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Lingua Inglese 2

molto carino

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I'm taking the train to Boston tomorrow. B: Oh. What time ____________ it leave? does will did.
................................ drink, but now I have stopped none of the above didn't used to didn't use used to.
Mary ..................... drink milk when she was a baby use to used to didn't used to none of the above.
I didn't ..................... play football. use to uses to none of the above used to.
I ............................. drive a new car. don't use none of the above didn't use to use to.
They always ............................. be afraid of the dark. used to non of the above didn't used to use to. indian music, but now I do don't use to used to didn't use to none of the above.
I ............................ like dance music, but now I don't. Complete the following sentences using one of the choices. none of the above usedn't to used to use to.
That room............................... be a cinema. didn't used to used to none of the above use to.
__________ well on that quiz? Did you do were you none of the above did you.
In ancient times, people ................ travel on horses. none of the above didn't used to used to uses to.
Anne, when __________ the Tandem Cafe on the Internet? none of the above were you beginning did you begin you began.
While I __________ to work, I saw an accident. worked none of the above was working was worked.
When __________ yesterday morning? had you breakfast none of the above were you having breakfast did you have breakfast.
When I saw John, he _____________. worked was working wasn't worked none of the above.
What __________ when you got to the stadium? were the players doing none of the above the players were doing do the players do.
We were having dinner while it __________. was raining raining none of the above rain.
__________ when it started to rain? DID YOU DRIVE none ARE YOU DRIVING WERE YOU DRIVING.
You have a good memory. I __________ to your school for only a month. was going none went go.
Did she .................... go to the mall' none used to use to uses to.
I'm dizzy. I think _________ I am going to faint I'm fainting I will faint.
Who ... that house? buyed none did bought bought.
I haven't made any plans for Easter. I____________ in Hong Kong stay will probably stay will stay am staying.
We were shocked to see her. ________ been expecting her. we have we are we'd not none of the above.
My uncle ________ smoking in the box had has none had been.
There are no clean socks. I should ..... the laundry yesterday. have done none of the above not have done do.
Where ............ you born? are did were none.
The train for Milan ............ at 8.00 leaves will leave is leaving is going to leave.
I________________ for my exam on Sunday afternoon revise am going to revise will revise am revising.
A: 'The phone;s ringing'. B:"OK. I .... Answer it" will am not am am going to.
I _________________ my friends for dinner after work tomorrow. I've already booked in a restaurant. will meet meet am meeting am going to meet.
A: There's a rock music concert in the park tonight. B: Great! I think __________. I'd like to hear some good music. i'm going i'll go i go.
A: ____________ John call back this afternoon? B: He promised to call, but he's usually in the gym afternoon. does is will none.
Take your umbrella. It ________________ rain! is going to will be will none.
A: I can't believe I got into medical school. B: You..... a doctor in just a few years are being will be will are.
A: There's a time management seminar next week. B: Really? I think _________________ I missed the last one. i'am going i'll go i go none of the above.
A: Do you have any predictions about next year's election? B: I think Obama __________ is winning wins will win none.
What time __________ tomorrow? does the sun rise is the sun rising will the sun rise does the sun rise.
A: Jane and I_______________ for the test every day next week are studying will study study are studying.
Who ... there? did went none went didn't went.
__________ when the telephone rang? Did you have a shower Had you a shower Were you having a shower none.
When ... you ... there? ____, went did, go none did, went.
. We _______ our parents yesterday. invited none invite didn't invited.
I drove by your house this afternoon, but you __________ home. wasn't weren't none not.
Where __________ to elementary school? none did you go you went went you.
The homework was hard. How long __________ you? took it it took none did it take.
John _______ his exam because he _______ very hard. past / was study was past / studied passed/studied none.
How _______ you _______ to drive? are / learn did / learn none was / learn.
When I was 7, I _______ to be a doctor none was want want wanted.
What time _______ your Math class _______? did / start were / started did / started none.
My aunt _______ English. was teach none taught teached.
Anne _______ play tennis last month. none wasn't didn't don't.
Where did you ... this novel? buyed bought buy none.
What film ... you ... last night? did, see did, saw ___, saw none.
Why ... she ... ? did, cry ___, cried did, cried none.
Who ... ten minutes ago? did called none called did call.
He didn't ... last Sunday. called calld none call.
She ... yesterday. cryed cried cryd none.
I ... TV yesterday. watch none watchd watched.
Anne has always wanted .................... her own shop. none she opens to open opening.
He took accounting courses ............. for his business. to prepare for preparing prepared none.
Last month Jim succeeded in .............. a loan from his bank. none getting got he getting.
We all celebrated her .............. Anne's kitchen. to opening opened opening none.
A: I'm happy we did that. B: ...............I. It was a lot of fun. Neither am either is So am none.
When he first opened, he avoided ............. people to help him. asking to ask none ask.
At first Roxane was terrible at ............ the restaurant. managing manage to manage none.
............ experience is important, so I told him to keep trying Getting He was getting to get none.
Recently, he's been having me ........... entire meals. prepared to prepare prepare none.
A lamp will "illuminate" this street nicely blow up take up put up light up.
Don't "belive" that offer. It's probably a scam. get along run into fall for put up.
My University days were great! I "remember them" often. leave them on think back on them run into look them up.
When did you "hire" John? take him off work him out take him on get along.
She was tired, but we couldn't ............. her accept our help none making make made.
Do you think Japanese food will ever "become popular" here? catch on set up try out touch up.
If you have an idea for a topic, please talk it ......... with me off in out over.
Instead of arguing about the issue, let's "discuss it"! talk it over try it out take it away charge it up.
A: "Da Gino" doesn't accept credit cards. B: This shop ............. But don't worry, I have enough cash on me. But it does doesn't either neither did none.
This paint is scratched. Le'ts "improve it" as much as we can. bring it up touch it up make if up give it up.
The Black list on my Iphone is a great app! Who "invented it"? give it on thought it up charged it up let it on.
I'm not a customer care operator. Please, don't "end this call"! hang up drop out let it out call back.
My smartphone is "causing problems". Can you help me, John? setting up keeping out drop up acting up.
Anne works so hard that she's sure to "succeed" work off run into get ahead give up.
Giorgia "got" some interesting ideas from the Internet. pointed out picked up set up called up.
If you make a lot of mistakes, do the assignment .... over up down in.
Jason wanted to be an artist, but he "unexpectedly went" to medical school. tried it out ended up going dreamt up going figured out going.
Be careful with those chemicals! They could "explode"! come off break down blow up call up.
Why did my phone charge "increases"? calls up brings up fills up goes up.
Fill .......... the school questionnaire completely on out down off.
Clear .......... any problems you have about your homework assignment before you start. in up off down.
Next week, I will pass ........ a list of suggested topics for your project. out up off on.
A: I should't have any more cake. B: ...............I. I woun't be able to sleep. Neither should none Either should But should.
After a few months, he let .............. help her cook. i me mine none.
A: I'm full! B: I ......................... I can't eat another bite. not either am and but I am too none.
Mirella is looking for a new job. none but Micheal doesnt' so is Michael Michael does too.
Maria lives in New York. none of the above So does Mike But Mike does Neither does Mike.
A: Didn't she use to live in Las Vegas? B:........... She lived in Manchester. Yes, she did. none of the above Neither did she. No, she didn't.
Mary got married 4 years ago. So does Mark. none of the above Neither did Mark.
A: Danielle is going to Japan, isn't she? B:..........She's flying there on Monday. But she is No, she isn't Yes, she is none of the above.
Does Tom work for Pirelli & Co.? Neither does he Yes, he does He doesn't either none.
A: I'd love some dessert. B: ..................... I. The pear cake looks delicious none of the above Would either So would Too would I.
Alice has been working in London for five years. But Jim hasn't So does Jim Jim hasn't either none.
Chiara has an interview tomorrow, doesn't she? none SO does she Yes, she will Yes, he does.
Alex should look at the employment advertisements. Nadia should too Nadia shouldn't either none of the above But Nadia should.
Wasn't Rossana going to speak to her boss? none of the above So is she No, she wasn't Neither does she.
I've never eaten here before. I haven't either I either have I have either none of the above.
I don't like chocolate. none of the above So doesn't John Neither does John John doesn't like chocolate.
A: My dish tastes very salty. B: ....... mine. We're going to be really thirsty later. So is none so does neither does.
A: My sister often made this dish. B: My mother ............ It was always one of my favourites. Too she did didn't she none of the above Did too.
A: I was planning to invite Jane to join us. B: That's great! I ................ I'm sorry we didn't. was too none either she was has too.
I ..... a flight attendant if I didn't get airsick. would become had become none of the above became.
She's going for a walk in a few minutes. He may ........... at Jane's on the way. none of the above have stopped stop stopping.
You're not coming tonight? It's already 8 o'clock! You .... let me know sooner none of the above must have can't might have.
You should ................ Fear Factor tomorrow night. I hear it's going to be a really exciting show. miss have missed none not miss.
Mayan buildings are beautiful. The Mayans must ....... an advanced civilization. have had none had had had.
I don't understand this show. Jane was in London on Monday, so she couldn't ........... the money from a Manchester bank that day. have stolen stole had stolen none of the above.
I'm sorry, but I ................ able to meet you for lunch tomorrow none of the above won't be don't be can't be.
I .... late for work if the bus doesn't arrive soon. will be am none of the above have been.
I'm so busy these days. I wish I ..... more free time. had none of the above had had have.
What do you do when your train .... late? none of the above is had been will be.
If I ..... you, I'd just go for dessert. am had been were none.
I'm going to Jane's for Thanksgiving, but I can't stand to eat turkey. What ...... if that happened to you? would you do did you do will you do none of the above.
If I hadn't been fascinated with flying, I .... a pilot. none of the above wouldn't have become wouldn't become became.
If you ..... early enough, we can't save a seat for you. don't check in have checked in will check in none of the above.
This train is full. ..... Someone gives up a seat, you won't get on this train today. none of the above When Unless If.
If the teacher cancels class today, I ... you. have joined will join join none of the above.
Kate did not buy her sister a birthday card. She must ........ forget have forgotten forgets none of the above.
My wallet is missing. I ..............dropped it in the store. might could have must none of the above.
There are no clean socks. I should ..... the laundry yesterday. have done none of the above not have done do.
Anne wants better grades next term. She ............. harder. shouldn't study none of the above must not study will have to study.
Tickets ..... from any travel agent or directly from the airline. may purchase none of the above may be purchased are purchase.
Today Creole, a mixture of languages, .......... spoken widely. are none is was.
In the early days, many languages could ........... in Africa. have heard hear none of the above be heard.
Jamaica was settled ......... people from Africa and Europe. from by none of the above at.
Florida ........... avoided in autumn because of dangerous storms ought to be should have none of the above should.
Go deep sea fishing, and get your picture ............... with your catch. take be taken none of the above taken.
Swimmers and divers ............... Cuba's stunning beaches. are enjoyed by none of the above enjoys enjoy.
Music lovers from all over the world can .............. found at the festival. have been none of the above be.
This wonderful festival ............ be missed. hasn't none of the above shouldn't isn't.
Reggae music is .......... at Jamaica's Sunsplash Festival. performed none of the above perform performing.
The girl ________ was sitting next to me was your sister whose what who which.
She ______ on holiday in Italy enjoyed her enjoyed herself enjoyed enjoyed himself.
My train _________ at 2 pm next Tuesday leave is going to leave leaves will leave.
When we arrived at Gianna's house, dinner _____ already start was already started had already started started already.
I forgot to bring my pen. Can I borrow _________? yours you him my.
It's too cold in here. Can you _______ the heater on, please? make turn have do.
This car is more ________ than that one fastest faster fast modern.
This shop _______ be a bookshop a few years ago were used to use was.
Have you ever been to France? Yes, I ________ there last August went gone am have been.
She hasn't written to me ______ the last time we met since when ago for now.
It's a small town in the south _____ England of from by to.
She doesn't like _______ to the cinema goes be go going.
I _______ breakfast when Julie arrived was having have used to have am having.
London is the _________ city in Europe most expensive more expensive expensive expensivest.
I ________ since midday works am working was working have been working.
Amanda ______ me she got a new job! told asked says said.
I'm _________ student of English as a Foreign Language x the an a.
Do you like ______? to watching films watch films being watching films watching films.
We never ________ how the exam went found out found stood out passed out.
. ___ to Canada? has you never been have been have you ever gone have you ever been.
Sylvie _________ at 10:30 pm can arrives go come.
The fridge is ________ the kitchen on from in under.
Arthur ___________ play the piano very well don't does isn't doesn't.
Dolphins and __________ other sea creatures use sophisticated navigation systems much many any little.
This car is ______ mine's my's mine my.
It ______ since yesterday have been raining rains rained has been raining.
The robbers ___________ by the police was arrested have arrested have been arrested arrested.
This house ______________ in 1970 by my grandfather was built has built has been built built.
It ___________ that the painting is fake believed now believes is now believed is believing.
Jamie couldn't come to the park because she ______ go to work have have got has got had to.
Henry arrived _____ the station _______9 in/by at/at on/in to/by.
If I ______ Oliver, I would have invited him to the party would see will see had seen saw.
You _____ take an aspirin if you want to feel better need won't want should.
Archaeologists _________ the gold in a cave near the top of the mountain discovers were discovered was discovered discovered.
It's just started raining. How will you get home? I go home I'll take a taxi I take a taxi I am walking.
What did you have for dinner last night? I love eating I ate with pleasure I had a steak With John.
The window ______ by the kids broke breaks had broken was broken.
I _____ English since I was a child didn't speak don't speak spoke haven't spoken.
If she _______ Peter, he'll stay will ask asked would ask asks.
Your letter __________ yesterday morning arrived arrives will arrive has arrived.
If I_________, I would express my feelings. had been asked asked were asked am asking.
Lisa ________ me the truth about it says told spoke said.
You'd be able to buy that dress you like if you ................ each day saved have saved will save save.
You .............. show your I.D. Card at the airport. have to must should can.
If you had caught the bus, you______________late for work. wouldn't have been will have been would have been would be.
The items in this shop ............ in the other shop aren't cheaper as aren't more cheap Aren't as cheap as Are more cheap.
. This house .......... than the other one most comfortable more comfortable comfortabler as comfortable as.
His mother _____ to him if she had known that he had a problem would talk will talk would have talked talks.
I _______ Robert since I was six knew have known know do know.
This is the second time I _______ you called call have called will call.
He said he _______ a good film ___ a long time. is seen/to had not seen/for doesn't see/in saw/since.
When Tony _____ back they _________ in the library. didn't come/ will sit came/ were sitting comes/ are sitted come/sits.
Pamela has been __________ to be the class representative. chosen choose choosen cose.
. Robert is ____ working so hard. bored to tired for boring of tired of.
Why are you so attracted _____ the mountains? to at for of.
He had already _____ in Assisi for three months when I ___ to see him. had living/goes living/have gone been living/went being lived/go.
How will I recognize you when I get there? Tell me _____ what you look like your image how you are wearing how you are.
Jackie arrived ________ Rome at 2 o'clock in to at by.
Jackie and Tom see each other _______ a month one time every all the time once.
I'll go to the wedding if they ______ me an invitation would send will send send sent.
I ______ French since I was at school didn't speak spoke don't speak haven't spoken.
Their friends came _______ foot yesterday on x with by.
If you ______ John, he'll do the right thing would ask will ask ask asks.
. If Claire ___________ harder, she would have got the promotion had worked would work would have worked works.
I look forward _______ from you to hear hear hearing to hearing.
They asked me ________ going to the party that I was if I would where I was if I was.
Do you _______? come always here always come here come never come here always.
I wish I _________ to go to work today don't have haven't mustn't didn't have.
I'm used to _______ up early every day getting get got gotten.
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