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An organization is negotiating and agreeing the service levels for a social media site. Which is an example of a measure of utility that should be included in the service level agreement? The number of photo formats supported for upload k.
Users are complaining that service desk agents do not listen to them and make assumptions about what their issues are. Which action would BEST help to improve this situation? Improve the training given to the staff of the service desk function j.
An organization has signed a contract to outsource its service desk function to a supplier. The organization wants to ensure that its customers and users will receive a seamless support service. Which activity would MOST help the organization at this stage? Integrating supplier activities into organization's value streams k.
A service provider reliably meets the agreed service levels, but some customers are not happy because they are not achieving the outcomes that they expected. Which is the BEST thing the service provider can do about this? Identify ways to improve service levels, and discuss the cost of these improvements with the customers k.
An organization is aiming to develop a partnership relationship with their service consumers. One of the objectives is to increase the level of trust and customers’ satisfaction by establishing a service mindset across the organization. Which initiative is the BEST way to achieve it? Develop interpersonal skills and service empathy in all teams k.
A team is evaluating commercial software products in an effort to improve communication and collaboration within the team. The members of the team cannot agree on the process that they should use to evaluate the products. Which step should the team complete LAST? 35px;">Define requirements for configuring the product j.
A bank provides an online banking service to external users. The bank measures the functional and non-functional aspects of the service in several ways and is meeting its targets. However, user satisfaction with the service is not as high as the bank would like it to be. Which is the BEST example of an additional aspect of the service that the bank should measure? The number of times a transaction is started but not completed k.
A service provider wants to use a technology-generated approach for updating a software application installed on the mobile devices of the service users. Which is the MOST APPROPRIATE method? ;">Using a push method to check the user's device each time it is connected k.
A service provider is collecting requirements for a cloud-based document storage service. Which is an example of a utility requirement for this service? 35px;">The service will display a list of items uploaded by the user k.
An organization introduced a dedicated team of support agents, which answers questions, provides consultations and fulfils a range of predefined changes initiated by external users with higher levels of subscription. Which practice ensures effective fulfilment of these service actions? 35px;">Service request management k.
An organization has a culture that encourages people to hide their mistakes. This reduces opportunities to learn and improve in many different areas. Which practice would MOST help to improve this situation and how? Relationship management, by developing and communicating values and principles Which is an example of planning for value co-creation? 35px;">Agreeing with a customer the service desk team's response times for each method of user contact</li> k.
Which is a valid description of the priorities when using agile development methods? 35px;">Responding to changes over following a plan k.
An organization wants to provide its employees with a limited set of self-services via an online portal. A requirement is that when employees log into the portal, they see only those services that are applicable to their status in the organization and that they have the authority to access. The organization also wants to provide employees with the ability to adjust the layout of the portal. Which service provisioning approach should this organization use? 35px;">Tailored</li> k.
Which is the BEST approach for a service consumer to use when they want to obtain services from a service provider? 35px;">Develop a list of needs focusing on what should be achieved</li> l.
An organization is encouraging its staff to work from home instead of the office. This has caused changes to how and when users access services. Which aspect of ‘managing demand and opportunities’ would provide a better understanding of this situation? 35px;">Analysing patterns of business activity</li> k.
An organization is receiving complaints about the performance of one of its online services. Some of the complaints are coming from its internal employees who are reporting issues with onboarding new consumers. The organization has limited resources. Which is the FIRST step that this organization should take to address the complaints? 35px;">Analyse the patterns of business activity</li> j.
An IT service provider is carrying out an internal assessment, to identify opportunities to develop and improve their services. They have reviewed workflows and activities, the capabilities of their workforce, and supplier contracts. Which area do they also need to consider? 35px;">Information and technology</li> k.
A service provider has recently released an upgrade to its payroll service. The service provider had told the customer that the upgrade would include functionality to copy information from various other HR systems, to reduce the amount of manual data entry. However, this statement was not documented at the time and the proposed functionality was not included in design then. Which practice includes activities which could have helped to avoid this situation? 35px;">Business analysis</li> k.
What should be done FIRST when designing a customer journey? 35px;">Defining the desired outcome and the value proposition</li> k.
An organization is using an out-of-the-box service from a large service provider. How does the service provider know about the organization's needs? 35px;">The service provider's marketing and business analysis teams consider generic market needs, instead of the needs of this specific organization</li> j.
Which statement about service requests is CORRECT? 35px;">Service requests are submitted via agreed channels</li> k.
v A service provider is tracking the likelihood of service failures that could affect the service consumer. What is this a measure of? 35px;">Risk jk.
Which activity, carried out by both the service provider and the service consumer, enables service provision and consumption to start? 35px;">Onboarding</li> l.
How can an organization facilitate positive outcomes and experiences throughout the customer journey? 35px;">By understanding the needs and desires of service consumers</li> k.
Which statement about the onboarding of services is CORRECT? 35px;">The onboarding should be planned during the design of the service</li> lk.
Which stakeholders should assess and evaluate value realization? 35px;">Both the service consumer and the service provider</li> lç.
An investment bank has outsourced its customer care helpline. It is keen to introduce experience metrics into its Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the service provider for the helpline. It has asked for a re-negotiation of the existing SLA. Which is BEST example of an experience metric that can be included in the SLA? 35px;">Customer satisfaction with the helpline</li> h.
Which statement about the end-to-end customer journey is CORRECT? 35px;">It reflects an overall perception</li> k.
A service provider is planning to onboard a new desktop service for a new customer. Which activity will be carried out by the customer? 35px;">Training users in the correct procedures for accessing support for the desktop service</li> l.
A customer is retiring a service and has terminated the contract for the service with the service provider. The service provider will continue to deliver other services to the customer. Which activity should the service provider include in the plans to offboard the service? 35px;">Identifying and making requests for outstanding payments for the service</li> j.
A service provider has built a 'cooperative relationship' with a customer. Which activity are they MOST LIKELY to use to validate the services that are provided? 35px;">Joint service reviews of achievements of service targets</li> l.
What is the BEST way of demonstrating that user feedback is taken seriously, and is appropriately acted upon, in order to encourage more feedback in future? 35px;">Regularly provide updates about service improvements made as a result of user feedback</li> o.
Which activity describes user-centered service design? 35px;">Balancing user experience with the technical and business requirements</li> k.
A service provider is starting to design a customer journey. The service provider has documented the utility, warranty and experience that the service should deliver. What else do they need to identify before they start to design the journey? 35px;">Outcomes that are needed from the service</li> l.
At which steps in the customer journey should the approach to authorizing and enabling the user to use service be defined ? 35px;">Onboard and Co-create</li> l.
Which TWO are examples that can be handled as service requests? 1. A customer asks a service provider to design an app for staff to submit vacation requests. 2. A staff member asks for a new barcode scanner from an internal IT department. 3. A manager requires swift changes to user access rights for an employee. 4. A service provider establishes a channel for users to submit emergency changes. 35px;">2 and 3</li> 35px;">1 and 3</li> 35px;">1 and 4</li> 35px;">2 and 4</li>.
An organization has recently made improvements to how users request new phones, track their arrival and get help setting the phone up. Which practice has been most affected by these improvements? 35px;">Service request Management</li> j.
Which activity does a service provider carry out as part of the "explore step of the customer journey" ? 35px;">Analysing potential customers patterns of business activity</li> k.
Which is the BEST method of monitoring the customers overall perception of a service ? 35px;">Perform an analysis of complaints and compliments </li> h.
A legacy financial system requires the user to manually enter the time and date of the transaction to meet regulatory requirements. A recent internal audit has shown that these fields are often blank. Which are effective controls that could improve compliance? 1. Modify the application to automatically add the current time and date when transaction is entered 2. Establish a communication plan to remind users of the importance of time and date on transactions 3. Develop a goals cascade so all staff know their role in achieving company goals 4. Create a report showing non-compliant records and take action to correct 1 and 2 2 and 3 3 and 4 1 and 4.
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