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Computer Network Test-NDA

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Computer System and Peripherals are connected to form a Webpage Internet Network Browser.
Computer Networks can be divided into various types such as Peer-to Peer Point to point Dynamic Web page Resource sharing.
All these numerous advantages are provided by computer systems except: Video conferences Network equipment Instant messaging Parallel computing.
The OSI Model Consists of How Many Layers? 6 4 7 8 5.
The Internet Layers Consist of the Following Layers: Application Layer, Session Layer, Network Layer, and Transport Layer Application Layer, Network Layer, Session Layer, and Physical Layer Application Layer, Transport Layer, Internet Layer, and Link Layer Application Layer, Data Link Layer, Session Layer, and Physical Layer Application Layer, Presentation Layer, Session Layer and Transport Layer.
Internet Model Consists of How Many Layers? 8 6 4 7 5.
Which of the following is NOT an example of PAN TV Remote Wireless Printer ATM Bluetooth enabled headphone.
Personal Area Network has connectivity of up to _ meter range: 150 100 10 1000.
The number of systems that can be connected to a Local Area Network(LAN) may vary between: 1-5 systems 2-50 systems 1-100 systems 2-16 Million systems .
Failure in one host results in failure in the whole topology, this statement is true for which of the following topologies? Bus Ring Mesh Tree.
A host should have a point-to-point connection with all or a few other hosts. This statement is true for which of the following topologies? Bus Ring Mesh Tree.
Which of the following topologies allows a host to connect to exactly other machines? Bus Ring Mesh Tree.
The physical layer translates logical communication requests from the ______ into hardware-specific operations. session layer network layer transport layer application layer data link layer.
When a hash value is used to provide message authentication the hash value function is known as? Message Relay Message Leap Message Encryption Message Digest Message Root.
In the public key cryptosystem which is the key kept for message decryption? secret key hash key public key none of the above.
system of interconnected computers and computerized peripherals such as printers is called ……….. Administration Architecture computer network. All of the above.
One of these is a Computer network that is classified based on factors. wireless media. Geographical span spanned across a whole city none of the above.
Geographical span is a network that can be seen in one of the following Client Server, peer-to-peer back-to-back fashion All of the above It may be spanned across multiple cities or provinces.
What type of technology does Local Area Network (LAN) use for their common operation? Bluetooth Infrared Ethernet None of the above.
Local Area Network (LAN) uses local servers for which of the following purposes? File storage Heavy routing Conceal IP address All of the above.
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) exists in which of these forms? Ethernet Token-ring ATM Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) All of the above.
The security threat in which the attacker intercepts and receives the data sent by the sender modifies or generates false data and sends it to the receiver is called? Interruption Privacy-Breach Authenticity Integrity.
The most widely used technique to secure data while it travels through an unsecured network or internet is? Cryptography Proliferation Decryption None of the above.
. In Secret Key Encryption the sender uses the secret key to perform which of the following? Store data decrypt data encrypt the data Block receiver.
Ethernet is a widely deployed LAN technology, this technology was by Bob M. and D.R Boggs in the year 1970 1985 1980 2000 2004.
An Ethernet connector is a network interface card equipped with a 48 48-bit Mac address that helps other Ethernet devices to identify and communicate with remote devices. TRUE FALSE.
The Internet serves many purposes and is involved in many aspects of life. The following are some of them except. Website Email Instant messaging Transportation Blogging.
Point-to-point networks contain how many hosts. 4 3 6 2.
Which topology do all devices share a single communication line or cable? Bus topology Star topology point to point ring topology.
Bus topology is one of the simple forms of networking where a failure of a device does not affect the other devices. TRUE FALSE.
To encompass need of fast emerging software and hardware technologies, Ethernet extends itself as what? Ethernet WAN LAN Fast Ethernet Bus.
A solution to divide a single Broadcast domain into multiple Broadcast domains is known as what? Star Topology Application Layer Virtual LAN Physical Layer Bandwidth.
What type of Ethernet provides speed up to 1000mbits/seconds? MAN Fast Ethernet Network Application. Giga-Ethernet PAN.
An Internet Model which contains four layered architecture is known as? Transport Layer Link Layer Internet Suite OSI Model TCP/IP protocol suite.
What layer provides mechanism of sending and receiving actual data? Transport Layer Session Layer Presentation Layer Link Layer Application Layer.
What is known as an open standard for all communication systems? Computer Network Model Open System International Computer Network Security Open System Interconnect Multiplexing.
A network of network is called Social media Internet Email FTP HTML.
Internet uses ……...as its addressing protocol IP FTP WWW Email service Resource sharing.
Internet is accessible to by client software called Audio sharing networking Social media LAN Web browser.
A network structure whose design contains more than one topology is said to be__________ hybrid topology incorporating topologies Ring topology Daisy Chain.
Hybrid topology inherits merits and demerits of all the_______________________________ incorporating topologies. hybrid topology incorporating topologies Ring topology.
Amplitude modulation is implemented by means of a ______________________________________ Divider Modulator Multiplier Amplifier.
. The frequency of the carrier signal is modified to reflect the change in the voltage levels of the modulating signal. This is true for which of the following modulation technique? Frequency Modulation Phase Modulation Amplitude Modulation Analog Modulation.
Modulating Signal is also referred to as _____________________________________________ Digital Data Network Data Amplitude Data Analog Data.
The ___________ is responsible for implementation of point-to-point flow and error control Transport Layer Session Layer Data Link Layer Application Layer .
46. For stop and wait flow control, for n data packets sent, how many acknowledgements are needed? n^2 n-1 n n+1.
47. In frequency modulation technique, the ___________ of the carrier signal is modified to reflect the change in the voltage levels of the analog data Frequency Amplitude Phase Carrier Wave.
48...... Yields discrete form of continuous analog signal Sampling Quantization Encoding Analog.
49.......is the approximation of the instantaneous analog value Analog transmission Quantization Sampling .
50. When two nodes communicate with each other over a detailed communication path, it is called...... path nodes Circuit switching Applications .
51. Circuit switching was designed for_____________________________________________ message switching channel analog Voice applications.
52. The transmission mode that requires only communication channel is______________________ Serial transmission. Parallel transmission Auto transmission. Sea transmission.
53. In which serial transmission mode is timing important as there is no mechanism followed to recognize start and end. Asynchronous Synchronous As-synchronous Signature.
54. Anolog transmission send digital data over an anolog media that needs to be converted into____. Analog signal. And signal Digital signal Signal anolog.
55. The second layer of OSI layered model is Data Line layer Data Lime layer Data Link layer Data Lamp layer.
56. Package switching enables the user to differentiate ____ based on priorities. Data stem. Data streaming. Data step. Data streams.
57. It is easier for __________ devices to store small size packets. intermediate networking. Interested networking Internet networking Intermediate network.
58. What distinguishes Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) cables from Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cables STP cables use RJ45 connectors STP cables have a solid conductor core STP cables are more resistant to noise and crosstalk UTP cables are covered in metal foil.
59.What types of cables are commonly used in computer networks among the UTP category? Cat-3 and Cat-4 Cat-5, Cat-5e, and Cat-6 Cat-6a and Cat-7 Cat-1 and Cat-2.
60. What material encloses the core wire in a coaxial cable? Metal foil Plastic cover Insulating sheath RJ45 connector.
61. In stop-and-wait ARQ, what does the sender do if an acknowledgement is received within the timeout period? Repeats the transmission Waits for a negative acknowledgement Transmits the next frame in queue Increases the timeout period.
62. What action does the sender take in Go-Back-N ARQ when a negative acknowledgement is received Resends only the lost frame Resends all frames after the lost frame Waits for a positive acknowledgement Terminates the transmission.
63. How does the utilization of resources differ between stop-and-wait ARQ and Go-Back-N ARQ? Stop-and-wait ARQ utilizes resources better Go-Back-N ARQ utilizes resources better Both methods utilize resources equally Neither method effectively utilizes resources.
64. What distinguishes Narrowband PLC from Broadband PLC? Narrowband PLC operates at higher frequencies Broadband PLC provides lower data rates Narrowband PLC offers higher data rates and works at higher frequencies Broadband PLC provides higher data rates and works at higher frequencies.
65. What material is typically used for the core of fiber optic cables? Copper Aluminum Glass or plastic Silver.
66. Which mode of fiber optic cable is capable of carrying multiple beams of light? Single mode fiber Multimode fiber Broadband fiber Narrowband fiber.
67. What is the primary responsibility of the Network Layer in the OSI model? Managing physical connections Ensuring data encryption Routing packets from source to destination Providing user authentication.
68. Which functionality is NOT typically associated with devices operating at the Network Layer Addressing devices and networks Load balancing and link management Managing software updates Internet-working between different subnets.
69. What feature is NOT provided by Layer 3 in network architecture? Quality of service management Load balancing and link management Data encryption Security.
70. Bipolar encoding uses ……..voltage levels. 5 3 6 1.
71. What is the full meaning of TDM. Text Data Maintenance Time Date Monitor Time Division Multiplexing Test Define Money .
72. TDM works in synchronized mode which has ………and ……. Multiplexer and De-multiplexer ans Network and internetwork Channels and Multiplexer Wavelength and Transmits .
73. When signals travel through the medium they tend to deteriorate. This may have many reasons, how many reasons were given. 7 8 4 2.
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