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ITIL V3 Found. - Mock Exam

ITIL V4 Found.


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Identify the missing word(s) in the following sentence. The service desk should be the entry point and single point of contact of the [?] with all users Customer Supplier Service Consumer Service Provider.
Which dimension considers data security and privacy? Partners and Suppliers Value streams and processes Information and technology Organizations and people.
Which practice involves the management of vulnerabilities that have been analysed but not resolved? Service level management Change Control Problem Management Service request management.
Which is a recommendation of the guiding principle "think and work holistically" Use the four dimensions of service management to ensure coordination of all aspects of an improvement initiative Review how an implement initiative can be organized into smaller, manageable sections that can be completed in a timely manner Review service management practices and remove any unnecessary complexity Conduct a review of existing service management practices and decide what to keep and what to discard.
Which activity contributes to the "where are we now" step of the "continual improvement model"? Defining the improvement plan Performing baseline assessments Executing improvement actions Understanding the business mission.
What helps diagnose and resolve a simple incident? Rapid escalation Problem prioritization Formation of a temporary team The use of scripts.
Which statement about "continual improvement" is CORRECT? A single team should carry out 'continual improvement' across the organization All improvement ideas should be logged in a single 'continual improvement register' Everyone in the organization is responsible for some aspects of 'continual improvement' 'Continual improvement' should have minimal interaction with other practices.
What describes how components and activities wok together to facilitate value creation The ITIL guiding principles A service relationship The ITIL service value system The four dimensions of service management.
Which guiding principle recommends eliminating activities that do not contribute to the creation of value? Collaborate and promote visibility Optimize and automate Start where you are Keep it simple and practical.
Which is the CORRECT approach for managing a large improvement initiative as smaller iterations? Each iteration should be continually re-evaluated based on feedback Each iteration should be designed before starting the initiative and implement without feedback Feedback should be reduced for large improvements as it is unlikely that circumstances will change Feedback should only be taken into account when one iteration fails to meet its objective.
Which practice has a purpose to support the quality of the service by handling all agreed user initiated service requests Change Control It asset management Service desk Service request management.
Which statement about the use of measurement in the 'start where you are' guiding principle is CORRECT? It should always be used to support direct observation It should always be used instead of direct observation Measured data is always more accurate than direct observation The act of measuring always positively impacts results.
What is the definition of a problem? An incident for which a full resolution is not yet available A cause, or potential cause of one or more incidents Any change of state that has significance for the management of a configuration item (CI) An unplanned interruption to a service, or reduction in the quality of a service.
Which statement about outcomes is CORRECT? Helping service consumers achieve outcomes reduces service provider costs Outcomes help service consumers achieve outputs Service providers help service consumers achieve outcomes Outcomes are of more services that fulfill the needs of a service consumer.
Which practice ensures that any addiction, modification, or removal of anything that could have an effect on services is assessed and authorized? Deployment management Service configuration management Change control Release Management.
Which is the BEST description of the value of a service to a customer? The amount of money the customer pays for using the service The financial return the customer gets from using the service The outcomes the customer receives by using the service The customer's perception of the benefits of using the service .
What practice makes new services available for user? Change control Deployment management IT asset management Release management.
Identify the missing word in the following sentence. A change is defined as the addition, modification, or removal or anything that could have a direct or indirect effect on [?] Elements Values Assets Services.
Which value chain activity ensures that products meet stakeholder expectations for quality? Design and transition Engage Obtain/build Plan.
Which ITIL practice recommends performing service to ensure that services continue to meet the needs of the organization? Service request management Service configuration management Service level management Service Desk.
How should the seven guiding principles be combined when an organization is making a decision? By using the 'focus on value' principle and one or two others that are relevant to the specific decision By using the one or two guiding principles that are most relevant to the specific decision By using all the guiding principles equally when making any decision Review each guiding principle to decide how relevant it is to the specific decision.
What is the purpose of the 'relationship management' practice? To establish and nurture the links between the organization and its stakeholders To support the agreed quality of a service handling all agreed user-initiated service requests To set clear business-based targets for service performance To align the organization's practices and services with changing business needs.
Which statement about managing incidents is CORRECT? Low impact incidents should be resolved efficiently, making logging unnecessary Incidents with the lowest impact should be resolved first The 'incident management' practice should use a single process regardless of the impact of the incident Low impact incidents should be resolved efficiently so the resource required is reduced.
Which statement about the service value chain is CORRECT? Each value chain activity uses different combinations of practices to convert inputs into outputs Each value chain activity identifies a requirement for resources from an external supplier The service value chain uses value streams to describe a combination of son The service value chain converts value into demand.
Why should some services requests be fulfilled with no additional approvals? To ensure that spending is properly accounted for To ensure that information security requirements are met To streamline the fulfillment workflow To set user expectations for fulfillment times .
Which practice involves the management of vulnerabilities that were not identified before the service went live? Problem Management Service Level Management Service request management Change Control.
What is a means of enabling value co-creation by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve, without the customer havinfg to manage specific costs and risks? A Service An It Asset Continual Improvement Service Management.
Which gives a user access to a system? Service consumption Service provision Service agreement Service requirement.
Which practice has a purpose that includes aligning the organization's practices and services with changing business needs? Continual improvement Service level management Service configuration management Relationship management.
Which practice forms a link between the service provider and the users of services? Service desk Problem management Change Control Service level management.
What impact does automation have on a service desk? Less low level work and a greater ability to focus on user experience Ability to work from multiple locations, geographically dispersed Ability to work from a single centralized location Increased phone contact and a reduced ability to focus on user experience.
Which of these activities is carried out as part of 'problem management' Escalating incidents to support a team for resolution Trend analysis of incident records Diagnosing and resolving incidents Creating incident records.
Which describes normal changes? Changed that are typically initiated as service requests Changed that are low-risk and pre-authorized Changed that need to be scheduled and assessed following a process Changes that must be implemented as soon as possible.
What is a set of specialized organizational capabilities for enabling value for customers in the form of services? Service offering Service provision Service management Service consumption.
How are target resolution times used in the 'incident management' practice? They are agreed, documented and communicated to help set user expectations They are initiated, approved, and managed to ensure that predictable responses are achieved They are established, reviewed and reported to ensure that customers are happy with the service They are scheduled, assessed and authorized to reduce the risk of service failures.
Which guiding principle considers the importance of customer loyalty? Start where you are Focus on Value Progress iteratively with feedback Optimize and automate.
Which statement about the 'change control' practice is CORRECT? Assessment and authorization of normal changes should be expedited to ensure they can be implemented quickly Normal changes are triggered by the creation of a change request which can be created manually or automated There should be a separate change authority for standard changed which includes senior managers who understand the risks involved Standard changes are those that need to be scheduled, assessed and authorized following a standard process.
What should be considered as part of the 'partners and suppliers' dimension? The activities, workflows, controls and procedures needed to achieve the agreed objectives The information created, managed and used the course of service provision and consumption The level of integration and formality involved in the relationship between organizations The required skills and competencies of teams and individual members of the organization.
Which skill is an essential part of the 'service level management' practice Problem analysis Diagnosis Technical knowledge Listening.
What aspect of 'service level management' asks service consumers what their work involves and how technology helps them Customer engagement Operational metrics Business metrics Customer feedback.
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