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para melhor 2

para melhor 2
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Where is the physical data stored, on which a calculation view is based? In the _SYS_BI schema In a schema In the _SYS_BIC schema In a package.
How can you restrict SAP HANA modeling users from viewing sensitive data? Use scrambled source data. Remove SAP_DATA_ADMIN in the SQL privileges for the modeling users. Use the pre-delivered MODELER role. Remove ALTER SYSTEM in the system privileges for the modeling users.
What is the lowest level of granularity you can use in an analytic privilege? An attribute A view An attribute value A column.
You have made modifications to an information model within a delivery unit. You want to export the model to an SAP HANA target system. In the Schema Mapping dialog, where do you define the target system schema? In the Authorization schema In the Authoring schema In the _SYS_BI schema In the Physical schema.
You need to run a Web Intelligence report that requires data from SAP HANA filtered for a specific year based on ad hoc user input. For best performance, how would you achieve this? Use a pre-defined prompt based on a self-join in the business layer. Use input from a Web Intelligence report passed to a variable in an information model. Use a dynamic transformation rule during data provisioning. Use a prompt in the query of the Web Intelligence report.
In which engines is an analytic view executed that contains a calculated column? Calculation engine Row store engine OLAP engine Join engine.
You would like to authorize a user to select and delete data from a specific column table. The user should also be able to grant this authorization to other users. Which privilege do you need to implement? Analytic privilege System privilege Package privilege Object privilege.
If you notice, Unique Constraint Error while loading flat file then Modify the table and remove primary key Modify column with different data type Convert column table to row table or vice versa Check the data for this Constraint and make sure there are no duplicate values.
What are benefits of using an SAP BusinessObjects business layer on top of SAP HANA? Business layers can be exported to the SAP BusinessObjects repository and be used by SAP BusinessObjects client tools. Reporting users can change replication settings in the business layer to access more data. Business layers can be exported to an SAP HANA database and be used for modeling. Reporting users can create individual reports based on separate information models using one business layer.
You have a Web Intelligence report that requires data from SAP HANA filtered for a specific year. Where do you apply the filter for optimal performance? In the universe In the Web Intelligence report In the analytic view In the calculation view using an attribute value variable.
What is the behavior of a Text Table Join where language column SPRAS is available? Left Outer Join Right Outer Join Inner Join Referential Join.
Which of the following objects can you use when you build an analytic view? Attribute views Analytic views Hierarchies Variables Projections.
Which transaction is used for releasing extractors specified by the customers in SLT? RODPS_OS_OPEN RODPS_OS_CLOSE RODPS_OS_EXPOSE RODPS_OS.
Which tasks do you have to perform if you want to use SAP BW with SAP HANA as the underlying database? Install SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA). Perform a database migration from your current DB to SAP HANA DB. Execute the report RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION. Upgrade to at least SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.30 SP5. Recreate SAP BW indexes after SAP HANA database migration.
You create a business layer in the SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool (IDT). Which of the following could you add to the data foundation? Packages Column Tables Synonyms Information Models.
Which of the following privileges do you need to activate views? SELECT option on the _SYS_BIC schema SELECT option on the _SYS schema SELECT option on the _SYS_BI schema SELECT option on the _SYS_REPO schema.
A calculation view that joins one fact table with dimension tables performs slowly. Which of the following can you do to improve performance? Turn the calculation view into an analytic view. Turn the calculation view into a simple calculation view. Load the calculation view into memory. Load the calculation view into the _SYS_BI schema.
Which of the following can be part of an analytic view? Query transformation Unions Logical joins Data foundation Attributes.
Which of the following CE functions can you use to query an analytic view directly? CE_CALC CE_AGGREGATION CE_OLAP_VIEW CE_JOIN_VIEW.
What must you do to enable currency conversions with a fixed currency in an analytic view? Set the Enable for Conversion option Create a measure with the measure type Simple Base the target currency on a currency column Create the target currency using an input parameter.
Which of the following operations can you use when you create a calculation view using the SAP HANA studio graphical interface? PROJECTION UNION INTERSECT INSERT.
A new user has implemented an SAP HANA data model. Which technical user requires select rights on the new user's schema? _SYS_REPO _SYS_BIC _SYS_BI _SYS_SECURITY.
Which of the following are required to build a SQLScript calculation view? Define a data foundation. Define a measure. Set the MultiDimensional Reporting property to false. Add columns to the var_out output parameter.
You want to repeatedly load data from a flat file into SAP HANA with SAP Data Services. The target table is not available in SAP HANA and must be recreated with every scheduled data load. The structure of the target table is identical to the structure of the source table. Which of the following steps must you perform? Create a table in the SAP HANA studio. Map the source structure to the template table. Import metadata of the target table from the SAP HANA datastore. Drop a template table into the data flow. Enter the table name and schema name.
What can you use to transform data from SAP Business Warehouse (BW) into SAP HANA? SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) SAP BW extractors SAP BusinessObjects Data Services SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW).
Which of the following sequences of steps is used to implement SAP HANA with SAP ERP? Data Provisioning ? SAP HANA system setup ? Modeling ? Consumption SAP HANA system setup ? Modeling ? Data Provisioning ? Consumption SAP HANA system setup ? Data Provisioning ? Modeling ? Consumption SAP HANA system setup ? Data Provisioning ? Consumption ? Modeling.
Which of the following SAP data provisioning methods provide complex transformations? SAP Data Services SAP HANA smart data access SAP Replication Server SAP HANA smart data quality.
When loading data into SAP HANA, which of the following tasks can you perform using SAP Data Services? Upload data via the SAP HANA studio Data filtering Real-time replication Data transformations.
You are running an SAP BusinessObjects WebIntelligence report that fetches data from SAP HANA. Which components will be used inside SAP HANA for providing data to this report? Persistence Layer MDX Session Management Authorization Manager.
Which of the following authentication methods are supported for Single Sign-On for SAP HANA? Kerberos LDAP over SSL Secure Network Communication (SNC) SAML CAS (Central Authentication Service).
Which tool do you use for real-time data provisioning into SAP HANA? SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) SAP BusinessObjects Data Federation Administration SAP BusinessObjects Data Services SAP Direct Extractor Connection (DXC).
What does SAP HANA smart data integration use for data provisioning? SAP HANA smart data access SAP HANA smart data streaming Database triggers Database logs Real-time adapters.
You want to run a report on data with multiple currencies. You want to allow end users to select the target currency at run time. Which option does SAP recommend for defining the currency conversion? A calculated column in an analytic view Currency conversion during data load Measures enabled for conversion in an analytic view A CE_CONVERSION function in a calculation view.
Where does SAP recommend you create calculated measures? In a column view In a business layer In an attribute view In an analytic view.
Union can be performed only at... Analytic Attribute Calculation Analytic / Calculation.
You create an analytic view and want to restrict access to departments with specific values using analytic privileges. Which tasks do you have to perform to accomplish this? Assign restricted values to the attribute view. Assign values to be restricted. Choose at least one information model to assign restrictions. Assign the analytic privilege to a user or role. Assign values to be restricted to a content table. Choose an attribute to define restricted values for it.
Which type of connection does Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) use to transfer data to SAP HANA? RFC connection Secondary database connection http connection ODBC connection.
A company wants to use SAP BusinessObjects reporting tools. They cannot use Adobe Flash. They require scheduled, ready-made reports. Which reporting tool do you recommend? Dashboards Web Intelligence Explorer Crystal Reports.
In SAP HANA, which join type yields the same results as a referential join when fields from both tables are selected? Left outer join Full outer join Inner join Temporal join.
Your data models use hierarchies. In which front end tool can you access these hierarchies? SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports 2011 SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office.
How can you import information models into SAP HANA using the Quick Launch view? Select the Redeploy button Select Data Provisioning -> Load Select Import -> SAP HANA Content -> Import Data From Local File Select Import -> SAP HANA Content -> Delivery Unit.
A company needs to load external data from a flat file into SAP HANA. How can you do this? SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) SAP System Landscape Transformation (SLT) SAP HANA SQL Import statement SAP BusinessObjects Data Services.
When working with your data models, which of the following do you use to get detailed information about tables, number of rows, and partitioning? Performance analysis mode Catalog node of your system Visualize plan Explain plan.
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