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In which transactions can source determination be carried out in an R/3 system? Create Purchase Requisition. Create Purchase Order, Vendor Unknown. Create Reservation. Create Purchase Order, Vendor Known.
What does the material type DIRECTLY control? Quantity and value updates. View selection. Field reference key. Account determination.
Which organizational levels are relevant to info records? Client Plant. Purchasing organization. Company code.
How can a purchasing info record be created? Update from quotation. Update from PO. Manual entry. Update from requisition.
A vendor grants you an anniversary discount of 10% on all purchase orders received in the next month. What is the best way to reflect this situation in the R/3 System? You create a vendor discount for this period as a general condition. You change the reconciliation account in the vendor master record into a discount clearing account. You create a new validity period in all existing info records for this vendor and enter the discount as an additional condition there. You change the calculation schema for this vendor.
What information can you store in a quota arrangement? Procuring plant. Validity period. Quota arrangement usage. Outline agreement number.
What can you change in the mass maintenance tool? MRP controller Planned delivery time Purchasing Group Material Group Valuation price.
For which of the following data objects can you use the mass-maintenance tool? Purchasing info records. Purchase requisitions. Quota arrangements. Source lists.
At which levels can you create different data (data specific to the level) in a vendor master record? At purchasing organization level. At plant level. At vendor subrange level. At company code level. At partner level.
You wish to create the same material in 2 different plants. How do you proceed? You create the material for plant 0001 and have the material number assigned internally. After saving, you create the material for plant 0002 using the material number of the previously created material and using the existing material as a template. After saving, you still have a single material, which, however, is valid for two plants. You create the material for plant 0001 and have the material number assigned internally. After saving, you use the change mode to add the data that is specific to plant 0002. You create the material for plant 0001 and have the material number assigned internally. After saving, you create a reference for plant 0002, as a result of which the material is also created for plant 0002.
How can I extend all material master records to a new plant? The SAP program - RMDATIND is used to create /update material master record The SAP batch input program - SAPLMGMM is used to create /update material master record Mass maintenance tool .
While creating a purchase order we can see that there is the "Info record update" in the box item in the item detail material screen. How can we change the default setting for this box? Parameters EVO User Profiles EFB Authorizations.
I want to have multiple addresses of a vendor - for ex: mailing, shipping, payment remittance, several billing addresses, etc. Suppose we have 25 addresses for one company, what is the best way without creating 25 separate companies and their addresses -? Partner roles Partner schemas Sub-range Plant specific vendors.
Which of the following statements regarding source determination are correct -? There can be only one regular vendor for a material The regular vendor can not be comparable with the fix vendor that can be specified in the source list for the lower organizational level plant You can use regular vendor with source list and quota arrangement .
A service master record contains the following? Changeable description(short text) Valuation Class Conditions Info Record.
In which sequence does the SAP R/3 system search for possible sources of supply? Quota Arrangement, Source List, Contract, Information Record Source List, Quota Arrangement, Contract, Information Record Quota Arrangement, Contract, Information Record, Source List Source List, Contract, Quota Arrangement, Information Record None of the above.
Which is the use for the material status? Restricts the usability of a material in different processes Help the for the management of material master records in procurement process Must be use for the purchasing optimization functionality .
Which are the levels for conditions in service master records? Service/vendor/purchasing organization Service/Plant Service/subrange/plant.
What does the Item Category control? Material number Material subject to inventory management Account assignment Goods receipt Invoice receipt.
What does de Item Category can propose in the purchase order? Use of material master record at item level Account determination at item level Field selection at item level.
Which of the following are Item Categories? Consignment Service. Subcontracting Manufacturing Cost Centre.
Which of the following statements regarding item categories in purchasing are correct? The item category influences whether goods receipts or invoice receipts can subsequently be reorder in connection with PO item You can Only enter one item category for all the ítems in a purchase order Each customer can define any number of item categories in customizing Item categories are assigned keys in the system (internal item category). However the user works with an external item category. The latter can be influenced in customizing.
According to which procedures can the quota base quantity be calculated by the system in the quota arrangement? Individual calculation. Collective calculation. Exponential smoothing procedure. Average calculation. The quota base quantity can be calculated in quota arrangement in the system as individual calculation and collective calculation.
Identify the correct statements? The vendor master record is divided into three data areas: General data, Company code data and Purchasing organization data When a valuated goods receipt is posted, the system updates consumption or stock accounts MM and FI create and use different account grouping (modification) codes for their respective views for the vendor master record A purchasing requisition is a binding contract with a vendor covering the procurement of a certain material or services subject to certain terms and conditions.
What happens when you can change an info record price manually? If the validity period is OK, the new price will appear as a default value in the next purchase order for this material that is destined for this vendor The moving average price of the material is updated If an info record price is changed, the invoice verification clerk automatically receives an internal e-mail If an info record was created automatically, the underlying purchase order will be retroactively adjusted following a manually effected change in the info record price.
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