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lingua e traduzione 2

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lingua e traduzione 2

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Which of these would not be acceptable in a formal letter? cannot do not I am wouldn't.
One may write a(n)________letter find out information, to apply for a job ora course, or to send an apology. chain informal none of the above formal.
Which salvation is linked to the 'See ya' letter closure? Dear Sir/Madam Never acceptable Dear Mr Higgins Hey Mary.
You are asked to write an essay to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a specific topic,. You are going to wrote a(n): none of the above transactional letter for and against essay an opinion essay.
Imagine you've bought a new TV, and it doesn't work. What are you going to write to express your dissatisfaction? none of the above a postcard a letter of complaint a letter of accpliceation.
You are writing an email to a good friend. How would you end it? Katie, Love the photos on Facebook of last weekend. Fancy catching up over a coffee later this week? Call me. Best wishes Regards Love All the best.
How would you finish this letter? Dear Mrs. Mc Donald, I am writing to apply for the Head of English position advertised in this week's Times Educational Supplement. As you will see from my application form, I have extensive experience of teaching English and have successfully led colleagues before. Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to hearing from you in due course. _________________(Signature) All the best Yours faithfully, Yours sincerely, Yours.
How would you start this email? Dear_____ Over the weekend, we started having problems with our heating. Please could you call me as soon as possible so we can discuss having repairs done. As you will appreciate, the weather is very cold and we are finding having no eating a major inconvenience. Thank you in anticipation for a speedy response to this matter. Take care XXXX Mr Smith, Joe: Joe, Mr Smith:.
A letter may be written to communicate something that's difficult to say face to face. true none of the above false it depends on the context.
Emails, cell phones, and social media are slowly declining the use of personal letters. none of the above true it depends on the context fasle.
A complaint letter is an example of a(n) _________ letter. formated formal personal informal.
Information necessary to include in a formal letter are ________. date, preferred language, and race dates, serial numbers, and locations date, relationship, and age dates, names and addresses.
A formal letter does not use salutations or complimentary closings. it depends on the context true none of the above false.
__________ letters are letters to people who we don't know on a personal level. Chain None of the above Reference Informal.
"I am writing to express my disappointment" is a typical formulaic expression of letters of complaint greetings Emails to a friend informal letters.
Which salutation is linked to the "Yours faithfully" letter closure? Never acceptable Hey there Dear Mr Smith Dear Sir/ Madam.
All formal letters have one thing in common none of the above professionalism publicity an unknown purpose.
When writing a headline, use the imperative to describe recent events use simple present to describe recent events none of the above omit the verbs.
What should you always do when writing a formal letter? use paragraphs put in some colorful pictures use correct sentences make a cup of tea before you start.
Which salutation is linked to the "Yours sincerely" letter closure? never acceptable Dear Mr Swift Hello Jane Dear Sir/Madam.
when writing an essay, we write our personal opinion in the first sentence in the introduction in the main body in the conclusion.
If we attach a resume to our email, we are writing an application email a congratulation greeting an informal letter a condolence mail.
When writing an informal letter, we can adopt a professional tone a friendly tone a formal tone a solemn tone.
Which of these is a correct formal letter introduction? Alright mate Dear Mr Jones Hello Mr Jones Hello John.
_________ letters are generally precise and to the point, without any unnecessary detail. semiformal none of the above informal formal.
In Modern English, grammatical relations are signaled by word order and prepositions. This means that this language is analogical none of the above analytic synthetic.
In Old English, grammatical relations were predominantly signaled by endings on nouns and verbs. This is means that this language was: synthetic analytic analogical none of the above.
During the Middle English period, from which two languages were many words borrowed? Urdu and Iroquoian none of the above Celtic and Old Norse Latin and French.
Which now of the following texts was composed during the Old English period? Othello The Canterbury Tales none of the above Beowolf.
What is another name for Old English? none of the above Celtic Middle English Anglo-Saxon.
Which of the following Old English works documents the early history of England? Boethius none of the above Beowolf The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.
Varieties typical for social groups are called: none of the above Jargons Sociolects Dialects.
When, according to most scholars, did English start to become a global Language? During the reign of Henry VIII Immediately after the Norman Conquest At the end of the 16th century, with the start of the colonization of the West Indian and North American Colonies In 1858, when Britain took over formal rule of India.
Which of the below is NOT a sub variety of US English spoken by a distinct ethnic/social group? Cockney African American Vernacular English Tex Mex Pennsylvania Dutch.
What does the acronym ESL stand for? English as a Spoken Language English as a Second Language English as a Scientific Language English for Students of Literature.
Which of the below is NOT generally considered to be a danger of having a global language? The death of lesser spoken language a growth of bilingualism cultural and linguistic imperialism complacency about learning other languages.
Who were the original speakers of English? The Angles, Saxons, and Vikings The Angles, Saxons and Celts The Angles, Celts, and Jutes The Angles, Saxons, and Jutes.
In which language family do the ultimate origins of the English language lie? North American Indo- European Latin none of the above.
The change from the synthetic to analytic is a major development in the history of English. What is one of its main manifestations? Grammatical functions are expressed by word order and prepositions rather than endings Grammaticalization has become dominant The expression of thought is now more analytical many forms are always used to express a single form.
Which of the varieties of English below is the oldest? US English Australian English West Indian English Hiberno-English.
What is meant by the abbreviation RP? Rest In Peace Received Pronunciation Receive a Prize none of the above.
Over one billion people worldwide are currently learning English: We cannot state such specific information False It depends on the context True.
When is the first attended usage of the phrase "inkhorn horn" dated? 1543 1700 1925 1850.
Did the printing press also serve to standardize English? none of the above it depends on the historical period we investigate YES NO.
The Great Vowel Shift only affected vowels of the following kind: long high short low.
It is often maintained that English is used as a lingua franca? What does that mean? A lingua franca is a language that is used as a means of communication between people who are not familiar with each other's native language. A lingua franca is NOT a language that is used as a means of communication between people who are not familiar with each other's native language. none of the above A lingua franca is a language that is used as a means of communication between people who are native speakers of that language.
Standard English emerged in this century: 17th 20th 16th 15th.
The Norman Invasion happened in this year (AD): 1010 1066 1262 874.
According to you, which of the following words does NOT derive from French/Latin: ghost consideration spirit reflection.
One of the following statements about Early Modern English morphology is false: agreement on verbs almost disappears pronominal forms change none of the above prepositions are inflected.
bed/bad is a diphthong a minimal pair none of the above a rounded sound.
A position slightly further back than alveolar, with the tip of the tongue bent or 'curled' backwards, is called retroflex none of the above uvular glottal.
If a change is brought about by pressure which are internal yo the linguistic system, the change is exogenous endogenous introgenous none of the above.
In the USA, the compound washcloth corresponds to the British flannel fennel channel none of the above.
The UK is part of the outer circle none of the above inner circle expanding circle.
The understanding of linguistic differentiation is studied by phonetics sociolinguistics pragmatics morphology.
People need English for secondary education, politics, law, business. This is true for countries belonging to none of the above outer circle expanding circle inner circle.
The varieties of English, especially those with official status, are often referred to as: Middle Englishes None of the above Old Englishes New Englishes.
How is Kachru's model defined? mouse model square model none of the above circle model.
The various allophones constitute the phonemic inventory phonetic output none of the above phonemic output.
India is part of the expanding circle outer circle none of the above inner circle.
ELF stands for none of the above English as a Lingua Franca English as a Foreign Language English as a First Language.
Who proposed an American standard in 1789? Webster Halliday Wordsworth Austin.
SLA stands for English as a Lingua Franca none of the above English as a Foreign Language second language acquisition.
According to Graddol (1997), first language speakers are 375 million 500 million 750 million none of the above.
EFL stands for English as a Foreign Language English as a Lingua Franca Second language Acquisition none of the above.
Most people have English as a first language. This is true for the countries of outer circle inner circle none of the above expanding circle.
TRAVELED is the BE spelling AE spelling IrE spelling none of the above.
People need English for communication in business, politics, education. This is true for countries belonging to none of above inner circle expanding circle outer circle.
An intralingual process where a new word is created by adding affixes to an old one is named derivation clipping hypocorism acronym.
"The man as was driving the car" is a typical......... feature is BE. nonstandard grammar none of the above extrastandard grammar standard grammar.
Double or multiple negation (I couldn't find none nowhere) is.........feature of BE. none of the above nonstandard standard extrastandrad.
Scots as a spoken language was used by the rural population and the working classes True it depends on the context none of the above false.
Borrowings such as clan, galore 'in abundance' have been introduced by none of the above Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Sir Walter Scott Sir Winston Churchill.
The voiceless ending is a historically based Scots feature."selt" stands for bent sent none of the above sold.
The distinctiveness of Scottish English derived from the influence of other languages, especially Gaelic, Norwegian, and Spanish Gaelic, Norwegian, and French German, Jaapenese, and Italian none of the above.
British "courgette" comes from Spanish German French Italian.
'A pile of stones that marks the top of a mountain or some other special place' is in Gaelic book none of the above cairn sporran.
'A small furry bag that hangs in front of a man's kilt as part of traditional Scottish dress' is in Gaelic cairn sporran boko none of the above.
Blogs and online games become typical lingua-franca situations. it depends on the context none of the above false true.
Welsh and Gaelic speakers, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines have switched to Gaelic. it depends on the historical moment none of the above true false.
The model is above all the teacher's usage. none of the above true it depends on the countries involved false.
Exposure is what the English learners listen to or read. false it depends on the context none of the above true.
Seidlhofer (2010) recommends adopting English as an official lingua franca, but making it clear that this is exclusively British English. none of the above true false it depends on the countries involved.
The Commonwealth of Nations uses English. True it depends on the occasion None of the above false.
Italian is increasingly used as a corporate or company language in multinational corporations. True false it depends on the context none of the above.
The most obvious effect of English on other languages is borrowed lexis. false true none of the above it depends on the languages involved.
English affects the code of other languages, above all their.... phonetics pragmatics syntax vocabulary.
What factors led to the3 use of English as a sort of lingua franca? This was made possible first of all by cultural events. This was made possible first of all by historical events. This was made possible first of all by religious events. None of the above.
What do African-English literatures have in common? none of the above All the new African- English literatures are less interested in introspection and psychological analysis or in elaborate experiments in language and structure. All the new African-English literatures have arisen around the globe throughout human history. All the new African-English literatures have shared similar styles and approaches, have dealt with the same basic themes, and gone through the same phases of development.
The word 'apartheid' came from an African word meaning change. True false none of the above it came from a Japanese word meaning change.
Chinua Achebe was born in 1930 in a small......village. Australian Nigerian Canadian none of the above.
A lingua franca is a language systematically used to make communication possible between people not sharing a mother tongue, in particular when it is a third language, distinct from both mother tongues. true false none of the above it depends on the countries involved.
What is the name of the protagonist of Things Fall Apart? Okorowo Okinawa Okinowo Okonkwo.
Midnight's Children covers the years from 1915 to 1977 from 1930 - 1978 from 1920 - 1980 from 1940 - 1985.
In Runaway, when Carla started to live with Clark, she only looked at pile dwellings mansions villas mobile homes.
What is the central idea of Midnight's Children? The central idea of the book is that nothing has to be taken for granted. The central idea of the book is not just that public life affects private life, but that, thanks to the act of writing, any historical event or person may flow into people's lives and thoughts. The central idea of the book is that private lives of Indian people show somewhat selfishness and lack of consideration of other people's feelings. none of the above.
The Remains of the Day was published in 1986 1980 1982 1989.
Ishiguro uses a formal language an informal language a semiformal language a formal language.
In Runaway, Carla didn't use to .... none of the above live in a big house consider mobile homes as real homes like mobile homes.
According to the text you've read, what did Article 5 of the Constitution in Iran establish? Article 5 established that the government had the responsibility to confiscate all wealth accumulated through usury, usurpation, and bribery. Article 5 stated that the judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, should hold their Offices during good behavior. none of the above Article 5 stated that the highest authority in the Islamic Republic was the Leader, who exercised the supreme political and religious powers and was a manifestation of the integration of politics with religion.
The peoples of the Islamic countries, according to Naipaul, are none of the above poor, fragmented, backward, and confused rich, supportive, forefront, and sterne poor, supportive, backward, and sterne.
V.S. Naipaul was born in Trinidad in 1952 1932 1922 1942.
What is the main theme of Beyond Beliefs by V.S. Naipaul? the main theme is the clash between love and death. the main theme is political philosophy which cannot and should not be combined with religious faith. the main theme is religious enslavement which cannot be subverted. none of the above.
In Midnight's Children, what are the children a metaphor for? fro slavery and corruption for guilt and selfishness for hope and opportunities betrayed none of the above.
In Midnight's Children, what colors are in the flag of the new nation? black, white, and red saffron, white, and green black, grey, and blue orange, white, and green.
Shalimar the Clown was published in 2004 2005 2006 2010.
In Midnight's Children, what happens at midnight? The two babies were born and India awakens to life and freedom Vanita and Amina get married and fly away from India There was a bombing in New Delhi which destroys entirely the city Vanita killed Amina and then flies away from India.
In 15th August 1947, who is Miss Mary Pereira? an actress a secretary a midwife an English teacher.
Writers living in the ex-colonies and the Commonwealth who write in English judged English as a saviours. reject the popular tradition of their countries. find themselves torn between their two cultures. judged England as outsiders.
The system of Apartheid brought about none of the above the granting of citizenship to all racial groups a long international arms and trade black political representation.
Things that Fall Apart was published..... years before Nigerian independence. 10 8 5 2.
How did the clansmen react to the bIo interpreter? At first everybody laughed at him, then all joined to slaughter him. At first everybody laughed at him, then all listened to him. At first everybody beat him, then all joined to kill him. At first everybody celebrated him, then all prepared a birthday cake for him.
Where does the title of Things that Fall Apart come from? The title of the novel comes from W. B. Yeat's poem The Second Coming. The title of the novel comes from S. T. Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The title of the novel comes from Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist The title of the novel comes from W. Shakespeare's Macbeth.
The aims of Things that Fall Apart is to show Nigerian people how the strength of their own culture could help them build up a nation. false true no, they are people from Cuba, and not Nigeria. Apart from Nigerian people, there are references to Gods.
The Satanic Verses was published in 1983 1987 1988 1989.
The Remains of the Day is written in first person narrative none of the above second person narrative third person narrative.
When did India gain its independence from British rule? 15th August 1947 10th May 1945 2nd June 1946 1st December 1944.
Do you think Stevens' behavior is the sign of .....? none of the above his professionalism guilt some who is a slave to work.
In Runaway, Fiora appeared .... in James's dream in Carla's dream in Fiona's dream none of the above.
In the second part of the passage from Runaway you've read, the narrator writes about Lizzie. Lizzie is a goat a horse a woman a cat.
In Runaway, Clara helps her husband with his work none of the above helps his husband stealing money from the rich doesn't help his husband with his work.
In Runaway, the couple is really rich none of the above quite poor quite wealthy.
From the first lines of the excerpt you have read from Runaway, the couple lives in New York in the city in the countryside in the Philippines.
In Things that Fall Apart, Achebe describes the gradual decay of the Ibo traditional society from colonial times to independence and neo-colinisation. true false there are hints of this decay just in the last chapter There are hints of this decay just in the first chapter.
Which theme is amongst the most salient ones in The Remains of the Day? guilt spontaneity prejudice none of the above.
Which of the following themes can you find in The Remains of the Day? prejudice none of the above love and lost opportunities guilt.
All the new African-English literatures have created revolutionary techniques. recorded the disillusionment with the outcome of independence. dealt with memories of the past. dealt with different themes.
What is Miss Keaton like? She understands Mr. Stevens and wants to help him. none of the above She is not very sensitive She is interfering in Mr. Stevens' private life.
The only consolation for the protagonist of Runaway is a dog a squirrel a sheep a goat.
The protagonist of Munro's works are mostly European young men none of the above American girls Canadian woman.
Alice Munro has become famous for her poems her short stories her novels none of the above.
Midnight's Children is set in India, Pakistan, and... Bangladesh Japan Indonesia China.
Saleem Sinai sees himself as a metaphor for the nation mankind women the body.
In Midnight's Children the children become a metaphor of guilt. true false only in the first part of the work only in the second part of the work.
Alice Munro is ..... writer. a British a Canadian an American a Jamaican.
How does the reader learn about Stevens's true feelings about his father? from other characters none of the above from Miss Kenton from Mrs Mortimer.
Alice Munro was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature none of the above the Booker Prize the PEN/Faulkner Award for fiction.
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