arrives. will have been talking will have talked will have being talked have talked.
Nobody knows, _________? does he? do they? doesn't he? do not they?.
She likes ____Japanese tea but she doesn't like _____ tea that comes from China. -/the -/- the/- the/the.
Nothing came in the post, _______? did it didn't it didn't they doesn't it.
Have you met the new neighbour? He is that ____________guy. tall, young, Japanese Japanese, tall, young young, tall, Japanese Japanese, young, tall.
It's too late for you _________? isn't it are you isn't there aren't you.
_________ penicillin? Who discovered Who did discover Did who discover Who has discover.
__________ dog is that? It's my neighbor's. whose what how which.
________________? I've got long dark hair and dark eyes. what do you look like? how are you? how is your look? how are you?.
He ___________ very fast today. is driving drove drive drives.
I' m late, ________? aren't I do I don't I am not I .
Mark gave you a lift, ________? didn't he isn't he don't he doesn't he.
There is a little we can do about it, ___? isn't there is there is it isn't it.
He was respected by the people ____ he worked ____ because he was ____ honest man. -/with/an with who/-/a -/with/a with who/-/an.
"What time ________? " - "at 2:00 p.m." does the film begin the film begins does begin the film begins the film.
____ are you waiting _____? Who/for For who/- Whom/for For whom /-.
__________ does it take? It takes 3 hours. how long how many how far how much.
Mary _____ her holiday in Japan. told me about said me about told about said about.
Do you have any idea __________? where Ann lives? where Ann live where Ann livs where does Ann live.
My cousins asked me, "How are you doing"? My cousins _______________. asked me how I was doing ask me how I was doing asked me how you're doing asked me how I'm doing.
John said " I'm writing a paper tomorrow" - John said _____________. that he was writing a paper the following day that he was writing a paper tomorrow that he has been writing a paper the next day that he was writing a paper the day before.
Last night police said that they _______ the missing girl. had found have found find were finding.
You must _____________ salty foods and sweets. cut down on cut in cut back on cut off.
I miss _________ with you. hanging out hanging in hanging up hanging on.
I _____ my father. We have both a very sweet tooth. take after take apart take off take back.
What's the English for "chiedere in giro "? ask around ask out ask over ask for.
Before buying a computer, I_________to see if it works properly try it out try it up try it on try it for .
When we changed the furniture ______ the room felt much bigger. round down for over.
Mario is ___________ mayor again this year. running for running through running over running out.
I don't like my job so I'm_________ a better one. looking for looking for looking after looking at looking up.
Hey, Ann ________ the boy with the fair hair, he's quite handsome. check out check up check in check at.
My daughter is ______ eating Japanese food. keen on keen at keen into keen in.
I ran ________ my mother on the way to my office. into on in at.
My husband and I had a big fight yesterday but we ________ soon. made up made on made in made for.
Which is correct? both are correct John threw out his worn shoes. John threw his worn shoes out. none is correct.
You can't rely on Helen. She's __________ so many times. let me down came up with me cut me down dropped me off.
Which is correct? My boyfriend cut me off while I was in the middle of speaking My boyfriend cut off me while I was in the middle of spaeking both are correct none is correct.
Which is correct? Ann and Mark broke up last week both are correct none is correct Ann and Mark broke last week up.
The lesson ___________ so I missed my train. ran over ran by ran through ran out.
I think I'll __________my mother on the way home from work. call in on call by call-out call off.
During the test you cannot _________ the wrong answers. cross out cross in cross over cross.
This rain is _________ on me. pelting down getting down knocking down keeping down.
There is no point in hankering ___________ your lost youth. after in at on.
I drunk a glass of wine before ___________. sleeping to sleep slept slept.
This year I can't afford _________ on holiday. to go to be going go going.
She daren't ________him she scratched his car. tell tells telling to tell.
Mark decided _____________biology. to study studying study studiing.
Do you mind ________ me a hand? giving give to give none of the above.
If you've got the flu, try __________ an aspirin. to take take taken taking.
Oh my God! I forgot __________ my homework ! My teacher will be angry. to do doing do none of the above.
They walked out of the classroom without ___________ a word. saying telling to say to tell.
Cross out the item which does not normally collocate with "do". a promise one's best justice a favour.
Cross out the item which does not normally collocate with "do". the cooking a business an exercise one's duty.
Cross out the item which does not normally collocate with "make". evil an offer a mistake an effort.
Cross out the item which does not normally collocate with "make". a translation plans a noise friends.
He _______the wrong train by mistake. caught catched cough coughed.
I wish I _______ an extra pay for working on holidays. 'll get got get 'm getting.
I wish I _____ this problem. could solve can solving will solve can solve.
Ann _____ the room. She said she ______to go. left/had leave/had lived/had leave/has.
He ____ his job when the truth about his past ______known. left/became leaved/became leaved/become left/become.
I wish I _______ buy a new car but I haven't enough money. could may 'll be alble can.
They _________ a beautiful concert this month. 've seen saw were seeing seen.
My cousins are always at our house. I wish they ________so near. didn't live wouldn't live hadn't live don't live.
It's time you ________in bed. were are go 'll go.
What ________yesterday? did you cook did you cocked you cooked have you cooked.
My daughter began to cry and sob and _____ to me. clung clunged clang clong.
They ______ arrows from behind a thick bush. shot shoted shoot shoted.
Choose the correct past participle of the following verb: sell. sold solden selled sellen.
Choose the correct past participle of the following verb: bite. bitten bit bited bitted.
Choose the correct past participle of the following verb: flee. fled fleed fleewen flown.
Choose the correct past participle of the following verb: fly. flown flyed flied flew.
We ______ of petrol and we _______ to walk home. ran out/ had ran out/have ran/have run out/ had.
When it _________to rain, our dog _________ to come inside. started/wanted starts/wanted was starting/was wanting start/wanted.
Kim ____ her hand when she__________ her daughter's clothes. burnt/was ironing was burning/ironed burned/ironed burning/was ironed.
Choose the correct past participle of the following verb: bring. brought broughten bringt bringen.
Choose the correct past participle of the following verb: fight. fought fighten foughten fighted.
A. What would you do if you ______ a lot of money? _____ you stop working? B. No, It ______ drive me crazy if I _______ anything to do. won-would-would-didn't have win -would -would-hadn't won - won't - will -didn't have won - would - will - didn't have.
If I _____ this match, I ________happy. win/ 'll be 'll will/ 'll be win /am 'll win/ am.
If I ________ a higher salary, I probably would have stayed with the company. had been offered was offered were being offered were offered.
If he ______the opportunity, he could have gone. had had has had had have had.
If I had known you were coming I ___________. would have bought had bought would had bought would bought.
If I didn't like flying, I _____be a pilot. wouldn't didn't won't shan't.
If I ___ you, I ______ plant some more flowers around the house. were/ 'd were/will was/ 'd have was/ 'd.
If you want to lose weight, you _____ eat less bread. 'd better to wouldn't would 'd better.
If you _____ punctual, we could start on time. were 'll be had being was.
If I _____ they were honest, I ___ gladly lend them some money. knew/ 'd 'd known/'d knew/ 'll knew/would have.
After he _______painting, he _________________a shower. had finished/had finished/had had finished /had had finished/had had.
This is the 15th time I ______to China. 've been went had been was.
We have to use the stairs: the lift __________. has broken down broken down broke down has been breaking down.
This is the worst book I ______. 've ever read red ever read read.
I ____________ glasses for 30 years. 've worn wear wore 'd worn.
We ____________ _______ to this holiday for ages. 've looked forward 're looking forward looked forward look forward.
Mary has lost her passport again. It's the second time it ________. has happened happened happens is happened.
Ann ________ to England four times already. has gone went was going had gone.
I _________________ her since she was three years old. 've known know I've been knowing 'm knowing.
____you ____each other long? have/known are/knowing have been knowing do/know.
My daughter _____________ the piano since she was five. has been playing plays is playing has plaied.
Your eyes are red, _________? have you been crying have you cried do you cry have you cried.
When Yukiko went to live in Germany, she _____there quickly. got used to living is getting used to live used to living used to live.
I ___________stay up, but now I always go to bed early. used to am used to would use get used to.
My friend Jill, from Thailand, usually finds our food tasteless because she _____spicy food. is used to eat is used to eating used to ate used to eaten.
If you go to live in Australia you __________ on the left. 'll have to get used to driving 'll have to get used to drive 'd have had to get used to 'd have to get used to.
There ___________ be a post office here. used to use to was used 's used.
I ___________ to eat raw fish but I do now. didn't use use was used didn't used.
We were sure that Kim and Trevor _______by the time we arrived. would have left left would be leaving would leave.
Read the following active sentence: "Someone is teaching her Chinese". Choose the passive one. None of the above He is taught English He is been taught English He is being taught English.
Peter was almost sure he _________his exam. would pass was to pass pass past.
Choose the most correct way of saying the same thing in the passive voice. Ann is writing a book. → A book _____________ by Ann. is being written has being written has been written was written.
Read the following active sentence: "Did anyone answer your question?" Choose the correct passive sentence: Was your question answered? Is your question answered? Is your question being answered? Has your question been answered?.
Read the following active sentence: "They told the children to leave the classroom". Choose the passive one. The children were told to leave the classroom. None of the above The children are told to leave the classroom. The children were been told to leave the classroom.
Choose the most correct way of saying the same thing in the passive voice. Mary would have told you. → You ____________ by Mary. would have been told would be told would told were being told.
This movie ________ by millions of people. was watched were watched has watched watched.
He ___________ by the professor not to talk in class. was told is told told was being told.
The best way __________. will be found will find will be finded will be fond.
We ________not have bought enough biscuits for everyone. may can need must.
You ______ worry, it'll be done. don't need need not to need not no need.
John __________hear the teacher because the students were talking so loudly. couldn't might not shouldn't can't.
________we move in the dining room? Lunch is served! shall will don't must.
Which is the most defective verb ? It is __________. must can shall will.
Do you know where Mary is? She _____ be out: her bag is on the chair. can't must could might.
That's the second house they have bought this year. They _______ be very rich. must could can might.
If I had gone to the University of Tokyo, I _________ participated in their Japanese immersion program. could have might can will.
You ___ eat or drink in the library. It is not allowed. mustn't didn't need needn't shouldn't.
You _________to pay to go into the museum. It was free. didn't need needn't should ought.
I knew that we had enough bread and that I ______ any. didn't need to buy needn't need to got needn't have bought needn't have got.
I ______ my umbrella. It's turned out very sunny. needn't have brought didn't need to get didn't need to buy didn't need to bring.
I wish you _____________. [=you are being very slow] would hurry up hurryed up hurry up 'll hurry up.
It's time people _____ their attitude towards immigration. change will change have changed changed.
Do you wish you _____ taller and skinny? were are seem can be.
If only I _____ it before, I called him an egoist. had known know have known known.
I'd rather _______ in the eighteenth century than in the twentieth century. lived had lived would lived have lived.
It's time you _______ home. went go were going gone.
It's about time you _______studying if you want to pass the exam. started would start start were started.
Unless the weather ______better, I __________. gets/ won't arrive gets/will arrive doesn't get/ won't arrive got/ won't arrive.
Unless you ______ over 18, she ___________ any cigarettes. are/ won't sell aren't/ will sell aren't / won't sell are/ will sell.
If you want to catch the last bus, it's time you ________. leave have left had left left.
I refuse to go ______ you come with me. unless as long providing if.
____ you're late, I'll leave without you. If Unless Weather Whether.
I won't be able to do it ____ you help me. unless if whether in case.
Your friend talks a lot and you don't like it. What could you say? If only he would be quiet! If only he had been quiet! If only he will be quiet! If only he is quiet!.
I am sorry I made you cry. I wish I ______reprimanded you. hadn't didn't wouldn't couldn't.
She is a very well-mannered person ________that you don't contradict her. providing whether as long unless.
My grandparents lived in that same house ___ages. for by since from.
There were numerous mistakes ________________ the test. throughout among alongside beneath.
We drove ________ the coastline of Italy. along next in at.
My house is ____________ the school. near next over in front.
The main road will take you straight ____________ the city center. into at onto in.
Please fill in the form _____pen. in of with by.
Mary argued ____ her brother _____ their property. with/about with/on at/for against/for.
I am leaving ___the afternoon.I am coming back_____Sunday evening. I'll be there___the whole weekend. in/on/for at/on/for in/on/- x/x/x.
Do you want to meet me ___ the park ___ lunchtime? in/at at/at on/at in/on.
It's very sensible ______you not telling him your sister's secret. of with on for.
Why do people talk to pets______that stupid voice? in on for at.
Is she Chinese? For some reason I was _______ the impression that she was Korean. under by over on.
He has a pain ___his chest. on in into of.
Have you read anything ___ Ernest Hemingway? By from on of.
I'm very good ____speechmaking. in at with on.
It was a chance ______a million and I got it. in on by of.
I live ____ Salterton Road. on (American) by at in (British).
I live ____ 38, Salterton Road. at on in by.
He will go _____ London in a couple of months. to in x at.
What you do ______next Monday? x of on at.
That house has been ___the market for three years. on of in at.
My classmate was very kind ____ me when I lost my cellular phone. to about from of.
We enjoyed our holiday but we were disappointed ___our hotel. with on of in.
It was really nice ____ you to lend me your suitcase. of from in with.
I was thinking _______ becoming a singer. of for to on.
I apologised _________ being late. for on to of.
My grandmother suffered ____ arthritis. from on with in.
I'd like to be in charge ____ managing a company. of in on about.
My sister wasn't very keen _____ going to the theatre. on in with for.
Are you still fond ____ romantic films. of in on for.
Perhaps we _____ much traffic at this time will not find are not finding are finding are not going to find.
It's so cold in here. I ____ the window. 'll close close 'm going to close 'm closing.
Jim called me yesterday and I __________him this afternoon at 6 PM. am meeting meet would meet 'll meet.
You ______that book. It is very boring. won't like want like shan't like 're liking.
It's my mother's birthday next Tuesday, __________ her some flowers. I'm going to buy I buy I' m buying I'll buy.
I suppose they ________the house. will sell 're going to sell sell are selling.
Do you have a minute ? I'm sorry _______in a couple of minutes. I'm about to leave leaving I leave 'll leave.
We 'll stay here until dad ______. returns return will return is returning.
We're going to relax on the beach while we ________on holiday. are will be shall be are being.
I would like to finish my paper before it ______ dark. gets get is getting will get.
My brother has a friend ___________ has met the President of the Italian Republic. who where which whose.
Jim is the guy _______ helped me the day I got lost. that whose wich who's.
George _____ is a pilot, flew To Amsterdam last week. ,who that who x.
What is the name of the girl ______ dictionary I used last week? whose that which who.
Choose the American equivalent for the British word "queue". Line linen lane lain.
Choose the American equivalent for the British word "motorway". Highway motoroad highstreet highroad.
That is the girl ____ sister is in my English class. whose that who ,who.
I've got a new purse _______ is very small. which who whom whose.
I've decided to fire Mario Rossi. He arrived _____ for the meeting again. late lately more late later.
It's late! It's getting _______. darker and darker most dark more and more dark more and dark.
This hotel is quite cheap but that one is _____. cheaper more cheap cheapest cheap.
My next-door neighbour has a beautiful car but my brother has the ______ one in the world. most beautiful beautifullest beautiful more beautiful.
This is __________expensive sweater in the store. the least the lees the last the less.
My brother is _______ me. older then elder than elder then older than.
Maria is the youngest girl ______her family. in by of on.
Choose the American translation for the Italian word "rubinetto". Faucet pipe none of the above tap.
Choose the American translation for the Italian word "benzina". gas motor-oil non of the above petrol.
Choose the British translation for the Italian word "farmacia". chemist’s none of the above grocery drugstore.
Choose the American translation of the Italian word "farmacia". Drugstore none of the above grocery chemist's.
What's the British English for "lattina"? tin can pet bottle bin.
What's the American for "marciapiede"? sidewalk pavement cross walk pedestrian crossing.
Choose the correct prefix to make the following adjective negative in meaning: rilevant. Ir un dis in.
Choose the correct prefix to make the following adjective negative in meaning: honest. dis un des in.
Choose the correct prefix to make the following adjective negative in meaning: practical im dis in un.
Choose the word that can be placed after the word given hereinafter : "back" pack task type stream.
Choose the word that can be placed after the word given hereinafter : "time" line ground side light.
Choose the word that can be placed after the word given hereinafter: "world". Wide ball cube way.
Choose the correct prefix to build a new word: "______structure". super side off over.
Choose the correct prefix to build a new word: "______affected". dis under up an.
Choose the correct prefix to build a new word: " ______shore". off down dis up.
Choose the correct prefix to make the following adjective negative in meaning: regular. ir in dis un.
Choose the correct prefix to make the following adjective negative in meaning: agreeable. dis in non un.
What's the English for "il sangue non è acqua"? blood is thicker than water none of the above blood is heavier than water blood is stronger than water.
"Can't stand (something)" means: to dislike (something) to sit down to rest a bit none of the above.
"hit the books" means. to study to read to kick to book sth.
"take it easy" means: slowdown calm down be nice be simple.
What's the English for "perle ai porci"? To cast pearls before swine To cast pearls to pigs To give pearls to an unworthy person To give pearls to swine.
What's the English for "avere la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca"? Have your cake and eat it Have your barrel and hit it Have your wife completely drunk Have your wife as tight as a drum.
Choose the correct Idiom meaning "something's strange". something's fishy something's kitty something's horsy something's tricky.
"make up your mind" means: decidersi avere nuove idee truccarsi farsi perdonare.
You _______take insect repellant if you're coming near a lake. 'd better would better better 'rather.
"make noise" means: fare rumore annoiare dare fastidio rendere noioso.
What's the English for "il dado è tratto"? the die is cast the dice is cast the dice is drawn the die is pulled.
What's the English for "il silenzio è d'oro". silence is golden the silence is gold silence is gold the silence is goldish .
"ring a bell" means: it sounds familiar it looks odd someone is calling it plays a nice tune.
"to drink like a fish" means: to drink a lot of alcohol to drink a lot of water not to drink at all to keep a secret.
"to be on the ball" means: to be alert to be confused to be in shape to be fit.
"A red letter day" means: an important day an eventful day a dangerous day a formidable day.
“A piece of cake" means: something very easy to do something very soft something very sweet something very easy to eat.
What's the English for "ride bene chi ride ultimo"? have the last laugh have the last grin have the latest laugh have the last smile.
"To smell a rat " means: to suspect a trick to have an odor to see a hidden meaning to misunderstand.
"jump out of the skin" means: to be scared to be happy to be exultant to be worried.
What does "pace" mean? Passo pece pace piccolo pezzo.
What does "convenient" mean? Utile economico convenienza chi conviene.
What does "barracks" mean? Caserma rifugio baracca capanna.
What does "attic" mean? Soffitta appartamento di lusso appartamento all'ultimo piano attico.
What is the Italian for "ape"? gorilla ape approssimativo aperitivo.
What is the Italian for "firm"? Azienda firmatario fabbrica firma.
What is the Italian for "gentle"? Delicato soffice gentile gente.
Rephrase the sentence with an indirect question. “Where is the post office?” Can you tell me where the post office is? Can you tell me where does the post office is? Can you tell me the post office is where? Can you tell me where is the post office?.
We were all too afraid to speak. Nobody _____ say anything. dared didn’t dare doesn’t dare dare.
Mary swam strongly and _____ cross the river easily, even though it was swollen by the heavy rain. was able to could is able to can.
Mark _____ my cellular phone. admitted stealing admitted steal admitted him stealing admitted to steal.
Sarah regrets _____ more when she was younger. not travelling not to have travelled not to travel did not travel.
We _____ on time if we _____ one hour earlier! would’ve arrived / had left had arrived / had left would’ve arrived / would’ve left had arrived / would’ve left.
The wedding will _____ on 12th May. take place take off take after take up.
Marcus couldn’t _____ having been at the scene of crime. deny reject object refuse.
I’m interested _____ Russian, but I’m not very good _____ it. in / at on / in on / at at / in.
How long _____ to get to school? does it take you? does take you it takes you takes you.
The view from her house was wonderful! If I _____ a camera with me, I would have taken some pictures. had had would have had would have had.
Which sentence is correct? Have you emailed Andrew yet? No, I haven’t done it yet, I’m going to do it later this afternoon. Have you emailed Andrew yet? No, I haven’t done it already, I’m going to do it later this afternoon. Have you emailed Andrew already? No, I haven’t just done it, I’m going to do it later this afternoon. Have you emailed Andrew just? No, I haven’t done it yet, I’m going to do it later this afternoon.
If my husband had locked his car properly, his car _____ stolen. would have never been won’t be wouldn’t had stolen would not.
The _____ faulty. equipment was equipment were equipments were equipments are.
The report is very critical and is clearly _____. intended to be intend to be intended to intended.
It’s time people _____ their attitude towards immigration. Changed will change change have changed.
_____ the furniture _____ arrived yet. None of / has None of / have None / have None / has.
I _____ along that street for ages when I realized it was the wrong direction! ‘ve been walking have walked ‘d been walking was walking.
You don’t object _____ late tonight, do you? working to working work to work.
You _____ make two copies, one will go. needn’t must don’t need will not need.
I spoke to my best friend and she gave me _____. some good advice a good advice some good advices a very good advice.
Mark is very friendly and nice, he _____ with all his colleagues. gets on well gets in well gets off gets fit.
Can I take two days _____ next week to visit my family? ->(errore di battitura della DOCENTE nella risposta) of out away back.
If I had known you were coming I__________ some food. would have bought had bought would had bought would bought.
I _____back from the supermarket when I realized that I_____any wine for dinner. had just come/hadn't bought had just come/didn't buy have just come/hadn't bought had only come/hadn't bought.
You shouldn’t eat _____cheese and cream: they’re ____. much/fats much/fattening many of/fattening many/fats.
WWF should consider______the plan developed by UN for a nationwide solution for climate crisis. implementing implement to implement for implementing.
Rewrite the sentence in reported speech: “We have enjoyed ourselves very much at the party” They told Ann that they had enjoyed themselves very much at the party They told Ann that they were enjoyed themselves very much at the party They told Ann that they have enjoyed themselves very much at the party They told Ann that they enjoyed themselves very much at the party.
It’s a beautiful jacket! The colour suits you too. It________a lot. must have cost must to cost will cost can cost.
Choose the English equivalent for the American word “backyard”. garden yard courtyard meadow.
We were walking along the Thames River when we came___Nigel, an old classmate! across through into about.
They needed someone who was both an excellent administrator and manager._______was not so easy to find. Such a person Such person Such A such person.
Choose the American equivalent for the British word “courgette”: zucchini aubergine eggplant cucumber.
What does “stingy” mean? Someone who is not generous Someone who is generous.
I’m going to a Japanese restaurant tonight. – Oh really?_________! So are we! So we are! So do I! So we too!.
“I have to confess. I like buying! Even if I have a similar object at home, whether it’s clothes or furniture, I have to buy another one. Let’s face it: I’m a self-confessed shopaholic and I might have got this trait from my ant Jill.” What is the meaning of “shopaholic”? A person who enjoys shopping very much and does it a lot A person who enjoys shopping and drinking A person who enjoys drinking alcohol and does it occasionally -.
Quando venne istituzionalizzata la scuola dei traduttori di Toledo? XII d.c. XII a.c. XI a.c. XIII a.c.
Remember____to the supermarket and don’t forget_____my favourite biscuits, please! to go/to buy to go/to buying going/to buy going/buying.
Which sentence is not correct? These exercise are as difficult like last week’s exercise These exercise are more difficult than last week’s exercise These exercise are less difficult than last week’s exercise These exercise aren't as difficult as last week’s exercise.
Which of the following pairs of words is homophones? Ate/eight Miss/mess Shoe/sue Still/steal.
I ran in a marathon last week but I wasn’t fit enough. I ___________after 5 kilometers. dropped out ??? ??? ???.
It was midday. __________I put on the light. Even so Although Even Even though.
Paul, yesterday you forgot___________Richard on his graduation! to congratulate ??? ??? ???.
What was Mark doing when you saw him in the museum? He__________around by a guide. was being shown was showing was shown showed.
I can't go to my friend's party because I________to Japan. am travelling travelling travel can travel.
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