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___ covers a range of possibilities if your busiess is your livelihood. professional liability employer's liability personal liability public liability policy.
___ refers to legal obligations arising out of a professional's errors, negligent acts, or omissions during the course of the practice of his or her craft. employer's liability public liability policy personal liability professional liability.
___ means that when an employee has an accident at work, he can claim compensation. professional liability employer's liability public liability policy personal liability.
___is someone employed by an insurance company to valeu losses and to settle claims. Third party Loss adjuster Policy holder Insurance broker.
__is a person skilled in the insurance business who has the power to accept risks for the company and to fix rates and conditions of insurance contracts. an underwriter an insurance broker a policy holder a loss adjuster.
__ provides cover in case a member of the public has an accident. professional liability employer's liability personal liability public liability policy.
If you wish to take out an insurance policy, you can go either directly to the company or to____ who will advise you about different companies and their policies. a policyholder an underwriter an insurance broker a loss adjuster.
IKEA is a multinational corporation with___ and offices across the globe, but its corporate___ is located in Sweden. stores/headquarters shares/headquarters shops/headquarter stocks/headmasters.
If your account is ___, you can be said to be in the red. overdrawn refund withdrawn overthrown.
In that shop you can pay in ___. dollars cheques money credic card.
A system of exchanging goods for other goods rather than for money is called___. barrister bartender barter barnship.
___ is the insured person who pays the premiums and has the right to claim under a policy. a loss adjuster a policyholder an underwriter an insurance broker .
___ is a person or company to whom a legal liability for compensation is owed for loss or injury resulting from a negligent act of someone who is insured. Insurance broker Third party Policy Holder Underwriter.
___ is the state of a company having no money and controlled by an official receiver. This state offers virtually no advantages from the company directors' standpoint. Administration Receivership Bankruptcy Liquidation.
___ refers to a company reorganized by a specialist from outside the company, because of serious financial difficulties. Administration Liquidation Bankruptcy Receuvership.
If gas appliances are usually more economical than electric ones, it means that they are usually ___. less cheap cheaper more economic more expensive.
He has a degree in ____. Economic Economics economy Economy.
Sixty percent of the perfume price is ____ for the retailer. operating profit pure profit gross profit windfall profit.
How do you spell '6.7' ? sixty-seven six andseven seventy-six six point seven.
How do you spell '152' ? one fifty-two a hundread five two fifteen-two one hundred and fifty-two.
The gold ____ is the amount of gold held by a national bank. saved reservation reserve quantity.
Hard ___ is money of a type has a value in other countries than its own. currency note cash money.
What is the English for "detrazione d'imposta" ? tax detraction taxation permission tax permission tax allowance.
As an investor in Ford, I received a ___ of $0.25 a share at the end of April after Ford drastically exceeded its___estimates. profit/assets revenue/liability venue/earnings dividend/earnings .
A country's national/public ___ is the total amount of money that is owed by its government. debt profit health wealth.
An organization which is ___ does not make profit intentionally. (usually charity) non-profit not-profit no profit no-profit.
A bank ____ is an arrangement with a bank where the custmer puts in and ____ money from. account/withdraws counter/gives back accounter/rethrow loan/lets.
Free ___ is an economic system in which private businesses compete with each other. exchange over-the-counter stock market.
A person's purchasing ____ is their ability to buy goods. skill power ability opportunity.
Automated ___ machine (ATM) is a formal expression fro cash dipenser. tax technology teller time.
The ___ economy of a country is the income of those people who do not pay for taxes. sunk hidden black dark.
European negotiators have asked Greek debt holders to accept a 60 per cent cut in the ___of their bonds. face value current value sureable valurie actual value.
They have taken___a 30-year mortgage. out in on off.
It is an attractive home and I think it is a real ____. business affaire bargain fare.
Teachers can buy books ___. at sales on wages at instalment at a discount.
____ is the money given by the government for education, welfare, and so on. loan/lets credit card grant mortgage.
The ____ increases will____into effect in June. wages/enter prize/come price/enter wage/come.
____ is a small amount of money kept in the company's office for buying cheap items. Petty money Petty cash Pretty cash Pretty Money.
____ is paid in relation to how much you earn. Indirect Tax Inverted Tax Inheritance Tax Income Tax.
What is a synonym of tariff? fine revenue fare fee.
Markets include mechanisms or means for determining ___ of the traded item prize costs valor price.
What is the spelling of /boks/ ? books botts box blocks.
__ and wear are homophones. whirr wore where were.
___ and sell are homophones. cell shell stare bell.
Violent crime tends to be the most common in areas___ a high rate of illegal drug activity. in where is there where is there where there is there is.
___ order to stay___ business, you must do better than your competitors. On/on In/on On/in In/in.
Public transportation vehicles are what ___ as a chief cause of the deterioration of the ozone. have identified many ecologists many ecologists have identified have many ecologists identified identified many ecologists.
______ a very difficult subject Economic is Economics are Economic are Economics is.
There are ___ on the table. the sandwiches sandwich sandwiches sandwichs.
. ___ is a lawyer who gives legal advice to individuals and companies. He/She is a member of the American Bar Association An appointed lawyer A barrister A solicitor An attorney .
___ law is based on a rigid code of rules, ___ law is based on broad principles. private/civil private/property civil/common property/privat.
If you do not respect the terms of a contract, you ___ it. bind break breach infringe.
Initially, ___ was founded on common sense as reflected in the social customs. common law civil law private law national law.
What is the Italian for 'bail'? crimine difesa querela cauzione.
. ___ is an order of the court requiring the breaching party to perform the contract. Specific performance injunction negotiation equitable remedy.
Sanchez was sentenced ___ three years ___ prison. to/in at/of for/of at/in.
. ___ is the settlement of a dispute between parties to a contract by a neutral third party without resorting to court action. negotiation prosecution litigation arbitration.
. ___ is a lawyer who gives legal advice and opinions to solicitors. A solicitor An attorney An appointed lawyer A barrister.
. Anyone found trespassing is ___ a maximum fine of £100. responsible for guilty to culprit with reliable for.
. ___ is the ultimate legal method for settling disputes among persons, organizations, and the State; the case is brought before a court of law. negotiation litigation prosecution arbitration.
. ___ is an order of the court requiring a person to perform a negative obligation. specific performance Injunction equitable remedy memorandum of understanding.
What is a long-established practice recognised as having the force of law? Custom Constitution Treaty Legislation.
What is the Italian for 'plaintiff'? cauzione querelante uffiuciale giudiziario difensore d'ufficio.
What is the English for 'legalmente vincolante'? dutifully linking legally binding legally bind law bound.
What is the English for 'citare qualcuno per danni'? to cite somebody by damages to sue somebody for damages to claim somebody for damages to state somebody in damages.
A contract is ___ which the court can enforce. a promise an agreement an act an offer.
A person committing a criminal offence is called a criminal or ___. bailiff offender plaintiff defender.
___ is the legal proceedings in which a person accused of a criminal offense is tried in a court by the government. negotiation prosecution arbitration litigation.
Private law governs relationships between ___. States and other nation States individuals and the State legal persons, their rights and duties only individuals and employers.
What is the English for 'presentare un ricorso'? to breach a contract to sue a claim to file a lawsuit to present a summon of writ.
What is the English for 'processo'? (legal context) negotiation proces trial suite.
The defendant was ___ of theft. prosecuted claimed sued convicted.
Public law governs relationships between ___. States and other nation States legal persons, their rights and duties individuals and the State individuals.
The Bar Council is the barristers' ___ in GB professional body legal association legal system legal profession.
If it appears that a person or party has illegally used someone else's patented technology, they may undergo a ___ with the patent owner's lawyer. lawsuit prosecution litigation negotiation.
___ is an offer given in response to an offer. Against offer Counter offer Counter offeror Contrast offer.
___ is the first pleading filed on behalf of a plaintiff. motion injunction clue writ.
Which of the following parts does NOT belong to public law? criminal law constitutional law family law administrative law.
A person who takes legal action against somebody is called ___. bail in plaintiff bailiff defendant.
Among the terms listed below, what is the less grievous? arrestable offences arrestable crimes misdemeanours felonies.
A synonym of injured party is ___. non-breaching party hurting party damaging party breaching party.
The defendant was ___ for theft. prosecuted sued convicted claimed.
The plaintiff ___ the defendant for damages. sued claimed denounced prosecuted.
___ is reached when the offer meets the acceptance . negotiation evidence agreement exchange.
This agreement constitutes entire agreement ___ the parties. between herein for within.
An offer is a voluntary promise submitted by an ___ to an ___. offeree/offeror offeree/offering offering/offeror offeror/offeree.
What is the English for 'accusare qualcuno di un crimine'? to charge somebody of a crime to claim somebody for a crime to accuse somebody with a crime to charge somebody with a crime.
___ is the body of official rules and regulations. Rights Duties Constitution Law.
What is the Italian for 'duty'? dovere esentasse diritto negozio .
Counter offer implies ___ of the original offer and puts the ball back in the court of the original offeror. rejection acceptance agreement acquiescence.
What is a law made by the authority of Parliament? Memorandum of Understanding Custom Legislation Agreement.
The essential elements in a contract are offer, acceptance, ___. letter of advice and rectification consideration and intention counter offer and remedies consideration and counter offer.
___ is the give-and-take discussion in an attempt to reach an agreement. agreement offer acceptance negotiation.
The accused was ___ with arson and murder. convicted accused prosecuted charged.
What is the basic principle of a contract? the performance of a promise as a duty business is business adequate consideration is a benefit agreements must be kept.
___ is the act of transferring an interest in property to another. negotiation acceptance assignment offer.
The process of making a claim in the civil court is called ___. litigation arbitration negotiation prosecution.
A synonym of ___ law is civil law. private national international public.
The Bar Council is responsible ___ the barristers' conduct on of by for.
___ is the basic remedy available for a breach of contract. Specific performance Equitable remedies Injunction Damages.
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