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If they _____ fewer special effects, I would have liked this film more. have used used have been used had used.
They _____ raise a lot of money if they _____ up more charities. would/will set could/would set will/had set could/set.
The theatre was full of people, there were only two ____ left. ticket seats remote seat.
If you _____ me to choose between TV and theatre, I _____ go for the theatre. asked / will had asked / will asked / would ask / would.
The musical _____ unforgettable if the main singer _____ a more powerful voice. would have been/had had would have been/will have would have been/has had would be/had had.
That movie was so ____ that I couldn’t stop laughing. funny fun interensting boring.
It annoys me that my sister takes my clothes without asking. I wish my sister wouldn’t take my clothes without asking. I wish my sister didn’t take my clothes without asking. I wish my sister won’t take my clothes without asking. I wish my sister doesn’t take my clothes without asking.
She doesn’t drive to work. There’s too much traffic. She will drive to work if there will be less traffic. She would have driven to work if there had been less traffic. She would have driven to work if there were less traffic. She would drive to work if there were less traffic.
If I ___ less money on those beautiful red shoes and white boots I bought last week, I could have saved more. had spend would spend had spent spend.
Mrs Vandal wishes there _____ more charities because they make a difference! will be were are would be.
A woman worked for years as a waitress at a gallery café in London. She saw many works of art, but now her own paintings are on display. She came to the attention of one of the world’s most famous art dealers. He liked her work so much that he already bought six pieces. He asked her to work on some larger paintings. The former waitress could not be happier. What is the meaning of ‘on display’? Something which is put away. Something which is put on play. Something which is exhibited. Something which is placed somewhere else.
In Russia, a woman leaned on a wall display at an art show to take a selfie. She accidentally knocked the display over on top of two paintings by two important Spanish artists – Salvador Dali and Francisco Goya. The paintings were valuable and the falling wall damaged them. What happened to the two important paintings? The woman and wall fell on the paintings. The woman fell on the paintings. The wall fell on the paintings. The woman touched the paintings and they fell.
Yesterday Daniel promised me that he _____ help me fix my computer today. will might is going would.
The choice of TV programmes is limited, _____ the number of channels. even though although even if despite.
When are you starting work?' My parents asked me _____ when I was starting work. when I started working. when I worked. when I work.
Do you know why _____ a new mobile? He’d bought one only a year ago! did Dario buy has Dario bought bought Dario Dario bought.
Could you help me?' Sara asked the police officer _____ if she could helped her. if she can helped her. if she can have helped her. if she could help her.
I won't wear this jacket again!' Kevin said he _____ wouldn't wear that jacket again. wouldn't wear this jacket again. wouldn't never wear this jacket again. would ever wear that jacket again.
What's the meaning of 'nomophobia'? A person who suffers from any kind of phobia. A person who has fear of fear. A person who has no fear of any kind of phobia. A person who fears of being detached from their phone or connectivity.
Define the word 'blogger'. A person who loves writing on a regular basis. A page of an online news report. A person who writes for an online newspaper. Some who writes everyday or on a regular basis and keeps the readers in the loop.
The Black Cab represents _____ of London’s cultural fabric just as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace do. a symbol the best symbols the symbolest a partial part.
There is technology which identifies faces, and a big corporate wants to regulate this technology. The CEO wants to present the new rules in the US government. This technology is good, but it can be dangerous, too. It is necessary that the law makers make it clear that this type of technology should protect people and betransparent. What is the meaning of ‘identifies’? To recognize. To conceal. To ask for identity. To hide.
Cindy told Sam that she _____ Mario the week before. had texted texted has texted would have texted.
I just don’t get it: why _____ selfies nowadays. are so many people take do so many people take so many people takes so many people take.
The Chemistry teacher is the only one _____ explains everything clearly. I hope she doesn’t move to another school. / what whom who.
Students _____ usually work hard get very good marks. whose which who whom.
A: I usually meet up with my ex-school friends once a year. We have a drink while talking about the good old days! B: _____ do I. Me do. So I do. So do I. So me too.
Did you see that advertisement _____ was shown during the movie last week? It was spectacular! who that whom /.
Look at that house over there! It's the one _____ I was brought up in. The owners are selling it. I wonder what's their price. / whose who whom.
That's the rink _____ I learnt to skate. whose which where that.
The guy _____ you saw me with on Wednesday is my boyfriend. / which that whom.
A: I don’t like going out in the cold and rain. I’d rather stay at home and read a book. B: _____ Sheila. That’s why we seldom go out. Neither does Either does Either do Neither do.
That guy, _____ is sitting by the window, is my little brother who / that which.
Melinda, _____ family name is Torrone, is the youngest scientist in our laboratory. Her origins are Italian, but she’s been living in Manchester for almost allher life! who whose which whom.
_____ of my best friends called to give me their condolences for the immature loss of my mother. I was expecting more comprehension. Neither Either All None.
In relation to university, the term college normally refers to a part of the university which does not have the autonomous power to release the degree. Universities award degrees while colleges prepare students for graduation. The latter can also be independent institutions. What is the meaning of ‘latter’? The latest 'one'. The last 'one'. The first 'one'. The primary 'one'.
We all learn in different ways, some prefer reading, other like images, or writing down and practising as much as possible... Using the same strategy or approach with people with different learning styles may not be effective. And of course, teaching children is not the same as teaching teenagers. According to the paragraph there are different ways to learn. How many does it list? And which are they? There are two ways: reading and listening. There are two ways: listening and writing. There are three ways: reading, listening and writing. There are several ways: reading, looking, writing and speaking.
China is a huge and densely populated country, and we can hardly figure out how difficult it has been for the Chinese central government and local authorities to guarantee education to the millions of citizens living in the country, including those residing in the most remote areas of the territory. What is the meaning of ‘huge and densely populated’? A big and polluted country. An enormous and polluted country. An enormous and highly polluted country. A big and crowded country.
Travelling may be wonderful, but a lot depends _____ the people you're travelling with and the weather. of on in from.
Mary_____ so nervous; she thinks she’s going to fail the exam because she didn’t study enough. Look at how she _____. was / was fidgeting is /fidgets being / is fidgeting is / is fidgeting.
My husband and I have been talking about our holiday destination for months, but every time I suggest something he disagrees _____all of them. on about with in.
It is perfectly acceptable in China to _____ your mucus on the street outside; while it is unacceptable to do it in a tissue at the dinner table. spit out spit from spit in spit on.
I apologize _____ the delay: I was held up _____ the traffic in the city centre. for / in of / for of / in for / for.
The plane departs_____ 14:45 from Pearson International Airport, so you should be in Rome _____noon the following day considering the time zone. at / by by / by for / at at / for.
In Spanish cities, family-run restaurants are being reopened as kebab shops or tapas bars in the _____ areas. tourism touristy foreigner foreign.
What is the synonym for brave? fearful afraid fearless scared.
I _____ a keen traveller, now I _____ to prefer holidays near home in the mountains. used to be / tend used to be / am tending was / to tend would be / am tending.
People travel to unusual places to find more diverse things, special things that _____ to the specific needs and interests of the tourist. are done are make are tailored are defined.
People who visit Japan are often surprised at the striking contrast between old and new, that seem to combine to make a unique mixture. Japan is a country of vast cultural heritage, which its inhabitants are particularly proud of. What is the meaning of heritage in the sentence? understandings traditions symbols heirs.
In some countries, some gestures might be considered impolite and offend the locals. In the Middle East it is discourteous to touch food with your left hand as they consider the left hand unclean while in Japan, it's considered rude to cross your legs in the presence of someone older or more respected than you. What is the meaning of locals in the sentence? The people of the place. The public administration. The shop owners. Cafés, pubs, etc.
There ___ anyone in the building. It has been evacuated. will be can't be won't be can be not.
Steve _____ less tired if he _____ to bed earlier in the evening. would be / goes would be / went can be / went can be / went.
You _____ buy a new car if you _____ enough money. can / have saved could / would saved could / will save can / save.
I was told that they need to run some more ____ to determine the stage of my disease. blood tests treatments surgeries illness.
They _____ the bus if they _____ earlier. would miss / got up wouldn't miss / get up would miss / didn't get up wouldn't miss / got up.
The doctors prescribed some _____ yesterday, but they are not working. My leg is killing me. blood tests pills painkillers treatments.
I can't go out this evening _____ my homework. I've got a test in a few days. If I finish unless I don't finish unless if I finish unless I finish.
He _____ everyday if worked from home. won't have to commute would have to commute wouldn't have to commute will have to commute.
_____ you treat me like this if you really _____ me? Would / have loved Would / had loved Would / loved Wouldn't / loved.
When you sleep like a log you sleep _____ like a tree profoundly light in a state of confusion.
A _____ is an important discovery that helps to improve a situation or provide an answer to a problem. Which is the missing word? breakthrough advanced health issue performance discovery.
We are addicted to a certain way of living. We are addicted to living permanently attached to our devices. And often addicted to stress and burnout. What is the meaning of 'addicted'? To be independent. To be used to something. To do something repeatedly. To add to something.
We are addicted to a certain way of living. We are addicted to living permanently attached to our devices. And often addicted to stress and burnout. What is the meaning of ‘burnout’? Fatigue. Rejuvenate. Relaxed. Dried out.
As soon as I get to the office, I ____ you. will call called will to call going to call.
I’m going to work by motorbike because the car _____ fixed. is is going to be is being was being.
When I _____ young my birthday _____ at home with family and friends. was / had been celebrated was / was being celebrated was / was been celebrated was / was celebrated.
Did you _____ ? Martha and Mark _____! Mark was cheating on her. hear / have broke up hear / have just broken up know / has just broken up listen / have just broken up.
It was a great celebration, _____ the crowd and noise. however in spite while despite.
A woman stopped me while I was walking along the street and asked me what time _____. was it. it is. is it. it was.
There _____ food left in the fridge. We have to go shopping. isn't some isn't any is any is no any.
The novel ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ was written ___ Oscar Wilde ___ 1894. from / in by / in by / in the from / in the.
This is _____ holiday I _____. the expensiviest / had ever had the expensiviest / haver ever had the more expensive / have ever had the most expensive / have ever had.
I can't stand_____ my neighbours' noisy parties any longer. to have to hear having to hear to having to hear.
Mother's Day or _____ is a day to honour mothers and other mother figures. Gifts and greeting cards are given to her on this pleasant day. St. Mothering Sunday St. Mother's Day Mothering Day Mothering Sunday.
A hit movie was released in 1993: it was called Groundhog Day. The main actor, Bill Murray, played a man who tried infinite times to go to the celebrations of the grounddog. What is the meaning of 'hit movie'? Popular and successful. The synonym for the word flop. Not as successful as popular. It's adeguate.
What is important to have in mind before approaching Speed Reading? Purpose Length of the Paper/Book Abstract Name of the author.
What are the three areas of speed reading? Surveying – Extensive Reading - Skimming Scanning/searching - Surveying - Skimming Searching - Critical Reading - Skimming Skimming - Fast pacing - Scanning.
Choose the correct speed reading tecnique: Fold a page in three different sections and read only what’s on the left Fold a page in three different sections and translate the words you don’t know. Fold a page in three different sections and read only what’s in the middle. Fold a page in three different sections and read only what’s on the right.
Academic skills are important for: All answers are correct International students English students Students from China and Korea.
Where does the word surveying come from? Archaelogy Architecture Engineering Sociology.
Which different parts of a publication should you read when surveying? Section headings and author Title and Chapters Abstract and Conclusion Introduction and date of publication.
What does surveying mean? Looking at the big picture Analysing diagrams and charts Reading out-loud Reading in detail.
Which areas of the text is involved when skimming? Author’s details Introduction Paragraphs Date of publication.
Where can we find the topic sentence? In the footnotes At the end of each paragraph At the start of each paragraph In the index of the book.
What are the "controlling ideas"? The main idea of the section An extension of the topic sentence Specific information in the paragraph The main ideas of the paragraph.
How is scanning different from skimming? Scanning is performed before skimming Scanning is about reading only the title Scanning is the opposite of skimming Scanning is very similar to skimming.
How is searching different from scanning? They are exactly the same Searching is for specific words Searching is for concepts and ideas Searching is like surveying.
What is the right sequence to apply when speed-reading? Scanning - surveying – skimming – searching Searching – skimming – surveying - scanning Skimming – scanning – surveying – searching Surveying – skimming – scanning – searching.
Which style is mostly used to show a process? Table Spidergram Flowchart Tree Diagram.
Examples, Addition, Contrasting, Listing. What kind of cues are these? Topic cues Organising cues Transition cues Structure cues.
Which note-taking style is better suited to show classification? Tree diagram Spidergram Table Flowchart.
What are the main areas to consider when approaching a text critically? Author and source, Evidence, Assumptions and bias Author and source, Date of publication, Evidence Assumptions and bias, Title, Evidence Evidence, Section headings, References.
Why it is important to have a critical approach in reading? To make sure the author is not driven by personal interest To evaluate the quality of the author’s methodology To make sure that the author’s opinion is supported by evidence All answers are correct.
What is a counter-argument? The author’s counter opinion A convoluted topic The opposite of debating The author’s presentation of a different point-of-view to sustain his/her argument.
What is a collocation? A specific and recurrent combination of words A sequence verb+adjective A family of words A sequence noun+verb.
What is GSL ? General Service List General Spoken List General Spoken Language General Student List.
What are formulaic phrases? Collocations, Discourse maker, Signpost phrases, Idioms and Phrasal Verbs Phrases that follow a specific grammatical formula Discourse Maker and Signposts Idioms and Phrasal verbs.
Complete the sentence with the appropriate word: Companies are really eager to get some financial (SECURE) Safety Securement Security Securities.
What is nominalisation? It is about using nouns instead of adverbs. It is the transformation of a noun into a verb It is the transformation of a verb or adjective into a noun It is the transformation of an adjective into a noun.
Complete the sentence with the appropriate word: The teenager was charged with drugs (CONSUME) Consumation Consumerism Consumption Consume.
Complete the sentence: Not only the car broke down_____it cost a lot of money to get it repaired. moreover but also as a result in addition.
Whether, as long as, unless, provided are connectors used for: Consequence Contrasting ideas Condition Summing up.
Choose the right connector: Some people believe in ghosts and supernatural phenomena ______ others are skeptical about all that. whereas as long as because despite.
Why is the passive voice the preferred grammatical structure of academic writing? Because it is more neutral and more objective Because it conveys an idea of casualty Because it is more elegant Because is easier to understand.
Although, even though, despite, otherwise, conversely are connectors used for: Expressing consequence Contrasting Reformulating ideas Emphasising ideas.
Is it recommended to use phrasal verbs in academic writing? Yes, as long as they are formed by more than two words Yes, but only if they are not very common No, it is always a bad mistake. No, they should be replaced by one word.
You must always use lots of sun cream ______get sunburn. before so that in order to in order not to.
Complete the sentence: Cindy likes her boyfriend. She doesn’t want to marry him, __. while even though although though.
Complete the sentence: They still don’t know…. whether or not the project will be finished soon if the project or not will be finished soon whether the project or not will be finished soon if or not the project will be finished soon.
Complete the sentence: The old couple __ host Spring students in their house are very sweet. who are host Spring students in their house are very sweet. who host Spring students in their house are very sweet. whose host Spring students in their house are very sweet. who's host Spring students in their house are very sweet.
Ann brought (a new dictionary). Question: What did Ann buy? Noun Clause: Do you know what Ann buy what did Ann bought what did Ann buy what Ann bought.
Choose the right rephrasing of It is amazing to finish a marathon in under four hours. Finish a marathon in under four hours is amazing Finished a marathon in under four hours is amazing. A marathon finishes in under four hours is amazing To finish a marathon in under 4 hours is amazing.
When referencing or quoting a book using the MLA style, do you put the year of publication? Yes No Yes, with page numbers Yes, in inverted commas.
If there are two or more authors, and the work is cited in parentheses, the symbol & should be used to link the names. In the MLA style In the APA style In all styles In the Harvard style.
A ____proportionate number of engineering students are men. Unproportioned Disproportioned Nonproportioned Misproportioned.
Students who enroll at university while working full-time or having dependents are called ____-traditional. Mistraditional Non-traditional Atraditional Untraditional.
Which word has the correct prefix? Misjudgement Imjudgement Iljudgement Unjudgement.
The general economic- situation is not looking good. Economic Economy Economous Economical.
I really like my bright, soft and wooll- jumper! Woollant Woolly Woollen Woollic.
Which Celtic languages have survived and are still spoken today? Welsh, Irish, Scottish Gaelic Cornish, Irish, Scottish Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish Welsh, Irish, Scottish.
How many noun cases did Old English have? Accusative Dative Genitive Nominative Genitive Ablative Nominative Vocative Accusative Dative Vocative Nominative Nominative Ablative Genitive Dative.
Nun, offer, palm, pope, priest, rule, temple come from: Scandinavian languages The Anglo-Saxon arrival Celtic languages The works of St. Augustine.
Both, same and give derive from: Danish Dutch Swedish German.
In which period can we see the gradual formation of literary dialects, an orthography greatly influenced by the Anglo-Norman writing system, the loss of pronunciation of final unaccented -e, the borrowing of large numbers of Anglo-Norman words and the rise of the London dialect? Central Middle English Old English Early Middle English Late Middle English.
The continuous shift from a synthetic language type in Old English to an analytic type in Modern English has been known as ... a term introduced by the American linguist Edward Sapir (1884-1939). Drift SOV GVS Shift.
Double negative was accepted in: All answers are correct Early Modern English and Middle English Old and Middle English Old, Middle and Early Modern English.
When do we see the use of do at the beginning of a sentence to ask a question? Early 17th century Late 15th century First half 16th century Mid 16th century.
What is Chancery English? It is English used by 14th century Londoners. It is the English that was spoken in Kent in the 15th century. It is the standardisation of vernacular English which occurred in the 15th century. It is the English used by Chaucer.
When did French lost its status as a language of culture and social prestige? By the end of the 15th century. By the beginning of the 15th century. By the end of the 16th century. It has never lost it.
The word ketchup comes from: Chinese Turkish Arabic North American.
Which major changes came under the Great Vowel Shift? e>a, u>o, i>ai a > e, e > i, i > ai a>e, i>e, i>ai e>a, i>e, ai>i.
The Modern German suffix “-ung” is used in the same way as the English “-ing” for verbs endings: Only in Modern English True Only in Middle English False.
Humorous at the time of Shakespeare as in “the humorous night” of Romeo and Juliet meant: damp capricious all the answers are right moody.
When did the past forms of the present perfect continuous and past perfect continuous appear in the ENGLISH language? Old English Middle English Early and Middle Modern English Modern English.
When was the first edition of the Oxford Dictionary published? In 1882 Between 1828 and 1859 In 1828 Between 1884 and 1928.
When was the double negative in English banished? Late 17th century Early 18th century In the 16th century Second half of the 18th century.
What is a backfriend according to Johnson’s Dictionary? Someone who cannot be trusted A false friend An enemy in secret All answers are correct.
"A Proposal for Correcting, Improving, and Ascertaining the English Tongue" is a letter written by: Jonathan Swift Samuel Johnson Noah Webster Joseph Priestly.
What is a "wampum"? It is a secret site for Native Americans it is charm used by Native Americans It is a kind of necklace made of shells used for ceremonial purposes and money by Native Americans It is a belt made of animal bones used in fighting by Native Americans.
American English is a recent development of British English. True It derives from German, French and Irish False It is a development of Algonquian language.
American English keeps the "r" sound when: always never it comes after a vowel in the same syllable it comes before a vowel in the same syllable.
"Mama put" in Nigerian English is: yes and no questions have the question structure a traditional dish an eatery a male food vendor.
"Ember months" are: November, December, January, February September, October, November, December May, June, July, August January, February, March, April.
Eggplant, squash, persimmon, pecan are: fruits, vegetables and nuts vegetables nuts fruits.
Who is a "swagman"? A lost traveller A homeless person A traveller carrying a bundle A traveller going to Australia.
South African English was mostly influenced by: Dutch New Zealand English Portuguese Malay dialects.
Hinglish's main traits are: the creation of compound words the creation of compound word and hybrid constructions the creation of hybrid constructions yes and no questions have the question structure.
"Waltzing Matilda" is: The Australian national anthem A famous Australian folk song A type of waltzer invented in Australia A song written by Slim Dusty.
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