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01. I ___ shopping yesterday and I ___ a pair of red boots. went/bought goed/bought goed/buyed went/bouyed.
02. The past simple of the verb pay is: payd paid paided payed.
03. What can we find in a jewellery? Flowers and plants Medicine and health related products Necklaces, blacelets, rings etc. Books .
04. What does a baker make? Flowers and plants Bread Forniture, such as tables, chairs, sofas etc. Boots.
What does a butcher sell? Flowers Blouse Bamboo forniture Meat .
If you want to buy some orchids, I go to the ____ butcher's flower shop/florist jeweller's greengrocer's .
Why ___ that red dress you saw at the shop yesterday? you didn't buy didn't you buy buy not you you buy not .
There is ____ , ____ and ____ on the table. Serve yourself. An apple, a orange/ some bread An apple, an orange/ some bread The apple, an orange/ some bread An apple, an orange/ the bread .
Mum ____ a fantastic red velvet cake. Jake can't have any until he ___ his homework. made/does made/did make/done make/do.
There are ___ sandwiches and ___ bottle of water. few/the little/a few/a a little/a .
Give-away prices are ... very low prices buy not you gifts you buy not.
In some countries even numbers 2,4, etc. are lucky numbers but in other countries the number "four" in an unlucky number. This happens in China. It means death because it’s the sound of the word ‘death’ in Chinese. So the people in these countries do not like receiving gifts in numbers of four. For example: four glasses. Why do Chinese do not like receiving gifts that are in numbers of four? Number four has got the same sound as the word ‘death’ in Chinese. Number four is an even number. Number four is an unfortunate number. Number four is a fortunate number.
When your throat hurts you've got a ____ throat pain throat hurt sore throat throatache .
Complete the sentence: "Do you remember ____" the class in the news? with the English class? the English day of the class? the first day of this English class?.
There is only one group that has no odd word. eyes/ears/arms/foot mouth/nose/ear/feet eye,arms,legs,feet eye,ear,mouth,nose .
A: "What happen to your arm? B. "While I was playing football I fell and ___. broke my leg break my hand broke my arm broke my back.
Choose the correct answer to the question: A: Can I help you? B: _____ Yes, help yes, please yes, you can help me i don't know .
What piece of advice would you give to Mike: Mike: I’ve got a terrible headache. You: _____ You should take some syrup. You should put an ointment on your head. You should take a pill and get some rest. You should put an ice pack on your head.
A: What’s the _____? Why aren't you tasting anything? B: I’m on a diet and I can’t eat the cake you’ve made for me. matter wrong happened happening .
What is the meaning of mild? It's ablend of drugs that are light. Something, such as a tablet, that is not very strong. It's something that is not frightening. It's something that is robust and strong.
A: "I've got a toothache! B: "You___" should drink a cup of hot milk shouldn't eat chocolate and sweets. should take some syrup. shouldn't take painkillers.
I can't speak German. you should speak some language you should take some language classes my arm hurt but my arm.
When you have a temperature, you are usually _____. thermometer fever hot cold .
I went to the ____ for a checkup medic office doctor's office arms, eyes, throat, mouth head, nose, mouth, legs.
We _____ go yet. The bus leaves in 45 minutes. can't don't have to mustn't may not .
She _____ speak German but she can speak Polish very well. doesn't mustn't don't can't .
I ____ do my homework before dinner: my friends are coming over to watch the final football match of the season. must can could may .
A comfortable bus for carrying passengers over long distance is called ___ carriage wagon couch coach .
What is a bike enthusiast? A person who loves travelling by bike wherever they go. A person who buys bikes even if they don't use them A person who loves going to bike tours A person who buys bikes to keep .
You _____ the party because you didn't get an invitation. can not come can't come can come not cannot come to .
A: You _____ to the meeting. It's not very important. B: That's good because I _____. I'm busy too. have not to come / can't can't come / can't don't have to come / can't mustn't come / can't.
To get to the shopping mall you _____ catch the number 14 bus from the station. must to can to have to need.
You _____ be sixteen or over to drive in Canada. don't have to have to can can't .
There are places where the local people want to get things moving again after the recession due to the pandemic. The touristy places want to increase the number of people visiting.So they decided to start a program to invite people to come over. They are offering a 100-dollar gift certificate to the first 500 people who book a two-night-stay in one of the hotels. What is the meaning of this offer? You don’t pay the hotel for two nights if you are among the first 500 people that visit the city. You don’t pay the hotel for all the nights you want if you go to this city. You don’t pay anything for your stay/s for life. You don’t pay the hotel if you book a night at the hotel that offers the gift.
A: What clothes do you have to wear for the new job? B: I _____ a suit and tie but I have to wear a white shirt or T-shirt. don't have to wear can't wear mustn't to wear can't have to wear.
In some countries you _____ wear a helmet on bikes but it's safer if you do wear one. must can't don't have to can .
The UK wants to ban food and drinks on public transport. However, people don't agree with the government's decision. People don't want to be controlled. This is unpopular among those who say that the government should not say who can eat and drink on buses and trains. What does 'ban' mean? When something is prohibited. It is officially decided that something is not allowed When you have permission to do something but you have to be cautious. When something is allowed to a certain limit. When something is not prohibited by law. You have to be careful not to be caught. .
The dining room is a place where you ___ eat have dinner watch tv sleep .
My house in the mountains is ____ and ____ then my flat in the city bigger and most colorful bigger and more colorful more big and more colorful the more big and the more colorful .
Miriam ___ her bag yet. She might have forgotten it at the cafè. hasn't find not found haven't found hasn't found .
The past participle of be, talk and study is been talked studyed been talked studied was talked studed beed stalked studied .
My school played _____ than your school. Don't you think so? gooder more better better more good .
That's enough! I'm throwing in the _____. I'm tired of trying. I'll never make it. table trash garbage towel .
I can't _____ money down the drain: I don't earn enough to do that. throw put waste push .
_____ place to live in the world is my home! The most comfortable The more comfortable The more comfortable The comfortablest.
I’ve got a glass wall-to-wall and ceiling to floor _____ where I hang my clothes. en suite wardrobe cupboard bathroom .
The best thing about living in a castle is that there is a lot of room and I can invite all my friends for the weekend. What does room mean here? Space where you can move around. A particular place in the castle. Extra bedrooms. A place that has four walls, a ceiling and a floor.
There is a house which is built on a rock on the River Drina, in Serbia. It was built by a group of men who decided that the rock was the perfect place for a shelter. What is the meaning of 'shelter'? It’s a place where you can have a meal. It’s something that allows you to relax It’s something that covers or protects It's like a boat but bigger.
When talking about houses, we mentioned that there is a super rocky house that is _____. made of stones made by stones made of bricks made by bricks .
I've got a round glass _____ and six black _____ in my dining room, and two ocean blue _____ to sit in, one for my husband and one for me. bed / char / armchair tables / chairs / sofas table / chair / sofa table/ chairs / armchairs.
It's a great movie. I _____ it because it _____ a thriller. am liking / is being am liking / is like / is being like / is.
Maggie _____ on Saturday morning. usually is swimming have dinner sleep usually goes swimming.
Pete _____ his homework now, so he can't go out to play football. does does doing is doing doing .
I _____ to work, but this week I _____ the subway. driving usually / taking usually drive / am taking drive usually /am taking usually driving / am taking.
They _____ a lot of snow in winter in Canada. How lucky they _____. had / are have / are are having / are being are having / are.
Maia _____ all the time, sometimes I _____ why! is complaining / not understand complains / don't understand is complaining / don't understand complains / am not understanding.
Why _____ your rainboots? It's not wet today! are you wear do you wear do you wearing are you wearing .
What a couch potato that guy is! All he does is _____ sit on a sofa and watch TV all day long! eat potatoes and watch TV all day long! sit on a sofa and snoar all day long! eat potatoes on a sofa all day long!.
The correct word order for: your the does what weekend usually husband do at ? What does your husband usually do at the weekend? What usually do your husband does at the weekend? What usually does your husband at the weekend? What does usually your husband do at the weekend?.
How often _____ to the hairdresser's? do you going are you go do you go you go .
A: What _____? B: I'm looking for my brown bag, the one with the fashionable yellow leather handles. I can't find it. are you do are you doing do you do do you doing .
Talking about Steve McClure, who’s one of the best rock climbers in the world, we have come across a sport that he started off in. It’s called trad climbing. It means traditional climbing using suitable climbing equipment. It's traditional climbing blended with rock climbing. It's a blend of traditional climbing and trade climbing. You exchange equipment with your mates. It means to climb traditionally. Using only trekking boots.
Malcolm argues that first impressions are usually reliable. He says that we have two ways to make decisions: slowly and carefully, being sensible, or quickly and unconsciously without thinking. What does 'argue' mean? To disagree To state To define To concent .
Life in the country is usually _____ than city life. peacefuler the most peaceful peacefuller more peaceful.
The small villages in the French countryside are _____ I've seen during my holidays. the most beautiful more beautiful as beautiful more beautiful than .
Ben was walking in the city centre when he saw Gwenth and _____ to her. stopped speaking stopped to speaking stopped speak stopped to speak .
Roberta lives in the city centre. It is beautiful but she must _____a lot of noise. put out put on put up with put up .
Jenny stopped running to answer her mobile phone. - She interruped something to do another thing. She interrupted something. She interrupted something because she can't do it any more.
The countryside is _____ the city. the less dangerous than the least more dangerous less dangerous than the least dangerous than.
The flowers in the shop near my house has got _____ ones. most coloured the most coloured the most colourful the most colourfuls.
I love to live in a small town. I suggest you _____ there too! move to moving moving to move .
Could you please not give Janet my jacket: I _____ it! still using. am still using still use am still use .
Some people prefer living in the city: they love the lights, the entertainment and the leisure that city life has to offer. Theatres, cinemas, museums, and gyms are easy to reach. The people who live in the city love to be able to get to work or school quickly. They don’t love to commute and spend most of their mornings and evening on trains and buses. What is the meaning of 'commute'? To restore to a former place or position in the train or bus. To travel regularly by train, bus, car, etc. to get to and from work or school. To substitute or invert the means of transport. To travel from home to a shopping mall once in a blue moon.
I managed _____ my sister-in-law the chinaware she had always wanted for her birthday! She'll be thrilled when she opens the box! to giving to give giving n giving .
We've been working in this country _____ . since five years from five years for five years five years ago .
Some species of animals _____ endangered for many years. have have been are being are .
Priscilla and Hector got married in 1975. They _____ for over forty years. were married have been married are married married .
The major cities _____ a solution for urban traffic yet. didn't find haven't found aren't finding can't find .
You'll never believe this: I _____ my first boyfriend right here in New York during my holiday. ran to ran towards ran in ran into .
I _____ petrol. Is there a gasoline station nearby? has run out of have run out have run out of had runs into .
Facial expression: when a person is smiling, you understand that the person is happy or indicates approval. When a person frowns, they show unhappiness or disapproval. Indeed, facial expressions are the best forms of body language conveying emotions such as surprise, happiness, fear, anger, etc. Frown is _____ when a person contracts their face and lines appear around their mouth and forehead. when a person contracts their eyebrows, and lines appear on their forehead. when a person concentrates all their thoughts and contracts their mouth. when a person is angry, and makes a strange noise and face.
Correct the mistake: Henry has been studying music from when he was a child. Henry has study music since he was a child. Henry has been studying music since he was a child. Henry study music for he was a child. Henry has studying music since he was a child.
Fred _____ for the bus for more than twenty minutes: he's getting upset. has been waiting has waited waits wait .
Many countries _____ the Paris climate deal. Many big fashion companies _____ that they would choose better materials and reduce waste and emissions. have signed / promised have signed / have promised had signed / have promised signed / have promised.
Geotagging is _____. tagging people and places for historical use. telling people where a location is by tagging it. Basically you add the geographical identification of a place to social media. tagging people and places for geographical use. tagging people in various places.
Endangered species and animals in extinction have the same meaning. Extinct animals and plants are still alive. Endangered species are animals that are at risk of extinction. Endangered species are't alive anywhere in the world. There is no such thing as extinction.
I _____ embarrassed when a lady spotted me looking at her beautiful sandals. fell fell felt feel .
Ned _____ on holidays to Spain every summer when he was a child. used to go had gone use to go has gone .
I called so many times Felicia. I needed to ask you a favour. What _____ when I _____ you? were you doing / was calling were you doing / called did you do / was calling did you do / called.
She _____ German when she's with her parents. Unfortunately, her boyfriend doesn't understand it. is using to go is use to going is used to speak is used to speaking .
We were walking along the Thames River when we came _____ Nigel, an old classmate! across over in through.
_____ to bed early when you were a child? did you used going did you use to go did you used to go were you used to go .
Jenny was not a talkative child, she _____ very shy. Did you used to go used to be use to be did you used going .
How do you manage your time when you’re on holiday? What does ‘manage’ imply? Check your time. Organize your time. Manipulate your time. Order your time.
It's the worst nightmare holiday I’ve ever had. Weather was bad, food was insipid, roads were closed for the floods, and everything was expensive! What does "nightmare" imply? An unpleasant treat. A Halloween leisure holiday. An unpleasant situation. A night out.
Do you usually pick up souvenirs when travelling? What is the meaning of 'pick up something' in this sentence? To bring home something from a place. To go somewhere in your car and collect somebody. To collect something from the floor/ground. To identify or recognize something.
Tourists usually get _____ when they are on holiday. ripped off ripped up ripped at ripped down .
_____ you _____ the US every year? You changed destination. Didn't / used to go to Didn't / go to Didn't / use to go to Didn't / use to go.
The flight I was supposed to catch has been _____. delated in late late delayed .
If you need a helping hand, call me and_____ over. I come I'm coming I'll come I am .
I _____ a birthday cake for your girlfriend, if you want. am making will make am going to make make .
You can trust me: I _____ a soul. won't tell won't told won't say won't tell to .
They're going home tomorrow, _____? they aren't they are aren't they are they .
Mid term exams are not as difficult as the final ones, _____? are they aren't they they aren't they are.
The exam _____ next Saturday. will being will be is being is be .
I can't go to my friend's party because I _____ to Scotland. travelling can travel am travelling travel .
A: Shall we have a barbecue next Saturday? B: I don't think so. I heard the weather forecast today and they said that it _____. will go rain is raining rains is going to rain .
Don't worry about your brother, he _____ fine. He's always wanted to go live abroad. will is will being will have will be .
What does it mean when we say that 'it’s raining cats and dogs'? It's raining heavily. t's a silly expression and doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean anything. There are a lot of cats and dogs out in the rain.
_____ with rain. Let's close the windows. it has pour it's pouring it is pour it pours .
I _____ back from the supermarket when I remembered that I _____ any wine for dinner. have just come / hadn't bought had just come / hadn't bought had only come / hadn't bought had just come / didn't buy.
I was watching a movie in German but didn't catch _____ of what they were saying. Perhaps only the most common phrases! any much lots of many .
When I came back home I realized that I _____ the windows open all day. left had left did leave have left .
I'm coming down with the flu: could you give me _____? an advice some advices a piece advice some advice .
I realized that I _____ my schoolbag on the bus only when I got to school. had forgotten forgotten forgot have forgotten.
It is said that diners are more willing to tip more generously when it's a lovely sunny day and when romance is in the air. What is the meaning of 'diners'? A person who has a meal at a restaurant. A restaurant car. A restaurant. A meal .
The train _____ when we got to the station. left has just left had leave had just left .
What is the meaning of this sentence: Stefy was disappointed with the people working at the tourist office because they gave her little information? Stefy didn't give enough information. Stefy was expecting more information than what she actually got. The people waiting at the tourist office received less than expected. Stefy couldn't give enough information because she didn't work at the tourist office.
I went to an Italian restaurant and had _____. some delicious meats one delicious meat some delicious meat a delicious meat .
We have _____ time: hurry up! not few little much .
You shouldn't eat _____ cream and cheese: they're _____. much / fats much / fattening many / fats many of / fattening.
How to get the very first vitamins of the day? By drinking a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice. What is the meaning of 'freshly-squeezed orange juice'? It's frozen juice that has been pressed out of a fresh fruit (oranges). It's juice (oranges) that is fresh from the fridge. It's juice that has been pressed out of a frozen fuit (oranges). It's juice that has been recently pressed out of a fresh fruit (oranges).
When I come back from my holidays _____ much more relaxed. I'll like I'll feel I feel I'll feel like .
I drink coffee everyday: I think I'm addicted to it. I should cut down on eating ready-prepared foot, but I hardly have the time to prepare it. My husband and I both work until late hours, so it's convenient for us. We put it in the microwave and voilà: dinner is served in no time at all. What does 'cut down on' mean? To use less of something. To get rid of something. To get it cut into slices To use it in pieces.
_____ you study, you won't pass final term. if unless you don't if not unless.
I studied hard in these last months _____ I passed the Maths exam. if however because so .
Alice _____ to school unless her mom allows her to wear her new white boots. come doesn't won't to go won't go goes .
Unusual news: This news is about a stunt. Two wingsuit flyers do the stunt. They jump from a mountain in Switzerland. A plane flies around the mountain. Its door is open. The two men fly into the plane. What is a 'wingsuit flyer'? A wingsuit flyer is a person who launches from a vehicle and falls onto the ground using a parachute. A wingsuit flyer flies being pulled by an aircraft. A wingsuit flyer is a person who 'flies' wearing a particular suit made of nylon. A wingsuit flyer is a person who puts on particular wings and flies.
You _____ any weight unless you _____ some regular exercises. won't lose/have will lose/go won't lose / will do won't lose / do.
Although she _____ very well, Rose won the match in three sets. doesn't play wasn't play isn't playing didn't play .
They built new facilities for children in the area. New facilities _____ for children in the area. were built were being built are built are being built .
I met Casia yesterday at the mall and asked her if she _____ to the party. coming comes will coming was coming .
If you heat ice, it _____ . melts is melting will melt would melt .
A typical morning workout consists of a 12-kilometer paddle, a 10k run, and weight training. What is the meaning of 'workout'? not working a period of physical exercise working outside a period of apprenticeship.
In Russia, a woman leaned on a wall display at an art show to take a selfie, She accidentally knocked the display over on top of two paintings by two important Spanish artists – Salvador Dali and Francisco Goya. The paintings were valuable and the falling wall damaged them. What happened to the two important paintings? The woman touched the paintings and they fell. The wall fell on the paintings. The woman and wall fell on the paintings. The woman fell on the paintings.
She doesn’t drive to work. There’s too much traffic. She would have driven to work if there had been less traffic. She will drive to work if there will be less traffic. She would drive to work if there were less traffic. She would have driven to work if there were less traffic.
It annoys me that my sister takes my clothes without asking. I wish my sister wouldn’t take my clothes without asking. I wish my sister didn’t take my clothes without asking. I wish my sister doesn’t take my clothes without asking I wish my sister won’t take my clothes without asking.
Mrs Vandal wishes there _____ more charities because they make a difference! will be were are would be .
The musical _____ unforgettable if the main singer _____ a more powerful voice. would have been/had had would have been/has had would have been/will have would be/had had.
They _____ raise a lot of money if they _____ up more charities. could/set will/had set could/would set would/will set.
If they _____ fewer special effects, I would have liked this film more. had used have been used used have used .
A woman worked for years as a waitress at a gallery cafè in London. She saw many works of art, but now her own paintings are on display. She came to the attention of one of the world’s most famous art dealers. He liked her work so much that he already bought six pieces. He asked her to work on some larger paintings. The former waitress could not be happier. What is the meaning of ‘on display’? Something which is exhibited. Something which is placed somewhere else. Something which is put on play. Something which is put away.
If I ___ less money on those beautiful red shoes and white boots I bought last week, I could have saved more. had spent had spend would spend spend .
The theatre was full of people, there were only two ____ left. remote seats ticket seat .
If you _____ me to choose between TV and theatre, I _____ go for the theatre. asked / would had asked / will asked / will ask / would.
I can’t afford the price of the ticket. It’s too ____. economic fun expensive cheap .
That movie was so ____ that I couldn’t stop laughing interesting funny fun bring .
If only I ____ one more bed, I would let you sleep at my place! made did had have .
Academic skills are important for: English students International students Students from China and Korea. All answers are correct.
Choose the correct speed reading tecnique: Fold a page in three different sections and read only what’s on the right Fold a page in three different sections and translate the words you don’t know. Fold a page in three different sections and read only what’s in the middle Fold a page in three different sections and read only what’s on the left.
What is important to have in mind before approaching Speed Reading? porpose abstract name of the author lenght of the paper / book .
What are the three areas of speed reading? Scanning/searching - Surveying - Skimming Searching - Critical Reading - Skimming Skimming - Fast pacing - Scanning Surveying – Extensive Reading - Skimming.
Where does the word surveying come from? engineering sociology architecture archeology .
Which different parts of a publication should you read when surveying? Abstract and Conclusion Section headings and author Title and Chapters Introduction and date of publication.
What does surveying mean? Looking at the big picture Analysing diagrams and charts Reading in detail Reading out-loud .
What are the "controlling ideas"? Specific information in the paragraph The main idea of the section The main ideas of the paragraph An extension of the topic sentence .
Which areas of the text involved when skimming? Paragraphs Author's details Date of publication Introduction .
Where can we find the topic sentence? In the footnotes In the index of the book At the end of each paragraph At the start of each paragraph .
What is the right sequence to apply when speed-reading? Scanning - surveying – skimming – searching Skimming – scanning – surveying – searching Searching – skimming – surveying - scanning Surveying – skimming – scanning – searching.
How is scanning different from skimming? Scanning is very similar to skimming Scanning is the opposite of skimming Scanning is performed before skimming Scanning is about reading only the title.
How is searching different from scanning? Searching is for specific words They are exactly the same Searching is like surveying Searching is for concepts and ideas.
Which style is mostly used to show a process? Flowchart Spidergram Tree Diagram Table.
Which note-taking style is better suited to show classification? Tree diagram Table Spidergram Flowchart .
Examples, Addition, Contrasting, Listing. What kind of cues are these? Topic cues Structure cues Organising cues Transition cues .
What are the main areas to consider when approaching a text critically? Author and source, Date of publication, Evidence Evidence, Section headings, References Author and source, Evidence, Assumptions and bias Assumptions and bias, Title, Evidence.
Why it is important to have a critical approach in reading? To make sure that the author’s opinion is supported by evidence All answers are correct To evaluate the quality of the author’s methodology To make sure the author is not driven by personal interest.
What is a counter-argument? A convoluted topic The author’s presentation of a different point-of-view to sustain his/her argument The author’s counter opinion The opposite of debating.
What are formulaic phrases? Collocations, Discourse maker, Signpost phrases, Idioms and Phrasal Verbs Discourse Maker and Signposts Idioms and Phrasal verbs Phrases that follow a specific grammatical formula.
What is a collocation? A specific and recurrent combination of words A sequence noun+verb A family of words A sequence verb+adjective.
What does GSL stand for ? General Student List General Service List General Spoken List General Spoken Language .
Complete the sentence with the appropriate word: The teenager was charged with drugs (CONSUME) Consumption Consumation Consume Consumerism .
What is nominalisation? It is the transformation of a noun into a verb It is about using nouns instead of adverbs It is the transformation of an adjective into a noun It is the transformation of a verb or adjective into a noun.
Complete the sentence with the appropriate word: Companies are really eager to get some financial (SECURE) Securement Security Safety Secureties .
Although, even though, despite, otherwise, conversely are connectors used for: Contrasting Expressing Consequence Emphasising ideas Reformulating ideas .
Is it recommended to use phrasal verbs in academic writing? Yes, but only if they are not very common No, it is always a bad mistake. Yes, as long as they are formed by more than two words No, they should be replaced by one word.
Why is the passive voice the preferred grammatical structure of academic writing? Because it conveys an idea of casualty Because it is more neutral and more objective Because is easier to understand Because it is more elegant.
You must always use lots of sun cream ______ get sunburn. in order to so that in order not to before .
Complete the sentence: Cindy likes her boyfriend. She doesn’t want to marry him, __. although while even though though .
Choose the right connector: Some people believe in ghosts and supernatural phenomena ______ others are skeptical about all that. despite whereas because as long as .
Complete the sentence: Not only the car broke down_____it cost a lot of money to get it repaired. moreover as a result but also in addition .
Whether, as long as, unless, provided are connectors used for: Contrasting ideas Condition Consequence Summing up.
Complete the sentence: They still don’t know.... if the project or not will be finished soon whether or not the project will be finished soon whether the project or not will be finished soon if or not the project will be finished soon.
Complete the sentence: The old couple __ host Spring students in their house are very sweet. whose host Spring students in their house are very sweet. who are host Spring students in their house are very sweet. who host Spring students in their house are very sweet. who's host Spring students in their house are very sweet.
Ann brought (a new dictionary). Question: What did Ann buy? Noun Clause: Do you know what Ann buy what Ann bought what did Ann bought what did Ann buy.
Choose the right rephrasing of It is amazing to finish a marathon in under four hours. Finish a marathon in under four hours is amazing Finished a marathon in under four hours is amazing. A marathon finishes in under four hours is amazing To finish a marathon in under 4 hours is amazing.
When referencing or quoting a book using the MLA style, do you put the year of publication? yes yes, in inverted commas yes with page numbers no .
If there are two or more authors, and the work is cited in parentheses, the symbol & should be used to link the names. In the MLA style In all styles In the Harvard style In the APA style.
Students who enroll at university while working full-time or having dependents are called ____-traditional. Non-traditional Mistraditional Untraditional Atraditional.
Which word has the correct prefix? Unjudgement Misjudgement Imjudgement Iljudgement.
A ____proportionate number of engineering students are men. Disproportioned Nonproportioned Misproportioned Unproportioned.
The general economic- situation is not looking good. Economical Economic Economy Economous.
I really like my bright, soft and wooll- jumper! woolly woollen woollant woollic.
Psychological social psychology enphasises: Cultural psychological processes Status and class Internal psychological processes Social psychological processes.
The biopsychosocial model refers to: Sport psychology Health psychology I-O psychology Clinical psychology.
Skinner’s reward system was applied to: a jail the BBC a school a family .
Attention, retention, reproduction and motivation are aspects of: Observational learning Operant conditioning Latent content Manifest content.
Skinner was experimenting with: children rats pigeons dogs .
According to the 16PF the trait "warmth" relates in its low and high score to: detached-supportive trusting-suspicious docile-dominant open-shrewd.
Which of these assumptions is wrong? Cardinal traits are very common in people Secondary traits arise under specific circumstances Central traits form our personality Secondary traits are not consistent.
According to the 16PF score, which word has "somber" as its high score equivalent? Analytical Spontaneous Bold Imaginative .
What branch of psychology relates to lifespan? Sport and exercise psychology Cognitive psychology Developmental psychology Health psychology .
What does APA stand for? Academic Psychological Association American Psychological Association Association of Psychology Authors American Psychologists Association .
This branch of psychology deals whit questions of psychology as they arise in the context of justice system. What is? Social psychology Forensic psychology IO psychology Clinical psychology .
If there are two or more authors, and the.... In all styles APA STYLES In the Harvard style In the MLA style .
They hadn't told the referee that the game was put off. The referee ___ that the game was put off. wasn't told hadn't told hadn't been told wasn't been told .
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