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When does the project team receive formal confirmation that the user stories are completed to the satisfaction of the product owner? During user acceptance testing During the sprint retrospective During the daily SCRUM meeting During the sprint review.
Which of the following is not a characteristic that the quality principles are based on? Experience of Typical Pitfalls Best Practices SAP Quality Award example winners International standard.
Which of the following is not correct about Fit/Gap Analysis? Prioritize delta requirement and gaps. Minimize the needs for rework during realization. Drive towards adopting customers processes. Validate pre-activate and pre-assembled solution in the development system.
What structure level do you see when you access the Roadmap Viewer and chose work stream navigation? Scenario Scope Item Deliverable Task.
SAP now offers the ability to deploy and manage solutions in which of the following environments? Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid On-premise Cloud Cloud and On-premise.
Which of the following activities are performed in the Explore phase of SAP Activate in SAP S/4HANA Implementation? Adjusting custom code objects Implementing best practices Changing master data Organizational structure Creating transactional data.
Which of the following statements about Scrum is correct? In Scrum, as best practices, we have three main roles, and three artifacts or three ceremonies. Scrum Master defines and prioritizes features and gathers requirements. In Scrum, the team is Self-organized, define all task necessary for all project life cycle. The three ceremonies are sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review (retrospective).
What technique helps agile project teams to prioritize a large, flat backlog? User Story Mapping Planning Poker Fit/Gap Analysis Retrospective.
The tasks associated with Landscape transportation are in which workstream? Transition to Operations System & Data Migration Technical Architecture and Infrastructure Application Solution Adoption.
Which estimation technique can be used in Agile project delivery to size the user stories during sprint planning? Product Owner’s relative estimate of the effort that will be needed to implement the user story Relative estimate in ideal person days that reflects the best estimate provided by the project team Detailed bottom-up effort estimate the breaks each user story up into hours or shorter tasks Detailed bottom-up effort estimate by the SCRUM Master in story points based on the user story complexity.
Identify the two landscape transformation specific tasks in the explore phase. Setup Landscape Transformation Software Run a Landscape Transformation Assessment Define the Data Migration Architecture Perform Client transfer.
Which of the following is true about a cloud implementation project? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Starter Systems are not required to be in place for the 'Fit to Standard' workshops. The entire transport system is kept intact and up and running. In the prepare phase of a cloud implementation project the project team provide the customer with materials to review as self-enablement. The Starter System is specific to SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
Which of the following can be used to navigate through the roadmap? Phases Deliverables Tasks Workstreams.
Which tool can you use to collaborate with other SAP Activate methodology practitioners? Please choose the correct answer. SAP Implementation Assistant Roadmap Viewer SAP Solution Manager SAP Jam.
Which of the following are the benefits of SAP JAM? Reduced Recovery Time Easy to use User collaboration Highly available.
What information does the product team need so that they can estimate the relative size of backlog user story correctly? Definition of Done Available project resources Overall project schedule Test strategy.
Which of the following content best outlines the scope of the Integration Test? a. Prototype b. Delta configuration c. Data flows between SAP solutions a. Solution baseline b. Delta/gap solutions c. Data flows with non-SAP application a. Prototype b. Delta/gap solutions c. Data flows with non-SAP application a. Solution baseline b. Delta configuration c. Data flows between SAP solutions.
When do you perform User Acceptance Testing during the Agile Build? After each Sprint After Integration Testing During each Firm-up Sprint Before Integration Testing.
What is the purpose of a firm-up sprint? To demonstrate functionality from previous sprint To revise a release plan and sprint plan To perform sprint testing To run end-to-end integration test.
Which of the following are not phases of the SAP Activate methodology? Preparation Realize Go-Live & Support Prepare.
What is the best target environment for a System Conversion journey is as described in the SAP Activate methodology? SAP S/4HANA Cloud Edition SAP S/4HANA On-Premise Edition SAP Hybris Hybrid of SAP S/4HANA Cloud Edition and SAP S/4HANA On-Premise Edition.
Which of the following is not correct about the REALIZE phase? The project team ensures that the build is meeting the business requirements. The team prepares for operations so that the functionality can be brought live. Detailed design workshops are held. The beginning of the Realize phase the team prepares a list of all the requirements in a backlog.
What do you do during an iterative approach to build a solution? Build the solution module by module Include frequent inspection check-points Deliver a prototype of the solution Provide a working solution only at the end of the release.
How do you gain access to the SAP Activate Methodology Jam site? Submit e-mail address via on-line form Register on SAP Service Marketplace Join SAP S/4HANA group on SAP Community Network Send e-mail to SAP contact address.
Which of the following is not correct about workstreams? Workstreams are dependent on phase start and end It is a collection of related deliverables It can span phases It is assigned as an attribute to phases, deliverables and tasks.
In what respect is SAP Activate Methodology different from the ASAP Methodology? Leverages iterative incremental build Supports only new implementations Supports cloud deployments Includes Fit/Gap analysis instead of Blueprint.
Which tool can you use to collaborate with other SAP Activate methodology practitioners? SAP Solution Manager SAP Implementation Assistant Roadmap Viewer SAP Jam.
Which of the following can be used to navigate through the roadmap? Deliverables Tasks Workstreams Phases.
Which of the following are the benefits of SAP JAM? Highly available Easy to use Reduced Recovery Time User collaboration.
Which of the following are available in the initial SAP Methodologies JAM Page? Accelerators Summary Task description Roadmaps.
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