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What ensures that the organization continually co creates value with all stake holders through the use of products and services? Service Value System Guiding Principles Service Value Chain Value.
This is the need or desire for products and services Demand Need Governance Components .
This represents the possibilities of adding value to stake holders or improving the organization Chances Opportunities Relationships Capacity.
This is defined as the perceived benefits usefulness, and importance of something? Cost Value Practices Wage.
In the past, the relationship between the service provider and the service consumer was considered distant and _________? Mono-Directional Personal Uni-Directional Close.
______ is co created through an active collaboration between providers and consumers? Acceptance Value Functionality Product.
What is the functionality offered by a product or service to meet a particular need? Utility Governance Necessity Consumer.
This is a possible event that could cause harm or loss, or make it more difficult to achieve objectives? Risk Delimiting Factors Chance Opportunity .
_________ is a set of interrelated activities that transform inputs to outputs Processes Procedures Assessments Sequences .
These are defined as the sequence of activities and their dependencies. Chances Processes Rules Guiding Principles.
Well defined Processes can improve productivity within and across organizations True False.
What the does the abbreviation PESTLE stand for? Political Economic Social Technological Legal Environmental Philosophical Social Science Technical.
_____ are a set of organizational resources designed for performing work Practices Work Value On boarding.
Continual Improvement is not a recurring organizational activity that is performed at all levels. True False.
This should create value for itself, customers and other stake holders. Focus on Value Practices Guiding Principles Continual Improvement.
What are the names of the 7 ITIL Guiding Principles Continual Improvement Opportunity and Demand Practices Service Value Chain Governance Guiding Principles Focus on Value Service Value System Focus on Cost.
This group has a generic role that simplifies the definition and description of the structure of the service relationships. Service Consumers Service Producers Service Managers Users.
A user is a role that uses services? True False.
What are the three Service Consumer Roles - Sponsor, User, and ______? Customer Investors Site Admins.
What is the name of the Consumer Service Role that defines the requirements of a service and takes responsibility for the outcome of service consumption? Customer Sponsor User Purchaser.
Which Service Consumer role authorizes the budget for service consumption? Customer Users Manager Sponsor.
Those who receive services? Consumers Receptors Continual Improvement adaptors Stake Holders.
Providers are defined as? A Group or Organization that deliver services Someone who that accepts delivery services A team or company that distributes services A corporation that inspects shipments for authenticity .
Select all other individuals or groups that can be considered Other Stake Holders. Individual employees of the providers organization Partners and Suppliers Investors and Shareholders Government Organizations and Social Groups External Company Share Holders General Contractors .
What is the name of company or group that sell services in the open market to other business and individual consumers Service Delivers Service Providers Managing Directors Sponsors .
A person or group of people with its own functions and objectives are called Organizations. True False.
What are the Four Dimensions of Service Management? Organizations and People Information Technology Partners and Suppliers Value Streams and Process Asset Management Incident Management.
_______ is a configuration of an organization’s resources designed to offer value to consumers. Service Product Central Component Consumer.
This co-creates value by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve without having to manage specific cost and risks? Service Product Risk Products.
A Service Offering is not the description of one or more services designed to address the needs of a target consumer group. Accurate Not accurate.
What are the components of Service Offerings? Goods Access to Resources Warranty Service Actions Service Level Agreement.
What is the definition of an output? Is the final product of work The money gained by completing a required task A tangible or intangible deliverable or an activity Is the result of an companies guiding principle.
The definition of an Outcome is a result for a stakeholder enabled by one or more outputs. True False.
This is a possible event that could cause harm or loss, or make it more difficult to achieve an objective Chance Risk Gamble Problem.
Is the functionality offered by a product or service to meet a particular need. "Fit for a purpose" Utility Warranty Service Level Agreement Service Offering.
What are the names of the four dimensions of Service Managment Organizations and People Information Technology Partners and Suppliers Value Streams and Processes Suppliers and Receivers Demand and Opportunities.
is a set of specialized organizational capabilities that enable value to customers in the form of services. Service Level Management Service Coordinators Service Management Supervisor Service Management.
_____________ is a set of interconnected activities that an organization performs to deliver a valuable product? Service Link Group Service Group Service Value System Service Value Chain.
They define the activities workflows controls and procedures to achieve the agreed objectives. Value Streams and Processes Processes Design and Culture Partners and Suppliers.
Governance refers to the means by which an organization is directed and controlled. True False None.
___________ is a series of steps an organization takes to create and deliver products and services. Value Stream Value Identity Steps Infinity Wars Guiding Principles.
What are the key notes of Service Management's Organizations and People dimension? Should ensure that its structure and management is well defined Supports its overall strategy and operating model Supports its full strategy and design model Its critical to the effective facilitation of valued customers. .
This has an impact on users or business processes? Incidents Errors Time Management Successful Workarounds .
What are causes of Incidents? Service Desk Request Service Level Agreement with Customers Problems Approved Upgrades.
What must be resolved so that normal activity can take place in a timely manner? Incidents Trouble Actions Service Level Errors Analyzed Outages.
What is the purpose of Problem Management? To reduce the likelihood and impact of incidents by identifying the actual and potential causes of incidents and manage workarounds and known errors To reduce the likelihood and impact of incidents by identifying the actual and definite causes of incidents and manage workarounds and down times. To ensure that its structure and management is well defined and supports its overall strategy and operating model. Must consider how information about incidents are exchanged between different services and service components.
What are the phases of Problem Management? Problem Identification Problem Control Error Identification Error Control Problem Identification.
Release Management may be subject to the European Union’s GDPR, which influences its information management policies and practices. True False.
Whose job is it to capture the demand for incident resolution and service request/ Need Help Services Front Line Incident Team Service Desk Service Level Management.
___________ Provides a clear path for users to report issues, queries, and request and have them acknowledge classified, owned, and actioned Service Desk Service Managment Incident Management Team Automation Action Team Lead.
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