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ISTQB® Agile Tester Syllabus Foundation Level

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ISTQB® Agile Tester Syllabus Foundation Level

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The Agile Manifesto has 4 statements of values. Match the agile value on the left (1 – 4) with its traditional counterpart on the right (i – iv). 1) Customer collaboration over 2) Responding to change over 3) Individuals and interactions over 4) Working software over i) Processes and tools ii) Following a plan iii) Contract negotiation iv) Comprehensive documentation 1 – iii 2 – iv 3 – ii 4 – i 1 – iii 2 – ii 3 – i 4 – iv 1 – iv 2 – ii 3 – i 4 – iii 1 – ii 2 – iii 3 – iv 4 – i.
Which of the following statements best reflects one of the values of the Agile Manifesto? Working software allows the customer to provide rapid feedback to the developer Developers should use unit testing tools to support the testing process Business representatives should provide a backlog of user stories and their estimates to the team Adopting plans to change adds no real value to an agile project.
Which activities below best represent responsibilities that are consistent with agile development’s Whole Team approach? Select TWO options. Testers are responsible for developing unit tests which they pass on to the developers for testing Business representatives are expected to select the tools the team will use during the project Testers are expected to work with customer representatives to create acceptance tests The whole team, not just testers, has responsibility for the quality of the product Developers are expected to test non-functional requirements (performance, usability, security, etc.).
Which of the following is an advantage of having the whole team responsible for quality? Companies no longer need to recruit and train software testing specialists Test automation tasks are now the responsibility of the development team instead of the test team Role barriers are eliminated, and team members contribute to project success based on their unique skills and perspectives Project costs are lower because the need for a specialized test team is eliminated.
Which of the following statements are true? 1. Early feedback gives the developers more time to develop new system features because they spend less time reworking features expected in earlier iterations 2. Early feedback enables agile teams to deliver features with the highest business value first, because the customer maintains focus on features with the highest system value 3. Early feedback reduces costs because it decreases the amount of time needed for system testing 4. Early feedback makes it more likely that the system built is what the customer wanted because they are given the opportunity to make changes throughout the product development process 1 and 4 2 and 3 2 and 4 1 and 3.
Which of the following is a benefit of the agile process promoting early and frequent feedback? The total number of defects found during the project is much higher than on traditional software development projects such as waterfall There is less rework because customers see the product regularly It is easy to determine the developer who introduces the most defects when integrating code There is enough time to complete all features scheduled for the given iteration.
Match the following agile software development approaches on the top with their corresponding descriptions on the bottom. 1. Extreme Programming 2. Scrum 3. Kanban i. Embraces 5 values to guide development: Communication, Simplicity, Feedback, Courage, and Respect ii. Divides the project into short iterations called sprints iii. Optimizes the ‘flow’ of work in a value-added chain 1 – i 2 – iii 3 – ii 1 – i 2 – ii 3 – iii 1 – i 2 – iii 3 – ii 1 – iii 2 – ii 3 – i.
During an iteration planning meeting, the team is sharing their thoughts about a user story. The product owner advises that the customer should have one screen to enter information. The developer explains that there are technical limitations for the feature, due to the amount of information needed to be captured on the screen. Another developer says that there are risks about performance as the information will be stored in an external offsite database. Which of the following would best represent a tester’s contribution to this discussion? The tester advises that the screen for the user story needs to be a single page to reduce test automation effort The tester advises that usability is more important than performance The tester advises that performance acceptance criteria should standard maximum of 1 second for data storage The tester advises that the user story needs acceptance criteria to be testable.
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