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There is _______ evidence to support his claim. a few few little little of.
There isn't ______ traffic along the street where I live. much much of many many of.
My grandfather ___________ enjoys hill walking. ,who is in his seventies, who is in his seventies ,that is in his seventies, ,which is in his seventies,.
___________ to do in Shanghai at Christmas ? What there are What is there What there is What are there.
Choose the correct present participle of the following verb: stop stopping stop stoppen stopped.
Choose the correct present participle of the following verb: build builded builden building built.
Choose the correct present participle of the following verb: argue argued arguing argues argue.
Choose the correct present participle of the following verb: lie laining lying lie lay.
Choose the correct present participle of the following verb: offer offer offerred offered offering.
The valley _______ my town lies is heavily polluted. in which in that in which.
_______ of my jewellery is missing. Any Any of Some of Some.
We should use _____ time we have available to discuss John's proposal little the little of the little the few.
Against his parents' wishes, he wants to be ________. a general practitioner the general practitioner general practitioner general practitioners.
Look at _________. It is very bright tonight! moon the moon a moon the moons.
I'll be with you in ____________ . a quarter of an hour a quarter of hour one quarter of an hour a quarter of one hour.
A. "I'm seeing Dr. Julian next Tuesday". B. " That's ______ be right. He's on holiday then." mustn't hasn't to hasn't got to can't.
Choose the correct sentence. The view from Alpes is amazing ! The views from the Alpes are amazing ! The view from the Alpes is amazing ! The views from the Alpes is amazing !.
It's the fourth time he's been skiing this week. He ______ really enjoy it. should had better ought to must.
_______ me to get you some water ? Shall you like Would you like Will you like Should you like.
After the operation you _________ any sport for a while. won't be doing don't do aren't doing won't to do.
I ______ one of my special desserts for dinner, if you like. make 'll make 'm making 'm going to make.
The next train to Milan ________ at 7.45. is going to leave will leave leaves is leaving.
I ____________ I can't see as well as I used to. am admitting was admitting admits admit.
_____ to Spain every year for your holidays ? Were you going Are you going Have you gone Do you go.
Ann ____ a few minutes ago. has left left had left leaves .
After Laura _____ the hospital, she had a long holiday. left is leaving leaves has left.
I was sure that I _______ him before. 'm meeting had met met meet.
When I went into the bathroom, I found thet the bath ___________ . is overflowing overflows overflowed had overflowed.
I was ______ to find that the film was quite _____________. surprised / frightened surprised / frightened surprised / frightening surprising / frightening.
He was busy ________ his homework. doing he was doing that he was doing to do.
It was the ___________ thing to say. most ridiculousest ridiculous most ridiculous ridiculousest.
Choose the correct sentence Could you give me some information about the town ? Could you give me some informations about the town ? Could you give me an information about the town ? Could you give me informations about the town ?.
I've got a new phone _______ is really small. whose where who which.
He is one of the kindest people ____________. which I know whose I know who I know I know.
Can you ____________________? do me a favour make me favour do me favour make me a favour .
Is this horse yours? Are you going to take up ___________ again ? rides to ride riding rid.
Tanaka is ______ of our strikers, and so he is ____likely to score a goal. the best / the most the better/ too much the best/ the more as good as/ the more .
Nobody knows, _________? do not they ? does he ? do they? doesn't he ?.
Have you met the new neighbour ? He is that ____________guy. Japanese, young, tall Japanese, tall, young young, tall, Japanese tall, young, Japanese.
She likes ____Japanese tea but she doesn't like _____ tea that comes from China . the/ -/the -/- the/the .
Nothing came in the post, _______ ? didn't they didn't it doesn't it did it.
She'd better do it, ________ ? Had she Did she Hadn't she Didn't she .
So you're having a baby, ______? That's wonderful! Congratulations ! aren't you haven't you have you are you.
She is the girl _________ bike was stolen. which whom that whose.
There were ___________ people at Mary's party. lots plenty of few of a few of.
I've had a really ____________ day. exhausted tyre exhausting tired.
I get ____________ when he doesn't answer to my questions. boring irritating annoying annoyed .
Her elder sister is always ____________lies . speaking telling talking saying .
Help yourself to anything you want. You ______ask. mustn't must don't have to have to .
That shop is owned by Mr. Joe _____ teaches at my university. whom which whose who.
He would look much better if he _______ his beard. cat has cuts cut cut.
My husband asked me if _____________ how to get to Milan. I had known I know I've known I knew .
I warn you ____________that ! to don't say not saying not to say to not say.
My cellular phone's ______________, can you help me ? breaks needs fixing doesn't work crashed .
The concert is going to be broadcast __________ tomorrow evening. lively living live alive.
For the last three hours __________ my Bachelor Degree Thesis, so I'm tired. I wrote I've been writing I write I'm writing .
_____ do elephants have long noses ? how why which what.
______ is a good time to meet you ? where where how when.
________ invented computer ? where which what who.
Read the sentence below and choose the preposition which best fits the empty space. I was very angry _____ my daughter because he borrowed my favourite hadbag. on with to of.
Read the sentence below and choose the preposition which best fits the empty space. I'm really excited __________ my holidays in Japan in about of to.
Read the sentence below and choose the preposition which best fits the empty space. My little daughter is afraid ____ the dark. at with of about.
Read the sentence below and choose the preposition which best fits the empty space. It was nice ____you to lend me your computer. of by with from.
Read the sentence below and choose the preposition which best fits the empty space. This is my friend Susan _____ aunt is my English teacher. whom who which whose.
Read the sentence below and choose the preposition which best fits the empty space. I would like you _______at ease at my place. felt to feel feeling feel.
He ___________ very fast today. drive drives is driving drove.
I ___hot because it _____ very warm. have/is am/ makes have/makes am/is.
Mary _______ sushi. like the is liking likes like.
Mary _______ from Mondays to Fridays. is working work is work works.
My daughter ______ to bed at around 9:30 every night. go is going goes gos.
Mary ___________me every Monday. is phoneing phones phon is phoning.
He ___________ very fast today drives is driving is driven drive.
Don’t call Mary now. She ___________. sleeps slips is sleeping sleeping .
The teacher is speaking quickly and I ____________ what she is saying. ‘m understanding not understand ‘m not understanding don't understand .
I can’t phone you because I ___________your telephone number don’t know don’t knowing ‘m not knowing know.
Mary usually ___________ pasta for lunch have eating eats having.
__________ do you go shopping ? “Once a week!” How much How always How often How long.
_______ the boss today ? He is nervous as usual Where is How is Which is Which is.
Ann ______ a doctor when he grows up. is going to be none of the three options is going to being is being .
Choose the correct sentence Are you at home at lunch time usually ? Are you at home usually at lunch time? Are usually you at home at lunch time ? Are you usually at home at lunch time?.
Choose the correct sentence He is always in time for meal Always he is in time for meal He always is in time for meal He is in time always for meal.
When _____you born ? did were do are.
Ann has lost her passport again. It's the second time it ______. happens happen has happened happened.
___________ the floor yet ? Have you cleant Did you clean Did you cleaned Have you cleaned.
They _________ a beautiful concert this month. are seeing have seen saw were seeing.
Ann ________ to England four times already. is going went did go has gone.
My brother ______ a lot before he got married. has been travelling travelled has travelled was travelled.
When he came into the kitchen, I _________ the floor. was cleaning 've cleaned cleaned 've been cleaning.
She ___________ arrived! is just have just has just just.
Last week I ______ a new house buyed bought 've bought 've buyed.
I started this job 5 years ago. I ________here since 2011. worked 'm working work 've worked.
Now he ______ back to Japan and I really miss him. has gone has been is gone gone.
I _________________ her since she was three years old. 've known 'm knowing 've been knowing know.
My daughter _____________ the piano since she was five. plays played is playing has been playing.
This is the first time I ________ a fast car. 've driven drive 'm driving 've drove.
_______ to the party last night ? Did you go Have you gone Have you been Did you went.
I’ve been in Japan ______ 1990. on for since in.
_______ to the party last night ? Did you go Do you went Have you been Have you gone.
They ______ arrows from behind a thick bush shoot shot shooted shoted.
The British musem ________ at 9:00 daily. will open is opening opens is going to open.
It's my mother's birthday next Tuesday, __________ her some flowers. I'll buy I'd buy I buy I'm buying.
Jim called me yesterday and I ___________him this afternoon at 6 PM. meet would meet am meeting 'll meet.
Perhaps we _____ much traffic at this time. aren’t going to find are not finding are finding will not find.
It’s so cold in here. I ____ the window. close going to close 'm closing 'll close.
Will you marry me ? “Yes, ______” I do I won't I will I want.
I suppose they ________the house . ‘re going to sell are selling will sell sell.
You ______that book. It is very boring. are liking shan't like won't are going to like.
__________ does it take ? It takes 3 hours. What How long How far How much.
__________ dog is that ? It’s my neighbour’s . Whose Which How How.
________________________ ? I’ve got long dark hair and dark eyes. How is your look ? How do you look like ? What do you look like? How are you ?.
__________is your daughter ? She's great. Thanks for asking. How What Which Who.
A. _________ car did he steal ? B. Mine ! Where Which When Whose.
I’ m late , ________ ? don't I aren't I am not I do I ?.
Mark gave you a lift, ________? does he ? doesn't he ? didn't he isn't it.
_________ penicillin ? Who did discover Did who discover Who discovered Whom discover.
It’s too late for you _________? isn't there aren't you isn't it are you.
Husbands expect you to prepare the food for them._________ do kids. Either So Both Neither.
I don’t really like vegetables. My sister doesn’t like them _______ neither to either also.
He lost ___ his parents when he was a child. also both either neither.
There is a little we can do about it, ______ ? is it ? is there isn't it isn't there.
There are two _______ in my ikebana class. women womens womans womanes.
______ books! It's James' It's James's They are James They are James’s .
My friend is raising a couple of _______ in his backyard. geeses geese gooses goose.
She put on 5 ______! kilos kilo kiloes kilo's.
Choose the correct past participle of the following verb: flee flown fled fleed fleewen.
Choose the correct past participle of the following verb: bring bringen brought broughten bringt.
Choose the correct past participle of the following verb: sell sold solden selled sellen.
Choose the correct past participle of the following verb: fly flyed flown flew flied.
Choose the correct past participle of the following verb: fight foughten fought fighted fighten.
____ Shetlands are in the north of ____ Scotland -/- the/- -/the the/the.
_____young should listen to ____ old. -/the The /the The / -/-.
_____ children love ___ chocolate. All / the - /- The / the All / -.
Choose the correct past participle of the following verb: bite bitten bitted bited bit.
There is ____time difference between new York and Los Angeles. hree hours of three hour's three hours's three hours'.
They don’t have ___________in their new house. much new furnitures many new furniture much new furniture many new furnitures.
I haven’t got ______________ . many luggage many luggages much luggage much luggages.
Some people think that money ____ the most important thing in life. have has are is.
Is there ________ milk left ? many a few few little.
I can’t do much now, I’m afraid. I’ve so ______ time. little a few few small.
I can’t do much now, I’m afraid. I’ve so ______ time. little a few few small.
How many students __________ in your class? are there there are are is there.
We have ___________ apples. lots a lot a lot of much.
A. Were there ______ schoolmates at the party ? B. Yes, there were __________. lots/ many much/ many many / a lot much/ a lot of.
I wrote _________ articles. a lot lots much many.
Are there _________ sandwiches left in the fridge ? a little some any no.
Maria is the youngest girl ___ the family. of than on in.
Which is the ________ beautiful place you’ve ever been to ? more best most -.
It’s often said that hyena is an aggressive animal but in fact is not ____ many people believe so vicious that as viciously as so vicious as more vicious.
It’s late ! It’s getting _______ more and more dark more and dark most dark darker and darker.
Jane is _____than her sister. very tall much more tall much taller much more taller.
American private schools are some of the _______ schools of the world. more expensiver more expensive most more expensive most expensive.
My brother is _______ me. older than older then elder then elder than.
This is __________expensive sweater in the store. the last the least the laest the less.
That is the girl ____ sister is in my English class. whose which who that.
George _____ is a pilot, flew To Amsterdam last week. who - ,who that.
This is the lady ______ he fell in love with in Japan. who whose which whom.
Giuseppe is the guy _______ I met on Friday in Naples. that whose which -.
You _______ take your umbrella. It is not raining. can’t shouldn't needn't mustn’t .
If you want to learn to speak English fluently, you ________ to work hard. need mustn't needn't could.
That's the second house they have bought this year. They _______ be very rich . can might must may.
Do you know where Mary is ? She _____ be out: her bag is on the chair . can't might must could .
I knew that we had enough bread and that I ______ any. needn't have got didn't need to got didn't need to buy needn't have bought.
Which is the most defective verb ? It is ___________ must will can may.
You ___ eat or drink in the library. It is not allowed. don't need don't have mustn't needn't .
_____ to go to work on Sundays ? do you have must you should you do you must.
Drivers ______ stop when the traffic light is red. may should can must.
John __________hear the teacher because the students were talking so loudly couldn't shouldn't might not can't.
I live ____ 38, Salterton Road. at in on by.
I live ____ Salterton Road. in at on by.
He has a pain ___his chest. by in from on.
It was a chance ______a million and I got it. in at on from.
There is no need _____a new car at the moment. for of to from.
I’m very good ____making speech. for at on in.
Have you read anything ___ Ernest Hemingway ? - of from by.
We will go out later if it _______ raining. stop stops stopped will stop.
If John and Carol ____ their best, the party _______great. do/will be do/ 'd be will do/ is will do/will be.
If I ___ this match, I ___ happy. 'll win /am 'll win/ 'll be win/ am win /'ll be.
If I _____you I _______ frankly. were/’d speak were/ spoke was/ 'd speak was/ 'd speak.
If I didn’t like flying. I __________ be a pilot. want wouldn't didn't won't.
If I ____ enough money, I ______ around the world. had/ will travel have/ would travel will have/ would travel had/ would travel .
If I ____ you I ___________an appointment to see the doctor. were/would make were/ made were/ would made was/ would made.
If his documents ________ in order he __________his permit of stay. had/could have got had been/could have get was/ could have got had been /could have got .
If I ____born in a different country, I ____to speak a different language. had/would have learned had been/would have learned was/would have learned had been/would learned.
My friend Jill, from Thailand, usually finds our food tasteless because she _____spicy food. used to ate used to eaten is used to eat is used to eating.
If you go to live in Australia you __________ on the left. 'd have to get used to 'll have to get used to driving 'd have had to get used to ‘ll have to get used to drive .
I used ___running every morning but I never go now. going to go go -.
I could ___ understand anything she said. She spoke too fast. hard hardly no well.
My brother went to university; ___, I started working. well otherwise whereas indeed.
Rephrase the sentence with an indirect question. “Where is the post office?” Can you tell me the post office is where? Can you tell me where is the post office? Can you tell me where the post office is? -Can you delle me where does the post office is?.
We were all too abradi to yak. Nobody ____ say anything dare doesn’t dare didn’t dare dared.
Mary swam strongly and _______ cross the river easily, even though it was swollen by the heavy rain. was able to could is able to can.
Mark______my cellular phone admitted to steal admitted him stealing admitted stealing admitted steal.
Sarah regrets ________ more when she was younger. did not travel not to travel not to have travelled not travelling.
We __________on time if we _______one hour earlier! hai arrived/would’ve left would’ve arrived/would’ve left would’ve arrived/had left had arrived/had left.
the wedding will______ on 12th May. take off take place take after take up.
Marcus couldn’t______ having been at the scene of crime. deny reject object refuse.
I’m interested_______ Russian, but I’m not very good ______it. on/in on/at in/at at/in.
How long_____ to get to school? does it take you? does take you it takes you takes you.
The view from her house was wonderful! If I______ a camera with me, I would have taken some pictures. had had would have had would have had.
Which sentence is correct? Have you emailed Andrew just? No, I haven’t done it yet, I’m going to do it later this afternoon. Have you emailed Andrew already? No, I haven’t just done it, I’m going to do it later this afternoon. Have you emailed Andrew yet? No, I haven’t done it already, I’m going to do it later this afternoon. Have you emailed Andrew yet? No, I haven’t done it yet, I’m going to do it later this afternoon.
If my husband had locked his car properly, his car_________stolen. would not wouldn’t had stolen won’t be would have never been.
The _______faulty equipments are equipments were equipment was equipment were.
The report is very critica and is clearly______ intended intended to be intended to intend to be.
It’s time people ____ their attitude torwards immigration. will change change have changed changed.
______the furniture ______arrived yet none of___have none of___has none_____have none_____has.
If you listen carefully, you __________ a nightngale on the tree over there must hear hear will hear won't hear.
She _________ to him on the phone every nigth this week. has talked has talking have talked didn't talk.
Giuseppe is the gay ____ I met on Friday in Naples whose that which whom.
She _____ be fat, but now she's slim. did use used to used didn't.
Look, it's cloudy. If it _______, we ________ to the beach in the afternoon. rains/don't go rains/won't go rained/wouldn't go had rained/wouldn't have gone.
He is __________, he doesn't like meeting new people introvert selfish extrovert talkative.
You are too lazy. You _____ study more. would shall had better will.
If I _____________ one million Euros, I ____ help a lot of people. win/would won/would have won/would win/would have.
My son eats _________ sweets for breakfast a little - too.
_____________ to Christoph? He looks terrible what has happened what does happened what happening what did happen.
Could you ______________ me 10 Euros? I'll give the money back to you tomorrow lend borrow to lend to borrow.
the sky is getting______ dark and dark more and more darl darkest and darkest darker and darker.
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