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Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2021 Specialist

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Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2021 Specialist

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2021 Specialist

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Whitch Oracle spatial native datatype is used for vector data in Object-Relational Model? SDO_POSITION SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE SDO_GEOMETRY SDO_DESTINATION.
A company was initially using Autonomous Transaction Processing with two OCPU with TPURGENT. When the load on the database increased, the company increased OCPU to seven. What is the total number of concurrent statements which TPURGENT can cupport now? 700 2700 900 2100.
Which OCI resource is OPTIONAL to configure before launching Autonomous Database with Private Endpoint? Subnet Virtual Cloud Network(VCN) Hostname Prefix NetworkSecurity groups(NSGs).
Which event types does Autonomous Database Container support? Select TWO correct answers. Terminate Begin Recharge Wallet Create End Autoscaling.
Which statement is FALSE about compartment quotas? Three types of compartment quotas are zero, unset and set My Oracle Support (MOS) sets compartment quotas Compartment quotas can be used to enforce spendings To clear quotas, unset statement should be used to remove quota for a resource.
Which statement is FALSE about backup retention period for OCI Object Storage? 30 days 7 days 90 days 60 days.
Which tool breaks text into tokens as per your language? Breaker Tokenify Lexer Parser.
What happens to standby database when the primary database is stopped? Standby database will become primary database Standby database will be deleted Standby database state will show as restarting Standby database will also be stopped.
What should be the name of the bucket that will store manual backups for autonomous database named CLOUDGURUAMIT with display name as DEVDB? backup_cloudguruamit BACKUP_CLOUDGURUAMIT backup_devdb BACKUP_DEVDB.
Which TWO are correct IAM access policies for autonomous database? use alter create read.
Which THREE file formats are supported for DBMS_CLOUD package on Shared Exadata Infrastructure? Parquet C# Avro URI.
Under Performance Hub in SQL Monitoring tab if you see a red cross in the status column, what does this mean? SQL query is still executing SQL query is queued SQL query did not complete either due to an error or due to the session getting terminated SQL query is successfully executed.
What are the significance of Graph & Graph Database when deploying in real world model? Select THREE correct answers. Product recommendations Clustering of the vertices Face ID in mobile phones Pattern Recognition.
With regard to Autonomous JSON Database, which statements are CORRECT? Select TWO correct answers. JSON Database supports applications of all programming language JSON Database is a document database service JSON Database supports only Node.js and java JSON Database support Open-Source NoSQL-style document APIs.
What advantage does a customer get from BYOL when migrating on-premise database license to Oracle Exadata Database? Select TWO correct answers Harware Security Modules(HSM) Data Safe Multi-tenant Architecture Using beyond 16 OCPUs, RAC is required.
What step should be taken into considerantion when an Autonomous Database will be accessed by give set of IP addresses? Vault Virtual Cloud Network(VCN) Security List Access Control List(ACL).
Under Performance Hub in SQL Monitoring tab if you see a spinning icon in the status column, what does this mean? SQL query is still executing SQL query is queued SQL query did not complete either due to an error or due to the session getting terminated SQL query is successfully executed.
which Oracle Package supports for working with data in Object Storage starting with Oracle Database 19c and later releases? DBMS_CUBE DBMS_HADOOP DBMS_CLOUD DBMS_DATAPUMP.
How is data stored in an Oracle Autonomous Data Werehouse database? Row Format Slowly Changing Dimention(SCD) Infrastructure As a Code Column Format.
Which tools can be used for data movement between Oracle database and Autonomous Database? Select TWO correct answers. Data Guard Zero Downtime Migration(ZDM) Data Safe Oracle Data Pump.
A data driven company needs a tool which can help get information about the entities in the Oracle Autonomous Database and to see the effect that changing an object has on other objects. Which data model tool should the company use? Data Transform Data Load Data Catalog Data Pump.
An e-commerce company needs to support minimum of 225 concurrent statements per OCPU as well as parallelism for its Autonomous Transaction Processing database Which predefined service name will meet the above requirement? tpurgent tp medium low.
In oder to send mesages to a subscription, what is the communication channel Known as? Subscriber Notification Event Topic.
Which of the below Cloud Services is supported to import data from Data Pump files? Select TWO correct answers. Microsoft Azure Blue Cloud AWS S3 Alibaba Cloud.
Autonomous Database supports which infrastructures? Select TWO correct answers. Virtual Machine Bare Metal Shared Exadata Dedicated Exadata.
With regard to Autonomous JSON Database, which statement are TRUE? Select TWO correct answers. There is no storage limit for JSON collections Autonomous JSON Database service can be promoted to an Auronomous Data Warehose service JSON Database don't have any schema There is a storage limit of 20 GB for data including JSON document collections.
A data driven company needs a tools which can help "drag-and-drop" based on ELT tool Oracle Data Integrator. Which data tool should the company use? Data Transform Data Load Data Catalog Data Pump.
Uder Performance Hub in SQL Monitoring tab if you see a clock icon in the status column, what does this mean? SQL query is still executing SQL query is queued SQL query did not complete either due to an error or due to the session getting terminated SQL query is successfully executed.
Which role provides the common privileges for a data scientist or database developer to perform real-time analytics? DUSERROLE DWROLE DBROLE ADMINROLE.
Which metrics are NOT used up while autonomous Database instance? Select TWO correct answers. OCPU Parallelism Storage Concurrency.
Which statement is INCORRECT about Oracle Data Safe? User Assessment feature is supported for all database types by Oracle Data Safe Data Safe provides a way to mask sensitive data Data Safe supports only Oracle On-Premises Database Data Safe lets audit user activity on your database.
Which statement is INCORRECT about Autonomous Database Autonomatic Indexing? Automatic indexing automates the index management tasks Auto indexing is enable by default in Autonomous Database Automatic indexing feature monitors the application workload and maintains indexes automatically Automatic indexing runs at a fixed interval as an automatic task.
What is the maintainance schedule option available for Autonomous Container Database? Month of the week Year of the decade Day of New Year Week of the month, day of the week and time.
What are the pre-requisites to configure a private endpoint for Autonomous Database? Select TWO correct answers At least one Network Security Group must be specified within the VCN At least one WAF must be configured within the VCN Data Guard must be configured for ADB VCN must be created within the region that will contain the Autonomous Database.
What are the best practices for Oracle Autonomous Database alarms? Select TWO correct answers Avtivate alarms during investigation Supress alarms during investigation Determine invalid alarm intervals for a given metric Tune your alarms on regular basis.
A company's security admin has identified that an Autonomous database user with an instance wallet key is compromised. As an autonomous database admin, what should you do to protect the instance? Delete the user Delete the instance wallet and create a new wallet Delete the instance and spin up a new instance Rotate the instance wallet.
Which statements are CORRECT about Autonomous Transaction Processing(ATP) database? Select TWO correct answers. ATP stores data in columnar format ATP stores data in row format Momory for caching to Avoid IO Memory Speeds Joins and Aggregate.
A data scientist needs to connect Python application to Oracle Database for logistic Regression algorithm. How can the above requirement be met? There is no interface to connect python applications to Oracle database PL/SQL Python SDK cx_Oraclie inteface.
To build web and low-code applications which Autonomous Database Developer tool can be used? Python Application Express(APEX) SQL C++.
What are the utilities that can be used for loading data into Autonomous Database? Select TWO correct answers. Oracle GoldenPump SQL Workbench Oracle Application Express(APEX) DBMS_CLOUD Package.
Which two methods can you see to create users and grant roles in Autonomous Database? Using DBMS_CLOUD_ADMIN package Through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service console Through SQL/Developers Through SQL*Plus.
When running lots of high concurrent queries in Autonomous Database, you should use which predefined service connection? DBNAME_MEDIUM DBNAME_HIGH DBNAME_CONCURRENT DBNAME_LOW.
Where can a user’s public ssh key be added on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console in order to execute API Calls? SSH keys are not required in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SSH keys cannot be added from console. They have to be added using REST APIs only On the Autonomous Database Console Navigate to identity, select users panel on the console and selec “Add public key”.
Which three Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources do you need to configure before provisioning your Autonomous Database with Private endpoint? Security List Route Table Subnet VCN Network Security Group.
Which three event types are supported for Autonomous Database? (Choose three) Update IORM Begin Maintenance Begin Terminate End Change Autoscaling Configuration Compartment Change Compartment Begin.
When in the SQL Monitoring tab of the Performance Hub you see a clock icon in the status column, What does this mean? The SQL statement is executing The SQL statement did not complete either due to an error The SQL statement is queued The SQL statement completed its execution.
Which three are uses cases for Graph Studio? (Choose three) 3-D modelling Churn analysis Pattern matching Facial recognition Clustering.
When enabling auto-scaling, which two option change? Number of OCPUs displayed in the console Amount of storage Parallelism settings I/O resources Level concurrency.
Which can be scaled independently of the number of CPUs in Autonomous Database? Sessions Storage Parallelism Concurency.
What happened with the standby database when disabling Autonomous Data Guard? The standby database is started readwrite The standby database is transformed in a refreshable clone The standby database is terminated The standby database is started read only.
You have an Autonomous Transaction Processing Database with three OCPUs and auto scaling turned on and your application is using the TPURGENT service. The load on the database increases from three OCPUs ton nine OCPUs. What is the total number of concurrent statements that the TPURGENT service can support? 2700 1500 900 1800.
Which Autonomous Database Service in NOT used to connect to an Autonomous Transaction Processing instance? HIGH MEDIUM TPPERFORMANT TPURGENT.
Which statement is FALSE about Oracle Autonomous JSON Database? JSON data is stored natively in the database You can promote Autonomous JSON Database to Autonomous Transaction Processing It supports NoSQL-Style, document-centric application There is a 20 GB limit on JSON collection.
Which data file format is NOT supported when using the package DBMS_CLOUD on Shared Exadata Infrastructure? Avro Parquet JSON Microsoft SQL Server (.mdf).
Which cloud service is NOT supported to import data pump files from using Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure? Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Google Cloud Storage Amazon S3 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic .
In the Autonomous Database (ADB) Dedicated service, what does the fleet administrator use to control OCPU utilization? Oracle Machine Learning notebook Compartment quotas SQL Developer Web Console Resource Manager setting .
Which statement is NOT correct when the Autonomous Database is stopped? In-flight transactions queries are stopped Tools are no longer able to connect to a stopped instance User with DWROLE can still access the database CPU billing is halted.
According to Oracle documentation, What is a best practice when planning and instituting Access Controls for your Autonomous Dedicated environment regarding Subnets, Compartment and users groups? Create at least 2 of each resource Only 1 subnet and 1 Compartment are allowed, multiple groups highly advised Only 1 of each is allowed to be allocated per environment Create a separate VCN that contains only public subnets.
How do you change the tables space quota for a user ADBUSER on Autonomous Database on shared infrastructure? Execute alter tablespace DATA set quota = 10G Execute alter tablespace for user ADBUSER tablespace DATA quota = 10G Execute DBMS_CLOUD_ADMIN.GRANT_TABLESPACE_QUOTA (username => ADBUSER, tablespace_quota => UNLIMITED) Execute alter user ADBUSER quota unlimited on tablespace DATA.
Which statement is true about connecting an OCI Compute instance to a Shared Autonomous Database? A private endpoint is required to connect to the Shared-Autonomous Database The Autonomous Database must belong to a Network Security Group (NSG) The Autonomous Database must be in the same VCN and subnet as the Compute Instance The OCI compute instance can be used with an Always-Free Autonomous Database account The OCI compute instance does not support connecting to a Shared Autonomous Database.
Which two options are available to restore an Autonomous Data Warehouse? (Choose two) Select the snapshot of the backup Select the backup from which restore needs to be done Backup and recovery must be donde using Recovery Manager (RMAN) Select the archived redo logs Specify the point in time (timestamp) to restore .
Which statement is correct about the Service console in an Autonomous Database? You can use Service console to enable or disable auto scaling of Autonomous DB You can use Service console to manage runaway SQL statement on Autonomous DB You can use Service console to move Autonomous DB between compartments You can use Service console to create manual backups of Autonomous database.
Which Autonomous Database Cloud service ignores hints in SQL Statement by default? Autonomous Transaction Processing Autonomous Data Warehouse Neither service ignores hints by default Both services ignore hints by default .
You are the admin of an Autonomous Database (ADB) instance, and a new developer has requested a new workspace in APEX. What statement describes the step to provide the developer a new workspace in APEX? (Choose two) Create a new developer account Access the APEX Administration Services and create the workspace for the developer Create a database user with the APEX role Create an IDCS user with the APEX role.
Which method will NOT permit you to change the database Admin Password of a Autonomous Database on Shared Infrastructure? OS command line from the database server OCI CLI Admin page of the Cloud Service Console SQL Developer.
While Autonomous Transaction Processing and Autonomous Data Warehouse use the same Oracle database, which statement is true about the workloads? Autonomous Transaction Processing memory usage optimizes workloads for parallel joins and aggregation Autonomous Data Warehouse workloads are optimized for mixed workloads Autonomous Transaction Processing workloads are optimized for data warehouse, data mart, and data lake Data that is bulk loaded, by default, uses the row format in Autonomous Transaction Processing where Autonomous Data Warehouse data format is columnar.
What are two differentiators of Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated Infrastructure? (Choose two) User have OS access to the database machine It offers greater control and isolation starting at the Exadata cloud infrastructure level Users can customize the OS stack and add additional packages Users have SYS privileges in the database Users can customize the maintenance schedule .
Which Database Actions tool is used to get information about the entries on your Oracle Autonomous Database and to see the effect that changing an object has on other objects Data Load Catalog JSON Data Insight.
You are the admin user of an Autonomous Database (ADB) instance. A new business analyst has joined the team and would like to explore ADB table using SQL Developer Web What steps do you need to take? Crate an IDCS user. Create a database user with connect, resource and object privileges Create a database user with the default privileges Create a database user with connect, resources and object privileges Create a database user (with connect, resource, object privileges), enable the schema to use SQL Developer and provide the user with the user-specific modified URL.
Which statement is FALSE for Oracle Data Safe? (Choose the best answer) Oracle Data Safe helps you assess the security of your cloud database configurations by analyzing database configurations Oracle Data Safe evaluates user types, how users are authenticated, and the password policies assigned to each user Oracle Data Safe only supports Autonomous Databases Oracle Data Safe helps you find sensitive data in your database by inspecting the actual data in your database and its data dictionary .
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