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New exam-04-08-2022-2

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New exam-04-08-2022-2

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What Sprint types are part of the SAP Activate Methodology ? NOTE: There are 3 Correct Answers to this question. Initial Foundational Build Daily Firm-up.
What tool can you use to collaborate with other SAP Activate Methodology Practitioners? SAP Roadmap Viewer SAP Implementation Assistant SAP Solution manager SAP Jam.
What are some of the key characteristics of the Implementation approach in SAP Activate Methodology? NOTE: There are 2 Correct Answers to this question. Fixed Scope On premise only Cloud Ready Based on Ready-to-use Content.
Which following collaboration features can SAP jam users access in the SAP Methodologies Jam group? NOTE: There are 2 Correct Answers to this question. Comment on key Deliverables Ask questions Update Key Deliverable wikis Tweet question.
You are defining the testing strategy for your project. What would you include in a scope of integration test? The connectivity between database and application servers The network communication The functionality of End-to-End Business processes The functionality of Modular Process.
Which artifacts are part of the solution Adoption work stream ? NOTE: There are 3 Correct Answers to this question. Project Business Case System Go-live Announcement (order) Business Transformation Review (Point of View) Detailed Design - Business Process Project Plan.
How do you achieve frequent checkpoint with the end user in Agile Delivery Approach? NOTE: There are 2 Correct Answers to this question. User Acceptance Test Solution demo for Support Demo the Model Company Solution Review for Waves.
According to the Definition of done, which activity must be completed for each Sprint ? Functionality must be released to the business Functionality must be tested in the Production System (PROD) End-user training must be delivered. The Solution must be built and configured in the development System(DEV).
What tool provides sizing estimations for the “Systems Conversion” Path ? Scope and effect Analyzer SAP Readiness Check SAP Best Practices Explorer SAP Transformation Navigator.
Who determines the tasks that are the required to complete the committed backlog items in a sprint ? Scrum Master Product Owner Scrum Team Project Manager.
Which Scrum role is part of a full Scrum Team in the SAP Activate Methodology Project Manager Product Owner Application Consultant System administrator.
In SAP Activate, What tool is used in Agile Delivery Approach during Realize phase to make forecasts based on Actual data? Release Plan Project Plan Burndown Chart Product increment.
In which phase do you create an Ordered list of everything that is known to be needed in the product? Explore Deploy Realize Prepare.
In which phase do you run the User Acceptance Test ? Final Preparation Realize Deploy Build and Test.
Which of the following scenarios are enabled for the “Selective Data Transition” Transition path with the SAP Landscape Transformation tool? NOTE: There are 3 Correct Answers to this question. System Consolidation Security migration Consolidation through online data replication System upgrade Extraction of Business units.
What tools is used to authorize changes between SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA Maintenance Tracks? Business Process Change Analyzer SAP Code Inspector SAP Code vulnerability Analyzer Retrofit.
Which of the following best outlines sequence of the testing within the application design and configuration work stream in the realize phase? 1. String test 2. Integration Test 3. User Acceptance Test 1. Data Migration 2. String test 3. User Acceptance Test 1. String Test 2. User Acceptance Test 3. Integration Test 1.Integration Test 2. User Acceptance Test 3. String Test.
In Which Phase will the Customer Develop a preliminary strategy for building a target operations and support organizational model ? Prepare Phase Explore Phase Run phase Discover phase.
Which of the following are levels in the structure of an SAP Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA Solution Package? NOTE: There are 2 Correct Answers to this question. Building Blocks Business Process Scenarios Scope items Configuration Guides.
What is the term used for workshops, which are intended to set value targets, Validate SAP Standard Functionality against customer requirements, and collect delta requirements in the “New Implementations of S/4HANA" transition path? Backlog Grooming Design thinking Delta Design Solution Validation.
Which of the following is a part of the explore phase in the “New Implementation of SAP S/4HANA Cloud" Transition path ? Solution Validation and Delta Design Fit-to-standard Setup and Enablement Simplification and custom code impact analysis.
Which SAP Solution Manager scenarios should you implement while setting up the project infrastructure? NOTE: There are 2 Correct Answers to this question. Data Volume Management Process Management Project Management Business Process Operations.
What is the Purpose of a firm-up Sprint? To run end-to-end integration Test To revise the release plan and sprint Plan To demonstrate functionality from previous Sprints To perform a string Test.
What is a Strategy Level 0 (L0) artifact ? Optional Information that is NOT important for Project activities Project result is developed solely by the partner Approach document that is developed by united Project Team (Partner + Customer ) Preliminary Strategy developed by the customer Approach the project in a specific Workstream.
What does Cut over Involve ? Presenting completed user story to key users Closing quality Transporting New product increment in the development system Switching Productive business operations from one system to another.
Via which media does SAP Provides Ready-to-run systems for SAP S/4HANA deployment ? NOTE: There are 2 Correct Answers to this question. SAP Solution Builder Tool SAP APP Center Blu-ray disks SAP Cloud Appliance Library.
Which Activity Helps the Project Team add User Stories to the Product Backlog? Assessing project risks Conducting the Solution Validation workshop Planning the user Acceptance Test Preparing a project schedule.
Why are the scaling Scrum techniques used to coordinate large teams in complete Projects? To make test case execution as difficult as possible To manage the flow of information between the project and stakeholders To ensure alignment in architecture, configuration and integration To Staff as many people as possible on the project to increase utilization.
How do you set up scrum teams? NOTE: There are 2 Correct Answers to this question. Based on end-to-end processes like order-to-cash By type of work like configuration Scrum, Documentation scrum, and testing Scrum. As a Cross-functional team covering multiple functions, like configuration, data loads, and testing Based on group size, but a minimum of 12 people.
What does side-by-side Extensibility option mean? There are two SAP S/4HANA Instances: one for standard code, and another for custom Developments. SAP S/4HANA extensions are context-aware and focused on tight integration. Extensibility is based on the SAP Cloud Platform and published APIs. Reporting is transferred to BW4HANA.
When does Scrum team receive format confirmation that the user Stories are completed to the satisfaction of the Product Owner? During the sprint Retrospective During the daily scrum meeting During the User Acceptance Test During the Sprint Review.
What is the purpose of the scrum Board? To visualize team progress To Manage the Resource load To Show the functional breakdown of the solution scopes To Document the results of the integration Test.
Which Accelerate Support the Fit-to-standard workshop in the Explore Phase ? NOTE: There are 2 Correct Answers to this question. Test Strategy Backlog template Quality gate Checklist Business-driven Configuration Questionnaire.
Which end to end turn key Application Life cycle Management (ALM) solution can support you in managing requirements and software development for large Agile Projects? Change Request Management Solution Manager test suite Focused Build Requirement Management.
What is the difference between the “New Implementation of SAP S/4HANA Cloud” transition Paths? NOTE: There are 2 Correct Answers to this question. There are Different roles in the application design and configuration workstream. SAP S/4HANA uses the implementation Guide (IMG) and the In-App Extensibility Option for configuration and development, S/4HANA Cloud uses SSCUIs and the Side-by-Side Extensibility Option. Different sets of Work streams are used for these transition paths. Upgrade of SAP S/4HANA Cloud are managed by SAP, and upgrades of SAP S/4HANA are managed by the customer.
What SAP Solution Manager capability in the charge control Management Process is used to synchronize changes between SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA maintenance tracks? Dual Landscape Synchronization (Retrofit) SAP Code Inspector SAP Code Vulnerability Analyzer Business Process Change Analyzer.
What is the basis for approving work results (signing Act of Acceptance) on a Project Phase level? Definition of ready for sprint Scrum of Scrums meeting decision Definition of done for user story Agreed and met acceptance criteria within quality gate.
What accelerator can help you document the configuration definition in the explore phase? Data definition Change Request Template Backlog template Test Strategy.
Which of the following belong to the application Design and configuration workstream for SAP S/4HANA Cloud in the Explore Phase? NOTE: There are 2 Correct Answers to this question. Integration prerequisites conformation Fit-to-standard workshop Configuration definition Kick-off Workshop.
Which artifacts in the Testing workstream are created within the Realize phase for the “New Implementation of SAP S/4HANA Cloud” Transition path? NOTE: There are 2 Correct Answers to this question. Reporting Functional Specifications Functional Specifications User acceptance Test-Plan Functional Test Scenarios.
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