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Anne _______ play tennis last month. none of above didn't don't wasn't.
I ... TV yesterday. watched none of the above watch watchd.
She ... yesterday. none of above cryed cryd cried.
Who ... ten minutes ago? did called called none of above did call.
Why ... she ... ? did, cried did,cry none of above -, cried.
He didn't...last Sunday. called none of above calld call.
What film ... you ... last night? did, saw did, see none of above -, saw.
My aunt _______ English. was teach taught teached none of above.
When ... you ... there? did, go -, went did, went none of above.
We _______ our parents yesterday. invite invited didn't invited none of above.
What time _______ your Math class _______? were, started did, started did, start none of above.
When I was 7, I _______ to be a doctor. want none of above wanted was want.
How _______ you _______ to drive? none of above did, learn are, learn was, learn.
John _______ his exam because he _______ very hard. none of above was past, studied passed, studied past, was study.
The homework was hard. How long __________ you? none of above did it take it took took it.
Where __________ to elementary school? went you did you go you went none of above.
Where did you ... this novel? bought buy you went none of above.
Who ... that house? did bought bought none of above buyed.
Choose the correct answer to make an imperative sentence: straight / (go) / four more traffic lights. Straight go four more traffic lights. none of the above Go straight four more traffic lights. You go straight four more traffic lights.
Anne, when __________ the Tandem Cafe on the Internet? none of above did you begin you began were you beginning.
They always ............................. be afraid of the dark. use to none of above used to didn't used to.
I ...... like Indian music, but now I do didn't use to used don't use to none of above.
I ......like dance music, but now I don't. Complete the following sentences using one of the choices. none of above usedn't to use to used to.
That room............................... be a cinema. didn't used to used to use to none of above.
......drink, but now I have stopped didn't use didn't used to used to none of above.
__________ well on that quiz? Did you Did you do Were you none of above.
While I __________ to work, I saw an accident. worked was working none of above was worked.
Who ... there? did went didn't went none of above went.
When __________ yesterday morning? none of above did you have breakfast were you having breakfast have you breakfast.
When I saw John, he _____________. worked wasn't worked none of above was working.
What __________ when you got to the stadium? none of the above the players were doing were the players doing do the players do.
We were having dinner while it __________. was raining rain raining none of above.
__________ when it started to rain? none of above were you driving are you driving did you drive.
You have a good memory. I __________ to your school for only a month. go was going none of above went.
I drove by your house this afternoon, but you __________ home. wasn't not weren't none of above.
Choose the correct answer to make an imperative sentence: still / (sit) Sit still You sit still Still sit none of above.
I didn't ..................... play football. use to none of above used to uses to.
The ending is __________. none of above the most important of the book part the most important part than the book the most important part of the book.
A: Did you buy the red coat or the blue one? B: The blue one. The red coat was __________. much expensive too expensive none of above as expensive.
By my tenth birthday, I __________ swim. And I was a good swimmer too can couldn't can't could.
I __________ tired, and I have a headache. did was will am.
Josh doesn't watch TV or __________ the newspaper. doesn't read reass none of above read.
Danielle doesn't drink __________ soda. She prefers vodka. many much a little some.
The story is on __________ page of the newspaper. third the third the three three.
How long did she stay? next Monday by bus an hour ago a few hours.
Did she have a good holiday last summer? Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. No, she didn't none of above No, she doesn't No, she wasn't.
It's raining hard. But don't worry. I'm sure it __________ stop soon. can could might will.
It's a beautiful day! __________ to go to the beach with us? Want you You aren't wanting Do you want Are you wanting.
Did they have a good lunch? Yes, they did. Yes, they do. Yes, they had done. Yes, they had.
The refrigerator looks empty. Yes, it does. We don't have enough food. None of the above Yes, it does. We have enough food. Yes, it does. We have too much food.
When is your science class? Choose the answer that best completes each question. In Room 502. Thursday at 2:15. None of the above Mrs. Costa's class.
A package came for you this morning. I gave __________. it for your assistant to you assistant it to your assistant your assistant it.
I __________ to the bank yesterday because I was too busy. no go no went didn't go didn't went.
Alex___________ TV at the moment. watchs watch watches is watching.
A: What ................ ? B: He's a doctor. none of the above is your brother do is your brother doing does your brother do.
Choose the correct answer to make an imperative sentence: please / quiet / (be) none of the above Please quiet be. Please be quiet. Be please quiet.
Choose the correct answer to make an imperative sentence: "in / (come)" none of the above Comes in! In come! Come in!.
Choose the correct answer to make imperative sentenceS: oil / (use) ... not / butter/ (use) Oil use. Butter don't use. none of the above You use oil. You don't use butter. Use oil. Don't use butter.
Choose the correct answer to make an imperative sentence: up / (hurry)! Up hurry! You hurry up. none of the above Hurry up!.
Choose the correct answer to make an imperative sentence: not / late / (be) none of the above You are not late. Be not late. Don't be late.
Choose the correct answer to make an imperative sentence:: left / (turn) / at the next traffic light Turn left at the next traffic light. none of the above Left turn at the next traffic light. You turn left at the next traffic light.
Choose the correct answer to make an imperative sentence: us / go / (let) Us let go! Let go us! Let's go! none of the above.
Choose the correct answer to make an imperative sentence: please / down / (sit) none of the above Down sit please Sit please down Please sit down.
A: ..................... the lunch? B: Yes, very much, thank you. none of the above Are you enjoying Do you enjoy Are you enjoy.
A: How often .................... to the restaurant? B: About once a month. do you go are you going none of the above do you going.
What ........................ ? B: I'm looking for my shoes. are you doing none of the above you are doing do you do.
A: Where's Michael? B: He's in the bathroom. He ............... a shower. is having is doing none of the above has.
It ............. a lot in Milan in winter. rains rain is raining none of above.
John...... really hard at the moment because his business has just received a big order from Japan is working is work works none of above.
He........ an iphone, an ipad and a computer. He's so lucky! has is having have none of above.
............... a really good novel at the moment. none of above I read I'm reading I reading.
Why ......... sunglasses? It's cloudy today. none of above do you wear are you wearing do you wearing.
I .......drive a new car. uses to don't use none of above didn't use to.
Mary .......drink milk when she was a baby. none of above use to used to didn't used to.
What time __________ last night? does the concert end is the concert ending did the concert end the concert ended.
His aunt__________ to Italy seven years ago. Choose the answer that best completes each sentence. has come comes come came.
Where are John and Michael? in the house. Mr. Swift's grandchildren. Their names are Scott and Luke. they're sad.
That beautiful jumper cost $25, but I had only $21. You had too much money. none of the above You didn't have too much money. You didn't have enough money.
My brother's eyes are green, but __________. mine is blue mine eyes are blue my is blue mine are blue.
Hi, Jeremy. What are you doing? B: I'm _______________ the radio. listen to listening to listening listen.
I __________ to class yesterday because I was sick. no went didn't went didn't go no go.
When did Jane decide __________ her hair short? cuts cut cutting to cut.
We take our holiday in the winter, but they always take __________ in the summer. them theirs their they.
__________ did I study? For two hours. What How long When What time.
Twenty people came to his birthday party. The cake was for thirty people. There was enough cake. There was too little cake. Too many people came. None of above.
A: When can I call you back? B: ______ . 7.30n the evening at 333/3131111 an hour in 5 minutes.
Who __________ you at the airport yesterday? meet is meeting met did meet.
Do you __________ studying? enjoy need plan want.
John is eating a panino and __________ a glass of milk. John is drinking John drinking drinks is drinking.
The kids aren't __________ that movie. enough old to see enough old seeing old enough to see old enough seeing.
She arrived __________. Choose the answer that best completes each question. the earlier the most early the earliest none of above.
Did they have a good breakfast? Yes, they do. Yes, they did. Yes, they does Yes, they had.
Can you get me __________ jumper for my birthday? some orange a red an red red.
Is he __________ his house? going to sells going to sell will sell sold.
__________ your car use a lot of gas? Uses Is Do Does.
My family doesn't __________ a lot of fish because fish is expensive. to eat eats eat to eats.
Mary:____________________; Roger: It's nice These are my children. This is my apartment. He's my older brother. Is this your house?.
Tom's birthday is __________June 4. in at on in the.
Mark and _____ mother are excellent cookers! she he her his.
Steve: Have a good day; John: _______ Not so good. Sorry This is our class. Thank you.
Who helps with our homework? Our teacher __________. helps do does is.
Our flat is _______________ floor on the six in the 6th on the 6th on sixth.
What day is our appointment? It's on Saturday. It's in summer It's in the morning. It's at noon.
Whose pen is on the floor? Jane's Janes Jane is Jane.
Whose pencil is on the teacher's desk? Mary Mary's Mary is Maries.
You were in China! __________ were you there? How long Who Where What.
The family across the street doesn't __________ a dog or a cat. have has to have to has.
__________ it rain a lot here in the fall' Why Does Is Do.
Lucy: ___________; Jane: very small. What does tiny mean? How do you spell tiny? Who's tiny? How do you pronounce tiny?.
What time is your second class? at 9 William Shakespeare On Tuesday history.
She __________ come to class yesterday because she was sick. couldn't can't could can.
Jummy wants to go to the park. __________ to take him with you? Are you going Why don't you Are you Will you.
Did she .................... go to the mall' used to use to uses to none of above.
In ancient times, people ................ travel on horses. didn't used to used to uses to none of the above.
Jane needed 120 credits to graduate. She had 124 None of the above She didn't have enough credits. She had too few credits. She had enough credits.
__________ any fruit. We have some apples in the fridge. Le'ts don't buy Let's no buy Let's not buying Let's not buy.
Jane is __________ girl in the class. very tall the taller the tallest the most tall.
____is my book. Look. Here's my name. Choose the answer that best completes each question These Those That This.
Mary doesn't talk on the phone or __________ letters. write writes doesn't write none of rhe above.
Take your umbrella. It ________________ rain! will be is going to will.
A: ____________ John call back this afternoon? B: He promised to call, but he's usually in the gym afternoon Does Will is.
I'm dizzy. I think ____ I'm fainting I am going to faint I will faint.
A: I can't believe I got into medical school. B: You..... a doctor in just a few years. are will be are being.
The train for Milan ............ at 8.00 will leave leaves is going to leave is leaving.
I_______for my exam on Sunday afternoon am going to revise revise am revising will revise.
I ______ my friends for dinner after work tomorrow. I've already booked in a restaurant. meet will meet am going to meet am meeting.
A: There's a rock music concert in the park tonight. B: Great! I think __________. I'd like to hear some good music. I go I'll go I'm going.
A: Jane and I_______________ for the test every day next week. are studying will study study.
What time __________ tomorrow? will the sun rise does the sun rise is the sun rising.
A: Do you have any predictions about next year's election? B: I think Obama __________ will win wins is winning.
A: There's a time-management seminar next week. B: Really? I think _________________ I missed the last one I'll go I'm going I go.
A: 'The phone;s ringing'. B:"OK. I .... Answer it" will am am going to am not.
I haven't made any plans for Easter. I____________ in Hong Kong will stay stay will probably stay am staying.
A: I'm taking the train to Boston tomorrow. B: Oh. What time ___________it leave? did does will.
You should ................ Fear Factor tomorrow night. I hear it's going to be a really exciting show have missed not miss miss none of the above.
She's going for a walk in a few minutes. He may ........... at Jane's on the way. none of the above stopping stop have stopped.
How long ................... in Italy? For 10 years, but now I'm in the UK. do you live Have you been living none of the above Have you lived.
.................... Monique this morning? Did she sees none of the above Do you see Have you seen.
.............. to the cinema yesterday. none of the above I did I have been I went.
Mayan buildings are beautiful. The Mayans must ....... an advanced civilization. have had had had had none of the above.
Oh no! ...................... my credit card! I lost none of the above I've lost I did lost.
My grandfather, who died five three ago, .............. abroad was never going none of the above never went have never been.
I don't understand this show. Jane was in London on Monday, so she couldn't ........... the money from a Manchester bank that day. none of the above stole have stolen had stolen.
I'm sorry, but I ................ able to meet you for lunch tomorrow. none of the above don't be won't be can't be.
A: Would you like some tea? B: No thanks. ..................... one cup of it. I was just having I just had none of the above I've just had.
Think bike! It's a good idea to wear bright colours and reflective clothes at night when you're cycling so that drivers see you easily. And helmets aren't cool but they save lives. You know it makes sense! The main point of this text is to none of the above advise cyclists of the main risks when cycling at night. inform cyclists of the law about being seen at night. explain how cyclists can stay safe at night.
My wallet is missing. I ..............dropped it in the store. none of the above might could have must.
BIKE THEFTS - Last year, hundreds of bicycles were stolen across the city, even though their owners had locked them. However, a police campaign cut the number of thefts by half .They fitted sat nav devices to bikes which were then parked where thieves were known to operate. When the bikes were taken, the thieves were easily tracked and caught. Police managed to reduce bicycle theft by.... reminding owners to lock their cycles more carefully. none of the above using tracking devices to find the criminals. monitoring bicycle parks to catch the thieves.
Kate did not buy her sister a birthday card. She must ........ forget have forgotten forgets none of the above.
A: I lived in Rome when I was younger. B: Really? How long ........................ there has you lived lived you did you live none of the above.
How long .................. your best friend? none of the above did you know have you been knowing have you known.
Anne wants better grades next term. She ............. harder. must not study will have to study shouldn't study none of the above.
The owners of this restaurant do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to customers' belongings Customers must take care of their bags and other items while in the restaurant. The restaurant owners will help you if your bag goes missing in the restaurant none of the above Customers are warned not to cause any damage while they are in the restaurant.
DRIVERS - Security cameras operate in this station car park. However, please note that there have recently been several cases of theft from cars parked here. Thieves have been caught in the car park because of the security cameras. none of the above Cars will be safe now because of new security cameras. Although there are security cameras, thieves have still stolen things here.
There are no clean socks. I should ..... the laundry yesterday. none of the above have done do not have done.
Where ............ you born? did none of the above are were.
You're not coming tonight? It's already 8 o'clock! You .... let me know sooner must have can't none of above might have.
How long ......... in that gym? did you trained Have you been training none of above do you train.
To: Jess; From: Michael. You'll never guess what happened to me yesterday! I was cycling home when a car went right through the traffic lights - on red! And then it disappeared and there was a big crash! It was obvious what had happened. The driver had lost control and crashed into a lamp post.! The car that Michael describes crashed shortly after he saw it. crashed right in front of him. none of the above had crashed before he saw it.
Oxygen is the __________ natural resource. none of the above cheapest cheap cheaper.
It was ____ test I have ever done Either could be used here. none of the above the hardest the most hard.
The plane would be _____ than the coach Either could be used here. quicker none of above more quickly.
The underground is ____ buses. none of above more expensive than the most expensive more expensive.
Elvis Presley is ______ than me. popularest more popular none of the above most popular.
This is the ______ cake I've ever tasted. most delicious more delicious none of the above deliciousest.
Albert Einstein was _______ than you! more intelligent none of the above most intelligent intelligenter.
Mt. Everest is _____ than Mt. Blanc. more high none of the above more higher higher.
This movie is _______ than that one. interestinger none of above more interesting interesting.
The Mona Lisa is one of the ______ paintings in this museum. beautiful most beautiful beautifuliest none of above.
This is the ______ skirt in the store. expensiviest none of the above most expensive more expensive.
A kitten is _______ than a puppy. cuty none of above more cuty cuter.
A cow is ______ than a cat. most hungry hungrier none of above hungry.
Water is _______ than Coke. more healthy none of above healthy healthier.
Colin is ______ than John. more knowledgeable none of the above most knowledgeable knowledgeable.
There were ____ people at the game than expected. none of above most many more.
I live in the ________ city in the world. most comfortable comfortablest most comfortablest none of the above.
This is the ______ kitchen I've ever seen. Either could be used here. none of the above dirtiest dirtyest.
Some children are __________ than others. most louder more loud none of the above louder.
This is the ______ book in the store. worse worst most bad none of the above.
The Lut Desert in Iran is the ______ place in the world as of 2005. most hot none of above hotter hottest.
Artica is the _______ place on earth coldest none of the above most cold colder.
A mouse is _________ than a lamb weaker none of the above more weak weak.
It was ____ than I was expecting cheapest cheaper Either could be used here. none of the above.
A desert is ________ than a jungle. more dry drier more driest none of the above.
Some governments are ________ than others. more worse none of the above more bad worse.
Which is ____ of the two? none of the above more difficult most difficult Either could be used here.
The red car is ______ than the white car. none of the above faster more fast fast.
A tiger is _________ than a dog. none of the above stronger more strong strong.
This is the ________ meal on the menu most nutritious none of the above nutritious more nutritious.
Michael Jordan is the _______ basketball player. best most better better none of the above.
Elvis Presley is ______ than me. most popular more popular none of the above popularest.
This pizza is _______ than that soup. most deliciouser none of the above deliciouser more delicious.
That was the __________ exam I had all semester. most difficult most difficultest none of the above more difficult.
Sometimes email is ______ than a telephone. more convenient convenienter most convenient none of the above.
It was ______ expensive restaurant I've ever been to. most more the most none of above.
This is the ______ skirt in the store. most expensive more expensive none of the above expensiviest.
A blue whale is the ________ animal in the world. most heavy heaviest heaver none of the above.
Sugar is ________ than salt. sweeter none of the above more sweeter sweetest.
It was ____ test I have ever done. none of the above the most hard the hardest Either could be used here.
Some sports are ________ than others. none of the above exciting most exciting more exciting.
Some children are __________ than others. louder none of above most louder more loud.
It's ____ art collection in Europe. the finer none of the above the finest finest.
I'd like some ____ information. furthest further none of the above far.
_____ there any coffee in the cupboard Are Were Does Is.
He used to _______ to school there go came went comes.
I ______ hungry am haven't do have.
When it ________ I always _______ snows/go for a walk snow/going walking snows/will walk snow/out walking.
The people in my office _______ very nice has is are to be.
How will I recognize you when I get there? Tell me _____ what you look like how you are your image how you are wearing.
The _____ saved my ______ 's life dactor/hasband doctors/housband dottor/housband doctor/husband.
Henry arrived _____ home _______10 pm at/to x/at at/from to/at.
The first flight ______ _____ 6 am is/for go/at leaves/at start/at.
Everybody ______ a good result wishes hopes want wants.
11. Katherine ______ me _________ gives always/advice always gives/advices give/more advice always gives/advice.
I look forward _______ from you hearing hear to hearing to hear.
That's what Angela ______ to me, but I don't know if it's true said told tells spoke.
I don't like this job, so I'm _______ a better one looking after looking for looking up looking to.
I write to ______ of my children _____ a week all/only them/ onces each/once every/one.
They _____ Madrid have never visited don't never visited did never visited haven't never visited.
The postman has ______ come been already yet still.
Her husband ______ politics isn't interested to doesn't interested in isn't interested in hasn't got interested.
He can't come to the phone. He ____ a shower has does make is having takes.
He said he _______ a good film ___ a long time had not seen/for saw/since is seen/to doesn't see/in.
When Tony _____ back they _________ in the library. didn't come/ will sit comes/ are sitted came/ were sitting come/sits.
Pamela has been __________ to be the class representative. chosen choose choosen chosed.
Robert is ____ working so hard. tired for bored to tired of boring of.
Why are you so attracted _____ the mountains? for of at to.
I have ____ nicest ____. an/parents one/parents the/parents a/parents.
Last time I ____ you, you _____ to start a new job. see/would saw/were going will see/were have seen/are going.
How are you _______ now? at do feel feeling.
He had already _____ in Assisi for three months when I ___ to see him. had living/goes being lived/go been living/went living/have gone.
She likes ________ new books starts the start start starting.
I phoned the restaurant ______ order to complain in by on to.
You ______ rest if you're pregnant mustn't shouldn't may not should.
This shop _____ every day ____ 9 am open/in opens/at starts/on will open/to.
What do you think your father ______ you for Christmas? presents to give will give does give.
This is the hospital ________ I was born which whose where while.
I'm used to _______ up early every day getting gotten got get.
I ________ thirsty don't do have am.
He asked me what I _____ if I failed to get the job will do would be doing would do would have done.
I phoned the restaurant _____ complain by for to for to.
She said she got a new haircut, but I ______ like it doesn't cannot may not shouldn't.
I have bought a new tie for Frank, but he ______ like it don't shouldn't might not cannot.
We have meetings on Sundays ________ as well as as well as far as as long as.
She sings and she ______ plays the piano too as like also as well.
The teacher hasn't come _______ always already never yet.
Dinner hasn't been served ______ yet never already always.
He goes to the office dressed ______ clown such as as a like as.
Could you help ____? mine's me I my.
My ________ are very clever brothers' brother brothers brother's.
Sally _______ her mother looks by looks up looks as looks like.
I found him sitting at a table ________ in papers cover to cover covering covered.
I _______ Robert since I was six do know have know know knew.
Colin is landing ________ midday in at on from.
Betty says she ______ never liked her job had did has have.
Money ________ important don't do not aren't is not.
This is the second time I _______ you have called called will call call.
Everest is _______ mountain in the world the higher the most high the more high the highest.
Jackie arrived ________ Rome at 2 o'clock in to by at.
She called me _____ give me updates for to about by.
My friend's _______ are adorable childrens childs child children.
They asked me ________ going to the party that I was where I was if I was if I would.
My younger sister ________ at a school downtown don't work goes works work.
I can't talk right now. I _______ a hurry am in have am am of.
Your luggage ____ too heavy, you've brought _____ suitcases is/too many is/too much are/too much are/too many.
I wish I _________ to go to work today mustn't didn't have don't have haven't.
I hate ______ I'm doing what which while how.
Do you _______? come never come here always come always here always come here.
______ difficult ________ see in foggy weather It's/in It's/for It's/to he's/for.
Would you like______ more juice? a few some many so.
They took a long _______ last summer travel trip holidays fly.
There's no shampoo left _______ the bottle at in under over.
Her brother _____ to her if he had known that she had a problem talks would have talked will talk would talk.
________ do you usually have for lunch when you are at work? when who what why.
We _____ all speak two languages in my family can need may would.
I ________ go for a walk if the rain stops, but I'm not sure have to might mustn't need.
Passengers _________ bring their passports when travelling internationally should can must could.
You ______ drive when you're very tired have to shouldn't should must.
______I leave a little early, please? Should Must Have to May.
My wife _________ like to buy an expensive house by the sea must may could would.
Kids _________ not eat junk food. It's bad for them might would should need.
______ we have more salt on our salad, please? Could Would Must Do.
The actress was awesome _______ Lady Macbeth as such as as like like.
_______sunny day! what how.
Jane was really sad _______ leaving to leave leave for leave.
Our plane _____ at 8 tomorrow is going to leave leaves was leaving will leave.
Henry arrived _____ the station _______9 on/in to/by at/at in/by.
If it _____ nice tomorrow, we'll go to the park was would be will be is.
Where ____ you put your exercise book? did are does has.
____ a sofa in the living room? There are there is are there is there.
Claire and I see each other _______ a month two times one time one twice.
Anthony came _____ train from on with by.
The window ______ by the kids breaks was broken had broken broke.
You _____ take an aspirin if you want to feel better need want should won't.
I _____ English since I was a child haven't spoken spoke didn't speak don't speak.
What did you do last year for Christmas? I have had dinner with my friend I have dinner with my friends I had dinner with my friends I would like to have dinner with my friends.
When we arrived at Gianna's house, dinner _____ started already had already started was already started already start.
This shop _______ be a bookshop a few years ago used to use was were.
If she _______ Peter, he'll stay asked will ask would ask asks.
If I ______ Oliver, I would have invited him to the party will see had seen saw would see.
They have bought a flat in London and they _____ there next year will move are going to move move moved.
Do you mind ____ it with you? none of above to take take taking.
It ___________ that the painting is fake is now believed believed now is believing believes.
It ______ since yesterday rained rains have been raining has been raining.
What are you doing this afternoon? I'm going to an exhibition I will go to an exhibition go to an exhibition I went to an exhibition.
If you come tonight, I ________ really happy am would be will be would.
Please sir, ........... this form. fill in write write down fill.
They arrived right ........... time. at on by in.
Mandy passed the exam very ............ easily easier good well.
A. "What's your new English teacher ...........?" B. "She seems ok." looks like like look like likes.
What where you doing yesterday?" I ...... The show watched have watched had watched was watching.
............. for an hour but not one has come. I have waited I have been waiting I have keep waiting I waited.
A."Excuse me, .................... does it take to get to Rome from here by train?" B. "It takes about e hours". how long what time how much time how much.
Trisha is going to ............ playing volley. quit up give off give up quit off.
Jonh .............. to him... the phone speaked/on speaked/at spoke/on spoke/at.
My mechanic suggested.... the breaks on my car to changing changing change to change.
How ............ Barbra meet her friends? often does oftendo often does.
I asked John ............ not to go away don't go away not going away to not go away.
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