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ITIL V4 Found. - Mock Exam

ITIL V4 Found.

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Which Service Management dimension is focused on activities and how these are coordinated? Organizations and people Information and Technology Partners and suppliers Value streams and processes.
Which practice provides a single point of contact for users? Service desk Service request management Incident Management Change control.
A service provider describes a package that includes a laptop with software, licenses and support. What is this package an example of? Warranty of a service Value An outcome A service offering.
Which practice is responsible for moving components to live environments? Change control Release Management IT asset management Deployment Management.
Which statement about change authority is CORRECT? A single change authority should be assigned to authorize all types of change and change models A change authority should be assigned for each type of change and change mode Normal changes are pre-authorized by the designated change authority Emergency changes can be implemented without authorization from a change authority.
Which statement about the value chain activities is CORRECT? Each value chain activity contributes to the value chain by transforming specific inputs into outputs A specific combination of value chain activities and practices forms a service relationship Every practice belongs to a specific value chain activity Service value chain activities form a single flow that enables value creation.
Identify a missing word(s) in the following sentence: A service is a means of enabling value co-creation by facilitating [?] that customers want to Outputs the utility the warranty outcomes.
What is the propose of supplier management? To ensure that the organization's suppliers and their performance are managed appropriately to support the provision of seamless, quality products and service To align the organization's practices and services with changing business needs through the ongoing identification and improvement of services To ensure that the organization's suppliers and their performance are managed appropriately at strategic and tactical levels through coordinated marketing, selling and delivery activities Tor ensure that accurate and reliable information about the configuration of supplier's service is ok.
What are the two types of cost that a service consumer should evaluate? The cost of creating the service, and the cost charged for the service The cost of provisioning the service, and the cost of improving the service The costs removed by the service, and the costs imposed by the service The cost of purchasing software, and the cost of purchasing hardware.
How does service request management contribute to obtain/build value chain activity? It analyzes data to identify opportunities to provide new service request options It ensures users continue to be productive when they need assistance from the service provider It acquires pre-approved service components to help fulfil service requests It collects user-specific requirements, sets expectations and provides status updates.
Which value chain activity includes presenting workarounds to users via a service portal? Plan Improve Design and transition Obtain/build.
What is standard change? A change that doesn't need risk assessment because the procedure has been pre-authorized A change that doesn't need risk assessment because it is required to resolve an incident A change that need to be assessed, authorized, and schedule by a change authority A change that is assessed, authorized and scheduled as part of continual improvement.
Which describes the nature of the guiding principles? A guiding principle can guide an organization in all circumstances Each guiding principle mandates specific actions and decisions An organization will select one of the principles to adopt Guiding principles describes the processes that all organizations must adopt.
Which ITIL concept describes governance? The service value chain The four dimensions of service management The seen guiding principles The service value system.
Which describes outcomes? Tangible or intangible deliverables Functionality offered by a product or service Results of a stakeholder Configuration of an organization's resources.
Which describes the principle think and work holistically? Conducting a review of existing service management practices and decide what to keep and what to discard Reviewing how an improvement initiative can be organized into smaller, manageable sections that can be completed in a timely manner Reviewing service management practices and removing any unnecessary complexity Using the four dimensions of service management to ensure coordination of all aspects of an improvement initiative.
Which practices are typically involved in the implementation of a problem resolution. 1. Continual improvement 2. Service request management 3. Service level management 4. Change control 3 and 4 1 and 2 1 and 4 2 and 3.
How does service request management contribute to design and transition activity? By collecting user-specific request requirements By acquiring pre-approved service companents By providing service request trend and quality information By initiating standard changes to fulfill service request.
Identify the missing word in the following sentence: The purpose of the information security management practice is to [?] the organization's information audit protect store provide.
Which guiding principle recommends organizing work into smaller, manageable sections that can be executed and completed in a timely manner? Focus on value collaborate and promote visibility Start where you are Progress iteratively with feedback.
Which value chain activity creates service components? improve engage deliver and support Obtain/Build.
Which is a benefit of using an IT service management tool to support incident management? It can ensure that incidents are resolved within agreed times It can provide automated matching of incidents to problems or known errors It can ensure that supplier contracts are aligned with the needs of the service privider It can provide automated resolution and closure of complex incidents.
What should be included in every service level agreement? Legal language A technical description of the service components Details of the system-based metrics used Clearly defined service outcomes.
What is the definition of warranty? The functionality offered by a product of service to meet a particular need The assurance that a product or service will meet agreed requirements A possible event that could cause harm or loss, or make it more difficult to achieve objectives A tangible or intangible deliverable that is produced by carrying out an activity.
Which value chain activity includes negotiation of contracts and agreements with suppliers and partners? Obtain/Build Deliver and support Design and transation Engage.
Which practice is the responsibility of everyone in the organization? Change control Problem management Continual improvement Service level management.
Which is NOT usually included as part of incident management? Script for collecting initial information Formalized processes for logging incidents Detailed procedure for the diagnosis of incidents Use of specialized knowledge for complicated incidents.
Which is a recommendation of the service desk practice? Service desks should never user technologies such as SMS and chat fuctions Service desks should be highly technical functions Service desks should have a practical understanding of the wider business Service desks should always be a physical team in a single fixed location.
Which is a key consideration for the guiding principle keep it simple and practical? Try to create a solution for every exception Understand how each element contributes to value creation Start with complex solution, then simplify Ignore conflicting objective of different stakeholders.
What is the first step of the guiding principle focus on value? Identify the outcomes that the service facilitates Identify all the suppliers and partners that are involved in the service Determine who the service consumer is in each situation Determine the cost of providing the service.
Which value chain activity ensures people understand the organization's vision? Deliver and support Obtain/Build Plan Improve.
How should be organization adopt continual improvement methods? Use a new method for each improvement that the organization hanldes Build the capability to use as many improvement methods as possible Select a few keys methods to suit the types of improvement that the organization handles Select a single method for all improvements that the organization handles.
What is a definition of an event? Any valuable component that can contribute to delivery of an IT product or service Any components that needs to be managed in order to delivery an IT service Any change of state that has significance for the management of a configuration item or IT service The ability of an IT service or other configuration item to perform its agreed function when required.
Which is a recommendation of the continual improvement practice? There should be a small team dedicated to leading continual improvement efforts All improvements should be managed as multi-phase projects Continual improvement should be isolated from other practices External suppliers should be excluded from improvement initiatives.
Which practice has the purpose of making new and changed services and features availble for user? Change control Service request management Release management Deployment management.
Which two needs should change control BALANCE? 1. The need to assess risks and expected benefits 2. The need to manage a change schedule 3. The need to make beneficial changes 4.The need to protect customers and users 1 and 2 2 and 3 3 and 4 1 and 4.
How does categorization of incidents assist incident management? It helps direct the incident to the correct support area It determines the priority assigned to the incident It ensures that incidents are resolved in times agreed with the customer It determines how the service provider is preceived.
Which is NOT a key focus of the information and technology dimension? Communication systems and knowledge bases Security and compliance Roles and responsibilities Workflow management and inventory systems.
Which is a purpose of the service desk practice? To reduce the likelihood and impact incidents by identifying actual and potential causes of incidents To maximize the number of successful IT changes by ensuring risk are properly assessd To capture demand for incident resolution and service requests To set clear business-based targets for service performance.
What is defined as the ability of a configuration item to perform its agreed function when required? Known error Service management Availability Event.
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