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Luciano 3

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Luciano 3

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Where can a developer identify the time taken by each process in a transaction using Developer Console log inspector? Performance Tree tab under Stack Tree panel Execution Tree tab under Stack Tree panel Timeline tab under Execution Overview panel Save Order tab under Execution Overview panel.
Which approach should be used to provide test data for a test class? Query for existing records in the database. Execute anonymous code blocks that create data. Use a test data factory class to create test data Access data in @TestVisible class variables.
What are two uses for External IDs? (Choose two.) To create relationships between records imported from an external system. To create a record in a development environment with the same Salesforce ID as in another environment To identify the sObject type in Salesforce To prevent an import from creating duplicate records using Upsert.
Given: Map<ID, Account> accountMap = new Map>ID, Account> ([SELECT Id, Name FROM Account]); What are three valid Apex loop structures for iterating through items in the collection? (Choose three.) for (ID accountID : accountMap.keySet()) {…} for (Account accountRecord : accountMap.values()) {…} for (Integer i=0; I < accountMap.size(); i++) {…} for (ID accountID : accountMap) {…} for (Account accountRecord : accountMap.keySet()) {…}.
Which type of code represents the view in the MVC architecture on the Force.com platform? An apex method in an extension that returns a list of cases An apex method that executes SOQL to retrieve a list of cases A visualforce page that dysplays information about case records by iterating over a list of cases Validation rules for a page layout that includes a related list of cases.
A developer runs the following anonymous code block:List<Account> acc = [SELECT Id FROM Account LIMIT 10];Delete acc;Database.emptyRecycleBin(acc);system.debug(Limits.getDMLStatements()+ ‘, ‘ +Limits.getLimitDMLStatements());What is the result? 11, 150 150, 2 150, 11 2, 150.
To which primitive data type in Apex is a currency field atomically assigned? Integer Decimal Double Currency.
A developer wants multiple test classes to use the same set of test data. How should the developer create the test data? Define a variable for test records in each test classes Create a test setup method for each test class Use the seealldata=true annotation in each test class Reference a test utility class in each test class.
The sales team at universal container would like to see a visual indicator appear on both account and opportunity page layout to alert salespeople when an account is late making payments or has entered the collections process. What can a developer implement to achieve this requirement without having to write custom code? Workflow rule Formula field Roll-up summary field Quick action.
What is the proper process for an Apex Unit Test Query for test data using SeeAllData = true. Call the method being tested. Verify that the results are correct. Query for test data using SeeAllData = true. Execute runAllTests(). Verify that the results are correct Create data for testing. Execute runAllTests(). Verify that the results are correct. Create data for testing. Call the method being tested. Verify that the results are correct.
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