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PassGuide C_TAW12_70

PassGuide C_TAW12_70

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Identify the valid attributes of domain? 3 answers Header Label Length Fixed Value Type.
What is structured type in the ABAP dictionary that has no physical table definition in the underlying database referred to as? Structured type Table Type Structure Table.
What table fields are required as lock arguments in a lock object? Any primary key fields Any primary key fields and secondary key fields The primary key fields The foreign key dependencies.
What is true about the result set of an left outer join at the database level? 2 answers Conins all entries from the left table Conins only entries that match in the on clause Fields from unmatched rows in the right table are null filled Fields from unmatched rows in the left table are null filled Conins all entries from the right table.
Where would you typically see the code "Call Selection Screen" AT LINE_SELECTION START-OF-SELECTION TOP-OF-PAGE AT SELECTION-SCREEN.
Identify the method that provides possible value? Database view Transparent table Search Help Help Query.
What is effect of setting the line-size option in the following code? REPORT ZTEST LINE-SIZE 0. The system uses the width of the standard list This will produce a synx check You will have to program scrolling No lines are written to a report.
What is true about the PHO/POV events? After these events are processed the screen is redisplayed but the PBO is not processed After these events are processed the PAI is processed then the PBO and then the screen is displayed After these events are processed the PBO module is processed and the screen is redisplayed None of the answers are correct.
What is the effect of the hide statement? The variable appears on the current line as indicated by SY-LINNO The system stores the field name and values for each field hidden The fields are invisible and cannot be written to the list.
Mark the valid logical nodes? 3 answers Table Structure Node File Complex Data Object.
Which of the following will trigger tha AT LINE_SELECT event? 4 answers Double click a line on a list Function code P+ F2 Function Code PICK Menu Option EDIT > CHOOSE Function code CHOOSE.
Identify the case where table buffering should be set off For global Master Data When the most current data is not required When the most current data is required For small static non volatile tables.
What will cause the AT USER-COMMAND to fire? Type S Function Codes Types T Function Codes Normal Function Codes Function codes that start with P.
A user has made a modification to a SAP subroutine. A new upgrade release is to be applied and SRP has made modifications to the same subroutine that the user has modified. What will happen during upgrade using the modification assistant. The modification assistant will prompt you for a change request to reapply the change The user modifications are automatically inserted into the new subroutine release The user modifications must be reapplied manually Options 'replace' and 'insert' is made available for you to decide on how to handle the upgrade.
Mark the event keyword that links reporting processing and logical database Put Read Get Select.
What type of object are recorded in customizing change requests? System Wide Client independent Versions Client specific.
Identify the dictionary type of field catalog used for the ALV control? Fieldcat Catalog ALV_CATALOG lcv_fcat.
Which is not considered a way to tailor on R/3 system? Modification Enhancement Interfacing Personalization Customizing.
Where does the system store the data after a Read Line has been perdormed on a list? In Memory In an internal table SY-LIST SY-LISEL.
If you noticed a function code in a menu that began whith + (plus sign), what type of exit Mould you be observing a text exit a program exit a menu exit a screen exit.
What table do you automatically get in a dynpro without having to declare it in your module pool? Subscreen SY-TABLE Screen screen_IB.
What makes up a tabstrip? 3 answers Tab Title Function keys tabstrip Menu Bar Subscreens Subscreen area.
Table T wants to ensure that key field T1-fielda entered is valid against a field T2 fielda in the table T2. Which is foreign key table? T1 T3 from the dictionary T2.
Which does not provide synchronous processing? An update-sk function triggered with COMMIT WORK AND WAIT An update-sk function module triggered with COMMIT WORK Batch Input Programs PERFORM ... ON COMMIT.
The Scope Parameter for your lock object function module has been set to 2, what does this imply? 2 answers You must release the locks programmatically Locks generated in the dialog program are passed on to the update program An update termination error holds the locks The locks are automatically released when the updates complete.
Which is not an automatic check carried out by the screen processor? Format check Obligatory Field Check Fixed Values Foreign Key Check Parameter ID Validation.
What technique is used to ensure remote functions are still processed even if the partner computer is not active? Asynchronous RFC Synchronous RFC Transactional RFC.
What is the event that could be used to create a header an a deil list? TOP-OF-PAGE TOP-OF-PAGE during LINE-SELECTION NEW-PAGE AT LINE-SELECTION.
Which object would you integrate to determine the length of a field on a screen? Repository Data element Value table Dictionary Domain.
If you want to make a change to the standard delivered SAP system to fit your business needs, what is the first thing you should do? Log on to OSS and ask SAP to apply the change Change the revelant SAP repository object Check configuration to see if the proposed change is feasible Create a custom object within the customer name range.
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