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Lingua e traduzione inglese 5 | Fuori paniere

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According to Fauconnier, the fluidity of mental spaces is possible thanks to mental space lattices mental space maps the blends source mental spaces.
In Culpeper's analysis of Macbeth, the sentence "Are you a man?", pronounced by Lady Macbeth, can be considered as an example of push flouting the maxim of relation pop flouting the maxim of Quality.
Source Domain and Target Domain are related to: Cohesion and Coherence The Blending Theory Translation Theory Conceptual Metaphor Theory.
The deixis linked to the positioning of the speaker/writer is known as person deixis spatial deixis empathetic deixis origo.
Metaphor We Live By was published in: 1980 by Lakoff and Tanari 1990 by Lakoff and Fauconnier 1970 by Bieber and Johnson 1980 by Lakoff and Johnson.
When we want to respect to the people we are talking, we use: negative politeness FTAs positive politeness silence.
In the sentence "I pronounce you king of this land", the verb "to pronounce" is an example of super order sarcasm declarative representative.
Satire has a surprise element which is not always present in parody has an aggressive element which is not necessarily present in parody has not an aggressive element which is present in parody instead has the same meaning of parody.
Exophora depends on the context ____ the text outside inside not related to.
The scholar who talks about 5 MACRO-CLASSES is Austin Searle Lakoff.
The situational context refers to ___ of speakers and hearers the physical compresence the nationality the actions.
Pragmatics studies how to use language from a social perspective cultural perspective socio-cultural perspective.
We usually devide the background knowledge into cultural general and Interpersonal knowledge categories depending on the instructions of the speakers speech acts.
When we refer to an entity for the first time in a text, we talk about exophoric reference endophoric reference sui generis reference.
If the referring expressions point to the referent, we call it endophora anaphora deixis.
We use referring expression to identify deixis a FTA an entity.
Discourse analysis studies how the elements of a language are imposed organized translated.
Banter and Irony can easily flout the maxim of manner relation quality.
A very long or too short answer can flout the maxim of quantity quality manner.
A: "When was the Boer War?" B: "I heard that a new MARVEL movie is coming out soon": is the maxim of quality satisfied? yes No, but the maxim of relation is satisfied No.
A: "When did you arrive?" B: "Yesterday". Which maxim is satisfied in this example? Quantity Relation Quality.
The extreme version of the interactional fuction is called phatic form transactional form feedback.
IRF were theorized by Yule Sinclair and Coulthard Austin and Searle.
A: Are you enjoying the party? B: The music is too loud. Is the maxim of quantity satisfied? Yes Yes, although the answer is vague No: the information provided is too little.
Brown and Levinson divide FTAs in 2 groups 3 groups 5 strategies.
The concept of "face" was developed by Goffman Leech Culpeper.
"oh, really?" is an example of: deixis backchannel and feedback question with a semantic meaning.
To invade someone's space is an example of positive impoliteness negative impoliteness Withhold impoliteness.
The first scholar who theorized Impoliteness is Lakoff Culpeper Leech.
The want of every member that his wants be desirable to at least some others is called positive face negative face face.
To use taboo words is an example of positive impoliteness negative impoliteness both.
The measure the speaker can impose his/her will on the hearer is determined by relative power social distance bald on record.
To ignore someone is an example of positive impoliteness negative impoliteness withholder impoliteness.
Conversational Contract was theorized by Leech Spencer Oatey Fraser.
In contrast with B&L, Goffman's concept of face implies a social interdependence irony banter.
Lexical cohesion falls into ___ categories 2 3 5.
The distinction between Relative and Absolute Impoliteness was created by Leech Lakoff Culpeper.
Foregrounding is a method of ___ in textual composition defamiliarisation transition conversion.
Jakobson's model of language has ___ key functions 6 5 3.
The 3 Rs state that Stylistics must be rigorous, ready, reliable rigorous, retrievable, replicable rigorous, rhetoric, replicable.
ICMs allows us to take cognitive short-cuts in a conversation to avoid providing essential information to provid rhytm to what we say.
The iambic foot has ___ syllables: the first is ___ heavily stressed than the second 2/more 2/less 2/equally.
When a part is used to represent a whole, we talk about synecdoche metaphor metonymy.
The reality evoked in a test is made up of a series of worlds: which theory is based on this theory? Conceptual metaphor theory possible worlds theory blending theory.
The blending theory emerges from the fusion of CMT and MS PWT and MS PWT and CMT.
The Cremlin is an example of metonymy metaphor synecdoche.
The distinction between langue and parole is attributed to Saussure Whatt Jakobson.
Your hear is like an ocean of sweetness: which figure of speech have I used? metaphor simile metonymy.
"gnam" is an example of lexical onomatopoeia non lexical onomatopoeia phallacy.
Forms of metonymic distortions are called banters caricatures satire.
The deictic centre is also called orion origo deictic ego.
When a narrator makes a remark, we talk about the popping move the pushing move a homodiegetic narrator.
Syllables repeated into a regular phrasing across a verse make poetry rhythm music.
A flashback is an example of PUSH POP propt out.
When the narrator is internal to the narrative, we call him homodiegetic heterodiegetic infradiegetic.
Writing down as many ideas as you can on a certain topic is called critical reading brainstorming brainwhashing.
The final work of a Ph.D programme is called thesis dissertation theses.
When we write a paper, we follow three steps: planning, researching and writing up researching, planning and writing up researching, writing up and tutoring.
To read selectively means to identify selected information to read the paper of a specific author to read assigned papers.
A global summary is a summarize of the whole text you're reading a summarize of a big part of the text you're reading both.
The NOW approach includes note - organize - write notice - opt - write never - once - written.
In an academic writing, your personal opinion is all that matters is important, but it must be conveyed academically is the focus of the paper.
Critical reading comes ___ critical thinking after before during.
A word-for-word copying is called copy-and-past process plagiarism stealth.
Editing a presentation makes a difference is useless is done by professional editor.
Deictic center is also reffered to social position none of the above point of view phonological pattern.
The physical channel of communication through which a story is narrated is the stylistic medium the textual channel the text the textual medium.
Polite Princple has ___ principles. 3 2 6 4.
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